Samsung patents granted on 29 September 2009

74 US patents granted on 29 September 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D601,315 Vacuum cleaner
2 D601,186 Laser printer
3 D601,185 Laser printer
4 D601,117 Mobile phone
5 D601,116 Mobile phone
6 D601,115 Mobile phone
7 D601,111 Mobile phone
8 D601,109 Mobile phone
9 D601,107 Portable phone
10 D601,106 Portable phone
11 D601,104 TV receiver
12 7,596,735 Pad unit having a test logic circuit and method of driving a system including the same
13 7,596,666 Multi-path accessible semiconductor memory device having port state signaling function
14 7,596,579 Method of reproducing an information storage medium having data structure for being reproduced adaptively according to player startup information
15 7,596,450 Stride-based route guiding apparatus and method
16 7,596,353 Enhanced bluetooth communication system
17 7,596,352 Apparatus and method for channel estimation and echo cancellation in a wireless repeater
18 7,596,303 Apparatus for use with information storage medium containing enhanced AV (ENAV) buffer configuration information, reproducing method thereof and method for managing the buffer
19 7,596,181 Apparatus and method for frequency synchronization in OFDM system
20 7,596,172 Rake receiver in mobile communication system and control method therefor
21 7,596,151 System and method for discovering path MTU in ad hoc network
22 7,596,133 Apparatus and method for data transmission/reception using channel state information in wireless communication system
23 7,596,122 Apparatus and method for data rate scheduling of user equipment in a mobile communication system
24 7,596,114 Data transmission system in broadband wireless access system using band AMC and method thereof
25 7,596,106 System and method for generating flexible time slot in internal voice mail system
26 7,596,044 Semiconductor memory device having sense amplifier operable as a semi-latch type and a full-latch type based on timing and data sensing method thereof
27 7,596,043 Delay locked loop circuit for a synchronous semiconductor memory device and a method of generating information about a load connected to a data pin of a synchronous semiconductor memory device
28 7,596,029 Flash memory device including unified oscillation circuit and method of operating the device
29 7,596,026 Program method of non-volatile memory device
30 7,596,022 Method for programming a multi-level non-volatile memory device
31 7,596,021 Memory system including MLC flash memory
32 7,595,977 Method for joining plates, plate joining structure, and display module having the same
33 7,595,973 Multilayer chip capacitor and circuit board apparatus having the capacitor
34 7,595,964 Method for reducing off track head motion due to disk vibration in a hard disk drive through the head gimbal assembly
35 7,595,947 Lens driving device
36 7,595,855 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
37 7,595,854 Organic light emitting display device
38 7,595,832 Method of controlling digital image processing apparatus for convenient reproduction
39 7,595,795 Photosensor and display device including photosensor
40 7,595,785 Display device and driving device for a light source
41 7,595,772 Plasma display panel method and apparatus for preventing after-image on the plasma display panel
42 7,595,747 Digital-to-analog converter, and method thereof
43 7,595,729 RFID tag and RFID system having the same
44 7,595,700 LC quadrature oscillator having phase and amplitude mismatch compensator
45 7,595,665 Clock gated circuit
46 7,595,661 Low voltage differential signaling drivers including branches with series resistors
47 7,595,591 Plasma display panel
48 7,595,590 Plasma display apparatus
49 7,595,589 Plasma display panel
50 7,595,586 Organic electroluminescent display device
51 7,595,584 Electron emission device and electron emission display using the same
52 7,595,559 Integrated circuit chip having pass-through vias therein that extend between multiple integrated circuits on the chip
53 7,595,532 Semiconductor memory devices and methods of forming the same
54 7,595,529 Semiconductor integrated circuit devices having upper pattern aligned with lower pattern molded by semiconductor substrate and methods of forming the same
55 7,595,519 Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
56 7,595,518 Doping mask and methods of manufacturing charge transfer image and microelectronic device using the same
57 7,595,504 Thin film transistor and flat panel display including the same
58 7,595,502 Method of manufacturing thin film transistor, thin film transistor manufactured by the method, and display device employing the same
59 7,595,352 Photo-curable adhesive composition, optical pick-up device using the same, and optical recording/reproducing drive including the optical pick-up device
60 7,595,253 Method of forming the semiconductor device
61 7,595,251 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having alignment key and semiconductor device fabricated thereby
62 7,595,246 Methods of manufacturing field effect transistors having elevated source/drain regions
63 7,595,213 Semiconductor devices, CMOS image sensors, and methods of manufacturing same
64 7,595,207 Method of exposing layer with light and method of manufacturing thin film transistor substrate for liquid crystal display device using the same
65 7,595,143 Photoresist composition and method of manufacturing a thin-film transistor substrate using the same
66 7,595,136 Method of fabricating chrome-less phase shift mask
67 7,595,118 Organic light emitting device
68 7,595,084 Organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
69 7,594,969 Device for controlling dispensing error in photo spinner equipment
70 7,594,945 Dust receptacle fixing/separating apparatus and a cyclone dust collecting device having the same
71 7,594,944 Multi-cyclone dust separating apparatus
72 7,594,943 Cyclone dust separating apparatus
73 7,594,750 Method for outputting internal temperature data in semiconductor memory device and circuit of outputting internal temperature date thereby
74 7,594,746 Backlight assembly and display device having the same