Samsung patents granted on 30 August 2011

132 US patents granted on 30 August 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D644,267 Decal sticker for battery of portable phone
2 D644,227 Stylus pen
3 D644,202 Bluetooth speaker
4 D644,197 Mobile phone
5 D644,196 Mobile phone
6 8,011,001 Method for managing security in a mobile communication system using proxy mobile internet protocol and system thereof
7 8,010,982 Method and system for setting channel in DVB-H service
8 8,010,859 Data transmitting and receiving system
9 8,010,828 Method of providing interoperatibility of different network devices capable of error handling and network device using the same
10 8,010,765 Semiconductor memory device and method for controlling clock latency according to reordering of burst data
11 8,010,752 Performing initialization for non access-selected memory device supporting multimediacard (MMC) interface
12 8,010,736 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device for supporting high speed search in cache memory
13 8,010,653 Method and apparatus for testing ubiquitous service or device using uniform object model
14 8,010,616 Method and system for managing message threads in converged IP messaging service
15 8,010,536 Combination of collaborative filtering and cliprank for personalized media content recommendation
16 8,010,352 Method and apparatus for adaptively encoding and decoding high frequency band
17 8,010,348 Adaptive encoding and decoding with forward linear prediction
18 8,010,151 System and method for service interworking between heterogeneous communication systems
19 8,010,140 Method of space division multiple access communication using user cooperation and system of enabling the method
20 8,010,064 Systems and methods for transmitter calibration
21 8,010,029 Fusing device having decreased warm-up time and image forming apparatus having the same
22 8,010,021 Developing cartridge having a plurality of developers with different material properties and image forming apparatus having the same
23 8,010,003 Apparatus to prevent contamination of fixing unit in image forming apparatus and method of using such
24 8,009,979 Imaging device unit and electronic apparatus including the imaging device unit
25 8,009,971 Hand-shake correction method and apparatus of camera module for use in mobile device
26 8,009,905 System, medium, and method with noise reducing adaptive saturation adjustment
27 8,009,898 Apparatus and method for aligning images obtained by stereo camera apparatus
28 8,009,895 Semiconductor wafer analysis system
29 8,009,865 Apparatus, method, and medium for tracking gesture
30 8,009,834 Sound reproduction apparatus and method of enhancing low frequency component
31 8,009,780 Apparatus and method for generating effective signal to noise ratio (SNR) per stream in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communication system
32 8,009,758 Apparatus and method for channel-interleaving and channel-deinterleaving data in a wireless communication system
33 8,009,746 Uplink signal receiving method and apparatus using successive interference cancellation in wireless transmission system based on OFDMA
34 8,009,742 Method and system for retransmitting internet protocol packet for terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting service
35 8,009,718 Wireless transmitter and receiver for use in an ultra-wideband direct spread pulse communication system
36 8,009,704 Digital broadcasting transmitter, turbo stream processing method thereof, and digital broadcasting system having the same
37 8,009,691 Method for transmitting/responding paging information for dual-mode access terminal and device and method for network switching according to network indication
38 8,009,664 Method for exchanging media description information between user agents using session initiation protocol
39 8,009,645 Method for requesting and allocating upstream bandwidth in a multi-hop relay broadband wireless access communication system
40 8,009,643 Anti-collision method and system in wireless network system
41 8,009,634 Apparatus and method for reducing other-cell interference in a broadband wireless communication system
42 8,009,543 Hologram optical device, compatible optical pickup including the hologram optical device, and optical information storage medium system including the compatible optical pickup
43 8,009,542 Apparatus for recording/reproducing holographic data
44 8,009,540 Optical disc write control method and optical disc recording apparatus therefor
45 8,009,533 Optical disc apparatus, a method of performing an optical power study of an optical disc apparatus, and a method of detecting a writing power of an optical disc apparatus
46 8,009,496 Semiconductor device including asymmetric sense amplifier
47 8,009,494 Semiconductor memory device implementing full-VDD bit line precharge scheme using bit line sense amplifier
48 8,009,490 Memory interface circuit and memory system including the same
49 8,009,488 Semiconductor memory device
50 8,009,476 Semiconductor memory device using variable resistor
51 8,009,473 Semiconductor memory device including memory cell array having memory cells using floating body transistors
52 8,009,454 Resistance random access memory device and a method of manufacturing the same
53 8,009,447 Energy effective switching power supply apparatus and an energy effective method thereof
54 8,009,383 Seek control method to avoid flex cable resonance during settle in hard disk drive
55 8,009,370 Method of constructing physical lens based on depth-of-focus characteristics, and lens with extended depth of focus constructed by the method
56 8,009,346 Interference light modulator and display apparatus employing the same
57 8,009,320 Image forming device capable of controlling auto color registration and method of controlling auto color registration
58 8,009,291 Sensor for measuring living body information and keypad assembly using the same
59 8,009,265 Method of manufacturing display apparatus
60 8,009,257 Liquid crystal display including a spacer and passivation formed of the same material
61 8,009,256 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display device having the same
62 8,009,250 Liquid crystal display having particular pixel electrodes
