Samsung patents granted on 28 July 2009

87 US patents granted on 28 July 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,567,942 Intelligence engine software architecture
2 7,567,827 Mobile terminal and method for changing an operational mode using speech recognition
3 7,567,784 Tuner, broadcast signal processing apparatus comprising the same, and broadcast signal processing method
4 7,567,710 Information storage medium storing graphic data and apparatus and method of processing the graphic data
5 7,567,709 Segmentation, including classification and binarization of character regions
6 7,567,678 Microphone array method and system, and speech recognition method and system using the same
7 7,567,639 Method and apparatus for generating preamble sequence for adaptive antenna system in orthogonal frequency division multiple access communication system
8 7,567,625 Apparatus and method for sub-carrier allocation in a multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) communication system
9 7,567,623 Differential space-time block coding apparatus with high transmission rate and method thereof
10 7,567,609 Space-time multiuser detector in mobile communication system and method thereof
11 7,567,599 Semiconductor laser diode device with thermal conductive encapsulating resin and method for manufacturing the same
12 7,567,571 Apparatus and method using vector table indirection to maintain forwarding tables in a router
13 7,567,545 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving an uplink pilot signal in a communication system using an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access scheme
14 7,567,526 System and method for asynchronous wireless collision detection with acknowledgement for ad hoc wireless networks
15 7,567,513 Method of controlling transmission rate by using error correction packets and communication apparatus using the same
16 7,567,493 Multilayer recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
17 7,567,481 Semiconductor memory device adapted to communicate decoding signals in a word line direction
18 7,567,460 Method of programming flash memory device
19 7,567,453 Advanced multi-bit magnetic random access memory device
20 7,567,452 Multi-level dynamic memory device having open bit line structure and method of driving the same
21 7,567,436 Monitor
22 7,567,428 Dielectric ceramic composition for low-temperature sintering and hot insulation resistance and multilayer ceramic capacitor using the same
23 7,567,426 Polymer-ceramic dielectric composition, embedded capacitor using the dielectric composition and printed circuit board having the capacitor embedded therein
24 7,567,425 Multilayer chip capacitor
25 7,567,401 Method and apparatus for controlling motor rotation in hard disk drive
26 7,567,323 Vertically aligned mode liquid crystal display
27 7,567,314 Flat panel display apparatus having fixing member to secure display module
28 7,567,307 Highly efficient 2D/3D switchable display device
29 7,567,304 Method of sharing preference channel in digital broadcasting reception terminal
30 7,567,285 Camera lens device for suppressing reflection waves generated by incident waves
31 7,567,225 Plasma display panel driving device having a zener diode
32 7,567,197 Cascade comparator and control method thereof
33 7,567,193 Continuous time delta-sigma modulator and electronic circuit including the same
34 7,567,109 Integrated circuit devices generating a plurality of drowsy clock signals having different phases
35 7,567,106 Duty cycle correction circuit, clock generation circuits, semiconductor devices using the same, and method for generating clock signal
36 7,567,103 Apparatus for detecting and preventing a lock failure in a delay-locked loop
37 7,567,092 Liquid crystal display driver including test pattern generating circuit
38 7,567,067 Power supply, display device, and light source driving apparatus
39 7,567,035 Gas discharge display device and method for manufacturing the same
40 7,567,032 Plasma display panel and manufacturing method of the same
41 7,567,027 Negative hole structure having a protruded portion and electron emission device including the same
42 7,566,961 Multi-stacked package and method of manufacturing the same
43 7,566,958 Multi-chip package for reducing parasitic load of pin
44 7,566,954 Bonding configurations for lead-frame-based and substrate-based semiconductor packages
45 7,566,947 Semiconductor device with bipolar transistor and method of fabricating the same
46 7,566,945 Semiconductor devices including nanotubes
47 7,566,937 MOS transistor including multi-work function metal nitride gate electrode, COMS integrated circuit device including same, and related methods of manufacture
48 7,566,929 Nonvolatile memory devices having floating gate electrodes with nitrogen-doped layers on portions thereof
49 7,566,928 Byte-operational nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
50 7,566,927 Flash memory device
51 7,566,925 Image sensor and method of fabricating the same
52 7,566,924 Semiconductor device with gate spacer of positive slope and fabrication method thereof
53 7,566,912 Light emitting diode package
54 7,566,910 GaN-based compound semiconductor light emitting device
55 7,566,906 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
56 7,566,901 Thin film transistor panel for multi-domain liquid crystal display
57 7,566,773 Photolabile compound and substrate for oligomer probe array with the same
58 7,566,676 Preparation method of solid titanium catalyst for olefin polymerization
59 7,566,667 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device having a barrier metal layer and devices formed thereby
60 7,566,666 Composition for removing an insulation material and related methods
61 7,566,659 Method of forming fine pattern of semiconductor device using SiGe layer as sacrificial layer, and method of forming self-aligned contacts using the same
62 7,566,619 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having field effect transistors of different types in different device regions
63 7,566,615 Methods of fabricating scalable two transistor memory devices
64 7,566,608 Methods of forming thin layers including zirconium hafnium oxide and methods of forming gate structures, capacitors, and flash memory devices using the same
65 7,566,602 Methods of forming single crystalline layers and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices having such layers
66 7,566,596 Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor substrate and stripping composition
67 7,566,589 Apparatus and method for signal bus line layout in semiconductor device
68 7,566,578 GaN based group III-V nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode and method for fabricating the same
69 7,566,514 Catalyst for cathode in fuel cell
70 7,566,440 Metal oxide catalysts
71 7,566,407 Method of liquid-crystal polymer film production
72 7,566,364 Method of fabricating orientation-controlled single-crystalline wire and method of fabricating transistor having the same
73 7,566,160 Light generating device, backlight assembly having the same, and display apparatus having the backlight assembly
74 7,566,148 Side light-emitting device, backlight unit having the side light-emitting device, and liquid crystal display apparatus employing the backlight unit
75 7,566,126 One-molding frame of image forming apparatus
76 D597,082 Remote controller for set top box
77 D597,068 MP3 player
78 D597,056 Mobile phone
79 D597,054 Mobile phone
80 D597,052 Portable phone
81 D597,051 Mobile phone
82 D597,050 Mobile phone
83 D597,047 Portable telephone
84 D597,046 Portable phone
85 D597,045 Portable phone
86 D597,044 Portable phone
87 D597,041 LCD television set