Samsung patents granted on 29 September 2015

134 US patents granted on 29 September 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE45,694 Character input apparatus and method for automatically switching input mode in terminal having touch screen
2 D739,877 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
3 D739,875 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
4 D739,872 Display screen with animated graphical user interface
5 D739,864 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
6 D739,856 Memory card
7 D739,845 Speaker
8 9,148,955 Mounting structure of circuit board having multi-layered ceramic capacitor thereon
9 9,148,951 Display apparatus
10 9,148,930 Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
11 9,148,928 Light emitting diode driver
12 9,148,864 System and method for switching mobile station identification in wireless communication system
13 9,148,858 Apparatus and method for controlling uplink transmission power in a mobile communication system
14 9,148,782 Method for determining location of UE by using AGPS information
15 9,148,774 Method and apparatus for communication using heterogeneous protocols
16 9,148,740 Method and apparatus for reproducing stereophonic sound
17 9,148,688 Electronic apparatus and method of controlling electronic apparatus
18 9,148,682 Method and apparatus for providing broadcast content and system using the same
19 9,148,665 Video encoding method and apparatus and video decoding method and apparatus, based on hierarchical coded block pattern information
20 9,148,656 Method for providing three-dimensional (3D) image, method for converting 3D message, graphical user interface (GUI) providing method related to 3D image, and 3D display apparatus and system for providing 3D image
21 9,148,652 Video processing method for 3D display based on multi-cue process
22 9,148,638 Digital photographing apparatus
23 9,148,600 Programmable gain amplifier and devices including the same
24 9,148,599 Image sensor, configured to regulate a quantity of light absorbed thereby, electronic device including the same, and image sensing method
25 9,148,598 Image sensor, method for operating thereof, and image pick-up device having the same
26 9,148,592 Apparatus and method for noise cancellation of optical image stabilizer
27 9,148,588 Method for dual recording shooting and electronic device thereof
28 9,148,556 Camera module configured to prevent introduction of foreign objects and to prevent irregularly reflected light from being introduced to image sensor
29 9,148,462 Method and apparatus for controlling content playback in content delivery system
30 9,148,450 Method and apparatus for controlling telephony service using virtual network computing
31 9,148,340 Apparatus and method for network controlling in wireless communication system
32 9,148,328 Digital I/Q imbalance compensation in a quadrature receiver
33 9,148,321 Interface circuit, interface system and method of interfacing signals transferred between devices
34 9,148,310 Apparatus and method for adaptively estimating channel in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system
35 9,148,307 System and method of handover decision for inter RAT handover
36 9,148,165 Wheel driver and portable electronic device having the same
37 9,148,150 Logic device and operating method thereof
38 9,148,148 Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
39 9,148,108 Band pass filter
40 9,148,095 Bias circuit and amplifier controlling bias voltage
41 9,148,062 Power factor correction apparatus, power supplying apparatus and motor driving apparatus having the same
42 9,148,052 Switching regulator with reduced EMI
43 9,147,923 Differential mode amplifier driving circuit
44 9,147,909 Battery management system and method for synchronizing voltage and current of battery
45 9,147,908 Lithium secondary battery
46 9,147,903 Separator for redox flow battery and redox flow battery
47 9,147,887 Fuel cell module
48 9,147,886 Electrode catalyst for fuel cell, method of preparing the same, membrane electrode assembly, and fuel cell including the same
49 9,147,878 Secondary battery comprising at least a first and second electrode each coated with an active material layer
50 9,147,869 Rechargeable battery
51 9,147,864 Protective circuit module and secondary battery including the same
52 9,147,863 Secondary battery
53 9,147,862 Method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device
54 9,147,858 Flat panel display apparatus and organic light-emitting display apparatus
55 9,147,845 Single walled carbon nanotube-based planar photodector
56 9,147,823 Thermoelectric nanocomposite, thermoelectric element, and thermoelectric module
57 9,147,757 Power semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
58 9,147,741 Thin film transistor display panel and method of manufacturing the same
59 9,147,738 High electron mobility transistor including plurality of gate electrodes
60 9,147,721 Organic light emitting display apparatuses and methods of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatuses
61 9,147,719 Thin film transistor array substrate, organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the thin film transistor array substrate
62 9,147,718 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
63 9,147,714 Organic electroluminescence device
64 9,147,687 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
65 9,147,685 Semiconductor memory devices including support patterns
66 9,147,643 Semiconductor package
