Samsung patents granted on 29 December 2015

202 US patents granted on 29 December 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 9,226,430 Power semiconductor module
2 9,226,401 Multilayer ceramic electronic part to be embedded in board and printed circuit board having multilayer ceramic electronic part embedded therein
3 9,226,388 Printed circuit board
4 9,226,363 Electroluminescent devices having nanostructure-film electrode(s)
5 9,226,312 Resource management system and method for inter-cell interference coordination in wireless communication system
6 9,226,297 Apparatus and method for network entry in a wireless communication system
7 9,226,281 Method and apparatus for generating/parsing resource allocation indication message
8 9,226,273 HARQ-ACK signal transmission in response to detection of control channel type in case of multiple control channel types
9 9,226,268 Apparatus and method for DRX operating in a wireless communication system
10 9,226,261 Apparatus and method for controlling whether to provide location information in broadband wireless access system
11 9,226,214 Method and apparatus for a terminal to select a cell in a heterogeneous network
12 9,226,172 VoIP processing method and apparatus of mobile terminal in mobile communication system
13 9,226,136 UE capability report method and apparatus in mobile communication system
14 9,226,118 Mobile device and control method of the same
15 9,226,096 Call relay function support system and method
16 9,226,070 Directional sound source filtering apparatus using microphone array and control method thereof
17 9,226,063 Method and apparatus for recognizing accessory of portable terminal
18 9,226,054 Mobile communication terminal
19 9,226,029 Method and apparatus for client capable of accessing broadcasting network and internet network to receive application
20 9,225,997 Method and apparatus for encoding video based on scanning order of hierarchical data units, and method and apparatus for decoding video based on scanning order of hierarchical data units
21 9,225,995 Method and apparatus for motion vector determination in video encoding or decoding
22 9,225,987 Method and apparatus for encoding video and method and apparatus for decoding video by considering skip and split order
23 9,225,974 Multi-view device of display apparatus and control method thereof, and display system
24 9,225,960 Apparatus and method for attenuating stereoscopic sense of stereoscopic image
25 9,225,959 Method and apparatus for recovering depth value of depth image
26 9,225,954 Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
27 9,225,947 Image pickup apparatus, method of providing composition of image pickup and computer-readable recording medium
28 9,225,922 Image-sensing devices and methods of operating the same
29 9,225,905 Image processing method and apparatus
30 9,225,895 Automatic focusing method and apparatus for same
31 9,225,891 Display apparatus and method for controlling display apparatus thereof
32 9,225,866 Multi-functional device having scanner module and image scanning apparatus employing the scanner module
33 9,225,864 Image forming apparatus, mobile apparatus and printing control method
34 9,225,861 Image forming apparatus, method of installing OSGi-based service, method of providing OSGi-based service, and computer-readable recording medium
35 9,225,854 Host device connected to image scanning device and method of controlling the host device by converting signal according to protocol
36 9,225,824 Mobile device having a touch-lock state and method for operating the mobile device
37 9,225,812 Input and output hall structure for sound device in a portable terminal
38 9,225,726 Methods for supporting user equipment accessing local IP services and apparatus therefor
39 9,225,542 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving content by interconnecting internet protocol television with home network
40 9,225,540 Method and apparatus for relaying communication between universal plug and play device and remote user interface client
41 9,225,489 Multi-layer beamforming methods in wireless communication systems
42 9,225,466 Apparatus and method for controlling interference in a wireless communication system
43 9,225,437 Cordless charging apparatus
44 9,225,412 Communication system with feedback mechanism and method of operation thereof
45 9,225,374 Mobile device having SIM card, base station connected thereto, and battery management method thereof
46 9,225,365 Sampling method, apparatus, probe, reception beamforming apparatus, and medical imaging system performing the sampling method
47 9,225,357 Data packet transmission/reception apparatus and method
48 9,225,282 Methods and apparatuses for controlling output voltages of inverters driving electric motors
49 9,225,276 Image forming apparatus, control method for the same, and motor state detector
50 9,225,266 Piezoelectric linear actuator
51 9,225,265 Vibration generation device
52 9,225,235 Power factor correction circuit
53 9,225,195 Wireless power receiver for increased charging efficiency
54 9,225,192 Apparatus and method of charging rechargeable battery
55 9,225,185 Method and apparatus for controlling charging in electronic device
56 9,225,176 Apparatus and method for high efficiency variable power transmission
57 9,225,105 Waterproof ear jack socket and method of manufacturing the same
58 9,225,046 Protected anode and lithium air battery and all-solid battery including protected anode
59 9,225,015 Lithium air battery
60 9,225,002 Rechargeable battery having fuse unit
61 9,224,996 Battery pack including a plurality of unit cells with a case having an insulation structure that engages with guide pins
62 9,224,992 Secondary battery
63 9,224,989 Rechargeable battery and module thereof
64 9,224,988 Method for manufacturing display device
