Samsung patents granted on 28 August 2012

156 US patents granted on 28 August 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D666,211 Digital television with graphical user interface
2 D666,210 Digital television with graphical user interface
3 8,255,969 Upgrading software of set-top box
4 8,255,960 Method and system for providing VOD services in a digital cable TV network
5 8,255,874 Apparatus and method for automatically extracting interface of embedded software
6 8,255,776 Digital broadcast transmission and reception apparatuses and methods thereof
7 8,255,770 Multi-level cell memory device and method thereof
8 8,255,766 Receiving apparatus and method for interference cancellation in a wireless communication system
9 8,255,761 Methods and apparatus to compute CRC for multiple code blocks
10 8,255,746 Computer system and method employing separate storage area for computer program recovery
11 8,255,727 Interface card, network device having the same and control method thereof
12 8,255,714 System and method for establishing a direct link on the high throughput channel of a multi-rate channel wireless communications network
13 8,255,691 Apparatus for batch verification and method using the same
14 8,255,689 Method and system for performing distributed verification with respect to measurement data in sensor network
15 8,255,643 Memory system and data processing method thereof
16 8,255,586 Method of transferring data between vehicle and portable terminal and interface device therefor
17 8,255,583 Digital interface system to support ethernet and cable connection state displaying method thereof
18 8,255,580 Image display device and method of changing first EDID with second EDID wherein the second EDID information is compatible with image display device
19 8,255,565 Proxying transaction method for processing function of wireless node in peer-to-peer overlay network
20 8,255,395 Multimedia data recording method and apparatus for automatically generating/updating metadata
21 8,255,333 Method of generating license, and method and apparatus for providing contents using the same
22 8,255,220 Device, method, and medium for establishing language model for expanding finite state grammar using a general grammar database
23 8,255,209 Noise elimination method, apparatus and medium thereof
24 8,255,107 Traveling control method, medium, and apparatus for autonomous navigation
25 8,255,084 Method, medium, and apparatus for docking mobile robot
26 8,255,081 Apparatus and method for calculating position of robot
27 8,254,997 Apparatus and method for 4-beamforming using radio units having two paths in wireless communication system
28 8,254,945 Apparatus and method for allocating downlink burst in broadband wireless communication system
29 8,254,941 Apparatus and method for renewal-based resource allocation in a broadband wireless access communication system
30 8,254,934 Paging method and apparatus thereof in broadband wireless communication system
31 8,254,933 Apparatus and method for handover between a heterogeneous communication system and a broadband wireless communication system
32 8,254,899 Apparatus and method for processing call and message-related events in a wireless terminal
33 8,254,867 Method and apparatus for generating data frame
34 8,254,830 Data transmission system for forwarding data using a plurality of antennas
35 8,254,808 Image forming apparatus and transfer device thereof
36 8,254,804 Monolithic sealing member for image forming apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
37 8,254,759 Broadcasting signal processing apparatus and method thereof for recording and reproducing with respect to hard disc drive
38 8,254,727 Method and apparatus for providing picture file
39 8,254,705 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding graphic data
40 8,254,680 Apparatus and method of segmenting an image in an image coding and/or decoding system
41 8,254,673 Apparatus and method of color converting a dominant color
42 8,254,667 Method, medium, and system implementing 3D model generation based on 2D photographic images
43 8,254,604 Array speaker system and method of implementing the same
44 8,254,584 Method, medium, and system encoding/decoding multi-channel signal
45 8,254,583 Method and apparatus to reproduce stereo sound of two channels based on individual auditory properties
46 8,254,492 Transmit diversity in a wireless communication system
47 8,254,487 Method and apparatus of codebook-based single-user closed-loop transmit beamforming (SU-CLTB) for OFDM wireless systems
48 8,254,484 Method of dirty paper coding using nested lattice codes
49 8,254,482 Perturbed decoder, perturbed decoding method and apparatus in communication system using the same
50 8,254,473 Bit interleaver and method of bit interleaving using the same
