Samsung patents granted on 28 August 2007

72 US patents granted on 28 August 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,263,706 Disk cartridge and disk player using the same
2 7,263,705 Disc drive cartridge and disc drive apparatus to prevent scratching of a disc when the disc is loaded into a disc drive
3 7,263,701 Interprocess communication method and apparatus
4 7,263,644 Data transmitting/receiving system and method thereof
5 7,263,637 Interleaver and interleaving method in a communication system
6 7,263,563 Multi-bus driver apparatus and method for driving a plurality of buses
7 7,263,525 Query processing method for searching XML data
8 7,263,364 Data communication method for mobile communication system
9 7,263,359 Handoff mechanism for CDMA wireless network using dynamically scalable traffic channels
10 7,263,357 Method for fast roaming in a wireless network
11 7,263,313 Driving apparatus with power disconnecting part, image forming apparatus having the same, and method of driving the image forming apparatus
12 7,263,312 Image forming apparatus having scan unit and controlling method thereof
13 7,263,310 Housing assembly of OPC unit
14 7,263,302 Detector for detecting abnormality in developer passage, image forming device having the same and detection method thereof
15 7,263,277 Control signal transmitting and receiving techniques for video/audio processing IC and apparatus therefor
16 7,263,256 Optical connection block, optical module, and optical axis alignment method using the same
17 7,263,236 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding three-dimensional object data
18 7,263,229 Method and apparatus for detecting the location and luminance transition range of slant image edges
19 7,263,207 Method and apparatus for video object tracking
20 7,263,131 OFDM-based timing synchronization detection apparatus and method
21 7,263,114 Semiconductor laser diode
22 7,263,101 Host digital terminal
23 7,263,075 Ad-hoc network for routing extension to support Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) and method thereof
24 7,263,058 Apparatus and method for generating preamble sequence in a BWA communication system using OFDM
25 7,263,045 Information storage medium and method and apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data
26 7,263,044 Information storage medium and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing data on/from the same
27 7,263,026 Semiconductor memory device and method for controlling the same
28 7,263,023 Semiconductor memory device having memory architecture supporting hyper-threading operation in host system
29 7,263,020 Memory device capable of refreshing data using buffer and refresh method thereof
30 7,262,990 Semiconductor memory device
31 7,262,989 Magnetic memory device having flux focusing layer therein
32 7,262,952 Multilayer chip capacitor
33 7,262,896 Polygonal mirror unit, light scanning unit, and image forming apparatus employing the same
34 7,262,893 Data read/write device for holographic WORM and method thereof
35 7,262,883 Apparatus for and method of enhancing color temperature in color image
36 7,262,787 Laser scanning unit assembly and laser printer having the same
37 7,262,786 Image aligning method for thermal imaging printer
38 7,262,740 Small planar antenna with enhanced bandwidth and small rectenna for RFID and wireless sensor transponder
39 7,262,721 Methods of and apparatuses for adaptive entropy encoding and adaptive entropy decoding for scalable video encoding
40 7,262,675 Laminated filter with improved stop band attenuation
41 7,262,660 Variable gain amplifier having linear-in-decibel transconductance
42 7,262,651 Differential input buffer circuit with rail-to-rail input range
43 7,262,638 Current sense amplifier
44 7,262,479 Layout structure of fuse bank of semiconductor memory device
45 7,262,475 Image sensor device and method of manufacturing same
46 7,262,474 Magnetic memory device and method of manufacturing the same
47 7,262,462 Vertical double-channel silicon-on-insulator transistor and method of manufacturing the same
48 7,262,453 Multiple stacked capacitors formed within an opening with thick capacitor dielectric
49 7,262,452 Method of forming DRAM device having capacitor and DRAM device so formed
50 7,262,440 Light emitting diode package and fabrication method thereof
51 7,262,141 Methods for cleaning a semiconductor substrate having a recess channel region
52 7,262,114 Die attaching method of semiconductor chip using warpage prevention material
53 7,262,108 Methods for forming resistors for integrated circuit devices
54 7,262,080 BGA package with stacked semiconductor chips and method of manufacturing the same
55 7,262,073 CMOS image sensor and method of manufacturing same
56 7,261,988 Azine-based charge transport materials
57 7,261,987 Azine-based charge transport materials having a bicyclic heterocyclic ring
58 7,261,924 Method of coating a substrate with a polymer having a combination of crown ether and carbon nanotubes having guanidine groups
59 7,261,754 Cyclone dust collecting apparatus for a vacuum cleaner
60 7,261,621 Pad conditioner for chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
61 7,261,395 Inkjet print head chip and inkjet print head using same
62 7,261,352 Electrostatically driven carbon nanotube gripping device
63 7,261,289 Automatic document feeder for image forming apparatus
64 7,261,101 Steam oven
65 7,260,869 Accessory assembly for vacuum cleaners
66 D549,712 Monitor having home network indicating image design displayed thereon
67 D549,698 Data relay for wireless communication equipment
68 D549,697 Data relay for wireless communication equipment
69 D549,682 Mobile phone
70 D549,681 Mobile phone
71 D549,679 Portable phone
72 D549,678 Portable phone