Samsung patents granted on 27 January 2015

157 US patents granted on 27 January 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D721,753 Digital camera
2 D721,752 Digital camera
3 D721,746 Refrigerator
4 D721,737 Earphone-type electronic device with display
5 D721,736 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
6 D721,735 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
7 D721,726 Portable electronic device display with graphical user interface
8 D721,722 Portable electronic device displaying graphical user interface
9 D721,721 Portable electronic device displaying graphic user interface
10 D721,720 TV receiver displaying GI and GUI
11 D721,719 Display screen or portion thereof for a transitional graphical user interface
12 D721,718 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
13 D721,703 Portable electronic device
14 D721,702 Keyboard
15 D721,698 Portable computer
16 D721,684 Mobile phone
17 D721,683 Mobile phone
18 D721,682 Mobile phone
19 D721,681 Electronic device
20 D721,679 Television receiver
21 D721,677 Speaker
22 D721,671 Mobile phone
23 D721,666 TV receiver
24 D721,538 Oven
25 8,943,609 Apparatus and method for configuring password and for releasing lock
26 8,943,545 Digital living network alliance system and method for providing content therein
27 8,943,514 Middle partners
28 8,943,503 Apparatus and method for thread progress tracking using deterministic progress index
29 8,943,403 Print control apparatus and printticket control method
30 8,943,288 Method of controlling memory access
31 8,943,249 System on chip improving data traffic and operating method thereof
32 8,943,244 Mobile device and USB system including the same
33 8,942,984 Method and system for controlling external output of a mobile device
34 8,942,979 Acoustic processing apparatus and method
35 8,942,752 Apparatus and method for cluster based opportunistic power control in wireless communication system
36 8,942,749 Method and device for user scheduling and managing transmit power in a communication system
37 8,942,734 Apparatus and method for peripheral device control in portable terminal
38 8,942,723 Apparatus and method for estimating the location of a terminal using multiple location estimating schemes
39 8,942,707 Handover
40 8,942,681 Multiparty call processing method and apparatus for mobile terminal
41 8,942,663 Techniques for supporting emergency communications in wireless communication system
42 8,942,653 Apparatus and method for low power amplification in a wireless communication system
43 8,942,599 Image forming apparatus
44 8,942,509 Apparatus and method creating ghost-free high dynamic range image using filtering
45 8,942,414 Method and apparatus for making personalized contents
46 8,942,347 X-ray imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same
47 8,942,323 Communication system with signal-to-noise ratio adjustment mechanism and method of operation thereof
48 8,942,316 Wireless communication system with signal processing mechanism and method of operation thereof
49 8,942,296 Signal adaptive filtering method, signal adaptive filter and computer readable medium for storing program therefor
50 8,942,294 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system utilizing mull packet and TRS code to improve receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
51 8,942,279 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving data in dual mode terminal
52 8,942,273 Communication method of relay node using non-linear hybrid network coding and device using said method
53 8,942,257 Wireless network using feedback of side information and communication method using network coding
54 8,942,254 Method for transmitting/receiving data while supporting scalability in communication system
55 8,942,224 Method and system for handling security synchronization for prolonged periods of no-reception of voice frames
56 8,942,207 Method and apparatus for short handover latency in wireless communication system using beam forming
57 8,942,202 Apparatus and method for defining physical channel transmit/receive timings and resource allocation in TDD communication system supporting carrier aggregation
58 8,942,148 Method and apparatus for switching a frequency assignment in a wireless communication system
59 8,942,146 Signal transmission method and apparatus in wireless communication system
60 8,942,125 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving feedback for cooperative communication system
61 8,942,084 Method of reducing retransmission of data frame and receiving node therefor
62 8,942,079 Method and apparatus for mapping/demapping modulation symbols in a mobile communication system
63 8,942,046 Method of programming a 3-dimensional nonvolatile memory device based on a program order of a selected page and a location of a string selection line
64 8,942,042 Nonvolatile memory device and a method of adjusting a threshold voltage of a ground selection transistor thereof
65 8,942,017 Energy storage system and method thereof
66 8,942,010 Inverter of new and renewable energy storage system
67 8,942,004 Printed circuit board having electronic components embedded therein
68 8,941,973 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
69 8,941,972 Multilayer ceramic electronic component
70 8,941,971 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and fabrication method thereof
71 8,941,913 Infrared optical lens system
72 8,941,900 Image forming apparatus and method of processing image thereof
73 8,941,891 Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof
74 8,941,861 Image forming system having an image forming apparatus and a host and a method of managing the same
75 8,941,860 Scanning method and scanning system using TWAIN driver
76 8,941,854 Image forming apparatus supporting peer-to-peer connection and method of forming images by authenticating user thereof
77 8,941,806 Liquid crystal display
78 8,941,799 Liquid crystal display
79 8,941,797 Method of manufacturing polarizing plate, method of manufacturing display apparatus having the same and the display apparatus
80 8,941,794 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device including the same comprising a shielding tape that comprises a portion having an attached adhesive and a portion without the adhesive
