Samsung patents granted on 27 October 2015

185 US patents granted on 27 October 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D742,082 Cleaner
2 D742,047 Flashlight
3 D742,012 Mirror for high frequency coil of magnetic resonance image device
4 D742,011 High frequency coil for magnetic resonance image device
5 D741,948 Printer
6 D741,947 Printer
7 D741,946 Printer
8 D741,930 Camera
9 D741,908 Display screen with graphic user interface
10 D741,907 Display screen with graphic user interface
11 D741,905 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
12 D741,896 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
13 D741,888 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
14 D741,887 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
15 D741,884 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
16 D741,881 Portable electronic device with graphical interface and graphical user interface
17 D741,873 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
18 D741,857 Wearable mobile device
19 D741,855 Smart watch
20 D741,851 Portable computer
21 D741,847 Telephone cradle
22 D741,846 Telephone cradle
23 D741,830 Electronic device
24 D741,828 Television receiver
25 D741,827 Television receiver
26 D741,826 TV receiver
27 D741,809 Connector
28 D741,808 Connector for data transmission
29 D741,684 Handle for home appliance
30 D741,683 Handle for home appliance
31 D741,649 Microwave oven
32 D741,639 Microwave oven
33 9,173,319 Portable communication device and cradle apparatus thereof
34 9,173,316 Flexible display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
35 9,173,294 Multilayer ceramic electronic component to be embedded in board and printed circuit board having multilayer ceramic electronic component embedded therein
36 9,173,291 Circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
37 9,173,265 Light emitting diode driving apparatus and light emitting diode lighting apparatus
38 9,173,254 Infrared ray detection device, heating cooker, and method of measuring temperature of cooling chamber of heating cooker
39 9,173,252 Induction heating cooker and method of controlling the same
40 9,173,235 Apparatus and method for self-scheduling in a wireless communication system
41 9,173,226 Network element, wireless communication units and methods for scheduling communications
42 9,173,195 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving control information in broadcast communication system
43 9,173,186 Wireless communication system and method for establishing a connection between user equipment and a mobility management entity thereof
44 9,173,138 Method for handoff during connected mode of a multimode mobile station in mixed deployment
45 9,173,089 Allocation of device id in device to device communications
46 9,173,086 Method and apparatus for preventing screen off during automatic response system service in electronic device
47 9,173,051 Apparatus and method for supporting time-controlled service in machine-to-machine communication system
48 9,172,988 Analog front end for DTV, DTV system having the same, and operation methods thereof
49 9,172,977 Filtering apparatus, method, and medium for multi-format codec
50 9,172,974 Apparatus and method of compressing and restoring image using filter information
51 9,172,949 Display apparatus and method
52 9,172,947 Method and apparatus for processing multi-view image using hole rendering
53 9,172,942 Method and apparatus for generating header information of stereoscopic image data
54 9,172,935 Terminal device capable of managing storage capacity and management method thereof
55 9,172,933 Correcting anamolous texture and feature width effects in a display that uses a multi primary color unit scheme
56 9,172,910 Apparatus for multi-party video call, server for controlling multi-party video call, and method of displaying multi-party image
57 9,172,905 Mobile device and method for messenger-based video call service
58 9,172,872 Digital photographing apparatus, methods of controlling the same, and computer-readable storage medium to increase success rates in panoramic photography
59 9,172,867 Method for running camera and electronic device thereof
60 9,172,832 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling image forming apparatus
61 9,172,823 Alarm operation method and mobile terminal supporting the same
62 9,172,731 Call processing system and method based on answer mode of push to talk over cellular user
63 9,172,592 Apparatus and method for providing application-related management object
64 9,172,572 Digital video broadcasting-cable system and method for processing reserved tone
65 9,172,530 Apparatus and method for generating secret key for ID-based encryption system and recording medium having program recorded thereon for causing computer to execute the method
66 9,172,511 Apparatus and method of communicating automatic repeat request (ARQ) feedback in a wireless communication network
67 9,172,478 Frequency switching method and apparatus for radio data system
68 9,172,440 Antenna device of mobile terminal
69 9,172,434 Communication system using wireless power