63 8,009,245 Backlight, backlight assembly, liquid crystal display having the same and method thereof
64 8,009,237 Display substrate, method for manufacturing the same, and display panel having the same
65 8,009,234 Audio/video devices for visualizing operational states therein or thereamong into content flow and method of controlling operations thereof
66 8,009,203 Digital photographing apparatus, tracking method, and recording medium having recorded thereon a program for executing the tracking method
67 8,009,199 Composite photographing method and mobile terminal using the same
68 8,009,154 Plasma display device and method of driving the same
69 8,009,137 Image display apparatus and method of controlling over-current therefor
70 8,009,136 Liquid crystal display panel and display apparatus having the same
71 8,009,133 Display device and method of operating the display device to change luminance during a selected portion of a frame
72 8,009,132 Display device and driving method thereof
73 8,009,127 Organic light emitting display device and driving method for the same
74 8,009,125 Organic electroluminescent display device
75 8,009,124 Plasma display and driving method thereof
76 8,009,102 Multi-band antenna and multi-band antenna system with enhanced isolation characteristic
77 8,009,064 Data input device for portable terminal
78 8,008,976 High-efficiency power amplification apparatus using saturated operation and method for controlling the same
79 8,008,974 Power amplifier system with power control function
80 8,008,891 Simple method for accurately determining a state of charge of a battery, a battery management system using same, and a driving method thereof
81 8,008,859 Organic light emitting display device
82 8,008,857 Organic light emitting display with reflective electrode
83 8,008,855 Organic light emitting display with micro-lenses and method of manufacturing the same
84 8,008,848 Field emitting device and display apparatus having the same
85 8,008,841 Stator and piezo ultrasonic motor including the same
86 8,008,771 Semiconductor chip package, electronic device including the semiconductor chip package and methods of fabricating the electronic device
87 8,008,765 Semiconductor package having adhesive layer and method of manufacturing the same
88 8,008,755 Mold for forming molding member and method of manufacturing LED package using the same
89 8,008,742 Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
90 8,008,722 Multi-layer nonvolatile memory devices having vertical charge storage regions
91 8,008,698 Semiconductor memory devices having vertical channel transistors and related methods
92 8,008,690 Amorphous-silicon thin film transistor and shift register having the same
93 8,008,683 Semiconductor light emitting device
94 8,008,665 Fan-out, display substrate having the same and method for manufacturing the display substrate
95 8,008,662 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
96 8,008,661 Insert module for a test handler
97 8,008,658 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and flat panel display device having the same
98 8,008,653 Resistive organic memory device and fabrication method thereof
99 8,008,647 Nitride semiconductor device with superlattice active layer including barrier layers with different energy band gaps
100 8,008,611 Photo sensor and flat panel display using the same
101 8,008,570 Display assembly and display device having the same
102 8,008,426 Organic semiconductor polymer having liquid crystal properties, organic active layer, organic thin film transistor, and electronic device including the same, and methods of fabricating the same
103 8,008,411 Proton-conductive material, proton-conductive electrolyte for fuel cell comprising the material and fuel cell employing the electrolyte
104 8,008,369 Ink set, ink cartridge including the same, and inkjet recording apparatus employing the same
105 8,008,214 Method of forming an insulation structure and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
106 8,008,185 Semiconductor devices and methods of forming the same
107 8,008,177 Method for fabricating semiconductor device using a nickel salicide process
108 8,008,172 Methods of forming semiconductor devices including multistage planarization and crystalization of a semiconductor layer
109 8,008,164 Wafer bonding method and wafer structure
110 8,008,163 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
111 8,008,155 Gate electrode structure
112 8,008,154 Methods of forming impurity containing insulating films and flash memory devices including the same
113 8,008,153 Methods of fabricating nonvolatile memory devices having gate structures doped by nitrogen
114 8,008,150 Methods of fabricating flash memory devices including substantially uniform tunnel oxide layers
115 8,008,141 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device with multiple channels
116 8,007,988 Method for manufacturing lens forming master and method for manufacturing thin film transistor substrate using the same
117 8,007,963 Photomask
118 8,007,957 Electrode for fuel cell, fuel cell system comprising the same, and method for preparing the same
119 8,007,941 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
120 8,007,931 Magnetic recording medium
121 8,007,875 Method of forming a carbon nano-tube
122 8,007,862 Nanowire grid polarizer and method of preparing the same
123 8,007,676 Slurry compositions, methods of preparing slurry compositions, and methods of polishing an object using slurry compositions
124 8,007,617 Method of transferring carbon nanotubes
125 8,007,160 Display device, image forming apparatus having the same, and light guide for display device
126 8,007,158 Liquid crystal display using different light radiation angles of light emitting diodes
127 8,007,123 Blacklight with power supply clips and liquid crystal display device including such backlight
128 8,006,895 Apparatus and method for providing payment service in mobile communication system
129 8,006,639 Catalytic enhanced chemical vapor deposition apparatus having efficient filament arrangement structure
130 8,006,541 Device for detecting micro particles in gas and a method for fabricating the device
131 8,006,373 Tape feeder for chip mounter
132 8,006,344 Suction nozzle-hanging apparatus for use in vacuum cleaner