Samsung patents granted on 27 May 2008

98 US patents granted on 27 May 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D569,841 Ear-microphone
2 D569,837 Portable telephone
3 D569,836 Portable telephone
4 D569,835 Portable telephone
5 D569,834 Mobile phone
6 D569,833 Mobile phone
7 D569,832 Mobile phone
8 D569,828 Portable phone
9 D569,827 Portable phone
10 D569,825 Portable phone
11 D569,818 Television receiver
12 7,380,252 Disc drive with resonator
13 7,380,245 Technique for detecting corruption associated with a stack in a storage device
14 7,380,160 Apparatus for and method of handling failure in reading motion picture data from storage medium and reproducing the same
15 7,380,152 Daisy chained multi-device system and operating method
16 7,380,141 Transferring data without completing a boot process
17 7,380,045 Protocol conversion and arbitration circuit, system having the same, and method for converting and arbitrating signals
18 7,379,739 Apparatus and method for selecting a handoff base station in a wireless network
19 7,379,702 Paper reverse-feeding apparatus for image forming apparatus
20 7,379,691 Carrier remover device, a wet-type image forming apparatus having the same, and a method for removing carrier in wet-type image forming apparatus
21 7,379,669 Method and apparatus for duplex communication in hybrid fiber-radio systems
22 7,379,657 Method for generating additional information for guaranteeing seamless playback between data streams, recording medium storing the information, and recording, editing and/or playback apparatus using the same
23 7,379,625 Edge direction based image interpolation method
24 7,379,609 Image processing apparatus and method for conversion between raster and block formats
25 7,379,581 Method for recognizing a pattern of an alignment mark on a wafer
26 7,379,488 External cavity dual wavelength laser system
27 7,379,477 Apparatus and method for efficiently transmitting broadcasting channel utilizing cyclic delay diversity
28 7,379,419 Apparatus and method for performing an online software upgrade of resource servers
29 7,379,414 Optical disc
30 7,379,410 Method for reproducing data from information storage medium having multiple storage layers with optimal power control (OPC) areas and buffer areas
31 7,379,404 Apparatus and method of compensating for tilt and/or defocus of a disc during recording
32 7,379,403 Apparatus and method for adjusting tilt
33 7,379,402 Disc with temporary disc definition structure (TDDS) and temporary defect list (TDFL), and method of and apparatus for managing defect in the same
34 7,379,380 Low power multi-chip semiconductor memory device and chip enable method thereof
35 7,379,372 Non-volatile memory device with scanning circuit and method
36 7,379,367 Memory controller and semiconductor comprising the same
37 7,379,355 Circuit for enabling sense amplifier and semiconductor memory device having the same
38 7,379,351 Non-volatile semiconductor memory and programming method
39 7,379,333 Page-buffer and non-volatile semiconductor memory including page buffer
40 7,379,332 Systems-on-chips including programmed memory cells and programmable and erasable memory cells
41 7,379,322 Amorphous high-k thin film and manufacturing method thereof
42 7,379,276 Magnetic recording head having a plurality of shield layers
43 7,379,262 Higher-order state estimator for low TMR in hard disk drives
44 7,379,197 Apparatus for controlling printer to improve printing speed and method thereof
45 7,379,150 Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display
46 7,379,148 Amorphous silicon thin film transistor-liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
47 7,379,143 Liquid crystal display having predetermined steepness of light transmittance within a predetermined range on light transmittance gradient for improved visibility
48 7,379,142 Liquid crystal display
49 7,379,134 Liquid crystal display having an insulating layer on a portion of the common electrode
50 7,379,129 Liquid crystal display apparatus which transmits light at the circumference of the main image display region and method of manufacturing the same
51 7,379,113 Image sensor module having auto-aligned lens, and method of fabricating the same, and method of automatically controlling focus of lens
52 7,379,082 Method and apparatus for controlling in thermal printer
53 7,379,081 Organic light emitting diode display
54 7,379,079 Electron emission device and driving method thereof
55 7,379,073 Method of restoring RGB gray scale data and apparatus for performing the same
56 7,379,034 Panel driving apparatus and a display panel with the same
57 7,379,033 Plasma display device and driving method of plasma display panel
58 7,379,011 Lossless nonlinear analog gain controller in image sensor and manufacturing method thereof
59 7,378,910 Power amplifier for a transmitter
60 7,378,908 Variable gain differential amplifier, and variable degeneration impedance control device and method for use in the same
61 7,378,864 Test apparatus having multiple test sites at one handler and its test method
62 7,378,795 Plasma display panel
63 7,378,794 Structures for coupling and grounding a circuit board in a plasma display device
64 7,378,789 Electron emission device
65 7,378,787 Flat panel display device
66 7,378,786 Surface light source device and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
67 7,378,739 Capacitor and light emitting display using the same
68 7,378,716 Magnetic tunneling junction cell having a free magnetic layer with a low magnetic moment and magnetic random access memory having the same
69 7,378,711 TFT, flat panel display device having the same, method of manufacturing TFT, method of manufacturing flat panel display device, and method of manufacturing donor sheet
70 7,378,708 Transistor having a protruded drain
71 7,378,701 Phase changeable memory devices including carbon nano tubes
72 7,378,698 Magnetic tunnel junction and memory device including the same
73 7,378,694 CMOS image sensor
74 7,378,693 CMOS image device with polysilicon contact studs
75 7,378,685 Flat display device
76 7,378,631 Image projection apparatus for adjusting white balance in consideration of level of light emitted from LED and method thereof
77 7,378,606 Keypad and keypad assembly
78 7,378,471 Polymer comprising terminal sulfonic acid group, and polymer electrolyte and fuel cell using the same
79 7,378,328 Method of fabricating memory device utilizing carbon nanotubes
80 7,378,326 Printed circuit board with embedded capacitors therein and manufacturing process thereof
81 7,378,320 Method of forming asymmetric MOS transistor with a channel stopping region and a trench-type gate
82 7,378,312 Recess gate transistor structure for use in semiconductor device and method thereof
83 7,378,230 Photoresist composition for multi-micro nozzle head coater
84 7,378,214 Preparation method of toner having micro radius
85 7,378,203 Charge transport materials having at least a metallocene group
86 7,378,196 Method of manufacturing mask for correcting optical proximity effect
87 7,378,187 Integrated cap assembly of a secondary battery and fabricating method thereof
88 7,378,161 Organometallic complexes and organic electroluminescence device using the same
89 7,377,953 Cyclone dust collecting apparatus having contaminants counterflow prevention member
90 7,377,776 Semiconductor wafer baking apparatus
91 7,377,755 Multi-stage rotary compressor
92 7,377,677 Backlight assembly with excellent light efficiency and display device having the same
93 7,377,653 Color display apparatus having virtual single light origin
94 7,377,624 Ink jet head having channel damper and method of fabricating the same
95 7,377,461 Tape-end sensor and a magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus having the same
96 7,377,442 Multi-mode integrated circuit devices including mode detection and methods of operating the same
97 7,377,119 Air conditioning system and control method thereof
98 7,377,008 Multifunction vacuum cleaner