Samsung patents granted on 28 December 2010

125 US patents granted on 28 December 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D629,800 Electronic book
2 D629,783 Mobile phone
3 D629,782 Mobile phone
4 D629,781 Mobile phone
5 D629,780 Mobile phone
6 D629,776 Mobile phone
7 D629,775 Mobile phone
8 D629,774 Mobile phone
9 D629,773 Mobile phone
10 7,861,311 Apparatus and method of managing hidden area
11 7,861,279 Apparatus and method for increasing channel changing speed in DMB receiving terminal
12 7,861,267 Method and system for presenting TV channels
13 7,861,257 Method and apparatus for displaying viewing time and TV ratings based on viewer grade
14 7,861,162 Help file generating method and apparatus
15 7,861,124 Method and apparatus for performing external device’s diagnostic functions in host computer
16 7,861,074 Electronic systems using flash memory modules as main storage and related system booting methods
17 7,861,032 Data storage system including respective buffers for non-volatile memory and disc recording medium, and data access method thereof
18 7,860,958 Network management method for wireless transmission/reception of data streams, and network system and apparatus employing the same
19 7,860,708 Apparatus and method for extracting pitch information from speech signal
20 7,860,694 Method of designing probes for detecting target sequence and method of detecting target sequence using the probes
21 7,860,608 Method and apparatus for generating and tracing cleaning trajectory of home cleaning robot
22 7,860,515 Data transmitting and receiving method between a mobile terminal and an information center in a navigation system
23 7,860,514 Method for transmitting common control information in a wireless mobile communication system
24 7,860,504 Method of treating handover in a bridge-based radio access station backbone network
25 7,860,502 Apparatus and method for hard handover in a wireless communication system
26 7,860,468 Programmable variable gain amplifier and RF receiver including the same
27 7,860,466 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for linear polar transmitters
28 7,860,463 Method of reporting channel state in mobile communication system
29 7,860,459 Method and system for automatically establishing a connection between a master terminal and a slave device
30 7,860,456 Method and apparatus for secured communication between bluetooth.RTM. devices
31 7,860,452 Method of assigning carrier for mitigating inter-cell interference in fixed relay based communication system
32 7,860,451 Apparatus for controlling power of relay in amplify-forward relay system and method using the same
33 7,860,443 Fusing device and image forming apparatus using the same
34 7,860,434 Developing cartridge and image forming apparatus including the same
35 7,860,426 Image forming apparatus to detect a power malfunction and control method thereof
36 7,860,373 Information storage medium with structure for multi-angle data, and recording and reproducing apparatus therefor
37 7,860,323 Method, apparatus, medium, and display driving circuit for image encoding and decoding
38 7,860,322 Display driving apparatus and method and medium for implementing the display driving method
39 7,860,316 Image forming apparatus that automatically creates an index and a method thereof
40 7,860,296 Method and system for testing a display panel assembly
41 7,860,280 Facial feature detection method and device
42 7,860,260 Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium to reproduce a 2-channel virtual sound based on a listener position
43 7,860,238 Communication terminal and additional function module thereof
44 7,860,197 Spectrum-sensing algorithms and methods
45 7,860,194 Method and apparatus for normalizing input metric to a channel decoder in a wireless communication system
46 7,860,128 System and method for wireless communication of uncompressed video having a preamble design
47 7,860,067 Method for dynamic address allocation using mobile IP in wireless portable Internet system
48 7,860,059 Method, medium, and system for searching crossover router and method, medium, and system for reserving resources in mobile network
49 7,860,056 Apparatus and method for allocating sub-channel in a wireless communication system
50 7,860,050 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving broadcast channel in cellular wireless communication system supporting scalable bandwidth
51 7,860,042 Reverse power control method and apparatus in a mobile communication system in which mobile station determines reverse data rate
52 7,859,987 Interleaver for IEEE 802.11n standard
53 7,859,966 Information recording medium, recording/reproducing method, and recording/reproducing apparatus
54 7,859,960 Information recording medium, recording/reproducing method, and recording/reproducing apparatus
55 7,859,955 Apparatus for recording/reproducing holographic data and method of adjusting position of recording layer
56 7,859,940 Semiconductor integrated circuits including clock delay control circuits for non-volatile memories
57 7,859,882 Resistive memory device and method of writing data
58 7,859,879 Memory module
59 7,859,851 Flexible printed circuit and bracket structure for hard disk drive
60 7,859,788 Hard disk drive (HDD), method improving read hit ration in HDD, and medium recording computer program performing method
61 7,859,783 Increased format efficiency using disk synchronized write
62 7,859,728 Two-side scanning apparatus and a method of controlling the same