51 8,254,456 Method and apparatus for encoding video and method and apparatus for decoding video
52 8,254,444 System and method for phase adaptive occlusion detection based on motion vector field in digital video
53 8,254,428 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving uplink control channels in a wireless communication system
54 8,254,345 Beacon scheduling method in multi-hop ad-hoc networks
55 8,254,322 Method and apparatus for channel management in cognitive radio system supporting multiple channels
56 8,254,314 Method of requesting allocation of uplink resources for extended real-time polling service in a wireless communication system
57 8,254,204 Burst address generator and test apparatus including the same
58 8,254,201 Semiconductor memory device having power-saving effect
59 8,254,185 Semiconductor device for generating internal voltage and memory system including the semiconductor device
60 8,254,184 Semiconductor memory device having a latency controller
61 8,254,181 Nonvolatile memory device and programming method
62 8,254,179 Method of programming a flash memory device
63 8,254,169 Smart card capable of sensing light
64 8,254,164 Semiconductor device using magnetic domain wall movement
65 8,254,159 Method of discharging bit-lines for a non-volatile semiconductor memory device performing a read-while-write operation
66 8,254,158 Semiconductor device having resistance based memory array and method of operation associated therewith
67 8,254,140 Mounting substrate
68 8,254,136 Printed circuit board, display apparatus having a printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the printed circuit board
69 8,254,121 Cooler and display device having the same
70 8,254,103 Hinge unit and portable computer having the same
71 8,254,084 Chip type electric double layer capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
72 8,254,016 Color electronic paper display device and method for manufacturing the same
73 8,254,007 Scanner and image forming apparatus including the same
74 8,253,999 Scanning apparatus and method of determining quantity of reference light therefor
75 8,253,966 Image forming apparatus to print scanned documents in a predetermined order and method thereof
76 8,253,956 Method of notifying print job information and printer and printing system using the same
77 8,253,941 Apparatus for manufacturing display panel and method for manufacturing the same
78 8,253,913 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
79 8,253,912 Liquid crystal display
80 8,253,908 Liquid crystal display
81 8,253,901 Liquid crystal display device having biased electrically controlled birefringence
82 8,253,896 Photonic sensor, method of manufacturing same, color filter substrate having same, and display device having the color filter substrate
83 8,253,895 Vertically aligned mode liquid crystal display with differentiated B cell gap
84 8,253,892 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
85 8,253,891 Thin film transistor substrate and liquid crystal display including the same
86 8,253,886 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
87 8,253,880 Container for a display device, method of manufacturing the same, and display device including the container
88 8,253,876 Liquid crystal display device with enhanced stability
89 8,253,875 Backlight assembly comprising a mold frame integrally connected to a light guide plate and liquid crystal display having the same
90 8,253,874 Liquid crystal display with different voltages applied on storage electrode lines
91 8,253,795 Egomotion speed estimation on a mobile device
92 8,253,762 Display apparatus and brightness correcting method thereof
93 8,253,761 Apparatus and method of controlling three-dimensional motion of graphic object
94 8,253,738 Data processing apparatus and method
95 8,253,733 3D image generation apparatus and method
96 8,253,722 Method, medium, and system rendering 3D graphics data to minimize power consumption
97 8,253,704 Method and apparatus for controlling information scrolling on touch-screen
98 8,253,699 Display apparatus, method of driving the same, and sensing driver of display apparatus
99 8,253,689 System and method for outputting icons in response to hot-key input
100 8,253,679 Gate drive device with shift register for display device and display device having the same
101 8,253,677 Display device and method of driving the same
102 8,253,675 Display apparatus including wireless communication device and method of operating the same
103 8,253,672 Circuit board and display device including the same
104 8,253,671 Liquid crystal display for improving dynamic contrast and a method for generating gamma voltages for the liquid crystal display
105 8,253,668 Liquid crystal display
106 8,253,657 Plasma display and multi-current path driving apparatus thereof
