Samsung patents granted on 29 June 2010

160 US patents granted on 29 June 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D618,866 Drum-type washing machine
2 D618,702 Video display image for mobile phone
3 D618,701 Video display image for mobile phone
4 D618,700 Video display image for mobile phone
5 D618,699 Mobile phone with graphic design
6 D618,698 Video display image for home-network-monitor
7 D618,666 Remote controller for television receiver
8 D618,660 Voice recorder
9 D618,654 Mobile phone
10 D618,653 Mobile phone
11 D618,652 Mobile phone
12 D618,648 Mobile phone
13 7,747,931 Apparatus and method for decoding burst in an OFDMA mobile communication system
14 7,747,929 Apparatus and method for coding/decoding block low density parity check code with variable block length
15 7,747,914 Memory diagnosis test circuit and test method using the same
16 7,747,912 Semiconductor memory device capable of arbitrarily setting the number of memory cells to be tested and related test method
17 7,747,868 Method for inputting a password in a mobile communication terminal
18 7,747,439 Method and system for recognizing phoneme in speech signal
19 7,747,429 Data summarization method and apparatus
20 7,747,348 Method and apparatus for using rotational movement amount of mobile device and computer-readable recording medium for storing computer program
21 7,747,298 Sliding device for portable terminal
22 7,747,295 Earphone jack for eliminating power noise in mobile communication terminal, and operating method thereof
23 7,747,263 Method of transmitting and receiving broadcasting information by utilizing a cell broadcasting service in a mobile telecommunication system
24 7,747,262 Paging apparatus and method in a mobile communication system providing multimedia broadcast multicast service
25 7,747,233 Apparatus and method for selecting an antenna in a digital broadcast receiving terminal
26 7,747,231 System and method for transmitting signal in a communication system
27 7,747,214 Mobile terminal and method for providing user interface using received terrestrial digital broadcasting data
28 7,747,213 Method of reducing configuration information in the signaling of radio bearer information for a plurality of multicast/broadcast services
29 7,747,179 Image forming apparatus and storage thereof
30 7,747,168 Multi switching architecture and method in optical burst switching network
31 7,747,162 Pop-up module for electronic device
32 7,747,136 Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
33 7,747,121 Bending waveguide, method of fabricating the bending waveguide, light delivery module employing the bending waveguide, and heat assisted magnetic recording head employing the bending waveguide
34 7,747,100 Adaptive directional edge-preserving false contour filtering
35 7,747,096 Method, medium, and system encoding/decoding image data
36 7,747,092 Image encoding apparatus and method, and image decoding apparatus and method
37 7,747,063 Method and apparatus for inspecting a substrate
38 7,747,029 Screen for playing audible signals by demodulating ultrasonic signals having the audible signals
39 7,747,007 Protective cover for portable communication device
40 7,746,991 Apparatus and method of providing a call service using a prepaid card in a portable terminal
41 7,746,966 Method for automatic gain control before initial synchronization in OFDM system and apparatus thereof
42 7,746,960 Apparatus and method for compensating for I/Q mismatch in TDD system
43 7,746,952 Apparatus for generating precoding codebook for MIMO system and method using the apparatus
44 7,746,951 Log-likelihood ration (LLR) generating apparatus and method in Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna communication system
45 7,746,950 Signal detection method for MIMO communication system employing spatial multiplexing
46 7,746,947 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data in a multiple-input multiple-output communication system
47 7,746,942 Apparatus and method for controlling dynamic range of weight vectors according to combining methods in a mobile station equipped with multiple antennas in high rate packet data system using code division multiple access scheme
48 7,746,940 Method and apparatus for transmitting a signal in a communication system
49 7,746,890 Interface device and inter-chip communication interface apparatus to control data transfer between chips
50 7,746,871 Method and apparatus for communicating data using TX/RX FIFO structure in a wideband stereo codec interface
51 7,746,821 Apparatus and method for managing bandwidth in broadband wireless access system
52 7,746,815 Hybrid forwarding apparatus and method for cooperative relaying in an OFDM network
53 7,746,802 Method and apparatus for channel state feedback using arithmetic coding