70 9,172,425 Apparatus and method for ultra wideband communication using dual band pass filter
71 9,172,415 Method and apparatus for adaptively setting threshold for signal demodulation
72 9,172,380 Method and apparatus for supporting self-destruction function in baseband modem
73 9,172,356 High side gate driver, switching chip, and power device
74 9,172,328 Voltage controlled oscillator and phase locked loop including the same
75 9,172,309 Switching mode power supply usable in an image forming apparatus, and image forming apparatus and method of supplying power by using the same
76 9,172,263 Electronic device for reducing interference between a charging coil and an antenna
77 9,172,259 Apparatus for managing battery, and energy storage system
78 9,172,258 Circuit for balancing cells
79 9,172,253 Apparatus and method for charging a battery pack
80 9,172,109 Electrode assembly and secondary battery using the same
81 9,172,093 Electrode active material for lithium secondary battery, electrode for lithium secondary battery including the same, and lithium secondary battery including the electrode
82 9,172,089 Anode active material, method of preparing the same, anode including the anode active material, and lithium battery including the anode
83 9,172,086 Cathode and lithium battery using the same
84 9,172,079 Rechargeable battery
85 9,172,068 Battery pack
86 9,172,066 Protection circuit board, battery pack including the protection circuit board and method of fabricating the protection circuit board
87 9,172,064 Mask for deposition and method for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display using the same
88 9,172,060 Organic light-emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
89 9,172,058 Light emitting structure having sub-pixel regions, organic light emitting layers, and a blocking member for emitting different color lights, display device including a light emitting structure and method of manufacturing a display device including a light emitting structure
90 9,172,055 Organic light-emitting device including multi-layered hole transport layer, and organic light-emitting display apparatus including the same
91 9,172,054 Organic light emitting display device
92 9,172,050 Compound and organic light emitting device including the same
93 9,172,047 Hole transport material for organic electroluminescence device and organic electroluminescence device using the same
94 9,172,046 Organic light-emitting device
95 9,172,044 Organic light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
96 9,172,039 Methods of fabricating memory devices
97 9,172,022 Composite structure of graphene and polymer and method of manufacturing the same
98 9,172,019 Light emitting device package and method of manufacturing the same
99 9,172,008 Semiconductor light emitting device
100 9,172,000 Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
101 9,171,999 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
102 9,171,997 Semiconductor light emitting device
103 9,171,994 Chemical vapor deposition apparatus and method of forming semiconductor epitaxial thin film using the same
104 9,171,956 Thin film transistor and display device using the same
105 9,171,933 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
106 9,171,932 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
107 9,171,913 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same and display device including the same
108 9,171,893 Mother substrate for organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device
109 9,171,892 Method of manufacturing an organic light emitting display device by patterning and formation of pixel and gate electrodes
110 9,171,890 Organic light emitting diode display
111 9,171,885 Infrared detector and infrared image sensor including the same
112 9,171,872 Method of manufacturing an offset printing substrate and method of manufacturing a display substrate using the same
113 9,171,865 Flat panel display apparatus and method for manufacturing the flat panel display apparatus
114 9,171,864 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
115 9,171,860 Three-dimensional nonvolatile memory device
116 9,171,854 Semiconductor devices including variable width floating gates
117 9,171,853 Method of fabricating semiconductor device and device fabricated thereby
118 9,171,845 Integrated junction and junctionless nanotransistors
119 9,171,827 Stack type semiconductor package
120 9,171,825 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
121 9,171,821 Semiconductor packages and methods of manufacturing the same
122 9,171,819 Semiconductor package
123 9,171,781 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
124 9,171,780 Method for manufacturing semiconductor package
125 9,171,755 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices including capped metal patterns with air gaps in-between for parasitic capacitance reduction
126 9,171,753 Semiconductor devices having conductive via structures and methods for fabricating the same
127 9,171,729 Methods of manufacturing vertical semiconductor devices
