Samsung patents granted on 29 March 2016

209 US patents granted on 29 March 2016 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE45,956 Battery unit, lithium polymer battery using the same, and method for manufacturing lithium polymer battery
2 D752,832 Home appliance
3 D752,831 Cleaner
4 D752,830 Washing machine
5 D752,796 Light for digital camera
6 D752,758 Blood glucose meter
7 D752,681 Printer
8 D752,680 Cover for head-mounted display device
9 D752,640 Display screen with graphical user interface
10 D752,639 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
11 D752,637 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
12 D752,636 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
13 D752,635 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
14 D752,634 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
15 D752,632 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
16 D752,631 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
17 D752,630 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
18 D752,619 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
19 D752,614 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
20 D752,610 Portable electronic device with a graphical user interface
21 D752,609 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
22 D752,608 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
23 D752,606 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
24 D752,603 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
25 D752,596 Wall pad
26 D752,582 Portable electronic device
27 D752,581 Portable electronic device
28 D752,580 Electronic device
29 D752,579 Band for portable information terminal
30 D752,535 TV receiver
31 D752,371 Display unit
32 9,301,435 Display apparatus
33 9,301,428 Display apparatus
34 9,301,417 Sealing material, display device, and method of manufacturing the display device
35 9,301,400 Apparatus for use in fabricating touch screen panel
36 9,301,389 Display apparatus
37 9,301,377 Circuit for preventing static electricity of a display panel and display device including the same
38 9,301,357 Backlight unit controlling current to light source unit and display apparatus having the same
39 9,301,270 Method and apparatus for synchronization for device-to-device communication
40 9,301,263 Method for determining transmission power in MIMO system based on cooperative transmission
41 9,301,188 Secondary carrier activation/deactivation method and apparatus for mobile communication system supporting carrier aggregation
42 9,301,181 Method and apparatus for measuring interference in wireless communication system
43 9,301,175 Configuration of interference measurement resources for enhanced downlink measurements and MU-MIMO
44 9,301,122 Apparatus and method for establishing a personal network for providing a CPNS service
45 9,301,056 Hearing apparatus and method for measuring distance between eardrum and hearing apparatus
46 9,301,008 Broadcasting receiving apparatus and method for providing broadcasting signal relation information
47 9,301,000 Method for providing a content-sharing service, and a device therefor
48 9,300,972 Video encoding method and apparatus using low-complexity frequency transformation, and video decoding method and apparatus
49 9,300,970 Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding motion vector
50 9,300,957 Video encoding method for encoding hierarchical-structure symbols and a device therefor, and video decoding method for decoding hierarchical-structure symbols and a device therefor
51 9,300,953 Imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same
52 9,300,948 Three-dimensional image display apparatus
53 9,300,945 3D image photographing apparatus and method
54 9,300,940 Method and apparatus for converting 2-dimensional image into 3-dimensional image by adjusting depth of the 3-dimensional image
55 9,300,918 Service access control system and method using embedded browser agent
56 9,300,917 Content supply system and content supply method thereof and display device and control method thereof
57 9,300,898 Electronic device and control method thereof
58 9,300,897 Sink apparatus, source apparatus, function block control system, sink apparatus control method, source apparatus control method and function block control method
59 9,300,887 Image sensor and computing system having the same
60 9,300,868 Image processing device and system operable in a high-quality imaging mode and a power saving mode
61 9,300,856 Image encoding apparatus and method of camera device
62 9,300,854 Apparatus and method for detecting and connecting counterpart device by capturing image of counterpart device in wireless device
63 9,300,824 Method and image forming apparatus to generate user interface screen to be displayed to user accessing the image forming apparatus
64 9,300,783 Method and system for reproducing contents, and computer-readable recording medium thereof
65 9,300,778 Bluetooth headset for mobile phone
66 9,300,772 Method and apparatus for providing event of portable device having flexible display unit
67 9,300,761 Client apparatus and server and control method thereof
68 9,300,668 Method and apparatus for roaming digital rights management content in device
69 9,300,519 Method and apparatus for interworking voice and multimedia services between CSI terminal and IMS terminal
70 9,300,517 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving signal in communication system
71 9,300,500 Adaptive equalizer and method of controlling the same
