Samsung patents granted on 27 December 2016

182 US patents granted on 27 December 2016 and assigned to Samsung

1 D775,444 Cleaner
2 D775,443 Brush for cleaner
3 D775,442 Cleaner
4 D775,441 Door for washing machine
5 D775,440 Cleaner
6 D775,438 Washing machine
7 D775,437 Washing machine
8 D775,253 Digital camera
9 D775,204 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
10 D775,187 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D775,173 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
12 D775,124 Mobile terminal
13 D775,118 Audio device
14 D775,117 Audio device
15 D775,105 Speaker
16 D775,101 Electronic device
17 D775,096 Electronic device
18 D775,095 Electronic device
19 9,532,457 Audio and video reproduction apparatus having main board on which surface mount type connectors are mounted
20 9,532,443 Composite electronic component and board having the same
21 9,532,431 Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display and method of manufacturing the same
22 9,532,430 Stretchable display device
23 9,532,397 Method for providing communication service and electronic device thereof
24 9,532,348 Apparatus and method for obtaining information related to removing interference based on structural identifier allocation in wireless communication system
25 9,532,347 Method and apparatus for allocating resources in a wireless communication system
26 9,532,342 Transmission/reception method and apparatus for uplink MIMO retransmission in LTE system
27 9,532,322 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same in consideration of communication environment
28 9,532,296 Method of multi-hop cooperative communication from terminal and base station and network for multi-hop cooperative communication
29 9,532,280 Electronic system with search mechanism and method of operation thereof
30 9,532,258 Method of anonymously reporting minimization of drive test measurements
31 9,532,220 Apparatus and method for authentication in wireless communication system
32 9,532,214 Apparatus and method for generating key hierarchy in wireless network
33 9,532,177 Method and system for providing information about time zone of a wireless communication device
34 9,532,173 No enrollment proximity target detection on mobile devices
35 9,532,154 Method and apparatus for customizing audio signal processing for a user
36 9,532,104 Method and server for the social network-based sharing of TV broadcast content related information
37 9,532,079 Filtering method for removing block artifacts and/or ringing noise and apparatus therefor
38 9,532,078 Filtering method for removing block artifacts and/or ringing noise and apparatus therefor
39 9,532,077 Filtering method for removing block artifacts and/or ringing noise and apparatus therefor
40 9,532,072 Method and apparatus for determining a context model for transform coefficient level entropy encoding and decoding
41 9,532,036 Stereo source image calibration method and apparatus
42 9,531,985 Measuring user engagement of content
43 9,531,962 Image set alignment and combination processing
44 9,531,953 Camera module and portable electronic device including the same
45 9,531,927 Optical system
46 9,531,925 Photographing apparatus
47 9,531,902 Scanner module and image scanning apparatus employing the same
48 9,531,871 Electronic device and method for extracting incoming/outgoing information and managing contacts
49 9,531,819 Method and system for displaying object, and method and system for providing the object
50 9,531,812 Method and device for setting priority of data transmission
51 9,531,763 Apparatus and method for reproducing contents using digital living network alliance in mobile terminal
52 9,531,668 Micro server, method of allocating MAC address, and computer readable recording medium
53 9,531,650 Method and apparatus of issuing email account
54 9,531,573 Methods and apparatus for cyclic prefix reduction in MMwave mobile communication systems
55 9,531,570 CML quarter-rate predictive feedback equalizer architecture
56 9,531,561 Apparatus and method for extending network area
57 9,531,517 Method and apparatus for generating reference signal in analog/digital mixed BF system
58 9,531,506 Method and device for processing HARQ feedback in a mobile communication system
59 9,531,489 Broadcasting signal receiving apparatus and control method thereof
60 9,531,484 Super-regenerative receiver (SRR) and super-regenerative reception method with increased channel selectivity
61 9,531,468 Method and system for requesting allocation of bandwith and allocating bandwith in a multi-hop relay environment
62 9,531,449 Method of controlling interference in multi-hop network based on MIMO system and relay node and node pair using the method
