Samsung patents granted on 26 June 2012

115 US patents granted on 26 June 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,493 Method for sharing hybrid resources in a wireless independent network, a station for the method, and a data format for the method and the station
2 D662,489 Mobile multi-media player
3 D662,488 MP3 player
4 D662,485 Mobile phone
5 8,209,731 Transmitter and receiver of video transmission system and method for controlling buffers in transmitter and receiver
6 8,209,725 Method for providing graphical user interface for selecting broadcast program and AV apparatus therefor
7 8,209,724 Method and system for providing access to information of potential interest to a user
8 8,209,652 Semiconductor device and layout method of decoupling capacitor thereof
9 8,209,593 Method and DVB-H terminal for confirming integrity of container
10 8,209,592 Method and apparatus for software-defined radio LDPC decoder
11 8,209,585 Apparatus and method for generating low density parity check codes for sequential decoding algorithm
12 8,209,571 Valid-transmission verifying circuit and a semiconductor device including the same
13 8,209,535 Authentication between device and portable storage
14 8,209,527 Memory system and memory management method including the same
15 8,209,468 Semiconductor memory device and wear leveling method
16 8,209,460 Dual memory chip package operable to access heterogeneous memory chips
17 8,209,453 Arbiter, a system and a method for generating a pseudo-grant signal
18 8,209,369 Signal processing apparatus and method for performing modular multiplication in an electronic device, and smart card using the same
19 8,209,260 Method and apparatus for obtaining external charged content in UPnP network
20 8,209,053 Cleaning robot
21 8,208,985 Method and sensor measuring skin impedance
22 8,208,977 Mobile terminal and speaker device thereof
23 8,208,948 Method and apparatus for selecting a location platform for a user equipment to roam and method for determining a location of a user equipment using the same
24 8,208,924 Method and system for improving call drop caused by radio link failure in mobile communication system
25 8,208,887 Receiving circuit including balun circuit and notch filter and operating method thereof
26 8,208,855 Method for transition between distributed transmission and localized transmission
27 8,208,831 Image forming cartridge mounting structure for image forming apparatus
28 8,208,802 Focusing position determining apparatus, imaging apparatus and focusing position determining method
29 8,208,798 Information storage medium including event occurrence information, apparatus and method for reproducing the same
30 8,208,749 Filtering method for removing block artifacts and/or ringing noise and apparatus therefor
31 8,208,742 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding coding unit of picture boundary
32 8,208,733 Method, medium, and apparatus with estimation of background change
33 8,208,727 Information storage medium storing graphic data and apparatus and method of processing the graphic data
34 8,208,682 Image detection apparatus and method
35 8,208,663 Apparatus for positioning screen sound source, method of generating loudspeaker set information, and method of reproducing positioned screen sound source
36 8,208,653 Method and apparatus for reproducing multi-channel sound using cable/wireless device
37 8,208,636 Method for transmitting/receiving encryption information in a mobile broadcast system, and system therefor
38 8,208,626 Apparatus for performing a fault detection operation and method thereof
39 8,208,618 Apparatus and method for originating call by using image
40 8,208,567 Apparatus and method for reducing PAPR in an OFDM system
41 8,208,566 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving feedback information in a multi-user MIMO system, and system thereof
42 8,208,557 Video encoding and decoding method and apparatus using weighted prediction
43 8,208,544 Image coding method and apparatus using side matching process and image decoding method and apparatus for the same
44 8,208,493 Apparatus and method for transmitting broadcast data in digital broadcasting service system
45 8,208,492 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving packets in a mobile communication system
46 8,208,482 Transmitting packets between packet controller and network processor
47 8,208,475 Packet scheduler and packet scheduling method
48 8,208,474 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving packet in a mobile communication system
49 8,208,472 Method and apparatus for setting up network for IP communication in mobile terminal
50 8,208,438 Method and apparatus for allocating resources of a control channel in a mobile communication system using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
51 8,208,415 Apparatus and method for controlling effect of interference in wireless communication system
52 8,208,392 System and method for peer-to-peer beam discovery and communication in infrastructure based wireless networks using directional antennas
53 8,208,390 Structure of transmission packet for link adaptation mechanism, and transmitting/receiving device and method using the same
54 8,208,355 Information storage medium, and recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/reproducing method
