Samsung patents granted on 28 April 2009

83 US patents granted on 28 April 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D591,269 Speaker
2 D591,259 Cellular phone
3 D591,046 Bag for portable terminal
4 7,526,781 Optical disk apparatus with objective lens protective unit
5 7,526,717 Apparatus and method for coding and decoding semi-systematic block low density parity check codes
6 7,526,712 Deinterleaving apparatus and method using inner memory and outer memory
7 7,526,688 Parallel bit testing device and method
8 7,526,600 Data management device and method for flash memory
9 7,526,585 Multi-tasking apparatus and method in portable terminal wherein controller switches to standby mode while playing music file as background music
10 7,526,398 Method and apparatus for calibrating gyro-sensor
11 7,526,362 Remote robot control method using three-dimensional pointing procedure and robot control system using the remote robot control method
12 7,526,325 Triple-axis rotation folder-type portable apparatus
13 7,526,323 Portable composite communication terminal for transmitting/receiving voice and images, and operation method and communication system thereof
14 7,526,320 Method and system for providing communication between a mobile switching center and a mobile station operating in a data mode using an IP-based network interface
15 7,526,293 Apparatus and method for locating mobile terminals
16 7,526,292 System and method for assigning a sub-channel in a BWA communication system
17 7,526,288 System and method for controlling operation states of a medium access control layer in a broadband wireless access communication system
18 7,526,287 Ciphering method in a mobile communication system supporting a multimedia broadcast/multicast service
19 7,526,280 Service implementing method and apparatus based on an ultraviolet index in a mobile terminal
20 7,526,195 Digital photographing apparatus having two display panels, and method of controlling the same
21 7,526,185 Information storage medium and method of recording and/or reproducing data thereon
22 7,526,091 Method for transmitting and receiving control information for encryption in a mobile communication system supporting multimedia broadcast/multicast service
23 7,526,083 Ground connecting apparatus for mobile terminal
24 7,526,055 Sigma-delta modulator and fractional-N frequency synthesizer comprising same
25 7,526,039 Method for deciding signal detection order in mobile communication system
26 7,526,035 Apparatus and method for switching between an AMC mode and a diversity mode in a broadband wireless communication system
27 7,526,009 End-pumped vertical external cavity surface emitting laser
28 7,526,005 Highly efficient second harmonic generation (SHG) vertical external cavity surface emitting laser (VECSEL) system
29 7,525,953 Method of establishing communication link in ADSL system
30 7,525,890 Method of and apparatus for recording data on optical recording medium
31 7,525,886 Method and apparatus for managing disc defect using temporary DFL and temporary DDS including drive and disc information disc with temporary DFL and temporary DDS
32 7,525,863 Logic circuit setting optimization condition of semiconductor integrated circuit regardless of fuse cut
33 7,525,858 Semiconductor memory device having local sense amplifier
34 7,525,850 Multi-level nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for reading the same
35 7,525,847 Semiconductor device and methods of manufacturing the same
36 7,525,838 Flash memory device and method for programming multi-level cells in the same
37 7,525,751 Hard disk drive adapted to detect free-fall and perform emergency parking of read/write head prior to impact
38 7,525,645 Exposure apparatus and method, and mask stage therefor
39 7,525,623 Liquid crystal display
40 7,525,621 Liquid crystal display and a method for fabricating the same
41 7,525,581 Compact digital zoom camera and cellular phone having the same
42 7,525,563 Laser irradiation apparatus and method of fabricating organic light emitting display using the same
43 7,525,526 System and method for performing image reconstruction and subpixel rendering to effect scaling for multi-mode display
44 7,525,519 Electron emission device, display device using the same, and driving method thereof
45 7,525,473 Apparatus and method for setting macro of remote control
46 7,525,454 Keypad assembly for a portable terminal
47 7,525,407 Integrated circuit having integrated inductors
48 7,525,395 Step attenuator
49 7,525,371 Multi-threshold CMOS system and methods for controlling respective blocks
50 7,525,361 High speed flip-flops and complex gates using the same
51 7,525,359 Duty cycle correction amplification circuit
52 7,525,345 Swing limiter
53 7,525,339 Semiconductor memory device testing on/off state of on-die-termination circuit during data read mode, and test method of the state of on-die-termination circuit
54 7,525,251 Structure of barrier ribs for plasma display panel and plasma display panel having the same
55 7,525,250 Plasma display panel
56 7,525,244 Field emission type backlight device
57 7,525,243 CRT for display device with shatter proof member attached to funnel using adhesive
58 7,525,181 Tape wiring substrate and tape package using the same
59 7,525,173 Layout structure of MOS transistors on an active region
60 7,525,148 Nonvolatile memory device
61 7,525,146 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory devices
62 7,525,143 Dram device having capacitor
63 7,525,089 Method of measuring a critical dimension of a semiconductor device and a related apparatus
64 7,525,079 CMOS image sensor circuit and method of supplying initial charge thereof
65 7,525,077 CMOS active pixel sensor and active pixel sensor array using fingered type source follower transistor
66 7,525,069 Baking unit having device for sensing the attitude of parts of the unit and method of use of the baking unit
67 7,525,046 USB cable unit and electronic device using the same
68 7,524,770 Methods of forming image sensor microlens structures
69 7,524,763 Fabrication method of wafer level chip scale packages
70 7,524,757 Method for manufacturing multi-level transistor comprising forming selective epitaxial growth layer
71 7,524,747 Floating gate memory device and method of manufacturing the same
72 7,524,733 Asymmetric source/drain transistor employing selective epitaxial growth (SEG) layer and method of fabricating same
73 7,524,724 Method of forming titanium nitride layer and method of fabricating capacitor using the same
74 7,524,717 CMOS image sensor providing uniform pixel exposure and method of fabricating same
75 7,524,715 Memory cell transistor having different source/drain junction profiles connected to DC node and BC node and manufacturing method thereof
76 7,524,706 Method of fabricating a thin film transistor array panel
77 7,524,692 Method of producing nitride layer and method of fabricating vertical structure nitride semiconductor light emitting device
78 7,524,662 Method of storing substrate having active group or probe molecule immobilized thereon using UV film, method of producing microarray using the UV film, and substrate having the UV film attached thereto
79 7,524,610 Oxetane-containing compound, photoresist composition having the same, method of preparing pattern using the photoresist composition, and inkjet print head including polymerization products of the oxetane-containing compound
80 7,524,567 Spirofluorene-based polymer and organic electroluminescent device using the same
81 7,524,441 Color filter composition, method and apparatus for manufacturing a color filter having the same
82 7,523,930 Paper feeding apparatus of an image forming apparatus and control method thereof
83 7,523,543 Methods of forming magnetic memory devices including ferromagnetic spacers