81 8,941,793 Liquid crystal display to increase side view visibility
82 8,941,789 Liquid crystal display
83 8,941,787 Three-dimensional image display device and driving method thereof
84 8,941,782 Display apparatus, upgrading apparatus, display system and data processing method of display system
85 8,941,770 Method and apparatus for displaying successively captured images
86 8,941,757 Apparatus and method for adjusting white balance
87 8,941,725 Method of processing three-dimensional stereoscopic image data and display apparatus for performing the same
88 8,941,713 Video phone call method having function of adjusting resolution quality and video phone call apparatus supporting the same
89 8,941,613 Touch sensing apparatus and method thereof
90 8,941,576 Display panel including dual gate thin film transistor
91 8,941,567 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
92 8,941,562 Display device
93 8,941,530 Electronic apparatus, control method thereof, remote control apparatus, and control method thereof
94 8,941,434 Bus encoding scheme based on non-uniform distribution of power delivery network components among I/O circuits
95 8,941,425 Semiconductor device compensating for internal skew and operating method thereof
96 8,941,403 Semiconductor device and method of testing the same
97 8,941,361 Computer system and control method thereof
98 8,941,354 Battery system
99 8,941,352 Apparatus for contactless charging of mobile terminal
100 8,941,320 Method of driving a light source, light source apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus having the light source apparatus
101 8,941,293 Solid state lighting devices comprising quantum dots
102 8,941,273 Vibration generation device
103 8,941,272 Linear vibrator and method of manufacturing the same
104 8,941,263 Energy storage system and method of controlling the same
105 8,941,245 Semiconductor package including semiconductor chip with through opening
106 8,941,243 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
107 8,941,220 Power module package and system module having the same
108 8,941,216 Semiconductor devices having through-vias and methods for fabricating the same
109 8,941,199 Image sensors
110 8,941,183 Semiconductor device
111 8,941,173 Capacitorless memory device
112 8,941,165 Methods of fabricating integrated circuit capacitors having u-shaped lower capacitor electrodes
113 8,941,164 Semiconductor devices including capacitor support pads
114 8,941,155 Fin field effect transistors including multiple lattice constants and methods of fabricating the same
115 8,941,142 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
116 8,941,140 Light-emitting device including nitride-based semiconductor omnidirectional reflector
117 8,941,133 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
118 8,941,101 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display
119 8,941,100 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
120 8,941,011 Flexible substrates and method of manufacturing the same
121 8,941,007 Electron donating polymer and organic solar cell including the same
122 8,940,825 Sealing composition for HDD motor and HDD motor fabricated using the same
123 8,940,632 Semiconductor devices and method of fabricating the same
124 8,940,621 Methods of forming semiconductor modules including flexible panels
125 8,940,613 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
126 8,940,611 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of fabricating the same
127 8,940,584 Semiconductor packages and methods of forming the same
128 8,940,565 Methods of manufacturing thin-film transistor array substrate and liquid crystal display
129 8,940,564 Method of manufacturing organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display
130 8,940,557 Method of fabricating wafer level package
131 8,940,553 Flat panel display device and method for manufacturing flat panel display
132 8,940,456 Fuel cell and manufacturing method of the same
133 8,940,453 Electrode catalyst for fuel cell, method of manufacturing the same, and fuel cell using the electrode catalyst
134 8,940,450 Membrane electrode assembly for fuel cell and fuel cell stack
135 8,940,438 Negative electrode including group 14 metal/metalloid nanotubes, lithium battery including the negative electrode, and method of manufacturing the negative electrode
136 8,940,434 Electrolyte additive and electrolyte and lithium rechargeable battery including same
137 8,940,428 Separator, a lithium rechargeable battery using the same and a method of manufacture thereof
138 8,940,420 Rechargeable battery
139 8,940,368 Vapor deposition apparatus and vapor deposition method
140 8,940,235 Thin-film transistors for chemical sensor applications
141 8,940,196 Silicon based shape memory alloy negative active material, negative active material composition including same, rechargeable lithium battery including same, and method of preparing same
142 8,940,195 Conductive paste, and electronic device and solar cell including an electrode formed using the same
143 8,940,186 Insulating layer composition for substrate, and prepreg and substrate using the same
144 8,940,182 Compositions for etching and methods of forming a semiconductor device using the same
145 8,940,101 Apparatus for cleaning substrate
146 8,939,790 Signal cable, cable connector and signal cable connecting apparatus including the same
147 8,939,784 Test socket having a housing with clamping devices to connect the housing to a floating guide
148 8,939,747 Injection mold
149 8,939,732 Multi-stage compressor
150 8,939,696 Automatic carrier transfer for transferring a substrate carrier in a semiconductor manufacturing post-process and method of transferring the substrate carrier using the same
151 8,939,636 Light source assembly formed of a plurality of light source modules detachably connected together
152 8,939,630 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
153 8,939,549 Inkjet printing apparatuses, inkjet nozzles, and methods of forming inkjet nozzles
154 8,939,441 Apparatus for charging and discharging
155 8,939,023 Inertial sensor
156 8,938,985 Refrigerator
157 8,938,855 Gear hinge device for portable apparatus