Samsung patents granted on 29 April 2014

182 US patents granted on 29 April 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE44,866 Touch screen panel
2 D703,890 Vacuum cleaner
3 D703,889 Vacuum cleaner
4 D703,822 Probe for ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
5 D703,821 Probe for ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
6 D703,820 Probe for ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
7 D703,819 Probe for ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
8 D703,818 Probe for ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
9 D703,722 Case for camera
10 D703,721 Wireless control kit for camera
11 D703,704 Ice tray for refrigerator
12 D703,688 Display screen of a mobile terminal or portion thereof with a graphical user interface
13 D703,675 Portable stand for computer
14 D703,672 Case for a tablet computer
15 D703,668 Tablet computer
16 D703,667 Tablet computer
17 D703,645 Electronic device
18 D703,644 Electronic device
19 D703,637 Remote controller
20 D703,630 Television receiver
21 D703,627 Rim for a TV receiver
22 D703,625 Power semiconductor module
23 D703,484 Burner grate
24 8,713,680 Method and apparatus for modeling computer program behaviour for behavioural detection of malicious program
25 8,713,587 Optical disc drive having a tray for loading a disc using supporting portions
26 8,713,573 Synchronization scheduling apparatus and method in real-time multi-core system
27 8,713,568 System and method for detecting deadlock in a multithread program
28 8,713,447 Apparatus and method for information display of portable device
29 8,713,427 Apparatus and method for extracting cascading style sheet rules
30 8,713,417 Multi-channel memory system including error correction decoder architecture with efficient area utilization
31 8,713,411 Encoding and/or decoding memory devices and methods thereof
32 8,713,408 Methods of operating non-volatile memory devices during write operation interruption, non-volatile memory devices, memories and electronic systems operating the same
33 8,713,403 Method and apparatus for map transmission in wireless communication system
34 8,713,397 Apparatus and method for layered decoding in a communication system using low-density parity-check codes
35 8,713,317 Method and system for encrypting data in a wireless communication system
36 8,713,233 Interconnect, bus system with interconnect and bus system operating method
37 8,713,211 Method and apparatus for connecting to external device
38 8,713,208 Image display device and method of changing first EDID with second EDID wherein the second EDID information is compatible with image display device
39 8,713,136 Method of allocating IP address of image forming apparatus using DHCP, image forming apparatus and system of allocating IP address using DHCP
40 8,713,078 Method for building taxonomy of topics and categorizing videos
41 8,712,957 Method, apparatus, and system for synchronizing contents
42 8,712,782 Method and apparatus to determine encoding mode of audio signal and method and apparatus to encode and/or decode audio signal using the encoding mode determination method and apparatus
43 8,712,588 Method and/or apparatus for navigating mobile robot using virtual sensor
44 8,712,487 Sliding-type portable communication device
45 8,712,470 Method and device for synthesizing image
46 8,712,449 Apparatus and method for multiple pagings in broadband wireless communication system
47 8,712,348 Apparatus and method for controlling a tunable matching network in a wireless network
48 8,712,313 Image forming apparatus
49 8,712,312 Cover opening and closing unit and image forming apparatus including the same
50 8,712,293 Toner cartridge and image forming apparatus including the same
51 8,712,287 Fusing device to prevent overheating of a heating member and image forming apparatus having the same
52 8,712,207 Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and recording medium for the method
53 8,712,187 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
54 8,712,152 Method of processing data and display apparatus for performing the method
55 8,712,145 Depth estimation apparatus and method
56 8,712,099 Image surveillance system and method of detecting whether object is left behind or taken away
57 8,712,062 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding noise signal
58 8,711,964 Method and apparatus for pre-scheduling in closed-loop MU-MIMO antenna system
59 8,711,963 Unified feedback frame for supporting a plurality of feedback modes and a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication system using the unified feedback frame
60 8,711,947 Digital broadcasting transmission and reception system, and a signal processing method using turbo processing and turbo decoding
61 8,711,939 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding video based on first sub-pixel unit and second sub-pixel unit
62 8,711,904 Calibration method for non-ideal transceivers
