Samsung patents granted on 26 July 2016

92 US patents granted on 26 July 2016 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE46,082 Method and apparatus for low bit rate encoding and decoding
2 D762,243 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 D762,239 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
4 D762,226 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
5 D762,221 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
6 D762,220 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
7 D762,213 Monitor
8 D762,210 Electronic device
9 D762,187 Electronic device
10 D762,171 Charger for portable electronic device
11 D762,109 Bracket for fixing communication equipment
12 9,402,315 Semiconductor package having magnetic connection member
13 9,402,302 Device for improving antenna receiving sensitivity in portable terminal
14 9,402,268 Transmission and scheduling schemes for wireless fronthaul
15 9,402,140 Method and apparatus for adjusting air pressure inside the ear of a person wearing an ear-wearable device
16 9,402,094 Display apparatus and control method thereof, based on voice commands
17 9,402,079 Image encoding method and device, and decoding method and device therefor
18 9,402,067 Imaging optical system for 3D image acquisition apparatus, and 3D image acquisition apparatus including the imaging optical system
19 9,402,066 Method and device for encoding a depth map of multi viewpoint video data, and method and device for decoding the encoded depth map
20 9,402,047 Method and apparatus for image display
21 9,401,982 Device capable of notifying operation state change thereof through network and communication method of the device
22 9,401,981 Data processing method and electronic device supporting the same
23 9,401,885 Data push service method and system using data pull model
24 9,401,833 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving signal in wireless communication system
25 9,401,831 Apparatus and method for removing DC offset in wireless communication system
26 9,401,740 Training sequences and channel estimation method for spread spectrum based systems
27 9,401,626 Battery, power supply apparatus and electronic apparatus
28 9,401,616 Battery pack, energy storage system including battery pack, and method of charging battery pack
29 9,401,504 Battery cell
30 9,401,499 Electrode assembly and secondary battery having the same
31 9,401,496 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
32 9,401,491 Direct/laminate hybrid encapsulation and method of hybrid encapsulation
33 9,401,487 Channel layer for stretchable transistors
34 9,401,484 Organic light-emitting device having increased electron transport ability of an electron transport region
35 9,401,481 Compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
36 9,401,479 Method of manufacturing display apparatus including touch pattern unit
37 9,401,464 Display apparatus with self-luminous display panel
38 9,401,428 Semiconductor devices including gate pattern, multi-channel active pattern and diffusion layer
39 9,401,424 High performance stress-enhanced MOSFETs using Si:C and SiGe epitaxial source/drain and method of manufacture
40 9,401,394 Method of manufacturing display apparatus
41 9,401,393 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
42 9,401,391 Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display and fabrication method for the same
43 9,401,389 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
44 9,401,385 Semiconductor memory device
45 9,401,360 Semiconductor devices including etching stop films
46 9,401,359 Semiconductor device
47 9,401,354 Display panel having a reduced dead space
48 9,401,348 Method of making a substrate structure having a flexible layer
49 9,401,215 Nonvolatile memory device and method for driving the same
50 9,401,214 Three-dimensional memory device and operating method of a storage device including the same
51 9,401,210 Nonvolatile memory device and programming method thereof including common source line feedback during program and verification operation
52 9,401,209 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory device
53 9,401,197 Memory devices, systems and methods employing command/address calibration
54 9,401,156 Adaptive tilt compensation for synthesized speech
55 9,401,149 Image display apparatus and method of controlling the same
56 9,401,126 Display driver for pentile-type pixels and display device including the same
57 9,401,122 Display panel
58 9,401,118 Display apparatus having reduced vertical flickering lines
59 9,401,106 Color compensation device and display device using the same, and color compensation method
60 9,401,105 Display device and method of operating the same
61 9,401,040 Image processing apparatus and imaging processing method
62 9,401,022 Method and apparatus for generating spanning tree, method and apparatus for stereo matching, method and apparatus for up-sampling, and method and apparatus for generating reference pixel
63 9,401,018 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method for acquiring a measurement value of a ROI
64 9,401,009 Method and apparatus for enhancing quality of 3D image
65 9,401,005 Image processing circuit, image processing method, and display device using the same
66 9,400,950 Integrated circuit card socket having a terminal with a loop-shaped portion
67 9,400,935 Detecting apparatus of human component and method thereof
68 9,400,899 Socket for card
69 9,400,852 Communication method of content requester, intermediate node, and content owner in content centric network
70 9,400,772 Method and device for selecting a word to be defined in mobile communication terminal having an electronic dictionary
71 9,400,750 Nonvolatile memory device and nonvolatile memory system and random data read method thereof
72 9,400,653 System and method to clear and rebuild dependencies
73 9,400,627 Display including signal transmission scheme using optical interconnection and electrical interconnection
74 9,400,600 Method, apparatus, and graphical user interface for providing visual effects on a touchscreen display
75 9,400,599 Method for changing object position and electronic device thereof
76 9,400,590 Method and electronic device for displaying a virtual button
77 9,400,578 Touch panel, touch screen apparatus, and method of driving the touch panel
78 9,400,563 Apparatus and method for recognizing subject motion using a camera
79 9,400,561 Method of operating gesture based communication channel and portable terminal system for supporting the same
80 9,400,486 Spatial light modulator, holographic three-dimensional image display including the same, and method for modulating spatial light
81 9,400,408 Liquid crystal display
82 9,400,346 Manufacturing method of reflective polarizer plate and display device including the same
83 9,400,254 Method and device for measuring critical dimension of nanostructure
84 9,399,826 Thin film deposition apparatus and thin film deposition method using electric field
85 9,399,822 Liquid compositions and methods of fabricating a semiconductor device using the same
86 9,399,305 Sheet cutting apparatus and sheet cutting method using the same
87 9,399,284 Robot cleaner and control method thereof
88 9,399,239 Slit nozzle and liquid coating apparatus with the same
89 9,399,193 Draw solute for forward osmosis, draw solution including the same, forward osmosis water treatment device using the same, and forward osmosis method for water treatment using the same
90 9,398,934 Surgical tool, surgical robot having the same, and remote control robot system
91 9,398,857 Diagnostic imaging apparatus and method of operating the same
92 9,398,794 Foldable pouch for mobile terminal