Samsung patents granted on 29 November 2016

198 US patents granted on 29 November 2016 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE46,222 Display substrate with dual transistor and connection transistor, method of manufacturing the display substrate and display device having the display substrate
2 D773,131 Cleaner
3 D773,129 Washing machine
4 D773,128 Washing machine
5 D772,977 Printer
6 D772,942 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
7 D772,941 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
8 D772,916 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
9 D772,901 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
10 D772,900 Display screen or portion thereof with graphic user interface
11 D772,896 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
12 D772,895 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
13 D772,892 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
14 D772,703 Box
15 9,510,461 Electric component module and method of manufacturing the same
16 9,510,455 Electronic component embedded substrate and manufacturing method thereof
17 9,510,443 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and board having the same
18 9,510,440 Display device and curvature variation device adapted thereto
19 9,510,381 Scheduling method and apparatus in system performing device-to-device communication
20 9,510,366 Indexing resources for transmission of acknowledgement signals in multi-cell TDD communication systems
21 9,510,364 Transmission of scheduling assignments in multiple operating bandwidths
22 9,510,348 Apparatus and method for allocating resources in a single carrier-frequency division multiple access system
23 9,510,345 System and method for efficient indication of distributed sub-band resources
24 9,510,327 Aggregation of FDD and TDD cells
25 9,510,305 Power headroom report method and apparatus of UE
26 9,510,273 Communication system with cell selection mechanism and method of operation thereof
27 9,510,244 Apparatus and method for controlling cell reselection timer in communication system
28 9,510,230 Method and apparatus for controlling user equipment access in mobile communication system
29 9,510,225 Interference measurement method and apparatus for use in distributed antenna system
30 9,510,167 Electronic device and method for changing alarm mode
31 9,510,163 Method and apparatus for managing a group profile in a Wi-Fi direct communication system
32 9,510,154 Location determination, mapping, and data management through crowdsourcing
33 9,510,063 Functionality extending kit of display apparatus and controlling method thereof
34 9,510,059 Program guide apparatus
35 9,509,984 Three dimensional image display method and device utilizing a two dimensional image signal at low-depth areas
36 9,509,976 Image display system and display method thereof
37 9,509,947 Method and apparatus for transmitting file during video call in electronic device
38 9,509,946 Conference call terminal and method for operating user interface thereof
39 9,509,936 Apparatua and method of browsing content
40 9,509,932 Image sensors, methods of operating the same, and image processing systems including the same
41 9,509,925 Device and method of transferring sensed data in image sensor
42 9,509,828 Method of providing notification and electronic device thereof
43 9,509,826 Method and mobile device for selectively displaying list of peripheral devices based on short range communication
44 9,509,753 Mobile apparatus and method for controlling thereof, and touch device
45 9,509,750 Apparatus and method for providing content
46 9,509,739 Method and apparatus for playing live content
47 9,509,635 Method and apparatus for allowing playback devices to perform synchronized playback of streaming content
48 9,509,594 Mobile terminal preparation
49 9,509,537 In-band data communication system using wireless power
50 9,509,515 Method and apparatus for registering devices capable of device-to-device communication in server
51 9,509,495 Data protection method and apparatus
52 9,509,473 Method and device for sending and receiving a reference signal
53 9,509,447 Method and apparatus for improved network coding in wireless communication system
54 9,509,425 Signal detection method and apparatus
55 9,509,401 Visible light communication method in an information display device having an LED backlight unit, and information display device for the method
56 9,509,381 Apparatus and method of blind detection of interference rank information in wireless communication system
57 9,509,374 Wireless power transmission apparatus and transmission method thereof
58 9,509,367 Method and apparatus for channel mitigation using per-tone spreading in single carrier block transmissions
59 9,509,360 Electronic device and method of transmitting data between electronic device and flip cover thereof
60 9,509,328 Signal processing apparatus and method
61 9,509,309 Semiconductor device
62 9,509,262 Concurrent multi-band radio frequency amplifying circuit
63 9,509,258 Signal amplifier having inverted topology in stacked common gate structure
64 9,509,199 Energy harvesting devices
65 9,509,179 Wireless electromagnetic receiver and wireless power transfer system
66 9,509,173 Wireless power transmission and charging system, and impedance control method thereof