55 8,208,338 Semiconductor device
56 8,208,335 Semiconductor memory device and system including the same
57 8,208,328 Semiconductor memory device
58 8,208,327 Semiconductor memory device and data read method thereof
59 8,208,317 Semiconductor memory device
60 8,208,301 Nonvolatile memory devices having common bit line structure
61 8,208,298 MSB-based error correction for flash memory system
62 8,208,281 Semiconductor devices supporting multiple fuse programming modes
63 8,208,249 Portable information terminal
64 8,208,210 Camera module with double barrels
65 8,208,182 Image reading device and image forming apparatus having the same
66 8,208,177 Method of correcting scan data and image forming device to perform the method
67 8,208,168 Method and apparatus for adjusting size of object included in printing target to be printed at predetermined reduction ratio
68 8,208,097 Color compensation multi-layered member for display apparatus, optical filter for display apparatus having the same and display apparatus having the same
69 8,208,095 Display substrate and method for manufacturing the same
70 8,208,090 Liquid crystal display device and method of assembling the same
71 8,208,083 Mother substrate for use in production of a liquid crystal display panel, manufacturing method thereof and display panel
72 8,208,082 Thin film transistor array panel
73 8,208,072 Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
74 8,208,071 Method for determining the aspect ratio and an image apparatus using the same
75 8,208,042 Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus, digital photographing apparatus, and medium having recorded thereon a program for executing the method
76 8,207,993 Display driver and display driving method for processing gray-level compensation
77 8,207,991 Image display and storage apparatus, method and medium
78 8,207,981 Apparatus and method of converting image signal for four-color display device, and display device including the same
79 8,207,961 3D graphic processing device and stereoscopic image display device using the 3D graphic processing device
80 8,207,958 Display having rush current reduction during power-on
81 8,207,943 Apparatus and method for inputting characters in a terminal
82 8,207,934 Spatial based power savings for LCD televisions
83 8,207,933 Backlight unit, liquid crystal display device including the same, and method of driving liquid crystal display device
84 8,207,930 Display device including a test pad configuration for an improved inspection test
85 8,207,927 Liquid crystal display and method of operating the same
86 8,207,923 Liquid crystal display panel, method for driving the same, and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
87 8,207,917 Organic light emitting display device and method of driving the same
88 8,207,883 Portable terminal and method for remote control of electronic products
89 8,207,671 Plasma display panel with two discharge electrodes
90 8,207,669 Organic light emitting display device including spacers and fillers
91 8,207,662 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus
92 8,207,617 Electrical connections for multichip modules
93 8,207,606 Semiconductor device
94 8,207,594 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
95 8,207,590 Image sensor, substrate for the same, image sensing device including the image sensor, and associated methods
96 8,207,573 Semiconductor devices with asymmetric recesses and gate structures that fill such recesses
97 8,207,534 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
98 8,207,530 Oxide semiconductor and thin film transistor including the same
99 8,207,529 Thin film transistor and flat panel display having the thin film transistor
100 8,207,521 Method for producing catalyst-free single crystal silicon nanowires, nanowires produced by the method and nanodevice comprising the nanowires
101 8,207,450 Printed circuit board comprising metal bumps integrated with connection pads
102 8,207,068 Method of fabricating a resistance based memory device and the memory device
103 8,207,040 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices including forming (111) facets in silicon capping layers on source/drain regions
104 8,207,033 Methods of fabricating different thickness silicon-germanium layers on semiconductor integrated circuit devices and semiconductor integrated circuit devices fabricated thereby
105 8,207,000 Manufacturing method of flat panel display
106 8,206,884 Method of preparing toner using micro-suspension particles and toner prepared using the method digital image data
107 8,206,873 Electrolyte for fuel cell, membrane electrode assembly, fuel cell stack and fuel cell system
108 8,206,868 Direct liquid feed fuel cell system having double fuel storage
109 8,206,609 Reducing agent for low temperature reducing and sintering of copper nanoparticles
110 8,206,549 Etching apparatus
111 8,206,530 Manufacturing method of printed circuit board having electro component
112 8,206,173 Connector assembly, display apparatus having the same and method of connecting the same
113 8,206,023 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
114 8,206,022 Backlight assembly and cover for a compact display apparatus
115 8,205,294 Vacuum cleaner having suction path switching unit