Samsung patents granted on 29 March 2011

116 US patents granted on 29 March 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D635,129 Exhibition board for television set
2 D635,113 Mobile phone
3 7,917,936 Digital broadcasting receiving apparatus and method for upgrading software thereof
4 7,917,868 Three-dimensional motion graphic user interface and method and apparatus for providing the same
5 7,917,821 System-on-chip performing multi-phase scan chain and method thereof
6 7,917,776 System-on-chip including deepstop mode to reduce total leakage current and method thereof
7 7,917,673 Communication device and method having a shared local memory
8 7,917,653 SyncML data sync system and data exchanging method for data exchange between clients
9 7,917,603 Method for setting an internet protocol address using a vehicle identification number
10 7,917,546 Method and apparatus for generating media-exchangeable multimedia data, and method and apparatus for reconstructing media-exchangeable multimedia data
11 7,917,180 Button with an included display
12 7,917,166 System and method for controlling power in a communication system
13 7,917,160 Method for automatically recognizing approval number for electronic commerce through SMS message in DMB terminal
14 7,917,150 Method and system for receiving broadcast service and unicast service
15 7,917,142 Comprehensive registration method for wireless communication system
16 7,917,061 Image forming apparatus
17 7,917,054 Image developing apparatus and image forming apparatus using the apparatus
18 7,917,029 Camera system and method for controlling the same
19 7,917,022 Shaking sensing and correction apparatus and method
20 7,916,939 High brightness wide gamut display
21 7,916,931 Apparatus, method, and medium for dividing regions by using feature points and mobile robot using the same
22 7,916,860 Scalar multiplication apparatus and method
23 7,916,789 Apparatus, medium, and method generating motion-compensated layers
24 7,916,745 Apparatus and method for automatic repeat request in multi input multi output system
25 7,916,719 Apparatus and method for controlling hybrid ARQ memory in broadband wireless access communication system
26 7,916,703 Wireless local area network (WLAN) and method of transmitting frame in the WLAN
27 7,916,696 Traffic handover control device and method of multi-mode mobile communication terminal
28 7,916,689 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving information using random access procedure in mobile communication system
29 7,916,688 Method for transmitting/receiving data in communication system
30 7,916,683 Wireless network system and method of transmitting/receiving data in wireless network
31 7,916,650 Network device and data transmission method thereof in wireless sensor network
32 7,916,622 Apparatus and method for allocating resources in mobile communication system
33 7,916,621 MIMO control signaling in a wireless communication system
34 7,916,620 Multi-user data transmission/reception system and mode determination method
35 7,916,604 Adaptive writing method for high-density optical recording apparatus and circuit thereof
36 7,916,601 Optical recording/reproducing write strategy method, medium, and apparatus
37 7,916,587 Method of and apparatus for recording data on write-once disc, method of and apparatus for reproducing data from write-once disc, and write-once disc therefor
38 7,916,586 Near field optical recording/reproducing apparatus and method of normalizing gap error signal of the same
39 7,916,582 Optical recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus and method, initialization method, and reinitialization method
40 7,916,564 Multi-chip semiconductor device providing enhanced redundancy capabilities
41 7,916,542 Nonvolatile memory device with multiple page regions, and methods of reading and precharging the same
42 7,916,540 Non-volatile memory devices and systems including bad blocks address re-mapped and methods of operating the same
43 7,916,538 Memory device employing NVRAM and flash memory cells
44 7,916,512 Memory module having high data processing rate
45 7,916,511 Semiconductor memory device including plurality of memory chips
46 7,916,450 Ceramic slurry composition, method for producing thin green sheet by extrusion, and electronic device fabricated using the green sheet
47 7,916,402 Imaging optical system for camera and video telephony camera employing the same
48 7,916,371 Actuator for holographic information storing apparatus
49 7,916,260 Display substrate, method for manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
50 7,916,257 TFT substrate and liquid crystal display device having the same comprising patterns disposed at different heights
51 7,916,246 Color filtering device for improved brightness
52 7,916,244 Liquid crystal display having high luminance and high display quality
53 7,916,243 Dual liquid crystal display device
54 7,916,238 Liquid crystal display having reflective plate with sidewalls to improve brightness
55 7,916,237 Liquid crystal display device
56 7,916,234 Liquid crystal display having first and second thin film transistors and first and second sub-pixel electrodes
57 7,916,227 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
58 7,916,226 Thin film transisitor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
