Samsung patents granted on 28 October 2008

100 US patents granted on 28 October 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D579,536 Outdoor unit of air conditioner
2 D579,474 Monitoring camera
3 D579,473 Lens
4 D579,468 Refrigerator
5 D579,460 Image for display on a telephone
6 D579,442 Bluetooth headset
7 D579,439 Portable phone
8 D579,438 Cellular phone
9 D579,436 Mobile phone
10 D579,435 Mobile phone
11 D579,434 Mobile phone
12 D579,433 Mobile phone
13 D579,432 Cellular phone
14 D579,431 Cellular phone
15 D579,430 Mobile phone
16 D579,425 Light-emitting diode
17 D579,310 Handle
18 7,444,561 Verifier for remotely verifying integrity of memory and method thereof
19 7,444,447 Arrangement, device and method for controlling bus request signal generation
20 7,444,444 Message processing system and method using external storage
21 7,444,411 Internet interface service system and method providing public internet access to users carrying mobile terminals
22 7,444,357 Method and apparatus for searching an index structure for TV-Anytime Forum metadata having location information for defining a multi-key
23 7,444,289 Audio decoding method and apparatus for reconstructing high frequency components with less computation
24 7,444,282 Method of setting optimum-partitioned classified neural network and method and apparatus for automatic labeling using optimum-partitioned classified neural network
25 7,444,239 Telematics terminal and method for transmitting route guidance information data fitted to a receiving terminal
26 7,444,214 Obstacle detection apparatus, method and medium
27 7,444,172 Device and method for controlling radio mobile terminal connected to hands-free kit
28 7,444,162 Apparatus and a method for distributing a transmission power in a cellular communications network
29 7,444,105 Image-forming apparatus with a toner pressure control device
30 7,444,067 Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing moving picture and recording medium
31 7,444,066 Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
32 7,443,989 Adaptive beamforming method and apparatus using feedback structure
33 7,443,979 Portable communication terminal having a housing capable of both sliding and swinging
34 7,443,932 Method and apparatus for adjusting data recorded on optical disc
35 7,443,892 Wavelength conversion laser apparatus
36 7,443,813 Method for reducing a false alarm probability for a notification for transmission of control information for an MBMS in a mobile communications system
37 7,443,773 Information storage medium and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing data
38 7,443,758 Circuit and method of generating high voltage for programming operation of flash memory device
39 7,443,756 Memory device having redundancy fuse blocks arranged for testing
40 7,443,730 Flash memory device including blocking voltage generator
41 7,443,728 NAND flash memory device and method of programming same
42 7,443,697 Electronic device having bezel structure
43 7,443,681 Heat dissipator for display apparatus and plasma display apparatus including the heat dissipator
44 7,443,653 Chip type solid electrolytic capacitor
45 7,443,609 Optical lens, optical module having the same, and backlight assembly having the same
46 7,443,594 Color display device using separate diffracted light and illumination light
47 7,443,586 Display device using single-panel diffractive light modulator
48 7,443,559 Optical scanning unit
49 7,443,542 Method and apparatus for determining error diffusion coefficients
50 7,443,538 Method of controlling printed line quality
51 7,443,534 Video clock generation apparatus and method
52 7,443,465 Color filter plate and thin film transistor plate for liquid crystal display, and methods for fabricating the plates
53 7,443,458 Liquid crystal display with wide viewing angle
54 7,443,450 Sync processor of flat panel display for determining signal safety on the basis of HSYNC/VSYNC signal generated according to data enable signal
55 7,443,448 Apparatus to suppress artifacts of an image signal and method thereof
56 7,443,439 Camera lens module pop-up device for portable wireless terminal
57 7,443,412 Exposure apparatus adopting organic light-emitting diode array as light source
58 7,443,405 Method for representing gray scale on plasma display panel in consideration of address light
59 7,443,381 Remote control device with button for notifying pointer movement mode
60 7,443,366 Organic electroluminescent display and driving method thereof
61 7,443,255 Oscillator circuit and method for adjusting oscillation frequency of same
62 7,443,233 DC offset cancellation apparatus
63 7,443,201 Low voltage differential signaling receiver with a digital resistor unit and low voltage differential signaling interface system having the same
64 7,443,111 Liquid crystal display backlight inverter
65 7,443,099 Plasma display panel
66 7,443,098 Plasma display panel with first and second phosphor layers respectively on first and second substrate surfaces
67 7,443,095 Organic light emitting display
68 7,443,093 Light-emitting display device provided with light-emitting portions having varying areas
69 7,443,076 Diffractive thin-film piezoelectric light modulator and method of fabricating the same
70 7,443,024 Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) package having side double-sealing member and method of manufacturing the same
71 7,442,988 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
72 7,442,987 Non-volatile memory devices including divided charge storage structures
73 7,442,982 Capacitor having reaction preventing layer and methods of forming the same
74 7,442,981 Capacitor of semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
75 7,442,968 Chip on film (COF) package having test pad for testing electrical function of chip and method for manufacturing same
76 7,442,960 TFT, method of manufacturing the TFT, flat panel display having the TFT, and method of manufacturing the flat panel display
77 7,442,945 Faraday assembly of ion implantation apparatus
78 7,442,889 Keypad assembly
79 7,442,646 Slurry, chemical mechanical polishing method using the slurry, and method of forming metal wiring using the slurry
80 7,442,613 Methods of forming an asymmetric field effect transistor
81 7,442,607 Method of manufacturing transistor having recessed channel
82 7,442,604 Methods and batch type atomic layer deposition apparatus for forming dielectric films and methods of manufacturing metal-insulator-metal capacitors including the dielectric films
83 7,442,602 Methods of fabricating phase change memory cells having a cell diode and a bottom electrode self-aligned with each other
84 7,442,596 Methods of manufacturing fin type field effect transistors
85 7,442,594 Method for manufacturing a flat panel display with improved white balance
86 7,442,571 Semiconductor probe with resistive tip and method of fabricating the same, and information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus, and information measuring apparatus having the semiconductor probe
87 7,442,569 Vertical GaN-based LED and method of manufacturing the same
88 7,442,565 Method for manufacturing vertical structure light emitting diode
89 7,442,503 Method of treating surface of substrate used in biological reaction system
90 7,442,489 Photoresist composition and method of forming a photoresist pattern using the same
91 7,442,465 Jelly-roll type electrode assembly, lithium secondary battery having the same, and method for manufacturing the same
92 7,442,424 Information storage medium having super resolution structure and apparatus for recording to and/or reproducing from the same
93 7,442,272 Apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
94 7,442,241 Inkjet ink composition and multi-color inkjet ink set having the same
95 7,442,111 Polishing pad, platen, method of monitoring, method of manufacturing, and method of detecting
96 7,441,969 Portable printing apparatus having cylindrical paper path between inner and outer cases
97 7,441,937 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
98 7,441,935 Backlight unit, display apparatus comprising the same and control method thereof
99 7,441,591 Heatsink
100 7,441,413 Refrigerator and control method thereof