63 9,531,405 Method and system for estimating parameter of data channel model in communication system
64 9,531,404 Computer input device and method of using the same
65 9,531,402 Delta-sigma analog-digital converter and method
66 9,531,375 Radio frequency switch circuit
67 9,531,346 Signal processing apparatus and method
68 9,531,274 Resonant converter, power supply and power controlling method thereof
69 9,531,252 Snubber circuit
70 9,531,249 Voltage converter and power management device including the same
71 9,531,220 Motor and washing machine having the same
72 9,531,211 Method for charging an intermediate circuit capacitor
73 9,531,066 Antenna pattern frame and electronic device including the same
74 9,531,062 Communication system
75 9,531,044 Battery having reduced condensate formation due to water separation
76 9,531,039 Battery management system for a battery cell with a pressure-sensitive film sensor
77 9,531,000 Battery cell, battery cell module, method for producing a battery cell module, battery and motor vehicle
78 9,530,999 Secondary battery module
79 9,530,989 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
80 9,530,988 Electrostatic chuck system and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus by using the electrostatic chuck system
81 9,530,981 Sealing method for flat panel display device
82 9,530,980 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing an organic light emitting display device
83 9,530,973 Organometallic complex and organic light-emitting diode including the same
84 9,530,971 Compound for organic electric element, organic electric element comprising the same and electronic device thereof
85 9,530,967 Heterocyclic compound and organic light-emitting diode including the same
86 9,530,964 Method of manufacturing display and apparatus for manufacturing the display for the same
87 9,530,961 Mask assembly for deposition, deposition apparatus, and method employing the same
88 9,530,933 GaN base light-emitting diode and manufacturing method therefor using mechanical post-processing
89 9,530,899 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
90 9,530,870 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device
91 9,530,854 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
92 9,530,827 Light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
93 9,530,805 Backplane for display apparatus and method of manufacturing the backplane
94 9,530,789 Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
95 9,530,755 Semiconductor packages
96 9,530,741 Semiconductor packages having residual stress layers and methods of fabricating the same
97 9,530,729 Semiconductor devices including insulating extension patterns between adjacent landing pads and methods of fabricating the same
98 9,530,726 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
99 9,530,706 Semiconductor devices having hybrid stacking structures and methods of fabricating the same
100 9,530,670 Methods of forming conductive patterns and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices using the same using an etchant composition that includes phosphoric acid, nitric acid, and an assistant oxidant
101 9,530,639 Method of preparing ZnO nanowire and ZnO nanowire prepared thereby
102 9,530,622 Sputtering device and gas supply pipe for sputtering device
103 9,530,573 Electrode structure, method of manufacturing the same, and energy storage device having the same
104 9,530,554 Multilayer coil component
105 9,530,519 Scan driver and display device including the same
106 9,530,494 Memory device and method of operating the same
107 9,530,478 Memory device using spin hall effect and methods of manufacturing and operating the memory device
108 9,530,453 Apparatus, method, and computer-readable recording medium for creating and reproducing live picture file
109 9,530,418 Image display apparatus and method of controlling the same
110 9,530,401 Apparatus and method for reporting speech recognition failures
111 9,530,399 Electronic device for providing information to user
112 9,530,383 Display apparatus and driving method thereof
113 9,530,380 Display device and driving method thereof
114 9,530,374 Display device
115 9,530,373 Method of driving a display panel, display panel driving apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus having the display panel driving apparatus
116 9,530,364 Liquid crystal display
117 9,530,359 Method of driving backlight unit and display device having the backlight unit
118 9,530,357 Gradation voltage generator and display driving apparatus
119 9,530,350 Display panel
120 9,530,348 Organic light emitting display device
