Samsung patents granted on 28 April 2015

153 US patents granted on 28 April 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE45,495 Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same having particular data signal transmission lines
2 D728,179 Water tank for cleaner
3 D728,105 Computer tomography apparatus
4 D728,014 Cartridge for printer
5 D727,983 Panels
6 D727,967 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
7 D727,966 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
8 D727,965 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
9 D727,964 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
10 D727,963 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
11 D727,962 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
12 D727,953 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
13 D727,947 Graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof
14 D727,940 Digital camera with a graphical user interface
15 D727,939 Digital camera with a graphical user interface
16 D727,938 Digital camera with a graphical user interface
17 D727,934 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
18 D727,933 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
19 D727,932 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
20 D727,924 Image display for mobile communication terminal
21 D727,923 All-in-one computer
22 D727,917 Case for electronic device
23 D727,913 Memory card
24 D727,912 Memory card
25 D727,911 Memory card
26 D727,910 Memory card
27 D727,900 All-in-one computer
28 D727,899 All-in-one computer
29 D727,898 All-in-one computer
30 D727,897 Monitor
31 D727,895 Display device
32 D727,891 Portable computer
33 D727,890 Portable computer
34 D727,882 Telephone receiver
35 D727,881 Electronic device
36 D727,880 Stand for TV receiver
37 D727,879 Stand for TV receiver
38 D727,877 Docking speaker
39 D727,865 TV receiver
40 D727,864 Television receiver
41 D727,863 Television receiver
42 D727,862 TV receiver
43 D727,734 Tray for packaging box
44 D727,733 Tray for packaging box
45 9,021,603 Non-volatile memory for anti-cloning and authentication method for the same
46 9,021,533 Method and apparatus to purchase contents by using portable storage medium or via network
47 9,021,525 Broadcasting receiving apparatus and control method thereof
48 9,021,513 Apparatus for protecting optical disc drives
49 9,021,430 Method of determining multimedia architectural pattern, and apparatus and method for transforming single-core based architecture to multi-core based architecture
50 9,021,391 Image forming apparatus able to re-execute workflow and method thereof
51 9,021,382 Screen display method and apparatus of a mobile terminal
52 9,021,338 Memory system and data storage method
53 9,021,285 Computing device negotiating with a proxy device to control sleep mode and achieving energy saving
54 9,021,266 Validation system and verification method including signature device and verification device to verify contents
55 9,021,247 Home network controlling apparatus and method to obtain encrypted control information
56 9,021,171 Bus system including a master device, a slave device, an interconnector coupled between the master device and the slave device, and an operating method thereof
57 9,021,169 Bus system including ID converter and converting method thereof
58 9,020,641 Obstacle sensing module and cleaning robot including the same
59 9,020,563 Mini base station connectable with internet and terminal
60 9,020,517 Method and apparatus for allocating and acquiring ACK/NACK resources in a mobile communication system
61 9,020,515 Communication system of performing uplink communication and downlink communication using overlapping radio resource
62 9,020,514 Multi-cell network including communication device scheduling outer cell frequency resource and method for same
63 9,020,423 Method and system for managing multiple applications in near field communication
64 9,020,417 Communication system and communication method using relay terminals
65 9,020,404 Developing unit containing multiple supply rollers and image forming apparatus using the same
66 9,020,286 Apparatus for dividing image data and encoding and decoding image data in parallel, and operating method of the same
67 9,020,285 Compressor, driving device, and display device
68 9,020,278 Conversion of camera settings to reference picture
69 9,020,251 Image processing apparatus and method
70 9,020,231 Method and apparatus for measuring captured object using brightness information and magnified image of captured image
71 9,020,143 Method and system for providing advanced address book functionality in a universal plug and play home network environment
72 9,020,076 Communication apparatus, method and system
73 9,019,924 High-order multiple-user multiple-input multiple-output operation for wireless communication systems
74 9,019,901 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving packet data unit in mobile communication system
75 9,019,887 Access admission control method and system for mobile communication system
76 9,019,872 Generation of HARQ-ACK information and power control of HARQ-ACK signals in TDD systems with downlink of carrier aggregation
77 9,019,856 Reporting of multiple processes for aperiodic channel state information
78 9,019,773 Nonvolatile memory device and method of operating the same
79 9,019,739 Three-dimensional semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
80 9,019,735 Power factor correction circuit and method for controlling power factor correction
