Samsung patents granted on 27 March 2012

139 US patents granted on 27 March 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,276 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
2 D656,530 Digital camera
3 D656,529 Digital camcorder
4 D656,528 Digital camcorder
5 D656,476 Mobile phone
6 D656,475 Mobile phone
7 D656,474 Mobile phone
8 D656,471 Television receiver
9 8,146,139 System and method of user authentication using handwritten signatures for an MFP
10 8,146,019 Method and terminal for playing and displaying music
11 8,145,972 Apparatus and method for coding in communication system
12 8,145,968 Method of determining binary signal of memory cell and apparatus thereof
13 8,145,937 System and method for communication error processing in outside channel combination environment
14 8,145,935 Clock signal generator for generating stable clock signal, semiconductor memory device including the same, and methods of operating
15 8,145,867 Non-volatile memory devices for outputting data using double data rate (DDR) operations and methods of operating the same
16 8,145,846 Memory system having nonvolatile and buffer memories, and reading method thereof
17 8,145,803 Apparatus and method for creating macro command
18 8,145,648 Semantic metadata creation for videos
19 8,145,423 Navigaton device and route guiding method therefor
20 8,145,276 Portable terminal and method for displaying events according to environment set in the portable terminal
21 8,145,270 Smart card and method for generating response message to be delivered to mobile terminal supporting mobile broadcast, and mobile terminal therefor
22 8,145,250 Method for managing pre-established session, PoC system and PoC user equipment for implementing the same
23 8,145,248 Apparatus and method for uplink beamforming and Space-Division Multiple Access (SDMA) in Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) wireless communication systems
24 8,145,224 Method and system for transmitting and receiving common control information in a communication system
25 8,145,213 Apparatus and method for generating PLMN list in mobile communication system
26 8,145,209 Apparatus and method for delivering stream in a mobile broadcast system
27 8,145,207 Apparatus and method for avoiding interference between base station and relay station when using full duplex relay in a multi hop relay system
28 8,145,188 Method for call charge transfer between mobile communication terminals
29 8,145,160 Tx module for wireless communication
30 8,145,138 Apparatus and method for removing interference in multiple antenna system
31 8,145,111 Fusing device and image forming apparatus having the same
32 8,145,098 Image forming apparatus including shutter device
33 8,145,093 Developing apparatus having a spacer and a leakage preventer
34 8,145,074 Method of controlling image forming apparatus using write protection
35 8,145,043 Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
36 8,145,014 Apparatus and method of removing color noise of digital image
37 8,145,009 Apparatus for removing ringing noise and apparatus for removing noise
38 8,144,972 Manufacturing method of printed circuit board and manufacturing apparatus for the same
39 8,144,808 Codebook generating method and apparatus for generating a codebook for multi-polarized multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems
40 8,144,796 Apparatus and method for selecting operation mode in MIMO communication system
41 8,144,791 Apparatus, method, and medium for video synchronization
42 8,144,771 Method and apparatus for image coding and decoding with cross-reference mode
43 8,144,722 Multi-channel scheduling method for WLAN devices with a single radio interface
44 8,144,670 Channel allocation management method for transferring uncompressed isochronous data, uncompressed isochronous data transferring method and apparatus thereof
45 8,144,660 Multimode terminal for supporting fast handover between heterogeneous networks
46 8,144,653 Medium access apparatus and method for preventing a plurality of stations in a wireless local area network from colliding with one another
47 8,144,604 Method and system for allocating multiple channels in a mesh network
48 8,144,554 Method of and apparatus for recording data on write-once disc, method of and apparatus for reproducing data from write-once disc, and write-once disc therefor
49 8,144,553 Disk drive
50 8,144,539 Semiconductor memory device for self refresh and memory system having the same
51 8,144,538 Semiconductor device
52 8,144,535 Test circuit for measuring resistance distribution of memory cells and semiconductor system including the same
53 8,144,520 Non-volatile memory device and method of reading data in a non-volatile memory device
54 8,144,517 Multilayered nonvolatile memory with adaptive control
55 8,144,507 Method of measuring a resistance of a resistive memory device
56 8,144,505 Nonvolatile memory devices supporting memory cells having different bit storage levels and methods of operating the same
57 8,144,504 Method of operating magnetic random access memory device
58 8,144,503 Information storage device and method of operating the same
59 8,144,481 Memory board structure having stub resistor on main board
60 8,144,433 Hard disk drive
61 8,144,426 Perpendicular magnetic recording head having front and back poles of different specific resistances
62 8,144,416 Hard disk driving circuit and method of driving spindle motor
63 8,144,402 Zoom lens and imaging optical device including the same
64 8,144,390 Apparatus and method for 2D and 3D image switchable display
65 8,144,387 Display device
66 8,144,350 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
67 8,144,347 Method of controlling print job schedule and printing system using the method