63 8,711,887 Signal processing apparatus, display apparatus having the same, and signal processing method
64 8,711,834 Method to prevent hyper frame number de-synchronization in a wireless communication system
65 8,711,832 Method and apparatus for selective decoding in a wireless communication system
66 8,711,830 Method for media access controlling and system and method for channel time reservation in distributed wireless personal area network
67 8,711,807 Method and apparatus for compensating QoS during handover by base station in wireless broadband access system
68 8,711,806 Communication system and data transmission method thereof
69 8,711,795 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data streams in wireless system
70 8,711,787 Communication system including relay station and data frame for the communication system
71 8,711,783 Method and apparatus for coordinating hopping of resources in wireless communication systems
72 8,711,764 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving data in a communication system
73 8,711,652 Arbitration for memory device with commands
74 8,711,649 Semiconductor devices and methods for changing operating characteristics and semiconductor systems including the same
75 8,711,646 Architecture, system and method for testing resistive type memory
76 8,711,641 Memory device, test operation method thereof, and system including the same
77 8,711,624 Memory device and self interleaving method thereof
78 8,711,618 Method for programming non-volatile memory device and apparatuses performing the method
79 8,711,610 Non-volatile memory array and device using erase markers
80 8,711,588 Power supply device
81 8,711,575 Printed circuit board unit having routing unit mounted thereon and computer device having the same
82 8,711,545 Multilayered ceramic electronic component and fabrication method thereof
83 8,711,516 Rotating device
84 8,711,475 Projection screen and projection system having the same
85 8,711,463 Light modulators and optical apparatuses including the same
86 8,711,455 Three-dimensional holographic display using active shutter
87 8,711,423 Image forming apparatus and method
88 8,711,418 Image forming apparatus and method of translating virtual memory address into physical memory address
89 8,711,388 Image forming apparatus and warming up method thereof
90 8,711,348 Method of inspecting wafer
91 8,711,318 Apparatus and method of preventing signal delay in display device
92 8,711,316 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
93 8,711,310 Liquid crystal display
94 8,711,309 Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
95 8,711,308 Flat panel display device and method of fabricating the same
96 8,711,303 Liquid crystal display panel
97 8,711,302 Liquid crystal display
98 8,711,273 Focusing apparatus that effectively sets a focus area of an image when a focusing mode is changed
99 8,711,271 Digital photographing apparatus and control method for evaluating validity of an auto-focus operation
100 8,711,268 Methods and apparatuses for anti-shading correction with extended color correlated temperature dependency
101 8,711,266 Digital photographing apparatus
102 8,711,251 Method and device for reducing image color noise
103 8,711,237 Circuit device for preventing radiation emission in portable terminal with two cameras
104 8,711,232 Digital camera supporting intelligent self-timer mode and method of controlling the same
105 8,711,196 Weight-balanced polygonal mirror, light scanning unit using the polygonal mirror, and image forming apparatus
106 8,711,185 Apparatus and method for scrolling a screen of a portable terminal having a touch screen
107 8,711,180 Display apparatus and control method thereof
108 8,711,162 Arbitration circuit to arbitrate conflict between read/write command and scan command and display driver integrated circuit having the same
109 8,711,131 Switching module and switching synchronization system
110 8,711,092 Pointing device, display apparatus and pointing system, and location data generation method and display method using the same
111 8,711,080 Backlight assembly, method for driving backlight assembly, and liquid crystal display having the same
112 8,711,079 Data driver and liquid crystal display device using the same
113 8,711,078 Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
114 8,711,076 Timing controller capable of removing surge signal and display apparatus including the same
115 8,711,074 Flat panel display
116 8,711,073 Flat panel crystal display employing simultaneous charging of main and subsidiary pixel electrodes
117 8,711,069 Circuit board and display panel assembly having the same
118 8,711,060 Time sharing type autostereoscopic display apparatus and method for driving the same
119 8,711,056 Multi display device and method of controlling the same
120 8,711,055 Printed circuit board including electromagnetic bandgap structure
121 8,711,041 Case of electronic device having antenna pattern embedded therein and mold and method for manufacturing the same