59 7,916,225 Liquid crystal display forming a coupling capacitor between a proximate and parallel portion of a drain electrode and a data line
60 7,916,222 Stereoscopic display device and driving method thereof
61 7,916,218 Image display apparatus and method
62 7,916,198 Common mode feedback circuit supporting dual data rate, programmable gain amplifier having the same, and image sensor having the programmable gain amplifier
63 7,916,156 Conversion of a sub-pixel format data to another sub-pixel data format
64 7,916,106 LCD driving device
65 7,916,102 Pixel and organic light emitting display device including the same
66 7,916,061 Apparatus and method for sigma-delta analog to digital conversion
67 7,916,056 Sigma delta modulator and sigma delta A/D converter using the same
68 7,915,968 Digitally controlled oscillator (DCO)
69 7,915,862 Apparatus and method for measuring battery charge level of portable terminal
70 7,915,855 Portable terminal and power supply control method
71 7,915,822 Display device and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
72 7,915,821 OLED comprising an organic insulating layer with grooves and an inorganic layer filling the grooves
73 7,915,820 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
74 7,915,817 Double-sided light emitting device
75 7,915,811 Organic electrolumescent display
76 7,915,805 Organic electroluminescent display and method of manufacture
77 7,915,788 Piezoelectric vibrator, manufacturing method thereof and linear actuator having the same
78 7,915,757 Multi-output DC/DC converter
79 7,915,727 Tape for heat dissipating member, chip on film type semiconductor package including heat dissipating member, and electronic apparatus including the same
80 7,915,710 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device, and semiconductor device with a conductive member extending through a substrate and connected to a metal pattern bonded to the substrate
81 7,915,689 Thin film transistor, display device including the same and manufacturing method thereof
82 7,915,668 Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
83 7,915,650 Thin-film transistor, array substrate having the thin-film transistor and method of manufacturing the array substrate
84 7,915,649 Light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
85 7,915,616 Display device and driving method thereof
86 7,915,614 Display substrate having the same and method of manufacturing the display substrate
87 7,915,613 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
88 7,915,610 ZnO-based thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
89 7,915,607 Nitride semiconductor device
90 7,915,595 X-ray detector and method of manufacturing the same
91 7,915,594 X-ray detector and method of driving the same
92 7,915,428 Photorefractive dendron compound, photorefractive dendrimer compound, method of preparing the same, photorefractive device using the same, and method of manufacturing the device
93 7,915,353 Silica nanocomposite, method of preparing the silica nanocomposite, composite foam and method of preparing the composite foam
94 7,915,150 Method of manufacturing nitride semiconductor substrate using epitaxial growth
95 7,915,138 Methods of manufacturing non-volatile memory devices
96 7,915,118 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
97 7,915,109 Semiconductor probe structure using impact-ionization metal oxide semiconductor device, information storing device therewith and manufacturing method thereof
98 7,915,102 Methods of fabricating thin film transistor and organic light emitting display device using the same
99 7,915,101 Thin film transistor and organic light emitting display using the same
100 7,915,074 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
101 7,915,070 Method for fabricating organic light emitting display device
102 7,915,013 Method and apparatus for amplifying nucleic acids
103 7,914,996 Polynucleotide associated with a colon cancer comprising single nucleotide polymorphism, microarray and diagnostic kit comprising the same and method for diagnosing a colon cancer using the polynucleotide
104 7,914,973 Method of forming a pattern in a semiconductor device and method of forming a gate using the same
105 7,914,940 Fuel cell providing improved stack and cooling plate
106 7,914,931 Separator for rechargeable lithium battery, rechargeable lithium battery including the same, and method for preparing rechargeable lithium battery
107 7,914,928 Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery comprising same
108 7,914,660 Method of controlling pH of electrolyzed solution using microfluidic device including electrolysis device
109 7,914,621 Vapor deposition source and vapor deposition apparatus having the same
110 7,914,620 Supporting device for heating crucible and deposition apparatus having the same
111 7,914,594 Air filtering device and cleaning system of semiconductor manufacturing apparatus with the same
112 7,914,354 Method of fabricating an organic light emitting display
113 7,914,194 Backlight unit having light emititng diodes and method of manufacturing the same
114 7,914,113 Print head having nozzles with varied spacing and inkjet printer including the same
115 7,913,368 Method of manufacturing chip capacitor including ceramic/polymer composite
116 7,913,355 Bidirectional opening/closing door unit and refrigerator having the same