Samsung patents granted on 26 June 2007

78 US patents granted on 26 June 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 D545,338 Digital camera
2 D545,337 Digital camera
3 D545,316 LCD monitor
4 D545,315 LCD monitor
5 D545,314 LCD monitor
6 D545,313 LCD monitor
7 D545,312 LCD monitor
8 D545,300 Speaker
9 D545,297 Speaker and image producing device
10 D545,292 Portable telephone
11 D545,288 Portable phone
12 D545,287 Portable phone
13 D545,286 Portable phone
14 D545,285 Portable phone
15 D545,284 Portable phone
16 D545,273 Electric outlet
17 7,237,249 Disk drive with disk cartridge
18 7,237,111 Method of authenticating a channel authorization using a network access device in a combined broadcasting and communication system
19 7,237,073 Memory system having data inversion and data inversion method for a memory system
20 7,237,049 Multimedia/secure digital cards and adapters for interfacing using voltage levels to determine host types and methods of operating
21 7,236,805 Program sharing method using board identifications in a mobile communication system
22 7,236,775 Method for transmitting destination information in mobile communication terminal
23 7,236,774 Apparatus and method for displaying information of calling partner during call waiting in portable wireless terminal
24 7,236,747 Increasing OFDM transmit power via reduction in pilot tone
25 7,236,744 Apparatus and method for receiving signals in a mobile communication system using adaptive antenna array technology
26 7,236,740 Data retransmission apparatus and method in a mobile communication system employing HARQ technique
27 7,236,697 Device for driving light emitting diode for flash of camera
28 7,236,662 Mode converter device using omnidirectional reflectors
29 7,236,639 Method and apparatus for coding digital video signal based on grouped zerotree wavelet image coding algorithm
30 7,236,506 Method and apparatus for compensating for temperature characteristics of laser diode in optical communication system
31 7,236,505 Fabry-perot laser generating mode-locked channel and method for fabricating the same
32 7,236,485 Call forwarding method
33 7,236,483 Method for controlling bandwidth in a voice over internet protocol system
34 7,236,479 Apparatus and method for controlling transmission antenna arrays for a high speed physical downlink shared channel in a mobile communication system
35 7,236,474 Apparatus and method for reporting quality of downlink channel in W-CDMA communication systems supporting HSDPA
36 7,236,468 Apparatus and method for generating reference timing in a CDMA mobile communication system
37 7,236,458 Method for monitoring traffic in packet switched network
38 7,236,423 Low power multi-chip semiconductor memory device and chip enable method thereof
39 7,236,414 Local sense amplifier in memory device
40 7,236,393 Phase-change semiconductor memory device and method of programming same
41 7,236,364 Case for portable terminal using color liquid crystal
42 7,236,327 Information storage medium and apparatus adopting the same
43 7,236,295 Broadband light source
44 7,236,282 Polygon mirror and optical scanning apparatus employing the same
45 7,236,245 Overlay key with a plurality of crossings and method of measuring overlay accuracy using the same
46 7,236,163 Apparatus for adjusting sampling phase of digital display and adjustment method thereof
47 7,236,145 CRT display device and method
48 7,236,126 AGPS system using NTP server and method for determining the location of a terminal using a NTP server
49 7,236,114 Digital-to-analog converters including full-type and fractional decoders, and source drivers for display panels including the same
50 7,236,081 Inductor and method of forming the same
51 7,236,064 Laminated balun transformer
52 7,236,012 Data output driver that controls slew rate of output signal according to bit organization
53 7,235,991 Insert having independently movable latch mechanism for semiconductor package
54 7,235,941 Phase commutation method of brushless direct current motor
55 7,235,927 Plasma display panel having light absorbing layer to improve contrast
56 7,235,926 Plasma display panel
57 7,235,925 Plasma display panel
58 7,235,923 Plasma display apparatus
59 7,235,919 Electron emission device with electron emission region on cathode electrode with gate electrode arranged to focus electrons emitted from the electron emission region
60 7,235,887 Semiconductor package with improved chip attachment and manufacturing method thereof
61 7,235,850 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same, and flat panel display using thin film transistor
62 7,235,821 Optical device with quantum well
63 7,235,820 Group III-nitride light emitting device
64 7,235,818 Flip chip type nitride semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
65 7,235,772 Image sensor with anti-saturation function in pixel level
66 7,235,485 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
67 7,235,481 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a silicidation blocking layer
68 7,235,445 Methods of forming device with recessed gate electrodes
69 7,235,435 Method for fabricating thin film transistor with multiple gates using metal induced lateral crystallization
70 7,235,434 Thin film transistor with multiple gates using metal induced lateral crystallization and method of fabricating the same
71 7,235,411 Method for aligning a wafer and apparatus for performing the same
72 7,235,389 Molecular detection device and chip including MOSFET
73 7,235,334 Electrolyte for lithium ion rechargeable battery and lithium ion rechargeable battery including the same
74 7,234,829 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
75 7,234,794 Image forming apparatus with dust collector
76 7,234,391 Bread maker
77 7,234,340 Apparatus, method, and medium for detecting and discriminating impact sound
78 7,234,217 Device for coupling PCB sheet having position deciding jig part