68 8,144,302 Display substrate and method for manufacturing the same
69 8,144,300 Printed circuit board and display device using the same
70 8,144,299 Thin film transistor for driving gate line and liquid crystal display having the same
71 8,144,294 Liquid crystal display having a cutout in a pixel electrode and a cutout in a common electrode
72 8,144,280 Liquid crystal display
73 8,144,247 Detection and interpolation of still objects in a video sequence
74 8,144,243 Camera module
75 8,144,240 Digital photographing apparatuses, methods of controlling the same, and recording medium storing computer readable instructions for executing the methods
76 8,144,228 Image sensor having a ramp generator and method for calibrating a ramp slope value of a ramp signal
77 8,144,221 Image sensor apparatus and methods employing unit pixel groups with overlapping green spectral content
78 8,144,163 Driving device and driving method of the same
79 8,144,162 Method and apparatus for rendering three dimensional graphics data
80 8,144,114 Liquid crystal display
81 8,144,111 Light emitting diode driving circuit having voltage detection
82 8,144,106 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
83 8,144,100 Shared buffer display panel drive methods and systems
84 8,144,094 Liquid crystal display backplane layouts and addressing for non-standard subpixel arrangements
85 8,144,092 Apparatus and method of processing signals
86 8,144,087 Color LED driver
87 8,144,086 Organic light emitting display device
88 8,144,075 Display system for outputting analog and digital signals to a plurality of display apparatuses, system and method
89 8,143,950 Power amplifier break down characteristic
90 8,143,932 Grid clock distribution network reducing clock skew and method for reducing the same
91 8,143,918 Apparatus for driving a display device, display device including the same, and method thereof
92 8,143,917 Transceiver for controlling swing width of output voltage
93 8,143,909 Universal test socket and semiconductor package testing apparatus using the same
94 8,143,847 Battery pack and manufacturing method thereof
95 8,143,785 Plasma display device having an anisotropic conductive film
96 8,143,782 Organic light emitting display
97 8,143,771 Filter and display device having the same
98 8,143,715 Semiconductor package transformer
99 8,143,713 Chip-on-board package
100 8,143,710 Wafer-level chip-on-chip package, package on package, and methods of manufacturing the same
101 8,143,709 Semiconductor package having solder ball which has double connection structure
102 8,143,693 Semiconductor device including redistribution line structure and method of fabricating the same
103 8,143,692 Capacitance trimming circuit of semiconductor device having vertically stacked capacitor layers and operation method thereof
104 8,143,690 Semiconductor device having electrostatic discharge protection circuit and method of manufacturing the same
105 8,143,685 Image sensor having nanodot
106 8,143,678 Thin film transistors having multi-layer channel
107 8,143,677 Transistor, a transistor arrangement and method thereof
108 8,143,674 Semiconductor devices having resistors
109 8,143,672 Semiconductor device including a metal layer having a first pattern and a second pattern which together form a web structure, thereby providing improved electrostatic discharge protection
110 8,143,667 Semiconductor device having non-volatile memory and method of fabricating the same
111 8,143,660 Method for manufacturing oxide film having high dielectric constant, capacitor having dielectric film formed using the method, and method for manufacturing the same
112 8,143,653 Variable resistance memory device and system thereof
113 8,143,634 Light emitting diode package with a phosphor substrate
114 8,143,621 Active type display device
115 8,143,610 Semiconductor phase-change memory device
116 8,143,516 Dye-sensitized solar cell module
117 8,143,150 Method of fabricating semiconductor device and electronic system
118 8,143,142 Method of fabricating epi-wafer, epi-wafer fabricated by the method, and image sensor fabricated using the epi-wafer
119 8,143,116 Thin film transistor array substrate and manufacturing method thereof
120 8,143,099 Method of manufacturing semiconductor package by etching a metal layer to form a rearrangement wiring layer
121 8,142,986 Method of forming fine patterns of semiconductor device
122 8,142,962 Reflective photomask and method of fabricating the same
123 8,142,954 Fuel composition for fuel cell and fuel cell using the same
124 8,142,945 Method for controlling peripheral system and fuel cell system using the same
125 8,142,921 Rechargeable battery and battery module
126 8,142,910 Organic light-emitting device
127 8,142,846 Method of forming phase change material layer using Ge(II) source, and method of fabrication phase change memory device
128 8,142,839 Method for fabricating a display device
129 8,142,692 Manufacturing method of a display device
130 8,142,529 Fuel processor having carbon monoxide removing unit and method of operating the same
131 8,142,251 Laser beam irradiation apparatus for substrate sealing, substrate sealing method, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device using the same
132 8,142,240 Lead pin for package substrate
133 8,142,065 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
134 8,142,039 Backlight assembly and method of assembling the same
135 8,141,989 Ink-jet head and method for manufacturing the same
136 8,141,977 Inkjet head module and method of aligning inkjet head using the same
137 8,141,283 Electronic shelf label
138 8,141,244 Insulating material and printed circuit board having the same
139 8,141,241 Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board having metal bumps