Samsung patents granted on 28 October 2014

195 US patents granted on 28 October 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE45,222 Method of writing of writing to a flash memory including data blocks and log blocks, using a logical address having a block address portion and page identifying portion, a block address table and a page table
2 RE45,213 Method of managing user key for broadcast encryption
3 D716,448 Handle for medical ultrasonic device
4 D716,447 Handle for a medical ultrasound device
5 D716,427 Ion generator for automobile
6 D716,426 Ion generator for automobile
7 D716,350 Refrigerator
8 D716,339 Display screen or portion thereof for a transitional graphical user interface
9 D716,338 Display screen or portion thereof for a transitional graphical user interface
10 D716,337 Display screen or portion thereof for a transitional graphical user interface
11 D716,326 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
12 D716,322 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
13 D716,313 USB cap
14 D716,303 Input pen for electronic device
15 D716,293 Tablet computer
16 D716,290 Desktop computer
17 D716,289 Tabletop computer
18 D716,277 Stand for television receiver
19 D716,271 Speaker
20 D716,269 Remote controller
21 D716,267 Wireless audio
22 D716,247 Multimedia portable electronic communication device
23 D716,246 Multimedia portable electronic communication device
24 D716,245 Television receiver
25 8,875,262 Method and apparatus for secure communication between mobile devices
26 8,875,242 Method and apparatus for handling security level of device on network
27 8,875,200 Method and apparatus for outputting video frames while changing channels with digital broadcast receiver
28 8,875,151 Load balancing method and apparatus in symmetric multi-processor system
29 8,875,037 Terminal apparatus and method for performing function thereof
30 8,875,024 Method of manipulating media object in media player and apparatus therefor
31 8,875,022 Method for providing graphical user interface for changing reproducing time point and imaging apparatus therefor
32 8,875,015 Thumbnail display method and image forming apparatus
33 8,875,014 Content classification method and content reproduction apparatus capable of performing the method
34 8,874,996 Memory device having reconfigurable refresh timing
35 8,874,934 Nonvolatile memory device and operating method
36 8,874,927 Application execution system and method of terminal
37 8,874,919 Apparatus and method of a portable terminal authenticating another portable terminal
38 8,874,856 Apparatus and method for detecting false sharing
39 8,874,827 Page merging for buffer efficiency in hybrid memory systems
40 8,874,632 Apparatus for generating random number
41 8,874,630 Apparatus and method for converting data between a floating-point number and an integer
42 8,874,449 Method and apparatus for downmixing multi-channel audio signals
43 8,874,440 Apparatus and method for detecting speech
44 8,874,263 Walking robot and control method thereof
45 8,874,195 Apparatus and method for health care
46 8,874,174 Extending instant audibles while in a voice call
47 8,874,163 Method and apparatus for managing sound volume of wireless connection device in mobile communication terminal
48 8,874,161 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in wireless communication system
49 8,874,132 Apparatus and method for query processing of moving object in mobile communication system
50 8,874,128 Method and system for detecting a location of a mobile communication terminal
51 8,874,126 Method and apparatus for initial ranging in wireless communication system including heterogeneous network
52 8,874,115 Method and system for supporting handover between macro base station and vehicular base station
53 8,874,107 Method for controlling mobile station’s scanning operation and base station performing the same
54 8,874,106 Method and apparatus for providing automatic international and local call dialing in a mobile communication terminal
55 8,874,087 Initiating communication from a mobile terminal by using a selected shortcut number
56 8,874,078 Method of unlocking in stages in mobile terminal and mobile terminal for the same
57 8,874,018 Fixing device having pressing unit with carbon nano tube heating layer
58 8,874,000 Image forming apparatus including a shock absorber
59 8,873,933 Method for operating additional information of video using visible light communication and apparatus for the same
60 8,873,931 Storage medium for storing text-based subtitle data including style information, and reproducing apparatus and method for reproducing text-based subtitle data including style information
61 8,873,928 Audio and video synchronization apparatus and method in wireless communication network
62 8,873,901 Buried-type optical input/output devices and methods of manufacturing the same
63 8,873,834 Method and apparatus for processing multi-view image using hole rendering
64 8,873,831 Walking robot and simultaneous localization and mapping method thereof
65 8,873,802 Method and apparatus for camera tracking
66 8,873,677 Apparatus and method for enveloping tracking calibration
67 8,873,643 Signal adaptive filtering method, signal adaptive filter and computer readable medium for storing program therefor
68 8,873,633 Method and apparatus for video encoding and decoding