128 9,171,713 Device and method for controlling supply voltage/frequency of process variation
129 9,171,670 Capacitor structures having supporting patterns and methods of forming the same
130 9,171,644 Circuit board having bypass pad
131 9,171,617 Resistive memory device and method programming same
132 9,171,610 Static random access memory device including dual power line and bit line precharge method thereof
133 9,171,605 Concentrated address detecting method of semiconductor device and concentrated address detecting circuit using the same
134 9,171,589 Memory device, method of performing read or write operation and memory system including the same
135 9,171,550 Context-based arithmetic encoding apparatus and method and context-based arithmetic decoding apparatus and method
136 9,171,514 Source driver, method thereof, and apparatuses having the same
137 9,171,513 Luminance adjustment part, display apparatus having the luminance adjustment part, and method for adjusting luminance
138 9,171,511 Liquid crystal display
139 9,171,505 Scan driving unit and organic light emitting display device having the same
140 9,171,499 Organic light emitting display capable of detecting a short circuit and method of driving the same
141 9,171,496 Image control display device and image control method
142 9,171,490 Method of driving display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
143 9,171,383 Apparatus and method of scalable encoding of 3D mesh, and apparatus and method of scalable decoding of 3D mesh
144 9,171,378 Camera apparatus and method for tracking object in the camera apparatus
145 9,171,376 Apparatus and method for motion estimation of three dimension video
146 9,171,371 Display system and method using hybrid user tracking sensor
147 9,171,354 Image processing apparatus and method for enhancing the quality of an image
148 9,171,237 Printing controlling terminal apparatus, image forming apparatus and method for controlling printing using the same
149 9,171,235 Image forming apparatus, host apparatus, and method for printing out web page therewith
150 9,171,227 Apparatus and method extracting feature information of a source image
151 9,170,963 Apparatus and method for generating interrupt signal that supports multi-processor
152 9,170,919 Apparatus and method for detecting location of source code error in mixed-mode program
153 9,170,726 Apparatus and method for providing GUI interacting according to recognized user approach
154 9,170,709 Apparatus and method for providing user interface
155 9,170,698 Apparatus and method for controlling operation of mobile terminal
156 9,170,688 Apparatus and method for sensing capacitance, and touch screen apparatus
157 9,170,687 Display device including sensor
158 9,170,679 Capacitance sensing apparatus and method, and touch screen apparatus
159 9,170,662 Stylus pen and electronic device having the same
160 9,170,645 Method and apparatus for processing input in mobile terminal
161 9,170,644 Method and system for controlling mobile device by tracking the finger
162 9,170,614 Touch input device
163 9,170,605 Display device of electronic appliance
164 9,170,545 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
165 9,170,540 Image forming apparatus and method to determine an operation start time point of a photoconductor driving unit
166 9,170,519 Color image forming apparatus and control method thereof to determine whether to transfer toner image to a transfer belt
167 9,170,484 Mask and method of manufacturing the same
168 9,170,480 Reflective extreme ultraviolet mask and method of forming a pattern using the same
169 9,170,471 Optical system having integrated illumination and imaging optical systems, and 3D image acquisition apparatus including the optical system
170 9,170,464 Electric-field exposure method and display panel manufactured by the electric-field exposure method
171 9,170,457 Liquid crystal lens panel and method of manufacturing the same
172 9,170,449 Display device
173 9,170,315 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
174 9,170,305 Battery management system and method of controlling the same
175 9,170,270 Inertial sensor and method for measuring acceleration using the same
176 9,170,204 Optical heads and sequencing apparatuses including the same
177 9,170,109 Method and apparatus for position measuring of portable electronic device
178 9,170,088 Apparatus and method for optical coherence tomography using multiple beams
179 9,170,047 Storage container with sensor device and refrigerator having the same
180 9,170,040 Refrigerator having water feed system
181 9,169,592 Washing machine and method of controlling the same
182 9,169,591 Washing machine with balancing device having fluid accommodation portion
183 9,169,094 Scanner device and multifunction apparatus with supply path, discharge path, and re-supply path integrally formed together
184 9,168,510 Nickel catalysts for reforming hydrocarbons
185 9,168,505 Carbon dioxide adsorbents and production methods thereof, carbon dioxide capture module including the same, and methods for separating carbon dioxide using the same