Samsung patents granted on 26 July 2011

96 US patents granted on 26 July 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE42,573 Method for measuring and reporting channel quality in a broadband wireless access communication system
2 D642,121 Cradle for charging tablet computer
3 D642,007 Oven
4 7,987,505 Apparatus and method for triggering session re-negotiation between access network and access terminal in a high rate packet data system
5 7,987,415 Method and system for application of unequal error protection to uncompressed video for transmission over wireless channels
6 7,987,414 Rate matching device and method for a data communication system
7 7,987,411 Method and apparatus for writing data to MPE buffer and an MPE-FEC system
8 7,987,409 Automatic request apparatus and method for multihop system in broadband wireless access communication network
9 7,987,367 Method and apparatus for key agreement between devices using polynomial ring
10 7,987,361 Method of copying and decrypting encrypted digital data and apparatus therefor
11 7,987,324 Apparatus and method for verifying update data in mobile communication system
12 7,987,315 Data storage apparatus with block reclaim for nonvolatile buffer
13 7,987,308 Multi-interface controller, memory card having the multi-interface controller, and interface setting method
14 7,987,055 Body fat measurement device and body fat measurement result providing method
15 7,986,981 Portable terminal with rotatable display
16 7,986,972 Method for transmitting data in a communication system
17 7,986,958 Method for setting transmission power of data channel in a frequency division multiple access system and mobile station apparatus for the same
18 7,986,944 Apparatus and method for receiving content rights through multimedia message in mobile communication terminal
19 7,986,903 Transfer device and image forming apparatus having the transfer device
20 7,986,896 Image forming apparatus to control noise and method thereof
21 7,986,876 Method of interval photographing under a plurality of photographing conditions and photographing apparatus using the same
22 7,986,857 Apparatus and method for generating image using multi-channel filter
23 7,986,854 Method and apparatus for improving quality of composite video signal and method and apparatus for removing artifact of composite video signal
24 7,986,846 Apparatus and method for processing an image signal in a digital broadcast receiver
25 7,986,796 Apparatus to generate multi-channel audio signals and method thereof
26 7,986,757 Apparatus and method of acquiring initial synchronization of terminal in mobile communication system
27 7,986,750 Apparatus and method for removing interference in transmitting end of multi-antenna system
28 7,986,741 Method and apparatus of improved circular buffer rate matching for turbo-coded MIMO-OFDM wireless systems
29 7,986,734 Video codecs, data processing systems and methods for the same
30 7,986,714 Apparatus and method for transmitting packets in wireless network
31 7,986,683 System for setting router identifier in network supporting at least one protocol and method of controlling the same
32 7,986,677 System and method for fast paging in a wireless mobile communication system based on internet protocol
33 7,986,662 Apparatus and method for reducing map channel overhead in a broadband wireless communication system
34 7,986,655 Method for setting up a link between bluetooth devices in a bluetooth system
35 7,986,645 Apparatus and method for frame generation for a full duplex relay
36 7,986,610 Adaptive writing method for high-density optical recording apparatus and circuit thereof
37 7,986,565 Method of erasing data in flash memory device
38 7,986,560 Flash memory devices that utilize age-based verify voltages to increase data reliability and methods of operating same
39 7,986,551 Phase change random access memory device
40 7,986,545 Non-volatile memory device and method of operating the same
41 7,986,534 Apparatus to generate high voltage by digital control and method thereof
42 7,986,492 Process for filling a patterned media of a hard disk with UV-cured lubricant
43 7,986,466 Varifocal lens
44 7,986,447 Color image scanning system, method and medium
45 7,986,442 Apparatus and method to generate a halftoning screen and image forming apparatus for same
46 7,986,423 Image reprinting apparatus and method
47 7,986,386 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the display substrate and liquid crystal display device having the display substrate
48 7,986,383 Liquid crystal display device having improved light guide plate
49 7,986,379 Thin film transistor array panel
50 7,986,377 LCD panel array substrates
51 7,986,317 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof, including compensating to display images of desired luminance
52 7,986,286 Organic electro-luminescent display and method of making the same
53 7,986,283 Multi-dimensional image selectable display device
54 7,986,251 Input/output (IO) interface and method of transmitting IO data
55 7,986,221 Information processing apparatus, information processing apparatus system and control method of information processing apparatus
56 7,986,192 Harmonic rejection mixer and harmonic rejection mixing method
57 7,986,136 Switching mode power supply apparatus and power supply method thereof
58 7,986,105 Backlight driving method and display apparatus using the same
59 7,986,099 Switching mode power supply circuit for plasma display panel
60 7,986,097 Plasma display panel
61 7,986,096 Display device with minimized infiltration of oxygen and moisture and manufacturing method thereof
62 7,986,095 Organic light emitting diode with enhanced luminance and light uniformity
63 7,986,092 Organic light emitting diode display
64 7,985,999 Semiconductor device having capacitor
65 7,985,993 CMOS image sensor and image signal detecting method thereof
66 7,985,992 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
67 7,985,982 Etchant composition, patterning conductive layer and manufacturing flat panel, display device using the same
68 7,985,976 Semiconductor light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor light emitting device package using the same
69 7,985,975 Light emitting package and light emitting package array formed by coupled electrodes
70 7,985,972 Light emitting device having protrusion and recess structure and method of manufacturing the same
71 7,985,961 Resistive random access memory device
72 7,985,954 X-ray detection panel and X-ray detector
73 7,985,782 Ink for color filter, method of fabricating color filter using the ink, and color filter fabricated by the method
74 7,985,665 Method of forming polycrystalline silicon thin film and method of manufacturing thin film transistor using the method
75 7,985,651 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having differential gate dielectric layer and related device
76 7,985,646 Method of fabricating nanowire memory device and system of controlling nanowire formation used in the same
77 7,985,608 Methods of manufacturing active matrix substrate and organic light emitting display device
78 7,985,607 Method of preparing quantum dot-inorganic matrix composites
79 7,985,533 Backlight having all-in-one type light guide plate and method of manufacturing all-in-one type light guide plate
80 7,985,529 Mask patterns including gel layers for semiconductor device fabrication
81 7,985,511 Direct oxidation fuel cell system
82 7,985,509 Fuel cell system
83 7,985,508 High temperature fuel cell system having cooling apparatus and method of operating the same
84 7,985,506 Fuel cell system and reformer
85 7,985,499 Battery having electrode lead element with fixing member
86 7,985,498 Lithium secondary battery
87 7,985,490 Composition of conducting polymer and organic opto-electronic device employing the same
88 7,985,453 Apparatus for calibrating optical scanner, method of manufacturing the same, and method of calibrating optical scanner using the same
89 7,985,352 Phosphor for plasma display panel and plasma display panel using the same
90 7,985,347 Methods of forming a pattern and methods of manufacturing a capacitor using the same
91 7,985,297 Method of cleaning a quartz part
92 7,985,113 Retardation layer and organic light-emitting device including the same
93 7,984,992 Projection optical system
94 7,984,955 Refrigerator door opening device and refrigerator having the same
95 7,984,888 Supporting device of a display unit capable of horizontal and vertical rotation
96 7,984,622 Icemaker and refrigerator having the same