Samsung patents granted on 27 November 2012

152 US patents granted on 27 November 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D671,582 Digital camera
2 D671,581 Digital camera
3 D671,571 Refrigerator
4 D671,544 Cradle for tablet computer
5 D671,539 Notebook computer
6 D671,538 Notebook computer
7 D671,536 Notebook computer
8 D671,527 Speaker
9 D671,526 Speaker
10 D671,525 Speaker
11 D671,514 Mobile terminal
12 8,321,893 Apparatus and method for discovering ESG bootstrap entry point in CBMS system
13 8,321,886 Method of providing controlled-access information and video receiving apparatus to use the same
14 8,321,883 Disk drive with encoder holder indentation
15 8,321,809 Apparatus and method for displaying variable-sized, grouped display information on touch screen
16 8,321,777 Cyclic redundancy check code generating circuit, semiconductor memory device, and method of driving semiconductor memory device
17 8,321,765 Method of reading data in non-volatile memory device
18 8,321,760 Semiconductor memory device and data processing method thereof
19 8,321,745 Apparatus and method for channel encoding and decoding in communication system using low-density parity-check codes
20 8,321,734 Method and apparatus to transmit and/or receive data via wireless network and wireless device
21 8,321,665 Apparatus and method for using contents information in digital rights management
22 8,321,660 Method and devices for reproducing encrypted content and approving reproduction
23 8,321,640 Data mask system and data mask method
24 8,321,633 Memory card and method for storing data on memory card
25 8,321,631 Parity calculation and journal generation in a storage device with multiple storage media
26 8,321,624 Memory device and management method of memory device
27 8,321,620 Computer system for supplying electric power to external apparatus and control method thereof
28 8,321,539 Peer-to-peer (P2P) network system and method of operating the same
29 8,321,536 Method and apparatus for processing remote control key data in home network device
30 8,321,397 Storage medium including metadata and reproduction apparatus and method therefor
31 8,321,229 Apparatus, medium and method to encode and decode high frequency signal
32 8,321,203 Apparatus and method of generating information on relationship between characters in content
33 8,321,129 Method and apparatus for automatically optimizing and setting a GPS reception period and map contents
34 8,320,980 Antenna assembly of mobile terminal
35 8,320,975 Apparatus and method for improving sensitivity of dual-standby portable terminal
36 8,320,965 Apparatus and method for saving power of femto base station in wireless communication system
37 8,320,963 Subscriber identity module card and terminal device having the same
38 8,320,903 Method and system for calibrating multiple types of base stations in a wireless network
39 8,320,852 Method and apparatus to transmit signals in a communication system
40 8,320,833 Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, transmission system which combines these, and transmission and reception method thereof
41 8,320,832 Wireless audio output device, wireless audio output system including the same and control method thereof
42 8,320,796 Image forming apparatus
43 8,320,768 Communication link apparatus and method for maintaining visibility in visible light communication
44 8,320,753 Handshake correction apparatus
45 8,320,688 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding coding unit of picture boundary
46 8,320,681 Method and apparatus for recognizing characters
47 8,320,594 Audio/video device having a volume control function for an external audio reproduction unit by using volume control buttons of a remote controller and volume control method therefor
48 8,320,592 Apparatus and method of reproducing virtual sound of two channels based on listener’s position
49 8,320,582 Interference signal removing apparatus and RF receiver using the same
50 8,320,547 Apparatus and method for providing incoming and outgoing call information in a mobile communication terminal
51 8,320,505 Apparatus and method for receiver in multiple antenna system
52 8,320,501 Digital broadcast transmitter/receiver having an improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
53 8,320,477 Method for inter-carrier interference cancellation and equalization method, apparatus, and OFDM receiver using the method
54 8,320,457 Display device and method of driving the same
55 8,320,416 Laser irradiation system
56 8,320,338 Transmission/reception apparatus and method for supporting MIMO technology in a forward link of a high rate packet data system
57 8,320,310 SDMA communication system for feeding back channel state information and method supporting the same
58 8,320,306 Apparatus and method for improving reception performance in a smart antenna system
59 8,320,243 Method of classifying data and transmitting data in a PLC network and apparatus therefor
60 8,320,186 Method of operating nonvolatile memory device
61 8,320,184 Method of programming nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
62 8,320,171 Phase change memory devices and memory systems including the same
63 8,320,170 Multi-bit phase change memory devices
64 8,320,168 Phase change random access memory device and related methods of operation
65 8,320,166 Magnetic random access memory and method of reading data from the same
66 8,320,152 Information storage devices using magnetic domain wall movement and methods of operating the same
67 8,320,060 Optical system for camera
68 8,320,053 Zoom lens
69 8,319,961 Apparatus to perform a non-contact test of a semiconductor package
70 8,319,929 Liquid crystal display including a variable width spacer element and method for fabricating the same
71 8,319,924 Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
72 8,319,917 Color filter composition
73 8,319,905 Display substrate having quantum well for improved electron mobility and display device including the same
74 8,319,902 2D/3D switchable integral imaging systems
75 8,319,859 Digital camera having a variable frame rate and method of controlling the digital camera
