Samsung patents granted on 26 January 2010

85 US patents granted on 26 January 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D608,777 Notebook computer
2 D608,759 Keyphone telephone
3 D608,756 Mobile phone
4 D608,745 Set top box
5 D608,744 Set top box
6 7,653,859 System, apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data coded by low density parity check code having variable coding rate
7 7,653,713 Method of measuring round trip time and proximity checking method using the same
8 7,653,393 Method and system for forming and transmitting/receiving neighbor base station information in a BWA communication system
9 7,653,338 Fusing unit and image forming apparatus including the same
10 7,653,330 Image forming apparatus to form an image using a display unit, and printing method thereof
11 7,653,313 Wireless remote access base station and pico-cell system using the same
12 7,653,288 Information storage medium having data structure for being reproduced adaptively according to player profile information, method for reproducing AV data in interactive mode
13 7,653,287 Information storage medium storing multi-angle data and method and apparatus for reproducing the multi-angle data
14 7,653,247 System and method for extracting corner point in space using pixel information, and robot using the system
15 7,653,136 Decoding method and decoding apparatus
16 7,653,113 Pump laser integrated vertical external cavity surface emitting laser
17 7,653,058 Optical network for bi-directional wireless communication
18 7,653,047 Guaranteeing quality of service (QoS) using bandwidth reservation in switch
19 7,653,040 Channel communication apparatus and method in CDMA communication system
20 7,653,039 Network system for interworking W-LAN and 3G mobile communication network through RoF link and authentication method according to interworking in the network system
21 7,653,022 System and method for updating a sleep ID of a mobile station in a BWA communication system
22 7,652,996 Method for adjusting transmission rate of MPEG-2 data and apparatus therefor
23 7,652,973 Information storage medium, and recording/reproducing apparatus and method
24 7,652,955 Audio encoding method and apparatus for electronic shock protection function in audio player
25 7,652,949 Memory module and register with minimized routing path
26 7,652,948 Nonvolatile memory devices and programming methods using subsets of columns
27 7,652,942 Sense amplifier, semiconductor memory device including the same, and data sensing method
28 7,652,931 Nonvolatile memory device with NAND cell strings
29 7,652,926 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including a cell string with dummy cells
30 7,652,925 Flash memory device and program method thereof
31 7,652,906 Memory device employing magnetic domain wall movement
32 7,652,898 Soft start circuit and power supply including soft start circuit
33 7,652,873 Portable computer
34 7,652,735 Reflection-transmission type liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
35 7,652,725 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
36 7,652,722 Apparatus and method for displaying multiple channels and changing channels in a portable terminal having a television video signal receiving function
37 7,652,714 Imaging device and image processing method
38 7,652,707 Pixel circuit with reduced wiring
39 7,652,697 Circuit and method of detecting saturation level of image sensor and image sensor including saturation level detecting circuit
40 7,652,692 Apparatus and method for photographing a moving picture
41 7,652,655 Backlight driver circuit and liquid crystal display device having the same
42 7,652,645 Light emitting display
43 7,652,644 Electron emission display and driving method
44 7,652,641 Driving apparatus of plasma display panel
45 7,652,639 Driving method of plasma display panel and plasma display
46 7,652,627 System for providing GPS information indoors and method of acquiring indoor GPS information by mobile device
47 7,652,609 Apparatus and method for detecting motion with low power consumption in inertia sensor
48 7,652,538 Circuits and methods for improving slew rate of differential amplifiers
49 7,652,530 Amplifier circuit and method of generating bias voltage in amplifier circuit
50 7,652,458 Power converting apparatus, electronic apparatus comprising the same and power converting method
51 7,652,449 Battery management system and driving method thereof
52 7,652,435 Lamp driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
53 7,652,428 Plasma display apparatus and manufacturing method of the same
54 7,652,426 Plasma display panel
55 7,652,419 Electron emission device and electron emission display using the same
56 7,652,418 Electronic emission device, electron emission display device having the same, and method of manufacturing the electron emission device
57 7,652,383 Semiconductor package module without a solder ball and method of manufacturing the semiconductor package module
58 7,652,367 Semiconductor package on package having plug-socket type wire connection between packages
59 7,652,366 Pad arrangement of driver IC chip for LCD and related circuit pattern structure of tab package
60 7,652,345 Isolation layers for semiconductor devices including first and second sub-trenches and methods of forming the same
61 7,652,340 Fin field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
62 7,652,322 Split gate flash memory device having self-aligned control gate and method of manufacturing the same
63 7,652,312 CMOS image sensor
64 7,652,308 Semiconductor device having gate-all-around structure and method of fabricating the same
65 7,652,291 Flat panel display
66 7,652,287 Thin film transistor, light-emitting display device having the same and associated methods
67 7,652,264 Filament member, ion source, and ion implantation apparatus
68 7,652,224 Semiconductor wafer marking apparatus having marking interlock system and semiconductor wafer marking method using the same
69 7,652,089 Nanocomposite, nanocomposite electrolyte membrane and fuel using the same
70 7,651,908 Methods of fabricating image sensors
71 7,651,906 Integrated circuit devices having a stress buffer spacer and methods of fabricating the same
72 7,651,904 Methods of fabricating non-volatile memory devices including nanocrystals
73 7,651,900 Mask for making polysilicon structure, method of making the same, and method of making thin film transistor using the same
74 7,651,878 Wafer-level chip-scale package of image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
75 7,651,812 Rechargeable battery module
76 7,651,793 High density recording medium with super-resolution near-field structure manufactured using high-melting point metal oxide or silicon oxide mask layer
77 7,651,790 Organic light-emitting device
78 7,651,729 Method of fabricating metal silicate layer using atomic layer deposition technique
79 7,651,674 Method for manufacturing metal sulfide nanocrystals using thiol compound as sulfur precursor
80 7,651,354 Lamp socket, backlight assembly including the lamp socket, and liquid crystal display including the backlight assembly
81 7,651,258 Backlight assembly and flat panel display apparatus having the same
82 7,651,257 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
83 7,651,079 Substrate support plate transfer apparatus for fabricating organic light emitting display
84 7,650,826 Automatic shooting mechanism and robot having the same
85 7,650,687 Die attaching apparatus