Samsung patents granted on 26 October 2010

129 US patents granted on 26 October 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE41,873 Multiple testing bars for testing liquid crystal display and method thereof
2 D626,300 Drum type washing machine
3 D626,299 Drum-type washing machine
4 D626,135 Video graphical user interface for television receiver
5 D626,109 Mobile phone
6 D626,108 Mobile phone
7 D626,106 Mobile phone
8 D626,105 Mobile phone
9 D626,101 Television receiver
10 D625,928 Electronic frame
11 7,823,140 Java bytecode translation method and Java interpreter performing the same
12 7,823,052 Trellis encoding device for encoding transmission stream and method thereof
13 7,823,051 Digital broadcasting transmission system and method thereof
14 7,823,042 Optical recording medium, apparatus and method of recording/reproducing data thereon/therefrom, and computer-readable recording medium storing program to perform the method
15 7,823,039 Data transmitting/receiving system and method thereof
16 7,823,031 Method and system for testing semiconductor memory device using internal clock signal of semiconductor memory device as data strobe signal
17 7,822,940 Apparatus and method for managing mapping information of nonvolatile memory
18 7,822,902 Wireless universal serial bus system using a host-adding bit and driving method thereof
19 7,822,893 System and method for data transfer using ATA interface
20 7,822,600 Method and apparatus for extracting pitch information from audio signal using morphology
21 7,822,561 Defect analysis methods for semiconductor integrated circuit devices and defect analysis systems
22 7,822,451 Apparatus of measuring glucose concentration by using optical coherence tomography and method of operating the apparatus
23 7,822,447 Push rod and sliding type portable terminal having the same
24 7,822,430 Ultra wide band device and detect-and-avoid method thereof
25 7,822,382 Scanning apparatus and method in a multi-hop relay broadband wireless access communication system
26 7,822,366 Image forming apparatus and developing unit thereof
27 7,822,360 Image forming apparatus including locking unit
28 7,822,357 Developing apparatus having spacer and leak preventer
29 7,822,328 Method for controlling digital photographing apparatus and digital photographing apparatus adopting the method
30 7,822,279 Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding multi-view picture using camera parameter, and recording medium storing program for executing the method
31 7,822,213 System and method for estimating speaker’s location in non-stationary noise environment
32 7,822,185 Instant conference method and apparatus
33 7,822,153 Automatic gain control apparatus and method in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access system
34 7,822,144 Communication system having reduced delay time
35 7,822,111 Receiving apparatus and method thereof
36 7,822,063 Bandwidth allocation method and system for data transmission in EPON
37 7,822,024 Apparatus and method for performing security and classification in a multiprocessor router
38 7,821,998 Equalizing apparatus, methods and computer program products that generate error compensation values of an equalizer
39 7,821,993 Wireless network device and resource allotting method for the same
40 7,821,977 Determining data amounts for scheduled and autonomous transmission with a user equipment
41 7,821,976 Apparatus and method for controlling transmission power in a wireless communication system
42 7,821,961 Method for generating /changing transport connection identifier in portable internet network and portable subscriber station therefor
43 7,821,945 Method of downloading data in peer-to-peer service of wired and wireless integrated network and node therefor
44 7,821,935 Apparatus for and method of managing a routing table in a multi-hop system
45 7,821,920 Flushing processing unit and method of switching device in network using spanning tree protocol
46 7,821,907 Apparatus and method for reproducing optical disk
47 7,821,891 Optical disc apparatus and method of writing information to an optical disc including correcting write strategy
48 7,821,865 Nonvolatile memory device using variable resistive elements
49 7,821,860 Stable temperature adjustment for refresh control
50 7,821,851 Semiconductor memory device capable of operating in a plurality of operating modes and method for controlling thereof
51 7,821,845 Write driver circuit of an unmuxed bit line scheme
52 7,821,841 Method of detecting a light attack against a memory device and memory device employing a method of detecting a light attack
53 7,821,837 Reprogrammable nonvolatile memory devices and methods
54 7,821,836 Flash memory device and method in which trim information is stored in memory cell array
55 7,821,834 Nonvolatile memory devices that utilize dummy memory cells to improve data reliability in charge trap memory arrays
56 7,821,832 Flash memory device having shared row decoder
57 7,821,828 Memory device and memory device heat treatment method
58 7,821,825 NAND flash memory devices having shielding lines between wordlines and selection lines
59 7,821,821 Multibit electro-mechanical device and method of manufacturing the same
60 7,821,820 Magnetic memory device and method
61 7,821,813 Nanowire memory device and method of manufacturing the same
62 7,821,809 Nonvolatile memory device and method including resistor and transistor
63 7,821,803 Memory module having star-type topology and method of fabricating the same
64 7,821,798 High voltage power supply
65 7,821,714 Apparatus and method for measuring aerial image of EUV mask
66 7,821,711 2D-3D image switching display system
67 7,821,692 Method of and apparatus for recording/reproducing data on/from holographic storage medium