76 8,319,837 Method for sharing file between control point and media server in a DLNA system, and system thereof
77 8,319,828 Highly efficient 2D-3D switchable display device
78 8,319,827 Apparatus for processing image signal and method for controlling thereof
79 8,319,817 Method and apparatus for video call using transmission of divided image frames
80 8,319,803 Data driver and liquid crystal display device including the same
81 8,319,785 Image display system and method for preventing image tearing effect
82 8,319,769 LCD panel driver with self masking function using power on reset signal and driving method thereof
83 8,319,761 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
84 8,319,758 Interface system and flat panel display using the same
85 8,319,757 Display apparatus and control method thereof
86 8,319,743 Touch screen display
87 8,319,732 Data input apparatus, medium, and method detecting selective data input
88 8,319,718 Module for determining the driving signal timing and a method for driving a liquid crystal display panel
89 8,319,716 Liquid crystal display with auxiliary lines and method of driving the same
90 8,319,713 Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
91 8,319,708 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
92 8,319,707 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
93 8,319,704 Plasma display and driving method thereof
94 8,319,690 Mobile terminal having additional antenna pattern in main body
95 8,319,574 Printed circuit board and transmitting/receiving module including the same
96 8,319,572 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
97 8,319,513 Inspecting apparatus for solar cell and inspecting method using the same
98 8,319,480 Apparatus and method of power control
99 8,319,473 Wireless energy transmission structure
100 8,319,425 Organic light emitting display device having RFID
101 8,319,420 Organic light emitting diode display
102 8,319,351 Planar multi semiconductor chip package
103 8,319,348 Metal interconnect of semiconductor device
104 8,319,340 Lead frame and method of manufacturing the same
105 8,319,329 Stacked integrated circuit package having recessed sidewalls
106 8,319,324 High I/O semiconductor chip package and method of manufacturing the same
107 8,319,319 Semiconductor package and mounting method thereof
108 8,319,309 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing of the same
109 8,319,308 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing of the same
110 8,319,300 Solution composition for forming oxide thin film and electronic device including the oxide thin film
111 8,319,291 Non-volatile memory device with data storage layer
112 8,319,276 Non-volatile semiconductor memory devices having charge trap layers between word lines and active regions thereof
113 8,319,275 Integrated circuit memory devices having selection transistors with nonuniform threshold voltage characteristics
114 8,319,268 Semiconductor device capable of suppressing short channel effect
115 8,319,260 Semiconductor devices having polysilicon gate layer patterns and methods of manufacturing the same
116 8,319,238 Light emitting device with improved light extraction efficiency
117 8,319,234 Organic light emitting diode display having a multi-color pixel including a hydrophobic layer
118 8,319,223 Thin film transistor array panel using organic semiconductor and a method for manufacturing the same
119 8,319,221 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
120 8,319,217 Oxide semiconductor thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and organic electroluminescent device including the same
121 8,319,207 Photoelectric conversion film, photoelectric conversion device and color image sensor having the photoelectric conversion device
122 8,319,187 System and method counting photons
123 8,318,603 Method of forming patterns for semiconductor device
124 8,318,583 Method of forming isolation structure of semiconductor device
125 8,318,569 Forming memory cells comprising impurity doping regions along edges of less than 1F spacing
126 8,318,560 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices including a capacitor
127 8,318,533 Method of manufacturing an organic thin film transistor
128 8,318,523 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same and organic light emitting diode display device having the same
129 8,318,521 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
130 8,318,412 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
131 8,318,397 Electrophotographic toner and method of preparing the same
132 8,318,379 Membrane-electrode assembly for mixed reactant fuel cell and mixed reactant fuel cell system including same
133 8,318,371 Separator for fuel cell and fuel cell stack using the same
134 8,318,366 Hydrogen generator and fuel cell using the same
135 8,318,363 Reformer for fuel cell system and fuel cell system comprising the same
136 8,318,348 Pouch-type secondary battery
137 8,318,346 Lithium ion battery
138 8,318,345 Electrode assembly and lithium rechargeable battery using the same
139 8,318,344 Negative electrode for lithium battery and lithium battery including the same
140 8,318,341 Pouch-type secondary battery
141 8,318,336 Rechargeable battery
142 8,318,270 Liquid crystal display panel and method of manufacturing the liquid crystal display panel
143 8,318,049 Composition for forming electron emission source, electron emission source including the composition, method of preparing the electron emission source, and field emission device including the electron emission source
144 8,317,995 Electrode tool for electrochemical machining and method of manufacturing the same
145 8,317,722 Method and device for hearing test
146 8,317,418 Focal plane shutter and imaging apparatus including the same
147 8,317,348 White light emitting device and white light source module using the same
148 8,317,310 Ink-jet head
149 8,317,146 Supporting device and dual display unit having the same
150 8,317,015 Apparatus for locking a magazine
151 8,316,531 Semiconductor device fabrication process
152 8,316,494 Washing machine and method for controlling the same