107 8,253,652 Volumetric three-dimensional display panel and system using multi-layered organic light emitting devices
108 8,253,649 Spatially correlated rendering of three-dimensional content on display components having arbitrary positions
109 8,253,486 Wireless apparatus having shielding function
110 8,253,478 Internal voltage generating circuit for semiconductor device
111 8,253,467 Phase signal generating apparatuses
112 8,253,455 Delay locked loop circuit and operation method thereof
113 8,253,323 Organic light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and shadow mask therefor
114 8,253,322 Organic light emitting display device including light absorption pattern unit
115 8,253,244 Semiconductor package having memory devices stacked on logic device
116 8,253,232 Package on package having a conductive post with height lower than an upper surface of an encapsulation layer to prevent circuit pattern lift defect and method of fabricating the same
117 8,253,228 Package on package structure
118 8,253,202 Thin film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
119 8,253,201 Memory device
120 8,253,183 Charge trapping nonvolatile memory devices with a high-K blocking insulation layer
121 8,253,161 Light-emitting element with improved light extraction efficiency, light-emitting device including the same, and methods of fabricating light-emitting element and light-emitting device
122 8,253,154 Lens for light emitting diode package
123 8,253,141 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same, and organic light emitting diode display device including the thin film transistor
124 8,253,134 Oxide thin film transistor
125 8,253,128 Organic light emitting diode display
126 8,253,125 Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
127 8,253,034 Printed circuit board and semiconductor package with the same
128 8,253,032 Printed circuit board strip and panel
129 8,253,025 Printed circuit board having electromagnetic bandgap structure
130 8,253,006 Method and apparatus to automatically match keys between music being reproduced and music being performed and audio reproduction system employing the same
131 8,252,890 Benzoxazine-based monomer, polymer thereof, electrode for fuel cell including the same, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell including the same, and fuel cell using the same
132 8,252,883 Organosilicon nanocluster, method of preparing the same and method of forming thin film using the same
133 8,252,681 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having electrically conductive layers therein with partially nitridated sidewalls
134 8,252,675 Methods of forming CMOS transistors with high conductivity gate electrodes
135 8,252,674 Transistors with multilayered dielectric films and methods of manufacturing such transistors
136 8,252,655 Method of forming semiconductor cell structure, method of forming semiconductor device including the semiconductor cell structure, and method of forming semiconductor module including the semiconductor device
137 8,252,639 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
138 8,252,630 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the semiconductor device, flip chip package having the semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the flip chip package
139 8,252,626 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
140 8,252,625 Organic thin film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
141 8,252,569 Microfluidic device and method for concentration and lysis of cells or viruses
142 8,252,465 Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising same
143 8,252,453 Secondary battery
144 8,252,416 Nanocrystal-metal oxide complex comprising at least two different surfactants and method for preparing the same
145 8,252,386 Method for forming UV-patternable conductive polymer film
146 8,252,205 Method for preparing metal phosphide nanocrystal from phosphite compound and method for passivating nanocrystal core with the same
147 8,252,196 Method for preparing nanotubes of piezoelectric material and nanotubes of piezoelectric material obtained thereby
148 8,251,729 Universal frame for testing semiconductor device
149 8,251,724 Lamp socket and display device having the same
150 8,251,528 Wavelength conversion plate and light emitting device using the same
151 8,251,492 Droplet receiver and method of receiving droplets
152 8,251,093 Fuel supply apparatus for a combustor
153 8,250,908 Wave sensor apparatus including gas removing unit and method of detecting target material in liquid sample
154 8,250,750 Method for manufacturing tape wiring board
155 8,250,712 Hinge device having a plurality of axes for a portable terminal and a connection member having the plurality of axes
156 8,250,704 Suction nozzle assembly and vacuum cleaner having the same