Samsung patents granted on 27 October 2009

87 US patents granted on 27 October 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D602,971 Lamp for an imaging device
2 D602,916 Remote controller
3 D602,915 Remote controller for television receiver
4 D602,890 Set top box
5 D602,889 Set top box
6 D602,888 Set top box
7 D602,887 Set top box
8 7,610,574 Method and apparatus for designing fine pattern
9 7,610,559 Device customized home network top-level information architecture
10 7,610,530 Test data generator, test system and method thereof
11 7,610,457 Interleaving method and system
12 7,610,067 Swing hinge module for portable communication device
13 7,610,061 Communication device and method having a common platform
14 7,610,001 Developing apparatus using non-magnetic mono-component toner and method of adding toner to same
15 7,610,000 Developing device driver and an image forming apparatus using the same
16 7,609,994 Image developing apparatus and image forming apparatus using the apparatus
17 7,609,992 Image forming apparatus with a pollution control unit
18 7,609,929 Surface emitting device and method for fabricating the same
19 7,609,920 Optical coupler
20 7,609,912 Image transforming device and method based on edges
21 7,609,805 Mask used for LIGA process, method of manufacturing the mask, and method of manufacturing microstructure using LIGA process
22 7,609,774 Beamforming transceiver architecture with enhanced channel estimation and frequency offset estimation capabilities in high throughput WLAN systems
23 7,609,772 Apparatus and method for optimally compensating for imbalance between in-phase and quadrature-phase in a zero-IF OFDM receiver
24 7,609,760 Signal compressing system
25 7,609,698 Apparatus and method for retransmitting data in mobile communication system
26 7,609,680 HARQ device and method for mobile communication system
27 7,609,674 Data transmission method in wireless LAN, access point device and station device
28 7,609,667 DPCH multiplexing apparatus and method for outer loop power control in a W-CDMA communication system
29 7,609,661 System and method for controlling uplink traffic load in a cellular wireless mobile communication system
30 7,609,635 Method of controlling reverse transmission in a mobile communication system
31 7,609,615 Method and apparatus for performing channel compensation and symbol demodulation for coherent demodulation in an OFDM system
32 7,609,609 Apparatus and method for processing digital signal in an OFDMA wireless communication system
33 7,609,607 Diffraction element and optical pick-up apparatus having the same
34 7,609,594 Optical disc having uniform structure
35 7,609,591 Heat-assisted magnetic recording head
36 7,609,584 Latency control circuit and method thereof and an auto-precharge control circuit and method thereof
37 7,609,582 Branch target buffer and method of use
38 7,609,580 Redundancy program circuit and methods thereof
39 7,609,571 Semiconductor memory device having a control unit receiving a sensing block selection address signal and related method
40 7,609,555 Sensing circuit for flash memory device operating at low power supply voltage
41 7,609,553 NAND flash memory device with burst read latency function
42 7,609,504 High-dielectric constant metal-ceramic-polymer composite material and method for producing embedded capacitor using the same
43 7,609,434 Method for manufacturing electrode for electrochromic display
44 7,609,426 Image scanning apparatus
45 7,609,419 Image scanning apparatus and method
46 7,609,353 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor substrate therefor
47 7,609,351 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display
48 7,609,347 Liquid crystal display and method thereof
49 7,609,344 Transflective liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
50 7,609,342 Liquid crystal display for enhancing reflection and method of manufacturing the same
51 7,609,341 Common electrode panel, manufacturing method thereof, and liquid crystal display including the panel
52 7,609,335 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
53 7,609,334 Receiving container, display device having the same and a method thereof
54 7,609,325 Apparatus and method for calculating source image coordinates
55 7,609,305 Methods and systems for anti shading correction in image sensors
56 7,609,240 Light generating device, display apparatus having the same and method of driving the same
57 7,609,233 Plasma display device and driving apparatus thereof
58 7,609,231 Plasma display panel
59 7,609,214 Antenna assembly for portable terminal
60 7,609,191 Digital/analog converting driver and method
61 7,609,088 Programmable logic array
62 7,609,002 Plasma accelerating apparatus and plasma processing system having the same
63 7,608,995 Electroluminescent display apparatus
64 7,608,994 White light emitting device
65 7,608,988 Cylindrical piezoelectric unit and printer head having the same
66 7,608,910 Semiconductor ESD device and methods of protecting a semiconductor device
67 7,608,902 Nanowire composite and preparation method thereof
68 7,608,880 Semiconductor memory device having a peripheral region including operating capacitors
69 7,608,869 Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
70 7,608,852 Luminous device and method of manufacturing the same
71 7,608,547 Etchant and method for fabricating liquid crystal display using the same
72 7,608,540 Composition for removing a photoresist, method of preparing the composition, method of removing a photoresist and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the composition
73 7,608,519 Method of fabricating trench isolation of semiconductor device
74 7,608,509 Method of manufacturing a flash memory device having compensation members formed on edge portions of a tunnel oxide layer
75 7,608,507 NAND flash memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
76 7,608,500 Method of forming semiconductor device includeing forming control gate layer over each region and removing a portion of the tunnel insulating layer on the low voltage region
77 7,608,494 Thin film transistor array panel and a method for manufacturing the same
78 7,608,493 Thin-film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
79 7,608,365 Positive active material composition for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing positive electrode using same
80 7,608,362 Cathode active material, method of preparing the same, and cathode and lithium battery containing the material
81 7,608,204 Conductive ink composition and method of forming a conductive pattern using the same
82 7,607,805 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display thereof
83 7,607,791 Liquid crystal display device including a cold cathode fluorescent lamp and a container for receiving the same
84 7,607,780 Projection-type 3-D image display using single projector
85 7,607,759 Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
86 7,607,585 Integrated circuit device with multiple communication modes and operating method thereof
87 7,607,222 Method of manufacturing an electronic component package