Samsung patents granted on 27 November 2007

108 US patents granted on 27 November 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 D556,404 Drum for drum washing machine
2 D556,401 Vacuum cleaner
3 D556,399 Vacuum cleaner
4 D556,398 Vacuum cleaner
5 D556,394 Washing machine
6 D556,253 PRINTER
7 D556,229 Digital camera
8 D556,222 Refrigerator
9 D556,210 MP3 player
10 D556,192 Notebook computer
11 D556,178 Portable phone
12 D556,177 Portable phone
13 D556,176 Portable phone
14 D556,175 Mobile phone
15 D556,174 Mobile phone
16 D556,173 Mobile phone
17 D556,172 Mobile phone
18 D556,171 Mobile phone
19 D556,170 Portable phone
20 D556,168 Portable phone
21 D556,167 Mobile phone
22 D556,166 Portable telephone
23 D556,165 Mobile phone
24 D556,160 LCD television set
25 D556,159 LCD monitor
26 D556,129 Cradle for remote control for electric home appliances
27 7,302,695 Slot-in type optical disk player
28 7,302,629 Apparatus and method for coding and decoding irregular repeat accumulate codes
29 7,302,620 Interleaving.deinterleaving device and method for communication system
30 7,302,544 Method and apparatus for adaptive garbage collection
31 7,302,517 Apparatus and method for controlling execute-in-place (XIP) in serial flash memory, and flash memory chip using the same
32 7,302,464 User request processing method and apparatus using upstream channel in interactive multimedia contents service
33 7,302,345 Method and apparatus for generating magnetic field map and method and apparatus for checking pose of mobile body using the magnetic field map
34 7,302,283 Portable digital communication apparatus having improved grip
35 7,302,267 Apparatus and method for estimating a velocity of a mobile terminal in a mobile communication system
36 7,302,264 System and method for fast network re-entry in a broadband wireless access communication system
37 7,302,261 Apparatus and method using release order messages to change the slot cycle index of a selected mobile station in a wireless network
38 7,302,259 Mobile station and method for selecting public land mobile network thereby
39 7,302,238 Transmit diversity system, method and computer program product
40 7,302,219 Fixing device
41 7,302,218 Image forming apparatus with constant conveying velocity
42 7,302,215 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a separator to separate a printing medium from a transfer belt
43 7,302,201 Voltage switch and electrophotographic color image forming apparatus using the same
44 7,302,198 Device and method to calculate a consumed amount of toner
45 7,302,144 Indoor optical fiber cable
46 7,302,015 Motion estimation method for moving picture compression coding
47 7,302,012 Apparatus and method for symbol combining in a mobile communication system
48 7,302,008 Apparatus and method for efficiently distributing energy over a packet data channel in a mobile communication system for high rate packet transmission
49 7,301,957 Multi-home agent control apparatus and method
50 7,301,927 Apparatus and method for multimedia broadcast/multicast service in a mobile communication system
51 7,301,921 Method of reducing access time to UTRAN in UMTS
52 7,301,891 Apparatus and method for reducing peak-to-average power ratio in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
53 7,301,890 STFBC coding/decoding apparatus and method in an OFDM mobile communication system
54 7,301,889 Optical disc
55 7,301,885 Laser diode driving circuit and laser diode controlling apparatus including the laser diode driving circuit
56 7,301,884 Method of and apparatus for recording data on optical recording medium
57 7,301,861 Coma aberration correcting apparatus for optical pickup
58 7,301,859 Track error detection device having a function of removing a phase offset, and phase offset removing method thereof
59 7,301,845 Defect address storing circuit for semiconductor memory device
60 7,301,782 Connector device and display device using the same
61 7,301,751 Embedded capacitor
62 7,301,730 Suspension with stiffened end-tab for actuator in data storage device
63 7,301,725 Disk drive with cover plate having high stiffness
64 7,301,720 Method of determining and applying adaptive track zero position and disc drive using the same
65 7,301,719 Clearance sweep test
66 7,301,694 Off-axis projection optical system and extreme ultraviolet lithography apparatus using the same
67 7,301,692 Micro mirror and method for fabricating the same
68 7,301,673 Error diffusion processing method
69 7,301,590 Liquid crystal display module and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
70 7,301,585 Display apparatus
71 7,301,573 Apparatus for and method of edge enhancement in image processing
72 7,301,551 Thermal image forming apparatus
73 7,301,545 Method of visually measuring brightness of ambient lighting around display device
74 7,301,533 Buffer circuit and active matrix display using the same
75 7,301,530 Pointer control method, pointing apparatus, and host apparatus therefor
76 7,301,522 Apparatus for controlling LCD backlight in mobile station
77 7,301,519 STN LCD driver using circuit with fewer capacitors and method therefor
78 7,301,509 Display device having multiple image display units
79 7,301,499 Built-in type antenna apparatus for portable terminal
80 7,301,483 Code generation and allocation method
81 7,301,407 Capacitor bank and voltage controlled oscillator having the same
82 7,301,406 Method and system for calibrating input voltage of voltage controlled oscillator and digital interface used for calibrating input voltage
83 7,301,381 Clocked state devices including master-slave terminal transmission gates and methods of operating same
84 7,301,371 Transmitter of a semiconductor device
85 7,301,275 Organic EL display device including a step alleviation in light emitting area
86 7,301,268 Field emission display having emitter arrangement structure capable of enhancing electron emission characteristics
87 7,301,233 Semiconductor chip package with thermoelectric cooler
88 7,301,188 CMOS image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
89 7,301,173 Group III-nitride light emitting device
90 7,301,170 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
91 7,301,168 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method with partition and emission regions to improve emission characteristics
92 7,300,888 Methods of manufacturing integrated circuit devices having an encapsulated insulation layer
93 7,300,887 Methods of forming metal nitride layers, and methods of forming semiconductor structures having metal nitride layers
94 7,300,864 Method for forming solder bump structure
95 7,300,845 Method of manufacturing recess type MOS transistor having a dual diode impurity layer structure
96 7,300,841 Capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
97 7,300,827 Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor substrate and stripping composition
98 7,300,746 Photomask for forming small contact hole array and methods of fabricating and using the same
99 7,300,732 Organophotoreceptors with azine-based compounds
100 7,300,454 Catheter apparatus for percutaneous coronary intervention capable of accurately positioning stent and balloon in a desired position
101 7,300,314 Socket for trans-flash memory card
102 7,300,259 Variable capacity rotary compressor
103 7,300,219 Image forming apparatus using thermal printing head
104 7,300,212 Semiconductor optical package
105 7,299,987 Portable handset having a radio frequency identification(RFID) function and method using the same
106 7,299,914 Roller assembly for image forming apparatus
107 7,299,547 Method for manufacturing tape wiring board
108 7,299,526 Rotary-type hinge device for a portable terminal