54 7,746,775 Instant service method for deficit-round-robin (DRR) data packet scheduling
55 7,746,765 Method and system for allocating data bursts in a wireless communication system
56 7,746,754 Method of allocating areas in optical disc, data recording and/or reproducing apparatus adopting the same, and optical disc therefor
57 7,746,753 Method of reproducing information using semiconductor probe and device adopting the semiconductor probe
58 7,746,750 Method of recording information on and/or reproducing information from information storage medium including user data area having first sync patterns and additional data area having second and third sync patterns different from each other and from the first sync patterns
59 7,746,749 Look-ahead maximum-likelihood data detector for optical disk drives
60 7,746,743 Disc with temporary disc definition structure (TDDS) and temporary defect list (TDFL), and method of and apparatus for managing defect in the same
61 7,746,739 Writing power determining method and optical disc apparatus
62 7,746,737 Information recording medium, apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data on and/or from information recording medium, method of recording and/or reproducing data on and/or from information recording medium, and computer-readable recording medium storing program for executing the method
63 7,746,719 Multi-chip package reducing power-up peak current
64 7,746,712 Semiconductor memory device including post package repair control circuit and post package repair method
65 7,746,703 Flash memory device and method of programming flash memory device
66 7,746,702 Memory device and method for estimating characteristics of multi-bit programming
67 7,746,688 PRAM and method of firing memory cells
68 7,746,599 Hard disk drive apparatus and method with ramp parking
69 7,746,589 Bit patterned medium, reading head for reading data recorded on bit patterned medium, and hard disk drive for recording/reading data on/from bit patterned medium
70 7,746,581 Device for transferring lens
71 7,746,565 Optical lens, optical package having the same, backlight assembly having the same, display device having the same, and method thereof
72 7,746,543 Display device
73 7,746,536 Micro thin-film structure, MEMS switch employing such a micro thin-film, and method of fabricating them
74 7,746,525 Automatic scanning method and apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
75 7,746,523 Apparatus and method of forming an image
76 7,746,521 Analog-to-digital conversion in CMOS image sensor
77 7,746,505 Image quality improving apparatus and method using detected edges
78 7,746,503 Method of and device for image enhancement
79 7,746,488 Network-based image forming device and print secure method thereof
80 7,746,475 Microgyroscope
81 7,746,441 Spacer positioning to improve display quality in a liquid crystal display apparatus
82 7,746,438 Liquid crystal display device and method of driving thereof
83 7,746,436 Display panel
84 7,746,434 Optical film assembly for a display device
85 7,746,426 Liquid crystal display comprising a wide view polarizer
86 7,746,423 Photo-luminescent liquid crystal display including a blue dichroic mirror layer
87 7,746,417 Thin film transistor array panel for a display
88 7,746,414 Illumination system eliminating laser speckle and projection TV employing the same
89 7,746,406 Folded compact image capture apparatus
90 7,746,397 Image device having color filter
91 7,746,388 System and method for inserting position information into image
92 7,746,372 Beam deflector, light scanning unit and image forming apparatus having the same
93 7,746,368 Medium supplying apparatus of image forming device
94 7,746,346 Method and system of rendering 3-dimensional graphics data to minimize rendering area, rendering time, and power consumption
95 7,746,337 Inverter circuit
96 7,746,329 Display apparatus and a method of controlling the same
97 7,746,318 Liquid crystal display backlight inverter
98 7,746,316 Liquid crystal display device including a circuit board including an inverter with a driving circuit part
99 7,746,312 Circuit for generating driving voltages and liquid crystal display using the same
100 7,746,304 Color correction liquid crystal display and method of driving same
101 7,746,298 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
102 7,746,249 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key data
103 7,746,245 Integrated remote control system
104 7,746,206 Inverter transformer and inverter power module having the same for use in electric/electronic device
105 7,746,174 Systems and methods for power amplifier with integrated passive device
106 7,746,128 Clock multiplier and clock generator having the same
107 7,746,093 Driving chip package, display device including the same, and method of testing driving chip package