69 8,873,621 Method, medium, and apparatus for encoding and/or decoding video by generating scalable bitstream
70 8,873,590 Apparatus and method for correcting jitter
71 8,873,562 Apparatus and method for media data classification in mobile communication system
72 8,873,532 Apparatus and method for transmitting data in wireless communication system
73 8,873,514 Method and apparatus for down link interference cancelation between adjacent base stations in base station with reconfigurable antenna
74 8,873,488 Method and apparatus for transmitting synchronization signals in an OFDM based cellular communications system
75 8,873,481 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving control information in a mobile communication system
76 8,873,472 System and method for allocating resources in a communication system
77 8,873,413 Method and device for measuring signal in wireless communication system
78 8,873,406 RACH-related system resource optimization method and apparatus for wireless communication system
79 8,873,362 Apparatus and method for enhancing features of uplink reference signals
80 8,873,328 Nonvolatile memory device including sudden power off detection circuit and sudden power off detection method thereof
81 8,873,324 Method of refreshing a memory device, refresh address generator and memory device
82 8,873,294 Nonvolatile memory devices, erasing methods thereof and memory systems including the same
83 8,873,290 Non-volatile memory device capable of multi-page programming by simultaneously activating a plurality of selection lines based on programmed data
84 8,873,277 Semiconductor memory device having balancing capacitors
85 8,873,274 Resistive memory cells and devices having asymmetrical contacts
86 8,873,245 Embedded chip-on-chip package and package-on-package comprising same
87 8,873,159 Telephoto lens system
88 8,873,138 Auto focusing devices for optical microscopes
89 8,873,131 Acousto-optic device having multi-layer nanostructure, optical scanner, optical modulator, and display apparatus using the acousto-optic device
90 8,873,110 Host apparatus to generate workform, workform management server to edit an image, workform management system, and method of editing an image using a workform
91 8,873,071 Image forming method using universal printer driver and device for performing the image forming method
92 8,873,018 Display substrate and display device including the same comprising first and second column spacers that protrude directly from a black matrix pattern
93 8,873,014 Display device
94 8,873,004 2D/3D switchable image display device
95 8,873,002 Liquid crystal display
96 8,873,001 Display substrate and display device including the same
97 8,872,999 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display including the same
98 8,872,996 Light source module and backlight assembly having the same
99 8,872,993 Liquid crystal display apparatus
100 8,872,959 Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and recording medium having recorded thereon program for executing the method
101 8,872,955 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same
102 8,872,938 Sense amplifier including negative capacitance circuit and apparatuses including same
103 8,872,932 Apparatus and method for removing lens distortion and chromatic aberration
104 8,872,931 Camera module for reducing shutter delay, camera including the same, and method of driving the same
105 8,872,904 Display apparatus and method of displaying multi-view images
106 8,872,901 Stereoscopic glasses and display apparatus including the same
107 8,872,874 Light scanning unit and electrophotographic image forming apparatus using the same
108 8,872,873 Light scanning unit and image forming apparatus using the same
109 8,872,871 Laser scanning unit and image forming apparatus including the same
110 8,872,861 Apparatus for selecting backlight color values
111 8,872,860 Display device and driving method thereof
112 8,872,859 Liquid crystal panel driving method, and source driver and liquid crystal display apparatus using the method
113 8,872,858 Method of driving display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
114 8,872,843 Method for editing images in a mobile terminal
115 8,872,816 Three-dimensional image display device and driving method thereof
116 8,872,797 Organic light emitting display device with touch screen function
117 8,872,791 Touch sensing device and method thereof
118 8,872,789 Method and apparatus controlling touch sensing system and touch sensing system employing same
119 8,872,784 Character input method and apparatus in portable terminal having touch screen
120 8,872,752 Scan driver, display device having the same and method of driving a display device
121 8,872,746 Display operable in both reflective and transmissive modes
122 8,872,741 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
123 8,872,737 Organic light emitting device, and apparatus and method of generating modification information therefor
124 8,872,736 AMOLED display and driving method thereof
125 8,872,550 Signal processing apparatus and method
126 8,872,531 Semiconductor device and test apparatus including the same
127 8,872,499 Power supply apparatus
128 8,872,488 Voltage regulator including compensation circuit and memory device including voltage regulator
129 8,872,477 Battery pack and line open detecting method thereof
130 8,872,469 Method and apparatus for providing standby power for visual display device