63 7,859,670 System and method for detecting fluorescence in microfluidic chip
64 7,859,633 Multi-layer flexible film package and liquid crystal display device including the same
65 7,859,632 Display device with wide and narrow viewing angle modes
66 7,859,616 Liquid crystal display apparatus
67 7,859,604 Pad area and method of fabricating the same
68 7,859,585 Portable terminal having camera lens assembly
69 7,859,524 Liquid crystal display and driving device thereof
70 7,859,506 Liquid crystal display device and method for displaying a landscape mode image
71 7,859,505 Output buffer of a source driver in a liquid crystal display having a high slew rate and a method of controlling the output buffer
72 7,859,502 Array substrate operable in dual-pixel switching mode, display apparatus having the same and method of driving the display apparatus
73 7,859,494 Display device and driving method thereof
74 7,859,486 Ambient light sensing circuit and flat panel display including ambient light sensing circuit
75 7,859,460 Switched beam-forming apparatus and method using multi-beam combining scheme
76 7,859,287 Device power supply extension circuit, test system including the same and method of testing semiconductor devices
77 7,859,186 White organic light emitting device
78 7,859,106 Multilayer printed circuit board using paste bumps
79 7,859,086 Nitride semiconductor single crystal substrate, and methods of fabricating the same and a vertical nitride semiconductor light emitting diode using the same
80 7,859,075 Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
81 7,859,064 Semiconductor devices including channel and junction regions of different semiconductor materials
82 7,859,054 Poly-Si thin film transistor and organic light-emitting display having the same
83 7,859,042 Nonvolatile memory devices
84 7,859,035 Storage node having a metal-insulator-metal structure, non-volatile memory device including a storage node having a metal-insulator-metal structure and method of operating the same
85 7,859,029 FET-based sensor for detecting ionic material, ionic material detecting device using the FET-based sensor, and method of detecting ionic material using the FET-based sensor
86 7,858,986 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
87 7,858,982 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
88 7,858,978 Nonvolatile organic bistable memory device and method of manufacturing the same
89 7,858,974 Organic light-emitting display panel and method of manufacturing the same
90 7,858,971 Organic thin film transistor substrate and method of fabricating the same
91 7,858,783 Metallic compound and organic electroluminescence device comprising the same
92 7,858,668 Electrolyte membrane using polybenzoxazine based compound and method of manufacturing the same
93 7,858,527 Additive composition, slurry composition including the same, and method of polishing an object using the slurry composition
94 7,858,492 Method of filling a trench and method of forming an isolating layer structure using the same
95 7,858,464 Methods of manufacturing non-volatile memory devices having insulating layers treated using neutral beam irradiation
96 7,858,457 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices including a depletion barrier layer at source/drain regions
97 7,858,450 Optic mask and manufacturing method of thin film transistor array panel using the same
98 7,858,437 Method for manufacturing a substrate with cavity
99 7,858,434 Organic thin film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
100 7,858,432 Method of manufacturing solar cells with buried contacts with a laser
101 7,858,412 Thin-film transistor substrate and method of fabricating the same
102 7,858,265 Carrier for fuel cell, and catalyst, membrane-electrode assembly, and fuel cell system including the same
103 7,858,264 Catalyst for anode of fuel cell and membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell
104 7,858,260 Polymer electrolyte membrane and method of producing the same
105 7,858,257 Fuel cell system with differential pressure sensor
106 7,858,241 Nonaqueous electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary batter using the same
107 7,858,240 Electrode assembly and pouch type lithium rechargeable battery having the same
108 7,858,228 Rechargeable battery
109 7,858,227 Lithium secondary battery
110 7,858,225 Cylindrical lithium secondary battery and method of fabricating the same
111 7,858,224 Battery module having an improved unit battery assembly coupling structure
112 7,858,218 Cylindrical lithium ion secondary battery having functional center pin
113 7,858,209 Fluorene-based compound and organo-electroluminescent device using the same
114 7,858,042 Microfluidic chip and method of fabricating the same
115 7,858,025 Method for manufacturing cubic copper or copper oxide nanoparticles
116 7,858,010 Soft template with alignment mark
117 7,857,939 Apparatus for treating wafers using supercritical fluid
118 7,857,672 Flow control device for improving pressure resistance and hull vibration
119 7,857,529 Shutter device
120 7,857,433 Inkjet printhead employing piezoelectric actuator and method of manufacturing the inkjet printhead
121 7,857,141 Apparatus and method for separating components
122 7,856,875 Water level sensing unit, steam generator having the same, and heating cooking apparatus having the steam generator
123 7,856,832 Refrigerator with supercooled beverage dispenser and method for controlling the same
124 7,856,717 Method of manufacturing inkjet print head
125 7,856,694 Nozzle assembly of vacuum cleaner