Samsung patents granted on 28 March 2006

64 US patents granted on 28 March 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,020,887 Disc cartridge and disc drive apparatus
2 7,020,886 Optical disc changer
3 7,020,884 Tray guide mechanism for an optical disc drive
4 7,020,819 Semiconductor integrated circuit with local monitor circuits
5 7,020,785 Method for automatically verifying security code of computer system operated by remote controller
6 7,020,733 Data bus system and method for performing cross-access between buses
7 7,020,504 Circuit and method for processing a malfunction of a hall effect switch used for recognition of an open/close state of a flip or a folder type terminal
8 7,020,428 Waste toner collecting device of an electrophotographic image forming apparatus, method thereof, and an electrophotographic printer having the same
9 7,020,409 Apparatus for supplying voltage to developing device
10 7,020,379 Illumination optical system including light separation/integration device having diffraction device and image display apparatus including the illumination optical system
11 7,020,340 Methods for compressing and decompressing data
12 7,020,333 Apparatus and method for equalizing histogram of an image
13 7,020,269 Speed dialing method using symbols in communication terminal having touch pad
14 7,020,176 Method and system for downlink channelization code allocation in a UMTS
15 7,020,174 Laser diode module for optical communication
16 7,020,126 Apparatus and method for transmitting TFCI bits in a CDMA communication system
17 7,020,123 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving wireless packet
18 7,020,112 System and method for combining signals at multiple base station receivers
19 7,020,064 Rewritable data storage using carbonaceous material and writing/reading method thereof
20 7,020,055 Optical pickup apparatus
21 7,020,051 Optical pickup capable of detecting and/or compensating for spherical aberration
22 7,020,031 Synchronous semiconductor memory devices and data strobe input buffers with an input buffer circuit and a detection circuit for buffering data thereto
23 7,020,024 Methods and devices for increasing voltages on non-selected wordlines during erasure of a flash memory
24 7,020,011 High density magnetoresistance memory and manufacturing method thereof
25 7,019,947 Head drum assembly mounting structure on a deck of a tape recorder
26 7,019,941 Filtering apparatus of hard disk drive
27 7,019,892 Wideband light source
28 7,019,855 Method for informing a transmitting module of error occurrence in a receiving part of a facsimile
29 7,019,825 Hand/eye calibration method using projective invariant shape descriptor of 2-dimensional image
30 7,019,806 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel
31 7,019,789 Apparatus and method for calculating color temperature
32 7,019,756 Apparatus and method for brightness control
33 7,019,728 LCD for speeding initial bend state, driver and method thereof
34 7,019,354 Electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM) cells and methods of fabricating the same
35 7,019,327 Organic semiconductor polymer and organic thin film transistor using the same
36 7,019,316 High-energy ion implanter and method of operation thereof
37 7,019,287 Sample holder for laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry and method of manufacturing the same
38 7,019,237 Supporting device for control buttons of electronic instruments and electronic instruments adapting the same
39 7,019,099 Siloxane-based resin and method for forming insulating film between interconnect layers in semiconductor devices by using the same
40 7,018,933 Method of forming a metal-insulator-metal capacitor
41 7,018,914 Method of enlarging contact area of a gate electrode, semiconductor device having a surface-enlarged gate electrode, and method of manufacturing the same
42 7,018,912 Fabrication method of nitride semiconductors and nitride semiconductor structure fabricated thereby
43 7,018,911 Methods for fabrication for phase-changeable memory devices having phase-changeable material regions with lateral contacts
44 7,018,903 Method of forming semiconductor device with capacitor
45 7,018,894 EEPROM device having selecting transistors and method of fabricating the same
46 7,018,892 Semiconductor capacitor structure and method for manufacturing the same
47 7,018,769 Liquid toners comprising organic pigments and methods
48 7,018,768 Organosols comprising a chromophore, methods and uses
49 7,018,767 Gel organosol including amphipathic copolymeric binder having acid/base functionality and liquid toners for electrophotographic applications
50 7,018,757 Photoconductor materials based on complex of charge generating material
51 7,018,739 Positive active material and positive active material composition for lithium-sulfur battery and method of preparing positive active material composition
52 7,018,259 Spacer of a flat panel display and preparation method of the same
53 7,018,109 Optical receiver of bidirectional optical communication module and method for manufacturing the same
54 7,018,093 Apparatus and method for sensing defects in temperature sensors
55 7,018,060 Light unit for display device
56 7,018,019 Ink-jet printhead and method for manufacturing the same
57 7,018,018 Print head of an ink-jet printer and fabrication method thereof
58 7,018,017 Monolithic ink-jet printhead having a heater disposed between dual ink chambers and method for manufacturing the same
59 7,018,011 Pump apparatus for ink jet printer
60 7,017,597 Megasonic cleaning apparatus for fabricating semiconductor device
61 7,017,428 Test kit for semiconductor package and method for testing semiconductor package using the same
62 7,017,359 User-interactive refrigerator and control method thereof
63 7,017,282 Drying apparatus and washing machine having the same
64 7,017,248 Device for coupling PCB sheet