Samsung patents granted on 27 August 2013

162 US patents granted on 27 August 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D688,804 Blood test machine
2 D688,742 Printer
3 D688,708 Blu-ray disk player
4 D688,701 Display screen portion with icon
5 D688,672 Stand for monitor
6 D688,645 Mobile terminal
7 D688,643 Mobile phone
8 D688,642 Mobile terminal
9 D688,641 Mobile terminal
10 D688,640 Mobile terminal
11 D688,638 Mobile terminal
12 D688,560 Cover for packaging box
13 D688,518 Oven
14 D688,470 Synthetic resin sheet
15 8,522,359 Apparatus and method for automatic update
16 8,522,357 Rights-based advertisement management in protected media
17 8,522,325 Method of authentication user using server and image forming apparatus using the method
18 8,522,296 Broadcast receiving apparatus and method for configuring the same according to configuration setting values received from outside
19 8,522,188 Method of designing a system-on-chip including a tapless standard cell, designing system and system-on-chip
20 8,522,172 Method of forming photomask using calibration pattern, and photomask having calibration pattern
21 8,522,170 Event display apparatus and method
22 8,522,164 Portable terminal and display method and medium therefor
23 8,522,141 Method for providing link and electronic apparatus thereof
24 8,522,124 Semiconductor device and decoding method thereof
25 8,522,115 Flash memory device and memory system comprising same
26 8,522,114 Memory controller and memory system
27 8,522,112 Method and apparatus for interleaving data in a mobile communication system
28 8,522,108 Optical recording medium, apparatus and method of recording/reproducing data thereon/therefrom, and computer-readable recording medium storing program to perform the method
29 8,522,105 Transmission of acknowledgement signals
30 8,522,102 Apparatus and method for ARQ feedback polling in wireless communication system
31 8,522,084 Computer system and method employing separate storage area for computer program recovery
32 8,521,946 Semiconductor disk devices and related methods of randomly accessing data
33 8,521,911 Apparatus, system and method for executing discovery in network
34 8,521,814 Apparatus and method for managing user interface
35 8,521,807 Method and system for controlling movement of user setting information registered in server
36 8,521,799 Row-vector norm comparison method and row-vector norm comparison apparatus for inverse matrix
37 8,521,750 Situation-aware recommendation using correlation
38 8,521,518 Device and method for acoustic communication
39 8,521,330 Map building apparatus and method
40 8,521,329 Obstruction-determining apparatus for preventing mobile robot from becoming obstructed and boundary-estimation method and medium using the obstruction-determining apparatus
41 8,521,236 Mobile terminal capable of receiving mobile broadcast services and channel control method therefor
42 8,521,166 System and method for transmitting and receiving a signal using multiple frequency bands in a wireless communication system
43 8,521,164 Apparatus and method for allowing femto base station to efficiently perform beaconing in wireless communication system
44 8,521,159 Apparatus and method for determining neighbor BS information in a wireless communication system
45 8,521,151 Downlink channel transmission method and apparatus and common channel reception method and apparatus in cellular communication system supporting bandwidth scalability
46 8,521,102 Tunneling control method and apparatus for coordinated multi-point transmission, and method for transmitting data
47 8,521,090 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for reducing interference at the front-end of a communications receiving device
48 8,521,072 Image forming apparatus and color registration method thereof
49 8,521,052 Image forming apparatus
50 8,521,051 Apparatus and method of controlling power supply to heating roller and phase control circuit corresponding to the apparatus and method
51 8,521,034 Apparatus and method for interference mitigation and channel selection for visible light communication
52 8,521,012 Recording medium for storing real time recording/reproduction information, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing in real time, and file operating method using the same
53 8,520,962 Method and apparatus for effectively compressing motion vectors in video coder based on multi-layer
54 8,520,961 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding multi-view image
55 8,520,939 Apparatus and method of reproducing preferred color
56 8,520,872 Apparatus and method for sound processing in a virtual reality system
57 8,520,868 Piezoelectric micro speaker and method of manufacturing the same
58 8,520,759 Apparatus and method for detecting signal based on lattice reduction to support different coding scheme for each stream in multiple input multiple output wireless communication system
59 8,520,666 Communication method for voice calls
60 8,520,656 Partitioning of frequency resources for transmission of control signals and data signals in SC-FDMA communication systems
61 8,520,654 Method and apparatus for allocating and identifying frequency resources in a frequency division multiple access system
62 8,520,636 Method and apparatus for performing handover
63 8,520,629 Method and apparatus for performing piconet coordinator handover in wireless personal area network
64 8,520,627 Method of conducting handover of mobile node, and network system using the same
65 8,520,623 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving downlink signal for which guard band is configured in cellular radio communication system supporting band scalability
66 8,520,620 Resource mapping method and apparatus of OFDM system
67 8,520,619 Method of transmitting and receiving control information based on spatial-multiplexing gain
68 8,520,606 Synchronous spectrum sharing based on OFDM/OFDMA signaling
69 8,520,560 Generation of HARQ-ACK information and power control of HARQ-ACK signals in TDD systems with downlink of carrier aggregation
70 8,520,558 Quality of service securing method and apparatus
71 8,520,536 Apparatus and method for recovering voice packet
72 8,520,513 Method for variably controlling bit rate of video data through end-to-end channel status sensing in a WiBro network
73 8,520,499 Method, apparatus, and system for transmitting and receiving information of an uncoded channel in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
74 8,520,492 Method and apparatus for transmitting SRS in LTE TDD system
75 8,520,488 Optical pickup device that forms an oval spot on a disc having a small angle with respect to a radial axis
76 8,520,479 Objective lens driving unit and optical pickup device using the same
77 8,520,461 Row address code selection based on locations of substandard memory cells
78 8,520,446 Method of erasing a memory including first and second erase modes
