Samsung patents granted on 30 December 2008

73 US patents granted on 30 December 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D583,862 Toner for printer
2 D583,801 Speaker
3 D583,794 Mobile phone
4 D583,793 Mobile phone
5 D583,792 Mobile phone
6 D583,791 Mobile phone
7 D583,790 Cellular phone
8 D583,788 Mobile phone
9 D583,787 Cellular phone
10 D583,786 Mobile phone
11 D583,785 Mobile phone
12 D583,784 Mobile phone
13 7,472,331 Memory systems including defective block management and related methods
14 7,472,330 Magnetic memory which compares compressed fault maps
15 7,472,321 Test apparatus for mixed-signal semiconductor device
16 7,472,287 Method of protecting data saved to recording medium and disk drive adopting the method
17 7,471,963 Mobile communication apparatus with multiple transmission and reception antennas and mobile communication method therefor
18 7,471,854 Laser module allowing direct light modulation and laser display employing the same
19 7,471,830 Preprocessing device and method for recognizing image characters
20 7,471,747 Bit down-scaling apparatus and method, GPS synchronization acquisition method, and GPS receiver
21 7,471,709 Apparatus and method of controlling emission of laser beam
22 7,471,676 Apparatus and method for distributing control plane functions in a multiprocessor router
23 7,471,604 Apparatus for detecting and correcting wobble error and phase locked loop circuit using the same
24 7,471,595 Slim optical pickup
25 7,471,594 Information storage medium, recording and/or reproducing apparatus, and recording and/or reproducing method
26 7,471,589 Semiconductor memory devices, block select decoding circuits and method thereof
27 7,471,577 Voltage generator and methods thereof
28 7,471,574 Branch target buffer and method of use
29 7,471,553 Phase change memory device and program method thereof
30 7,471,548 Structure of static random access memory with stress engineering for stability
31 7,471,480 Self servo writing method, hard disk drive using the same, and recording medium storing the method
32 7,471,365 Liquid crystal display having particular tilt direction determining members
33 7,471,329 Digital camera that performs autofocusing according to chromatic and achromatic sensing elements
34 7,471,328 Apparatus and method for rotating image in digital camera
35 7,471,286 Circuits and methods for driving flat panel displays
36 7,471,269 Method for driving electroluminescence display panel with selective preliminary charging
37 7,471,267 Display panel, light emitting display using the display panel, and driving method thereof
38 7,471,265 Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
39 7,471,256 Substrate type dipole antenna having stable radiation pattern
40 7,471,250 Intenna-type dipole antenna for receiving broadcast signals in VHF band
41 7,471,223 Delta-sigma modulator circuits in which DITHER is added to the quantization levels of methods of operating the same
42 7,471,167 Balun
43 7,471,159 Phase-locked loop for stably adjusting frequency-band of voltage-controlled oscillator and phase locking method
44 7,471,147 Automatic gain controller
45 7,471,143 Apparatus and method for adaptive demodulation of PWM signal
46 7,471,109 Output impedance circuit and output buffer circuit including the same
47 7,471,108 Variable reference level input circuit and method
48 7,471,105 Level shifter and level shifting method for higher speed and lower power
49 7,471,097 Test probe with planar ground tip extending transversely from the ground barrel for a semiconductor package
50 7,471,046 Apparatus and method for driving plasma display panel
51 7,471,044 Plasma display panel having an address electrode including loop shape portions
52 7,471,043 AC discharge display panel including a plurality of electrode lines having multi-layers
53 7,471,036 Shadow mask for a cathode ray tube with defined beam passages holes
54 7,471,029 Frequency-control-type piezo actuator driving circuit and method of driving the same
55 7,470,980 Apparatus and method for manufacturing a display device substrate
56 7,470,950 Thin film transistor substrate and display apparatus having the same
57 7,470,948 Memory cell array structures in NAND flash memory devices
58 7,470,938 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
59 7,470,933 Organic light emitting display device
60 7,470,931 Thin film transistor and flat panel display using the same
61 7,470,634 Method for forming interlayer dielectric film for semiconductor device by using polyhedral molecular silsesquioxane
62 7,470,612 Method of forming metal wiring layer of semiconductor device
63 7,470,603 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having laser-formed single crystalline active structures
64 7,470,588 Transistors including laterally extended active regions and methods of fabricating the same
65 7,470,586 Memory cell having bar-shaped storage node contact plugs and methods of fabricating same
66 7,470,579 Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor
67 7,470,562 Methods of forming field effect transistors using disposable aluminum oxide spacers
68 7,470,486 Lithium secondary battery
69 7,470,461 Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
70 7,470,353 Method of manufacturing field emitter electrode using self-assembling carbon nanotubes and field emitter electrode manufactured thereby
71 7,470,299 Multi-cyclone dust separator and a vacuum cleaner using the same
72 7,470,001 Thermal inkjet printhead apparatus to regulate pressure exerted by bubbles in an ink chamber and method thereof
73 7,470,000 Ink jet head substrate, ink jet head, and method of manufacturing an ink jet head substrate