108 7,746,034 Battery module
109 7,746,033 Secondary battery module
110 7,745,996 Display panel film having a black layer and a reflective layer
111 7,745,984 Composition for preparing electron emission source, method for preparing electron emission source using the composition, and electron emission source
112 7,745,958 Tact switch module executing toggling flow and power switching module including the tact switch module
113 7,745,932 Semiconductor package, semiconductor package module including the semiconductor package, and methods of fabricating the same
114 7,745,922 Package board having internal terminal interconnection and semiconductor package employing the same
115 7,745,911 Semiconductor chip package
116 7,745,907 Semiconductor package including connector disposed in troughhole
117 7,745,899 Photomask and its method of manufacture
118 7,745,887 Dual work function metal gate structure and related method of manufacture
119 7,745,882 High-gain bipolar junction transistor compatible with complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) process and method for fabricating the same
120 7,745,876 Semiconductor integrated circuit devices including gate patterns having step difference therebetween and a connection line disposed between the gate patterns and methods of fabricating the same
121 7,745,861 Photodiodes and image sensors including the same
122 7,745,828 Organic light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
123 7,745,823 Thin film panel and method of manufacturing the same
124 7,745,342 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
125 7,745,341 Phase-change semiconductor device and methods of manufacturing the same
126 7,745,338 Method of forming fine pitch hardmask patterns and method of forming fine patterns of semiconductor device using the same
127 7,745,325 Wiring structure of a semiconductor device, method of forming the wiring structure, non-volatile memory device including the wiring structure, and method of manufacturing the non-volatile memory device
128 7,745,314 Method of degassing thin layer and method of manufacturing silicon thin film
129 7,745,305 Method of removing an oxide and method of filling a trench using the same
130 7,745,292 Method for fabricating a semiconductor gate structure
131 7,745,290 Methods of fabricating semiconductor device including fin-fet
132 7,745,287 Floating trap type nonvolatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
133 7,745,255 Bonding pad structure, electronic device having a bonding pad structure and methods of fabricating the same
134 7,745,233 Ferroelectric capacitor and ferroelectric memory with Ir-Ru alloy electrode and method of manufacturing the same
135 7,745,096 Photosensitive polyimide composition, polyimide film and semiconductor device using the same
136 7,745,072 Method of correcting critical dimension in photomask and photomask having corrected critical dimension using the method
137 7,745,068 Binary photomask having a compensation layer
138 7,745,055 Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same
139 7,745,054 Non-aqueous electrolyte and lithium secondary battery comprising same
140 7,745,053 Lithium secondary battery having an improved polymer electrolyte
141 7,745,048 Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
142 7,745,046 Secondary battery
143 7,745,043 Fuel cell stack
144 7,745,034 Fuel cell system and fuel cartridge having fuel buffer module
145 7,745,028 Fuel cell system
146 7,745,020 Metallic compound and organic electroluminescence device comprising the same
147 7,745,002 Method of coating the surface of an inorganic powder and a coated inorganic powder manufactured using the same
148 7,744,834 Method for manufacturing metal nanoparticles
149 7,744,778 Polymeric surfactant for high dielectric polymer composites, method of preparing the same and high dielectric polymer composite comprising the same
150 7,744,719 Manufacturing method for display device, manufacturing apparatus for the same and display device made by the same
151 7,744,668 Multi-cyclone dust separating apparatus of vacuum cleaner
152 7,744,667 Cyclone separating apparatus for a vacuum cleaner
153 7,744,440 Method of growing carbon nanotubes and method of manufacturing field emission device using the same
154 7,744,328 Apparatus for aligning a tray and tray holder
155 7,744,265 Backlight assembly without a bottom chassis
156 7,744,199 Ink-jetting apparatus and ink-jetting method
157 7,744,083 Paper feeding apparatus
158 7,743,671 Fluid production computation apparatus using electromagnetic induction theory and fluid producing apparatus capable of computing fluid production
159 7,743,633 Washing machine having balancer
160 7,743,462 Double sided suction nozzle for use in vacuum cleaner