122 8,711,016 Binary-to-gray converting circuits and gray code counter including the same
123 8,710,943 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
124 8,710,891 Semiconductor IC including pulse generation logic circuit
125 8,710,818 Power converter and method of power conversion
126 8,710,738 Display apparatus having a semi-penetration layer and a sealing unit
127 8,710,736 Organic light emitting display apparatus
128 8,710,706 Motor device and method of manufacturing the same
129 8,710,683 Method of forming wafer level mold using glass fiber and wafer structure formed by the same
130 8,710,677 Multi-chip package with a supporting member and method of manufacturing the same
131 8,710,673 Wiring structure in a semiconductor device, method of forming the wiring structure, semiconductor device including the wiring structure and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
132 8,710,657 Semiconductor assembly and semiconductor package including a solder channel
133 8,710,655 Die packages and systems having the die packages
134 8,710,650 Semiconductor devices having through electrodes and methods of fabricating the same
135 8,710,602 Method and system for providing magnetic junctions having improved characteristics
136 8,710,594 Integrated circuit devices having conductive structures with different cross sections
137 8,710,592 SRAM cells using shared gate electrode configuration
138 8,710,591 Semiconductor chip, stack module, and memory card
139 8,710,564 Semiconductor device including insulating layer of cubic system or tetragonal system
140 8,710,555 Semiconductor device having a triple gate transistor and method for manufacturing the same
141 8,710,527 Organic light-emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
142 8,710,521 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
143 8,710,513 Light-emitting device package and method of manufacturing the same
144 8,710,508 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of fabricating the same
145 8,710,503 Organic light-emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
146 8,710,502 Thin film transistor and flat panel display device including the same
147 8,710,479 Semiconductor devices having multi-width isolation layer structures
148 8,710,370 Signal transfer apparatus
149 8,710,362 Photoelectric conversion device
150 8,710,358 Solar cell using polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
151 8,710,356 Photoelectric conversion module
152 8,710,105 Method of preparing enteric hard capsule and enteric hard capsule prepared thereby
153 8,709,942 Methods for fabricating semiconductor devices
154 8,709,937 Method of forming micropattern, method of forming damascene metallization, and semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device fabricated using the same
155 8,709,879 Method of forming a semiconductor package
156 8,709,840 Light-emitting device package and method of manufacturing the same
157 8,709,839 Method of fabricating semiconductor light emitting device
158 8,709,838 Method for preparing a .beta.-SiAlON phosphor
159 8,709,837 Deposition apparatus and method for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display using the same
160 8,709,834 Methods of fabricating semiconductor device
161 8,709,832 Chip on film (COF) package having test line for testing electrical function of chip and method for manufacturing same
162 8,709,678 Metal-doped oxide, method of preparing the same, and solid oxide electrolyte using the metal-doped oxide
163 8,709,653 Negative active material for a rechargeable lithium battery, a method of preparing the same, and a rechargeable lithium battery comprising the same
164 8,709,649 Electrode tab for secondary battery and secondary battery using the same
165 8,709,643 Battery pack with interchangeable circuit substrates
166 8,709,639 Rechargeable battery
167 8,709,637 Electrode assembly with centrally wound separator member
168 8,709,632 Battery module
169 8,709,630 Rechargeable battery including a channel member
170 8,709,625 Cylindrical lithium secondary battery comprising a contoured center pin
171 8,709,622 Protective circuit board and battery pack using the same
172 8,709,621 Rechargeable battery
173 8,709,566 Lamination sheet
174 8,709,163 Method of descaling a mask
175 8,709,161 Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same
176 8,708,531 Illumination apparatus including light-emitting device
177 8,708,321 Insulating film attaching jig and battery cell manufactured by using the same
178 8,708,215 Solder ball supplying apparatus
179 8,708,190 Anti-sloshing apparatus
180 8,707,894 Mask frame assembly for thin film deposition and method of assembling the same
181 8,707,889 Patterning slit sheet assembly, organic layer deposition apparatus, method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus, and the organic light-emitting display apparatus
182 8,707,726 Refrigerator