68 7,821,680 Image sensor having improved resolution and image sensing method using the same
69 7,821,638 Alignment mark
70 7,821,612 Color filter array panel and liquid crystal display including the same
71 7,821,601 Transflective liquid crystal display device comprising domain partitioning members disposed in the reflective area and not in the transmissive area
72 7,821,594 Receiving container, display device having the same and a method thereof
73 7,821,591 Separation type chassis and flat panel display having the same
74 7,821,588 TFT substrate having first and second pad sections formed in peripheral area each with overlapping metal patterns receiving driving signals to repair electrically opened lines
75 7,821,585 Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
76 7,821,523 Image display and storage apparatus, method and medium
77 7,821,512 Apparatuses for generating analog driving voltages and common electrode voltages and methods of controlling the analog driving voltages and the common electrode voltages
78 7,821,509 Shift register and organic light emitting display device using the same
79 7,821,508 Display device and driving device and driving method thereof
80 7,821,485 Source driver output circuit of thin film transistor liquid crystal display
81 7,821,484 Data driving circuit, light emitting display device using the same, and driving method thereof
82 7,821,458 Apparatus and method for locating a terminal in a broadband wireless communication system
83 7,821,324 Reference current generating circuit using on-chip constant resistor
84 7,821,317 Clock generating apparatus
85 7,821,309 Delay locked loop circuit
86 7,821,286 Testing device for performing a test on a liquid crystal display and a method of driving the testing device
87 7,821,197 Organic light emitting display and fabricating method of the same
88 7,821,185 Display filter and display apparatus having the same
89 7,821,181 Piezoelectric vibrator, manufacturing method thereof and linear actuator having the same
90 7,821,139 Flip-chip assembly and method of manufacturing the same
91 7,821,127 Semiconductor device package having buffered memory module and method thereof
92 7,821,040 Thin film transistor substrate and fabricating method thereof
93 7,821,027 LED package structure and manufacturing method, and LED array module
94 7,821,009 Signal line, a thin film transistor array panel comprising the signal line, and method for manufacturing the same
95 7,821,007 Thin film transistor and flat panel display device
96 7,821,006 Liquid crystal display comprising light sensing TFT having opening in gate electrode
97 7,821,003 Thin-film transistor substrate and display device having the same
98 7,820,996 Nonvolatile memory device made of resistance material and method of fabricating the same
99 7,820,994 System to test electronic part and method of controlling the same
100 7,820,735 Ink composition for a color filter, a color filter substrate manufactured using the ink composition and method of manufacturing a color filter substrate using the ink composition
101 7,820,730 Perfluoropolyether copolymer composition for forming banks
102 7,820,516 Methods of manufacturing non-volatile memory devices having a vertical channel
103 7,820,514 Methods of forming flash memory devices including blocking oxide films
104 7,820,508 Semiconductor device having capacitor and method of fabricating the same
105 7,820,496 Thin film transistor substrate manufactured through 3-sheet mask process, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display having the same
106 7,820,468 Stack type surface acoustic wave package, and method for manufacturing the same
107 7,820,466 Flat panel display device and method for manufacturing the same using sequental lateral solidifcation and solid phase crystallization
108 7,820,463 Nitride-based light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
109 7,820,368 Photoresist stripper composition and methods for forming wire structures and for fabricating thin film transistor substrate using composition
110 7,820,340 Laser induced thermal imaging (LITI) mask and an organic electroluminescent device fabrication method using the mask
111 7,820,338 Liquid fuel cartridge and direct liquid feed fuel cell having the same
112 7,820,311 Ferroelectric recording medium and writing method for the same
113 7,820,244 Method of forming a layer and method of removing reaction by-products
114 7,820,073 White light emitting device
115 7,819,995 Manufacturing method of multi-layer ceramic substrate
116 7,819,986 Dish washing machine with water level detecting unit
117 7,819,975 Deposition method and apparatus
118 7,819,933 Cyclone dust collector
119 7,819,691 Electrical connector that reduces generation of static
120 7,819,652 Mold for nano-imprinting and method of manufacturing the same
121 7,819,574 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
122 7,819,571 Lamp sockets assembly guide, and backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
123 7,819,569 Optical plate, method of manufacturing optical plate, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device
124 7,819,557 Encapsulant shapes for light emitting devices lacking rotational symmetry designed to enhance extraction of light with a particular linear polarization
125 7,819,539 Light emitting diode, backlight assembly having the same and method thereof
126 7,819,488 Door opening device and refrigerator having the same
127 7,819,368 Monitor improved in a tilting and combining structure
128 7,819,240 Transfer belt unit and image forming apparatus having the same
129 7,819,138 Microfluidic device using centrifugal force and pump to control fluid movement, microfluidic system comprising the same and method of manufacturing the microfluidic device