81 9,019,709 Protective circuit module
82 9,019,702 Portable terminal with support plate
83 9,019,690 Conductive resin composition, multilayer ceramic capacitor having the same, and method of manufacturing the multilayer ceramic capacitor
84 9,019,656 Disk drive unit having gas-liquid interface between fixed body and rotor
85 9,019,565 Image scanning apparatus and method for image compensation
86 9,019,471 Maskless exposure apparatus and stitching exposure method using the same
87 9,019,461 Liquid crystal display apparatuses
88 9,019,458 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
89 9,019,454 Liquid crystal display
90 9,019,453 Liquid crystal display
91 9,019,449 Liquid crystal lens and display including the same
92 9,019,448 Display apparatus having improved outdoor visibility
93 9,019,438 Polarization system and three-dimensional image display apparatus having the same
94 9,019,426 Method of generating image data by an image device including a plurality of lenses and apparatus for generating image data
95 9,019,414 Method, apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium for selecting operation mode based on reference photographing setting
96 9,019,410 Image sensors comprising photodiodes and image processing devices including the same
97 9,019,404 Image processing apparatus and method for preventing image degradation
98 9,019,391 Photographing apparatus of which image pickup area is divided, and image pickup device thereof
99 9,019,356 Display apparatus, and remote control apparatus for controlling the same and controlling methods thereof
100 9,019,355 Display apparatus and driving method of the same
101 9,019,353 2D/3D switchable image display apparatus and method of displaying 2D and 3D images
102 9,019,321 Gradation voltage generator and display device having the same
103 9,019,313 Flexible display device
104 9,019,256 Shift register and display apparatus that addresses performance problems caused by transistor leakage current
105 9,019,255 Polarizer film, and organic light emitting display apparatus providing the same
106 9,019,250 Display panel, including a light blocking member and apertures disposed in a non-display area
107 9,019,248 Electronic paper display device and method for manufacturing the same
108 9,019,238 Object-sensing device
109 9,019,232 Touch screen panel
110 9,019,221 Display device integrated with touch screen panel
111 9,019,193 Method of compensating image data and display apparatus for performing the same
112 9,019,191 Stage circuit and emission control driver using the same
113 9,019,189 Image display device and driving method thereof that varies driving frequency according to frequency of data received
114 9,019,188 Display device for varying different scan ratios for displaying moving and still images and a driving method thereof
115 9,019,182 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same according to a detected pattern of an image
116 9,019,180 Display device and driving method therof
117 9,019,131 Terminal and method for executing function using human body communication
118 9,019,056 Coil component, mounting structure thereof, and electronic device including the same
119 9,018,947 Pixel and array test method for the same
120 9,018,915 Battery protection circuit and method of controlling the same
121 9,018,910 Battery protection circuit and method of controlling the same
122 9,018,906 Battery pack
123 9,018,837 Display device
124 9,018,768 Integrated circuit having through silicon via structure with minimized deterioration
125 9,018,697 fin FET and method of fabricating same
126 9,018,666 Semiconductor light emitting device
127 9,018,647 Thin film deposition apparatus, method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the apparatus, and organic light-emitting display device manufactured by using the method
128 9,018,623 Array substrate, display panel having the same and method of manufacturing the array substrate
129 9,018,618 Semiconductor light emitting device
130 9,018,542 Shield can of mobile terminal
131 9,018,539 Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
132 9,018,041 Package for semiconductor device including guide rings and manufacturing method of the same
133 9,018,036 Methods of forming patterns on a substrate
134 9,017,925 Photoresist resin composition and method of forming patterns by using the same
135 9,017,921 Photoresist composition and method of forming a black matrix using the same
136 9,017,904 Methods of providing photolithography patterns using feature parameters
137 9,017,883 Rechargeable lithium battery
138 9,017,860 Cylinder type secondary battery
139 9,017,852 Secondary battery
140 9,017,850 Secondary battery
141 9,017,836 Battery pack
142 9,017,835 Secondary battery
143 9,017,572 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
144 9,017,565 Insulation structure of LNG carrier cargo tank and method for constructing the same
145 9,017,130 Method of attaching polarizing plate
146 9,017,119 Ship propulsion device and ship having the same
147 9,017,117 Propulsion device for vessel and vessel having same
148 9,016,908 Illumination device
149 9,016,898 Circuit board including light-emitting elements and display apparatus including the circuit board
150 9,016,870 Projector and display apparatus having the same
151 9,016,234 Mask holding device capable of changing magnetic means and deposition equipment using the same
152 9,016,222 Cargo hold of a vessel for transporting liquefied gas
153 9,016,077 Refrigerator and control method thereof