65 9,224,987 Device for manufacturing organic light-emitting display panel and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display panel using the same
66 9,224,986 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing same
67 9,224,984 Optical films for reducing color shift and organic light-emitting display apparatuses employing the same
68 9,224,983 Substrate for surface light emitting device and method of manufacturing the substrate, surface light emitting device, lighting apparatus, and backlight including the same
69 9,224,981 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
70 9,224,979 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
71 9,224,978 Organic light emitting diode display device
72 9,224,975 Organic light emitting display panel and method of manufacturing the same
73 9,224,972 Organic light emitting diode display having dual gate thin film transistors
74 9,224,970 Organic light emitting diode, organic light emitting display panel including the organic light emitting diode and method of manufacturing the organic light emitting display panel
75 9,224,969 Organic light-emitting diode and flat display device including the same
76 9,224,966 Organic light-emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and flat panel display device including the same
77 9,224,961 Condensed-cyclic compound, organic light-emitting diode comprising the same and flat panel display device comprising the organic light-emitting diode
78 9,224,946 Three-terminal synapse device and method of operating the same
79 9,224,909 GaN based light emitting devices utilizing dispersion bragg reflection layer
80 9,224,900 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
81 9,224,867 Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
82 9,224,831 Method of manufacturing an oxide semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a display device having the same
83 9,224,820 Oxide semiconductor sputtering target, method of manufacturing thin-film transistors using the same, and thin film transistor manufactured using the same
84 9,224,791 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
85 9,224,787 Method for fabricating nonvolatile memory device
86 9,224,784 Non-volatile memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
87 9,224,780 Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor including a junction field effect transistor
88 9,224,769 Pixel device, and radiation detecting module and apparatus having the same
89 9,224,764 Display substrates, methods of manufacturing the same and display devices including the same
90 9,224,763 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
91 9,224,753 Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
92 9,224,710 Semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
93 9,224,699 Method of manufacturing semiconductor package having magnetic shield unit
94 9,224,619 Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
95 9,224,612 Vapor deposition apparatus, method of forming thin film by using vapor deposition apparatus, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus
96 9,224,598 Method of formation of tin oxide semiconductor thin film doped with antimony
97 9,224,593 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a porous, low-k dielectric layer
98 9,224,591 Method of depositing a thin film
99 9,224,542 Conductive layered structure, electrode and supercapacitor comprising the conductive layered structure, and method for preparing the conductive layered structure
100 9,224,501 Method of operating memory device, memory device using the same, and memory system including the device
101 9,224,495 Nonvolatile memory device and method detecting defective word line
102 9,224,493 Nonvolatile memory device and read method thereof
103 9,224,489 Flash memory devices having multi-bit memory cells therein with improved read reliability
104 9,224,485 Nonvolatile memory device and method of programming the same minimizing disturbance from adjacent cells
105 9,224,483 Nonvolatile memory device, system and programming method with dynamic verification mode selection
106 9,224,462 Resistive memory device having defined or variable erase unit size
107 9,224,441 Nonvolatile memory device using variable resistive element and memory system having the same
108 9,224,432 Semiconductor package
109 9,224,429 Three-dimensional semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
110 9,224,426 Apparatus and method for managing multimedia playback
111 9,224,399 Apparatus and method for concealing frame erasure and voice decoding apparatus and method using the same
112 9,224,360 Display device
113 9,224,357 Apparatus and method for compensating image of display device
114 9,224,330 Display device for reducing dynamic false contour
115 9,224,327 Power supply device, display apparatus having the same, and power supply method
116 9,224,246 Method and apparatus for processing media file for augmented reality service
117 9,224,230 Method of displaying three-dimensional image and display apparatus for performing the same
118 9,224,190 Method and apparatus for processing image taken under low illumination environment
119 9,224,064 Electronic device, electronic device operating method, and computer readable recording medium recording the method
120 9,224,026 Automatic system and method for tracking and decoding barcode by portable devices
121 9,223,990 Method and apparatus for application management in user device
122 9,223,986 Method and system for information content validation in electronic devices
123 9,223,969 Anti-malware system and operating method thereof
124 9,223,931 Ultrasound diagnostic device and method of displaying ultrasound images
125 9,223,927 Modeling system, method of modeling semiconductor device, computer-readable recording medium comprising program for performing the method