67 9,509,169 Wireless charging device and control method thereof
68 9,509,166 Apparatus and method for wireless power transmission
69 9,509,165 Apparatus and method for controlling charge current in portable terminal
70 9,509,161 Battery-charging apparatus and method of electronic device
71 9,509,151 Wireless power receiver and control method thereof
72 9,509,087 Docking apparatus for portable device
73 9,509,050 Portable device with circuit board mounted radiator
74 9,509,027 Metal-air battery having folded structure and method of manufacturing the same
75 9,508,987 Composite anode active material, method of preparing the composite anode active material, and lithium battery including the composite anode active material
76 9,508,982 Negative electrode composition for rechargeable lithium battery, negative electrode comprising same and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same
77 9,508,978 Rechargeable battery module
78 9,508,973 Secondary battery
79 9,508,954 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
80 9,508,952 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
81 9,508,946 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
82 9,508,932 Laser crystallization system, laser crystallization method, and method of fabricating display device
83 9,508,925 Magnetic memory device
84 9,508,924 Method and system for providing rare earth magnetic junctions usable in spin transfer torque magnetic random access memory applications
85 9,508,898 Nanostructure semiconductor light emitting device
86 9,508,893 Method for manufacturing nano-structured semiconductor light-emitting element
87 9,508,865 Transistors, methods of manufacturing the same, and electronic devices including transistors
88 9,508,857 Thin film transistor display panel
89 9,508,856 Thin film transistor
90 9,508,855 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
91 9,508,832 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
92 9,508,820 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
93 9,508,819 Semiconductor device for compensating internal delay, methods thereof, and data processing system having the same
94 9,508,782 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
95 9,508,778 Organic light emitting diode display
96 9,508,771 Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor image sensors
97 9,508,766 Image sensors and methods of fabricating the same
98 9,508,749 Display substrates and methods of manufacturing display substrates
99 9,508,748 Thin film transistor display panel and liquid crystal display
100 9,508,738 Semiconductor devices
101 9,508,737 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
102 9,508,732 Semiconductor devices including a gate electrode and methods of manufacturing the same
103 9,508,727 Integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
104 9,508,726 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
105 9,508,704 Method of fabricating semiconductor package, semiconductor package formed thereby, and semiconductor device including the same
106 9,508,697 Semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor light emitting device package including the same
107 9,508,657 Semiconductor package
108 9,508,649 Semiconductor devices
109 9,508,644 Method of forming a pattern
110 9,508,624 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
111 9,508,613 Method for testing susceptor of chemical vapor deposition apparatus and method for manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus by using the same
112 9,508,577 Semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses comprising bonding heads
113 9,508,565 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
114 9,508,551 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device fabricated by the method
115 9,508,522 X-ray generator including heat sink block
116 9,508,488 Resonant apparatus for wireless power transfer
117 9,508,452 Partial chip, and systems having the same
118 9,508,441 Memory device and memory system
119 9,508,424 Nonvolatile memory and programming method using third latch for verification read results
120 9,508,423 Nonvolatile memory device and method of reading the same
121 9,508,383 Method for creating a content and electronic device thereof
122 9,508,378 Optical disk and optical disk reproduction device for reproducing same
123 9,508,355 Method and apparatus for improving encoding and decoding efficiency of an audio signal
124 9,508,353 Method and apparatus for generating a stereo signal from a down-mixed mono signal
125 9,508,311 Display apparatus, connectable external peripheral device and method of displaying an image
126 9,508,307 Apparatus and method for automatic display control in mobile terminal
127 9,508,303 Display device
128 9,508,302 Apparatus to supply power in display device
129 9,508,300 Driving circuit having extra transistor or capacitor, and flat panel display device including the driving circuit
130 9,508,299 Method of driving a display panel and a display apparatus performing the method
131 9,508,290 Display device capable of gradually changing luminance and gamma
132 9,508,289 Display device and display driving method thereof
133 9,508,288 Organic light emitting display device and method of driving the same
134 9,508,284 Method of driving organic electroluminescent display device
135 9,508,280 Method of compensating color of transparent display device
