Samsung patents granted on 27 December 2011

90 US patents granted on 27 December 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D651,206 Notebook computer
2 8,086,944 Hard disk drive with data error recovery using multiple reads and derived reliability information
3 8,086,786 Non-volatile memory device and associated programming method
4 8,086,706 System and method for self configuration of reconfigurable systems
5 8,086,446 Method and apparatus for non-overlapped transforming of an audio signal, method and apparatus for adaptively encoding audio signal with the transforming, method and apparatus for inverse non-overlapped transforming of an audio signal, and method and apparatus for adaptively decoding audio signal with the inverse transforming
6 8,086,301 Method and apparatus for cufflessly and non-invasively measuring wrist blood pressure in association with communication device
7 8,086,290 Mobile phone with a sliding cradle for providing visual and acoustic convenience
8 8,086,186 Cognitive radio communication apparatus and method which adaptably controls sensing reference level
9 8,086,183 Apparatus and method for perceiving and reporting neighborhood object
10 8,086,153 Developing apparatus usable with image forming apparatus, image forming apparatus having the same, method to prevent developer from flowing out the developing apparatus
11 8,086,070 Image processing apparatus using alpha plane and method thereof
12 8,086,053 Method and apparatus for transforming and inverse-transforming image
13 8,085,949 Method and apparatus for canceling noise from sound input through microphone
14 8,085,861 Apparatus and method for estimating signal to interference and noise ratio in a wireless communication system
15 8,085,847 Method for compressing/decompressing motion vectors of unsynchronized picture and apparatus using the same
16 8,085,684 Method and apparatus for identifying base station in wireless communication system
17 8,085,679 Apparatuses and methods for controlling bit rates in variable bit rate video coding
18 8,085,648 Servo master magnetically transferring servo patterns to magnetic recording medium, and magnetic transfer method using the servo master
19 8,085,647 Optical recording/reproducing apparatus having label printer and method for printing labels on optical disk
20 8,085,642 Servo controlling apparatus and method of holographic information recording/reproducing system
21 8,085,628 Focus servo controlling method and apparatus and optical disk drive using the focus servo controlling method
22 8,085,607 3-level non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of driving the same
23 8,085,601 Programming method and initial charging method of nonvolatile memory device
24 8,085,599 Memory device and method for estimating characteristics of multi-bit programming
25 8,085,595 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of controlling the wordline voltage of the same
26 8,085,592 Charge-trap flash memory device with reduced erasure stress and related programming and erasing methods thereof
27 8,085,589 Flash memory device and program recovery method thereof
28 8,085,583 Vertical string phase change random access memory device
29 8,085,575 Nonvolatile memory device and method of driving the same
30 8,085,560 Power supply apparatus
31 8,085,545 Structure for blocking an electromagnetic interference, wafer level package and printed circuit board having the same
32 8,085,509 Write head with common mode termination resistor
33 8,085,480 Compact zoom lens
34 8,085,380 Spacer and liquid crystal display device having the same
35 8,085,379 Circuit board and display device having the same
36 8,085,378 Printed circuit board and liquid crystal display having the same
37 8,085,375 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
38 8,085,371 Liquid crystal display having improved retardation film
39 8,085,368 Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
40 8,085,366 Thin film transistor display panel and method of manufacturing the same
41 8,085,357 Liquid crystal display
42 8,085,353 Thin film transistor array panel having a pixel electrode including a first subpixel electrode and a second subpixel electrode connected to the drain electrode of the thin film transistor and a third subpixel electrode capacitively coupled to a coupling electrode extended from the drain electrode
43 8,085,351 Object recognizing display device
44 8,085,283 Data processing apparatus, liquid crystal display apparatus comprising the same and control method thereof
45 8,085,235 Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
46 8,085,233 Pixel driving method, pixel driving circuit for performing the same, and display apparatus having the pixel driving circuit
47 8,085,232 Array substrate receiving two polarities opposite to each other and a display device having the same
48 8,085,230 Driving device and display apparatus having the same
49 8,085,229 Optically compensated bend (OCB) liquid crystal display and method of operating same
50 8,085,228 Display apparatus
51 8,085,219 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
52 8,085,019 Device for generating internal power supply voltage and method thereof
53 8,084,954 Lamp driving circuit
54 8,084,951 Inverter and liquid crystal display device including the same
55 8,084,941 Organic light emitting diode display having improved mechanical strength
56 8,084,940 Organic light-emitting diode display having nonoverlapping yellow and blue emission layers
57 8,084,939 Organic light emitting display and fabricating method thereof
58 8,084,934 White light emitting device
59 8,084,933 Inorganic electroluminescent device and method of manufacturing the same
60 8,084,907 Spindle motor having holding magnet preventing oil discharge
61 8,084,850 Semiconductor chip package, stacked package comprising semiconductor chips and methods of fabricating chip and stacked packages
62 8,084,847 Prefabricated lead frame and bonding method using the same
63 8,084,840 Interposer including air gap structure, methods of forming the same, semiconductor device including the interposer, and multi-chip package including the interposer
64 8,084,819 Semiconductor memory device having insulation patterns and cell gate patterns
65 8,084,805 Three-dimensional microelectronic devices including repeating layer patterns of different thicknesses
66 8,084,801 Cell structure for a semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
67 8,084,778 Light emitting diode package
68 8,084,772 Organic light emitting display including an auxiliary electrode
69 8,084,711 Apparatuses for breaking a glass panel unified with a process table
70 8,084,696 Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
71 8,084,371 Field effect transistors, methods of fabricating a carbon-insulating layer using molecular beam epitaxy and methods of fabricating a field effect transistor
72 8,084,367 Etching, cleaning and drying methods using supercritical fluid and chamber systems using these methods
73 8,084,359 Semiconductor package and methods of manufacturing the same
74 8,084,349 Method for forming post bump
75 8,084,344 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device
76 8,084,318 Methods of fabricating integrated circuit devices including strained channel regions and related devices
77 8,084,316 Method of fabricating single transistor floating-body DRAM devices having vertical channel transistor structures
78 8,084,306 Methods of forming semiconductor devices having self-aligned bodies
79 8,084,184 Composition for removing photoresist and method of manufacturing an array substrate using the same
80 8,084,167 Nanocomposite for fuel cell, method of preparing the nanocomposite, and fuel cell including the nanocomposite
81 8,084,155 Lithium rechargeable battery
82 8,084,152 Lithium ion secondary battery having shape memory safety vent
83 8,083,996 Thermal siphon reactor and hydrogen generator having the same
84 8,083,962 Method for forming minute pattern and method for forming semiconductor memory device using the same
85 8,083,905 Carbon nanotubes for fuel cells, method for manufacturing the same, and fuel cell using the same
86 8,083,892 Apparatus for generating gas plasma, gas composition for generating plasma and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
87 8,083,507 Vacuum pump having rotation body cleaning unit with spraying holes on an output surface of the cleaning body surrounding a shaft
88 8,083,324 Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
89 8,082,876 Manufacturing method of OLED display and apparatus for manufacturing the OLED display
90 8,082,632 Hinge device for portable terminal having sub-housing stopper