126 9,223,732 Apparatus and method of recognizing external device in a communication system
127 9,223,725 Method and apparatus for selectively reading image data
128 9,223,692 Nonvolatile memory device with multi-level memory cells and programming method
129 9,223,689 Apparatus and method for managing memory
130 9,223,656 Operating method for memory system including nonvolatile RAM and NAND flash memory
131 9,223,650 Solid state disk controller apparatus
132 9,223,620 Apparatus and method for processing data
133 9,223,615 Apparatus and method for thread progress tracking
134 9,223,581 Data processing system and method for switching between heterogeneous accelerators
135 9,223,540 Electronic device and method for voice recognition upon charge transfer
136 9,223,506 Semiconductor storage device and method of throttling performance of the same
137 9,223,495 System and method for crossing navigation for use in an electronic terminal
138 9,223,486 Image processing method for mobile terminal
139 9,223,455 User preference analysis method and device
140 9,223,450 Apparatus and method for proximity touch sensing
141 9,223,442 Proximity and touch sensing surface for integration with a display
142 9,223,422 Remote controller and display apparatus, control method thereof
143 9,223,416 Display apparatus, remote controlling apparatus and control method thereof
144 9,223,414 Method and apparatus for providing mouse function using touch device
145 9,223,406 Screen display control method of electronic device and apparatus therefor
146 9,223,398 Flexible display apparatus and method of operating the same
147 9,223,381 Method and apparatus to save power upon resume in multi-core system
148 9,223,370 Near field communication device operating in multiple battery modes and power management method of electronic apparatus comprising the same
149 9,223,339 Portable terminal with detachable protection cover
150 9,223,245 Developing device to form a uniform developer layer on a developing member and electrophotographic image forming apparatus using the same
151 9,223,199 Photomask and method of forming the same
152 9,223,195 Exposure apparatus having blind and method of driving
153 9,223,182 Liquid crystal display
154 9,223,174 Liquid crystal display device including light sources emitting different colors
155 9,223,172 Liquid crystal display
156 9,223,171 Polarizer, method of manufacturing the polarizer, display panel having the polarizer and display apparatus having the display panel
157 9,223,141 Display panel and display apparatus having the same
158 9,223,069 Polarizer and method of manufacturing the same
159 9,223,065 Optical film and organic light-emitting display device including the same
160 9,223,012 Ultrasound image enhancement based on entropy information
161 9,222,979 On-chip controller and a system-on-chip
162 9,222,894 Detection device for detecting state of toner image, image forming apparatus employing the same, and method of removing foreign substance from the detection device
163 9,222,884 Hydrogen peroxide sensitive metal nanoparticles, method for producing the same and hydrogen peroxide detection system comprising the same
164 9,222,846 Tactile sensor
165 9,222,778 Apparatus and method for providing navigation service in electronic device
166 9,222,767 Display apparatus and method for estimating depth
167 9,222,684 Indoor unit of air conditioner and method of connecting refrigerant pipe thereof
168 9,222,210 Drum washing machine and washing method thereof
169 9,222,167 Sputtering apparatus
170 9,221,714 Apparatus for chemically toughening glass and method of chemically toughening glass using the same
171 9,221,706 Apparatus for forming a glass
172 9,221,633 Printing medium supply device and image forming apparatus having the same
173 9,221,507 Robot and method of controlling walking thereof
174 9,221,297 Dual surface treated injection molding article and method of manufacturing the same
175 9,221,231 Acrylate based adhesive composition for optical use, acrylate based adhesive sheet for optical use, and method for separating optical component using the same
176 9,221,122 Method of controlling a laser beam annealing apparatus to manufacture thin film transistor substrate
177 9,221,072 Mask for deposition and deposition apparatus including the same
178 9,221,019 Organic/inorganic hybrid compound for fouling resistance, membrane including the same for fouling resistance, and method of preparing membrane for fouling resistance
179 9,220,718 Sonosensitive liposome, pharmaceutical composition including the same, and method of delivering active agent to subject using the sonosensitive liposome
180 9,220,482 Method for providing ultrasound images and ultrasound apparatus
181 9,220,481 Diagnostic image generating apparatus, medical image system, and beamforming method
182 9,220,480 Method and apparatus for providing multi spectral doppler images
183 9,220,441 Medical system and method for providing measurement information using three-dimensional caliper
184 9,220,385 Autonomous cleaning device
185 D746,525 Vacuum cleaner
186 D746,524 Vacuum cleaner
187 D746,337 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
188 D746,336 Portable electronic device with graphical user interface
189 D746,328 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
190 D746,325 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
191 D746,324 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
192 D746,314 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
193 D746,302 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
194 D746,294 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
195 D746,293 Keyboard for tablet computer
196 D746,271 Mobile terminal
197 D746,270 Electronic device
198 D746,266 Remote controller
199 D746,259 Headset
200 D746,257 Speaker
201 D746,256 Speaker
202 D746,246 Mobile terminal