136 9,508,275 Display device
137 9,508,274 Thin film transistor substrate, method of inspecting the same, and display device including the same
138 9,508,210 Vending machine and control method thereof
139 9,508,187 Medical imaging apparatus and control method for the same
140 9,508,183 Image processing apparatus and method for generating 3D image thereof
141 9,508,182 Method of displaying 3D image and display apparatus for performing the method
142 9,508,167 Method and apparatus for high-dimensional data visualization
143 9,508,154 Medical imaging apparatus and method of operating the same
144 9,508,152 Object learning and recognition method and system
145 9,508,143 Apparatus and method for marking region of interest
146 9,508,113 Pipeline system including feedback routes and method of operating the same
147 9,508,105 Method and system for provisioning energy profile in Home Area Network
148 9,507,941 Method of verifying integrity of electronic device, storage medium, and electronic device
149 9,507,931 Security device and controlling method thereof
150 9,507,899 System and method for register transfer level autointegration using spread sheet and computer readable recording medium thereof
151 9,507,753 Coarse-grained reconfigurable array based on a static router
152 9,507,559 Audio outputting apparatus, control method thereof and audio outputting system
153 9,507,530 Method of operating a flash memory system using a migration operation
154 9,507,516 Method for presenting different keypad configurations for data input and a portable device utilizing same
155 9,507,508 Apparatus and method for performing multi-tasking
156 9,507,478 Three-dimensional (3D) display device for providing input-output interface using dynamic magnetic field control and method thereof
157 9,507,461 Input apparatus and input method of a portable terminal using a pen
158 9,507,457 Method of determining touch coordinate and touch panel assembly for performing the same
159 9,507,452 Display device and method of driving the same
160 9,507,440 Apparatus and method to detect coordinates in a pen-based display device
161 9,507,439 Method of inputting user input by using mobile device, and mobile device using the method
162 9,507,424 User location-based display method and apparatus
163 9,507,382 Cover including glass and electronic device using the same
164 9,507,375 Display apparatus and method for recognizing location
165 9,507,281 Organic photoconductor and electrophotographic apparatus and process cartridge including the organic photo conductor
166 9,507,272 Apparatus and method of controlling chuck, and exposure apparatus and control method thereof
167 9,507,262 Resist top-coat composition and patterning process
168 9,507,255 Methods of manufacturing integrated circuit devices by using photomask cleaning compositions
169 9,507,226 Display device having particular sealant
170 9,507,209 Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
171 9,507,192 Display device having cover window
172 9,507,191 Window panel and display device including the same
173 9,507,177 Backlight assembly and display including the same
174 9,507,160 Display apparatus and method of displaying three dimensional images using the same
175 9,507,128 Lens assembly and camera module including the same
176 9,507,117 Lens module
177 9,507,116 Lens module
178 9,507,079 Display apparatus
179 9,507,060 Optical films for reducing color shift and organic light-emitting display apparatuses employing the same
180 9,507,059 Optical films for reducing color shift and organic light-emitting display apparatuses employing the same
181 9,506,877 X-ray photographing apparatus and method of operating the same
182 9,506,686 Refrigerator and method of manufacturing inner cabinet of refrigerator
183 9,506,680 Ice making apparatus and refrigerator having the same
184 9,506,483 Fluid tube increasing uniformity of fluid flow and apparatus including the same
185 9,506,184 Detergent feeding apparatus and washing machine having the same
186 9,506,089 Microorganism having novel acrylic acid synthesis pathway and method of producing acrylic acid by using the microorganism
187 9,505,975 Color filter and color filter array panel
188 9,505,934 Super-hydrorepellent coating composition, super-hydrorepellent coating layer including cured product of the super-hydrorepellent coating composition, and heat exchanger including the super-hydrorepellent coating layer
189 9,505,929 Polycarbonate-based thermoplastic resin composition and molded article
190 9,505,923 Transparent ABS resin composition having superior shock resistance, scratch resistance, and transparency
191 9,505,911 Carbon nanotube ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene composite, molded article including the same, and method of fabricating the molded article
192 9,505,843 Anti-Her3 scFV fragment and bispecific anti-c-Met/anti-Her3 antibodies comprising the same
193 9,505,841 Use of an anti-Ang2 antibody
194 9,504,450 Apparatus and method for combining three dimensional ultrasound images
195 9,504,439 X-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the same
196 9,504,369 Cleaning robot and control method thereof
197 9,504,368 Robot cleaner and method for controlling the same
198 9,504,367 Cleaning robot and method for controlling the same