79 8,520,434 Method of storing E-fuse data in flash memory device
80 8,520,422 Semiconductor modules and signal line layout methods thereof
81 8,520,378 Swing-type portable communication apparatus and hinge mechanism thereof
82 8,520,375 Display apparatus
83 8,520,367 Method of manufacturing lithium ion capacitor and lithium ion capacitor manufactured using the same
84 8,520,319 Zoom lens barrel assembly
85 8,520,267 Host apparatus and control method thereof, and image reading apparatus controlled by host apparatus
86 8,520,183 Display substrate, liquid crystal display including the display substrate, and method of manufacturing the display substrate
87 8,520,182 Flat panel display and manufacturing method thereof
88 8,520,168 Reflective color display device
89 8,520,160 Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
90 8,520,158 Substrate for a display device and method of manufacturing the same
91 8,520,148 Tuner circuit
92 8,520,146 Display apparatus performing correction of data corruption and method thereof
93 8,520,137 Wafer-level lens module and image pickup device including the same
94 8,520,133 Imaging apparatus and method
95 8,520,128 Auto focus module capable of in-pixel monitoring of amount of received light photographing apparatus using the same
96 8,520,118 Method of controlling display of digital photographing apparatus
97 8,520,117 Image display apparatus and photographing apparatus that sets a display format according to a sensed motion
98 8,520,116 Photographing apparatus and method
99 8,520,113 Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and recording medium storing program to execute the method
100 8,520,104 Image sensor devices having dual-gated charge storage regions therein
101 8,520,096 Apparatus and method for learning photographing profiles of digital imaging device for recording personal life history
102 8,520,062 Display apparatus
103 8,520,048 Laser scanning unit having flux-reduction unit and image forming apparatus having the same
104 8,520,047 Print head and image forming apparatus including the same
105 8,520,035 Method of driving column inversion display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
106 8,519,986 User interface device and user interface method
107 8,519,961 Portable terminal and method for displaying touch keypad thereof
108 8,519,941 Apparatus with high-frequency driving signal generating unit for driving backlight unit
109 8,519,940 Display apparatus capable of changing dimming frequency of back light and control method thereof
110 8,519,921 Organic light emitting diode (OLED) display adjusting for ambient illuminance and a method of driving the same
111 8,519,917 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
112 8,519,914 Organic light emitting display device
113 8,519,913 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
114 8,519,881 Universal remote control apparatus, system for controlling universal remote control, and method for the same
115 8,519,758 Digital DLL including skewed gate type duty correction circuit and duty correction method thereof
116 8,519,697 Apparatus and method for detecting mode change in an electronic device
117 8,519,641 Apparatus for driving light emitting device with over-current and over-voltage protection
118 8,519,637 Digital PWM generator and apparatus for driving light emitting device
119 8,519,621 Organic light emitting display and method for manufacturing the same
120 8,519,620 Display devices and methods of manufacturing display devices
121 8,519,612 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of fabricating the same
122 8,519,604 Field emission panel with a charging prevention resistance unit
123 8,519,603 Light emitting diode (LED) lamp
124 8,519,549 Anisotropic conductive film and display device having the same
125 8,519,484 Semiconductor devices having dual trench, methods of fabricating the same, and electronic system having the same
126 8,519,472 Semiconductor device and method of forming the same
127 8,519,470 Semiconductor chip, and semiconductor package and system each including the semiconductor chip
128 8,519,465 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
129 8,519,413 Organic light emitting diode display
130 8,519,408 Method of fabricating a thin film transistor substrate and a photosensitive composition used in the thin film transistor substrate
131 8,519,407 Organic light-emitting display having light blocking layer formed over pixel defining layer
132 8,519,406 Organic light emitting display device having graphene wirings
133 8,519,405 Thin film transistor, organic light emitting diode (OLED) display including the same, and manufacturing methods of them
134 8,519,395 Display device and method for manufacturing the same
135 8,519,393 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
136 8,519,386 Organic light emitting diode display with improved crystallinity of driving semiconductor
137 8,519,385 Organic light emitting diode display
138 8,519,317 Photosensor, manufacturing method thereof, and liquid crystal display including a photosensor
139 8,519,261 Photoelectric conversion device
140 8,519,014 Ion exchangeable mixture and method of producing the same
141 8,518,790 Method of forming memory device
142 8,518,772 Fabricating method of semiconductor device
143 8,518,731 Manufacturing method of thin film transistor array panel
144 8,518,727 Method of forming encapsulation substrate for an organic light emitting diode display device
145 8,518,723 Method of fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit device
146 8,518,642 Method of analyzing probe nucleic acid, microarray and kit for the same
147 8,518,592 Fuel cell system
148 8,518,589 Fuel cell system and method of operating the same
149 8,518,582 Cathode comprising active material composite and lithium battery using the same
150 8,518,579 Rechargeable battery having anti-vibration member
151 8,518,577 Electrode assembly and secondary battery having the same
152 8,518,576 Secondary battery including a sensor to determine if battery is heated above a predetermined temperature
153 8,518,575 Pouch-type lithium secondary battery and fabrication method thereof
154 8,518,498 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
155 8,518,287 Dichalcogenide thermoelectric material
156 8,518,285 Substrate section for flexible display device, method of manufacturing the substrate section, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device including the substrate
157 8,518,229 Integrated electrode-current collector sheet for capacitive deionization, capacitive deionization device and electric double layer capacitor having the same
158 8,517,564 Light source assembly and touch screen device having the same
159 8,517,264 Smart cards and user terminals including the same
160 8,517,249 Soldering structure and method using Zn
161 8,516,728 Flexible display apparatus
162 8,516,685 Method of manufacturing a disk drive device for reducing adhesive amount of particles