67 9,147,640 Semiconductor devices having back side bonding structures
68 9,147,619 Organic light-emitting display panel
69 9,147,557 Sputter device
70 9,147,517 Multilayer coil component
71 9,147,513 Series inductor array implemented as a single winding and filter including the same
72 9,147,512 Coil parts and method of fabricating the same
73 9,147,500 Semiconductor memory device having resistive memory cells and method of testing the same
74 9,147,492 Control method of nonvolatile memory device
75 9,147,489 High voltage switch and a nonvolatile memory device including the same
76 9,147,488 Nonvolatile memory device, memory system having the same, external power controlling method thereof
77 9,147,483 Apparatus and method of operating memory device
78 9,147,477 Method of driving nonvolatile memory devices
79 9,147,475 Data storage device comprising nonvolatile memory chips and control method thereof
80 9,147,471 Nonvolatile memory device and driving method thereof
81 9,147,465 Circuit for controlling sense amplifier source node in semiconductor memory device and controlling method thereof
82 9,147,461 Semiconductor memory device performing a refresh operation, and memory system including the same
83 9,147,452 Synchronous semiconductor memory device having dual delay locked loop circuit and method of managing dual delay locked loop circuit
84 9,147,440 Semiconductor memory device having dummy bit line
85 9,147,426 Optical pickup and optical information storage system including the same
86 9,147,424 Apparatus and method for reproducing an optical recording, and computer-readable recording medium
87 9,147,367 Display device and driving method thereof
88 9,147,366 Method for driving a liquid crystal display device, an array substrate, method of manufacturing the array substrate and liquid crystal display device having the same
89 9,147,359 Image display and organic light-emitting display including image shift unit
90 9,147,291 Method and apparatus of processing data to support augmented reality
91 9,147,281 Rendering apparatus and method for generating multi-views
92 9,147,261 Video object tracking using multi-path trajectory analysis
93 9,147,243 Method and apparatus for mapping image information of target object onto interface of the target object in magnetic resonance imaging
94 9,147,237 Image processing method and device for enhancing image quality using different coefficients according to regions
95 9,147,233 Display apparatus, multi display system, and control method thereof
96 9,147,048 Method and apparatus for importing content having plurality of parts
97 9,147,022 Method for calculating parameter values of thin-film transistor and apparatus for performing the method
98 9,146,923 Method and apparatus for providing information about an identified object
99 9,146,880 System-on-chip for providing access to shared memory via chip-to-chip link, operation method of the same, and electronic system including the same
100 9,146,804 Apparatus and method for detecting bit sequence robustly to change of DC offset in OOK receiver
101 9,146,761 Virtualization system and resource allocation method thereof
102 9,146,655 Method and device for executing object on display
103 9,146,647 Touch panel
104 9,146,646 Apparatus for generating driving signal
105 9,146,643 Touch sensing apparatus and method thereof
106 9,146,639 Apparatus and method for compensating touch error in electronic device with touch screen
107 9,146,638 Electronic device, unlocking method thereof, and zooming and toggling control method thereof
108 9,146,630 Noise spectrum estimator and touch screen device including the same
109 9,146,625 Apparatus and method to detect coordinates in a penbased display device
110 9,146,579 Embedded multimedia card (eMMC), host for controlling eMMC method operating eMMC system
111 9,146,573 Control device and method thereof
112 9,146,534 3-dimensional holographic image displaying apparatus
113 9,146,457 Electro-photographic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus including the same
114 9,146,446 Auto focus control apparatus and continuous auto focus control method
115 9,146,435 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
116 9,146,433 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
117 9,146,428 Liquid crystal display device having a recessed portion and a spacer in the recessed portion
118 9,146,418 Display device
119 9,146,415 Apparatus and method for manufacturing encapsulated liquid crystals and liquid crystal display including the encapsulated liquid crystals
120 9,146,385 Lens module
121 9,146,324 Scintillator, method of fabricating the same and X-ray detector including the scintillator
122 9,146,318 Pseudo-satellite transmitter and method of transmitting GPS signals using pseudo-satellite transmitter
123 9,146,199 X-ray imaging apparatus and method
124 9,146,053 Refrigerator
125 9,146,052 Refrigerator
126 9,145,882 Micro pump
127 9,145,636 Laundry handling apparatus
128 9,145,586 Method of labeling a target nucleic acid
129 9,145,243 Cup using transparent flexible display
130 9,144,962 Graphene-polymer layered composite and process for preparing the same
131 9,144,405 User health monitoring system comprising 3D glasses and display apparatus, and display apparatus and control method thereof
132 9,144,393 Superconductive electromagnet apparatus and cooling apparatus and method thereof
133 9,144,387 Electrode for measuring bio potential, method of manufacturing the electrode, and system for measuring physiological signal
134 9,144,356 Vacuum cleaner