72 9,300,454 Control and data signaling in SC-FDMA communication systems
73 9,300,451 Transmission of sounding reference signals for adaptively configured TDD communication systems
74 9,300,383 Precoder selection method and apparatus for performing hybrid beamforming in wireless communication system
75 9,300,376 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and control methods thereof
76 9,300,288 Touch sensor panel and method for manufacturing the same
77 9,300,285 Gate driver circuit
78 9,300,240 Methods and apparatuses for obtaining maximum magnetic flux of permanent magnet synchronous motors
79 9,300,166 Battery management system and driving method thereof
80 9,300,164 Apparatus and method for non-contact recharging and near field communication in a portable electronic device
81 9,300,127 Interface unit having overcurrent and overvoltage protection device
82 9,300,111 Semiconductor light emitting device
83 9,300,049 Antenna and portable device having the same
84 9,300,016 Battery system and energy storage system
85 9,300,014 Rechargeable battery pack
86 9,299,976 Secondary battery including a cap plate comprising an inversion plate
87 9,299,974 Rechargeable battery
88 9,299,972 Rechargeable battery with separating member between current collector and battery case
89 9,299,970 Jelly-roll type battery unit and winding method thereof and lithium secondary battery comprising the same
90 9,299,969 Secondary battery
91 9,299,957 Method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus by performing plasma surface process using target sputtering apparatus
92 9,299,954 Organic light-emitting apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
93 9,299,953 Flat panel display device having a sealing structure and manufacturing method thereof
94 9,299,951 Display panel including multilayer diffusion barrier
95 9,299,950 Organic light emitting display apparatus
96 9,299,949 Display panel and display device
97 9,299,948 Organic light emitting display device
98 9,299,941 Organic semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
99 9,299,936 Organic light-emitting diode including multi-layered hole transporting layer, and flat display device including the organic light-emitting diode
100 9,299,923 Magnetic devices having perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction
101 9,299,920 Magnetic memory devices with magnetic tunnel junctions
102 9,299,842 Fin transistor and semiconductor integrated circuit including the same
103 9,299,836 Semiconductor devices including multilayer source/drain stressors and methods of manufacturing the same
104 9,299,827 Semiconductor integrated circuit devices including gates having connection lines thereon
105 9,299,826 Memory device and method of manufacturing the same
106 9,299,812 Method of forming semiconductor device having stressor
107 9,299,811 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
108 9,299,789 Memory devices including graphene switching devices
109 9,299,783 Transistor and method of operating same
110 9,299,759 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
111 9,299,757 Display device and method of fabricating the same
112 9,299,756 Organic light emitting display device
113 9,299,755 Flexible display apparatus configured to be bent
114 9,299,754 Organic light emitting display and manufacturing method thereof
115 9,299,753 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
116 9,299,752 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
117 9,299,751 Display device
118 9,299,749 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
119 9,299,730 Thin film transistor array substrate and organic light-emitting diode display
120 9,299,726 Display device having an overlapping low reflection conductive line
121 9,299,718 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
122 9,299,716 Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device
123 9,299,711 Field effect transistors including asymmetrical silicide structures and related devices
124 9,299,707 Three-dimensional semiconductor devices with current path selection structure
125 9,299,700 Semiconductor devices including a dummy gate structure on a fin
126 9,299,693 Electrostatic discharge protection device
127 9,299,685 Multi-chip package having a logic chip disposed in a package substrate opening and connecting to an interposer
128 9,299,659 Semiconductor devices including multiple interconnection structures
129 9,299,631 Stack-type semiconductor package
130 9,299,613 Method for cutting substrate
131 9,299,563 Method for forming a strained semiconductor structure
132 9,299,561 Method for fabricating nitride semiconductor thin film and method for fabricating nitride semiconductor device using the same
133 9,299,542 Method of monitoring a manufacturing-process and manufacturing-process monitoring device
134 9,299,510 Key button apparatus
135 9,299,497 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and board for mounting the same
136 9,299,474 Oxide for semiconductor layer of thin-film transistor, sputtering target, and thin-film transistor
137 9,299,446 Nonvolatile memory device and an erase method thereof
138 9,299,445 Nonvolatile memory device and method of operating the same
139 9,299,429 Nonvolatile memory device using a resistance material and a driving method thereof
140 9,299,392 Semiconductor memory devices
141 9,299,357 Apparatus and method for decoding audio data
142 9,299,351 Method and apparatus of suppressing vocoder noise