121 9,530,346 Organic light-emitting diode display and method of driving the same
122 9,530,339 Apparatus and method for inspecting an organic light-emitting display apparatus
123 9,530,234 Method for generating digital content by combining photographs and text messages
124 9,530,205 Polyp detection apparatus and method of operating the same
125 9,530,176 Image processing apparatus and method for processing image thereof
126 9,530,088 Radio frequency identification devices
127 9,530,043 Cell analysis apparatus and method
128 9,529,982 Method and apparatus to manage user account of device
129 9,529,960 Photolithography patterning system using feature parameters
130 9,529,796 Apparatus and method for translation using a translation tree structure in a portable terminal
131 9,529,770 Communication modem for supporting multiple interfaces and method of setting an interface in the same
132 9,529,755 Apparatus and method of recognizing external device in a communication system
133 9,529,738 Method and system for sharing content, device and computer-readable recording medium for performing the method
134 9,529,705 Nonvolatile memory system including nonvolatile memory device and memory controller that loads a mapping table on a sub-bitmap and method of operating the memory controller
135 9,529,625 Method and system for providing stack memory management in real-time operating systems
136 9,529,565 Remote control apparatus, method and multimedia system for volume control
137 9,529,561 Display device, multi-display device including the same, and method for driving the same
138 9,529,541 Nonvolatile storage device and operating system (OS) image program method thereof
139 9,529,520 Method of providing information and mobile terminal thereof
140 9,529,498 Input processing apparatus and method using a user interface
141 9,529,497 Apparatus, method, and medium for providing user interface for file transmission
142 9,529,492 Reproduction of file series
143 9,529,491 Screen display method and electronic device supporting same
144 9,529,471 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
145 9,529,441 Display apparatus
146 9,529,434 Presentation device and method for operating the device
147 9,529,421 Server for photographing apparatus and method of providing status notification of photographing apparatus
148 9,529,241 Microfluidic device and method of controlling fluid in the same
149 9,529,237 Display device and driving method thereof
150 9,529,235 Liquid crystal display
151 9,529,234 Liquid crystal display
152 9,529,231 Liquid crystal display
153 9,529,230 Liquid crystal display apparatus having illumination function
154 9,529,229 Backlight unit and display device having the same
155 9,529,224 Liquid crystal display
156 9,529,221 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
157 9,529,217 Display device
158 9,529,194 Head-mounted display apparatus
159 9,529,143 Backlight assembly having support frame
160 9,529,137 Display device
161 9,529,136 Backlight unit and display apparatus having the same
162 9,529,135 Backlight assembly
163 9,529,053 Battery management system and method for determining the charge state battery cells, battery and motor vehicle comprising a battery management system
164 9,528,949 Methods of detecting inhomogeneity of a layer and apparatus for performing the same
165 9,528,947 Calibration method of radiation detecting apparatus, radiation imaging apparatus and control method of radiation imaging apparatus
166 9,528,748 Refrigerator
167 9,528,747 Refrigerator
168 9,528,732 Heat pump apparatus
169 9,528,212 Washing machine and control method thereof
170 9,527,953 Continuous preparation for polyester
171 9,527,910 Ang-2 specific antibodies and uses thereof
172 9,527,742 Graphene sheet and process of preparing the same
173 9,527,638 Storage container and refrigerator having the same
174 9,527,554 Offshore wind power generator, lifting jig for transferring the offshore wind power generator, and method and system for installing the offshore wind power generator using the lifting jig
175 9,527,322 Hinge apparatus for cover of image forming apparatus
176 9,527,079 Fluid analysis cartridge
177 9,527,043 Gas separation membrane and method of preparing the same
178 9,526,989 Method and apparatus for receiving game streaming data, and method and server for transmitting game streaming data
179 9,526,862 Medical tube and flexibility-variable mechanism with the same
180 9,526,842 Apparatus and method for measuring dose in injector
181 9,526,436 Amplifiers including tunable tunnel field effect transistor pseudo resistors and related devices
182 9,526,391 Cleaning system and maintenance station thereof