Samsung patents granted on 29 July 2008

82 US patents granted on 29 July 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D574,007 Video image display for mobile phone
2 D573,997 LAN card for wireless data communication
3 D573,985 Home gateway
4 D573,983 Hands free ear set of portable phone
5 D573,972 Mobile phone
6 D573,966 Cellular phone
7 D573,965 Portable phone
8 D573,964 Mobile phone
9 D573,963 Cellular phone
10 7,406,651 Forward Chien search type Reed-Solomon decoder circuit
11 7,406,342 Apparatus and method for reducing electric power consumption in mobile communication terminal
12 7,406,337 Wireless communication system and method using multiple antennas
13 7,406,318 Apparatus and method for positioning mobile station
14 7,406,308 Wireless communication terminal for identifying and indicating short message types using indicator icons and method thereof
15 7,406,290 Waste toner transporting apparatus and toner cartridge having the same
16 7,406,289 Image forming apparatus using a cleaning device and cleaning method thereof
17 7,406,281 Image forming apparatus and method thereof
18 7,406,275 Detachable developer capable of maintaining nip
19 7,406,274 Controlling apparatus for developing roller, image forming device having the same, and developer controlling method thereof
20 7,406,257 Video presenter including table with curved contour
21 7,406,229 Optical module
22 7,406,206 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key value data of orientation interpolator node
23 7,406,111 Semiconductor laser diode and method for manufacturing the same
24 7,406,110 Method and apparatus for controlling power of laser diodes
25 7,406,108 Vertical external cavity surface emitting laser (VECSEL)
26 7,406,103 Method and apparatus for transmitting data in Gigabit Ethernet passive optical network
27 7,406,078 Method and wireless network system for providing QoS on wireless network communicating via point-to-point network
28 7,406,063 Method for providing broadcast service over packet data channel in a wireless communication system
29 7,406,054 Routing method for wireless networks
30 7,406,022 Optical recording medium
31 7,406,020 Method of writing data on a storage device using a probe technique
32 7,406,017 Apparatus for reproducing data from information storage medium having multiple storage layers with optimal power control (OPC) areas and buffer areas
33 7,406,010 Data recording/reproducing method with robust error handling capability and data recording/reproducing apparatus thereof
34 7,405,978 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having bitlines extending from cell array in single direction
35 7,405,977 Flash memory device with improved read speed
36 7,405,965 Phase change memory device
37 7,405,960 Semiconductor memory device and method for biasing dummy line therefor
38 7,405,956 Line layout structure of semiconductor memory devices
39 7,405,949 Memory system having point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-two-point (PTTP) links between devices
40 7,405,925 Display apparatus
41 7,405,900 Magnetic recording and/or reading apparatus and manufacturing method of power transmitting gear
42 7,405,878 Method of transforming a light beam, optical film for performing the method, and display device having the optical film
43 7,405,867 Miniature optical modulator module using flexible printed circuit board
44 7,405,850 Scanner apparatus
45 7,405,817 Method and apparatus for classifying defects of an object
46 7,405,798 Liquid crystal display apparatus and method of forming the same
47 7,405,791 Liquid crystal display
48 7,405,774 Light guide plate and liquid crystal display having the same
49 7,405,760 Image pickup device with non-molded DSP chip and manufacturing method
50 7,405,751 Image photographing apparatus having photographic mode based on position of camera unit
51 7,405,745 Method of driving print head and image forming apparatus employing the same
52 7,405,716 Liquid crystal display device
53 7,405,657 RFID tag for protecting information and method for protecting personal information
54 7,405,643 Inductor and method of forming the same
55 7,405,618 Method and apparatus for controlling a power amplifier in a mobile communication system
56 7,405,600 Current mode logic-CMOS converter
57 7,405,561 Reduced power sensing apparatus having fluxgate and control method thereof
58 7,405,534 Apparatus and method for controlling velocity of motor
59 7,405,529 System and method for controlling linear compressor
60 7,405,518 MgO pellet for protective layer of plasma display panel, and plasma display panel using the same
61 7,405,517 Plasma display panel
62 7,405,513 Electron emission device and manufacturing method thereof
63 7,405,464 Array substrate, method of manufacturing the same and method of crystallizing silicon
64 7,405,450 Semiconductor devices having high conductivity gate electrodes with conductive line patterns thereon
65 7,405,428 Transflective liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof
66 7,405,427 Liquid crystal display and panel therefor
67 7,405,425 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing the display apparatus
68 7,405,362 Semiconductor devices having more than two-rows of pad structures and methods of fabricating the same
69 7,405,167 Method of manufacturing nonvolatile organic memory device and nonvolatile organic memory device manufactured by the same
70 7,405,164 Apparatus and method for removing a photoresist structure from a substrate
71 7,405,126 Memory device with quantum dot and method for manufacturing the same
72 7,405,120 Method of forming a gate insulator and thin film transistor incorporating the same
73 7,405,105 Stack package using anisotropic conductive film (ACF) and method of making same
74 7,405,090 Method of measuring an effective channel length and an overlap length in a metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
75 7,405,027 Liquid toners comprising toner particles prepared in a solvent other than the carrier liquid
76 7,404,879 Ionized physical vapor deposition apparatus using helical self-resonant coil
77 7,404,757 Apparatus and method for breaking in multiple pad conditioning disks for use in a chemical mechanical polishing system
78 7,404,642 Autostereoscopic display
79 7,404,624 Ink-jet printhead and ink expelling method using a laser
80 7,404,618 Inkjet printer
81 7,404,519 Microwave oven with bar code scanner
82 7,404,304 Drum type washing machine with heater using steam and hot water