143 9,299,319 Display device for displaying an image with accurate luminance and method for driving the same
144 9,299,318 Display device and image signal compensating method
145 9,299,314 Display device and method for controlling display image
146 9,299,301 Display device and method for driving the display device
147 9,299,289 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
148 9,299,283 Apparatus for compensating color characteristics in display device and compensating method thereof
149 9,299,282 Method of storing gamma data in a display device, display device and method of operating a display device
150 9,299,281 Display device including inspection pad having a resistor and manufacturing method thereof
151 9,299,280 Substrate of electronic device, electronic device including the same, and measuring method of resistance at connection portion
152 9,299,279 Display device, inspecting and driving method thereof
153 9,299,014 Mobile terminal and code recognition method thereof
154 9,299,005 Image processing apparatus and method
155 9,298,971 Method and apparatus for processing information of image including a face
156 9,298,748 Apparatus and method providing content service
157 9,298,644 Method and portable device for managing memory in a data stream management system using priority information
158 9,298,613 Integrated circuit for computing target entry address of buffer descriptor based on data block offset, method of operating same, and system including same
159 9,298,612 Semiconductor memory device and computer system including the same
160 9,298,601 Conditional processing method and apparatus
161 9,298,587 Integrated circuit including clock controlled debugging circuit and system-on-chip including the same
162 9,298,519 Method for controlling display apparatus and mobile phone
163 9,298,475 Method and apparatus for constructing a widget environment
164 9,298,430 Method of compiling program to be executed on multi-core processor, and task mapping method and task scheduling method of reconfigurable processor
165 9,298,356 Method and apparatus for creating or storing resultant image which changes in selected area
166 9,298,341 Apparatus and method for switching split view in portable terminal
167 9,298,340 Method for inputting text and display apparatus using the same
168 9,298,332 Touch screen panel
169 9,298,319 Multi-touch recognition apparatus using filtering and a difference image and control method thereof
170 9,298,315 Display device including photo sensor and driving method thereof
171 9,298,297 Method and apparatus for controlling flexible display panel
172 9,298,296 Electronic apparatus and method of control thereof
173 9,298,292 Method and apparatus for moving object in terminal having touch screen
174 9,298,288 Driving apparatus of display panel and display device including the same
175 9,298,257 Apparatus and method for controlling avatar using expression control point
176 9,298,254 Movable display apparatus, robot having movable display apparatus and display method thereof
177 9,298,251 Methods of spreading plurality of interrupts, interrupt request signal spreader circuits, and systems-on-chips having the same
178 9,298,233 Driver IC of display apparatus and method of generating logic voltage using driver IC
179 9,298,221 Method of displaying folding information and foldable display apparatus using the method
180 9,298,220 Curved display and electronic device including the same
181 9,298,194 Method to control medical equipment
182 9,298,134 Toner supply apparatus and toner cartidge
183 9,298,098 Exposure apparatus and method of configuring exposure apparatus
184 9,298,063 Lighting device and photographing system including the same
185 9,298,044 Liquid crystal display
186 9,298,043 Liquid crystal display
187 9,298,039 Backlight unit and display device including the same
188 9,298,038 Light emitting unit having reflector and lens and display device having the same
189 9,298,032 Liquid crystal display
190 9,298,029 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
191 9,298,027 Liquid crystal display device
192 9,297,986 Wide angle lens system and electronic apparatus having the same
193 9,297,946 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
194 9,297,890 Apparatus and method for generating doppler image
195 9,297,849 Test system and method for wafer including optical component
196 9,297,841 Method and apparatus for managing electronic appliance
197 9,297,840 Power detection circuit
198 9,297,781 Electrode system and method for calculating character values of solution using the same
199 9,297,703 Temperature sensing device and method of driving thereof
200 9,297,502 Wavelength conversion structure, apparatus comprising wavelength conversion structure, and related methods of manufacture
201 9,297,372 Hermetic reciprocating compressor
202 9,296,817 Antibodies cross-reactive to human and mouse c-Met and uses thereof
203 9,296,695 Bipyridine-based compound and organic light emitting diode employing organic layer comprising the same
204 9,296,580 Auto document feeder, scanner including the same, and method of controlling auto document feeding
205 9,296,223 Electronic paper and printing device
206 9,296,221 Light scanning unit and image forming apparatus employing the same
207 9,296,012 Device for manufacture including a deposition mask
208 9,295,452 Method and apparatus for correcting ultrasound images by using interest index map
209 9,295,451 Ultrasound system for providing an ultrasound image optimized for posture of a user