131 8,872,436 Power supply device for charge pumping
132 8,872,416 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
133 8,872,380 Energy storage system
134 8,872,354 Method of forming through silicon via of semiconductor device using low-K dielectric material
135 8,872,351 Semiconductor devices having through electrodes
136 8,872,337 Semiconductor package and display apparatus using the same
137 8,872,319 Stacked package structure including insulating layer between two stacked packages
138 8,872,317 Stacked package
139 8,872,306 Electrical interconnection structures including stress buffer layers
140 8,872,298 Unit pixel array of an image sensor
141 8,872,270 Memory devices
142 8,872,262 Semiconductor integrated circuit devices including gates having connection lines thereon
143 8,872,256 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
144 8,872,253 Semiconductor memory devices
145 8,872,221 Vertical thin film transistor and fabricating method thereof
146 8,872,207 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
147 8,872,206 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
148 8,872,205 Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
149 8,872,201 Organic light emitting diode display
150 8,872,197 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
151 8,872,183 Three-dimensional semiconductor devices
152 8,872,181 Thin film transistor array substrate and method of manufacturing the same
153 8,872,165 Thin film transistor array substrate, organic light emitting display device comprising the same, and method of manufacturing the same
154 8,872,155 Nanostructured thin film, surface light source and display apparatus employing nanostructured thin film
155 8,872,148 Phase-change memory devices
156 8,872,059 Etching system and method of controlling etching process condition
157 8,872,041 Multilayer laminate package and method of manufacturing the same
158 8,871,616 Methods of fabricating thin film transistor and organic light emitting diode display device having the same
159 8,871,614 Semiconductor die with protective layer and related method of processing a semiconductor wafer
160 8,871,591 Methods of manufacturing a vertical type semiconductor device
161 8,871,577 Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
162 8,871,569 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
163 8,871,566 Method of manufacturing thin film transistor
164 8,871,559 Methods for fabricating phase change memory devices
165 8,871,558 Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescent display
166 8,871,544 Vertical light-emitting devices having patterned emitting unit and methods of manufacturing the same
167 8,871,543 Apparatus for forming organic layer and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display using the same
168 8,871,542 Method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus, and organic light emitting display apparatus manufactured by using the method
169 8,871,541 Touch panel of an organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
170 8,871,426 Photoresist composition for color filter and method for forming color filter
171 8,871,423 Photoresist composition for fabricating probe array, method of fabricating probe array using the photoresist composition, composition for photosensitive type developed bottom anti-reflective coating, fabricating method of patterns using the same and fabricating method of semiconductor device using the same
172 8,871,396 CO.sub.2 separator for direct methanol fuel cell system
173 8,871,388 Negative electrode for lithium battery and lithium battery including negative electrode
174 8,871,386 Secondary battery
175 8,871,381 Secondary battery
176 8,871,378 Secondary battery including a cap assembly having a protection circuit assembly
177 8,871,375 Coupling member between battery cells and battery cell assembly using the same
178 8,871,371 Battery module
179 8,871,113 Positive active material, and positive electrode and lithium battery including positive active material
180 8,871,104 Method of forming pattern, reticle, and computer readable medium for storing program for forming pattern
181 8,871,075 Method of forming metal pattern and method of manufacturing display substrate having the same
182 8,870,988 Dust collector for a vacuum cleaner having a dust removal function
183 8,870,977 Rechargeable battery and method of manufacturing the same
184 8,870,781 Pressure-providing instrument and biosignal-measuring device including a pressure-providing instrument
185 8,870,776 Method of displaying diagnostic image, image processing device, and medical image system for performing the same
186 8,870,774 Adaptive clutter filtering method and ultrasound system for the same
187 8,870,480 Roll-to-roll printing system
188 8,870,402 Backlight assembly having light emitting diode package and display apparatus having the same
189 8,870,356 Micro-ejector
190 8,870,062 IC card and IC card system having suspend/resume functions
191 8,870,047 Wafer dicing press and method and semiconductor wafer dicing system including the same
192 8,869,863 Delamination apparatus and inline thermal imaging system
193 8,869,738 Mask frame assembly for thin film deposition and the manufacturing method thereof
194 8,869,346 Vacuum cleaner having cyclone dust collecting apparatus
195 8,869,342 Robot cleaner and method of controlling the same