Samsung patents granted on 30 December 2014

168 US patents granted on 30 December 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D720,381 Camera
2 D720,380 Camera
3 D720,379 Camera
4 D720,376 Vacuum package machine
5 D720,373 Refrigerator
6 D720,365 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
7 D720,364 Display screen or a portion thereof with graphical user interface
8 D720,360 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
9 D720,315 TV receiver
10 D720,182 Panel
11 8,925,111 Scanning probe microscope and method of operating the same
12 8,925,068 Method for preventing denial of service attacks using transmission control protocol state transition
13 8,924,987 Flat or extended architecture using an integrated application and operating system component for computing systems and environments
14 8,924,985 Network based real-time virtual reality input/output system and method for heterogeneous environment
15 8,924,856 Method of and apparatus for providing a slide show, and computer readable storage medium having recorded thereon a computer program for providing a slide show
16 8,924,777 Condensed FOTA backup
17 8,924,753 Apparatus and method for adaptive frequency scaling in digital system
18 8,924,710 Method and apparatus for providing session key for WUSB security and method and apparatus for obtaining the session key
19 8,924,704 Apparatus and method for downloading contents using an interior mass storage in a portable terminal
20 8,924,701 Apparatus and method for generating a boot image that is adjustable in size by selecting processes according to an optimization level to be written to the boot image
21 8,924,635 Memory controller and method of operating the same, and memory system including the same
22 8,924,628 Memory system and operating method thereof
23 8,924,544 Techniques for sessionless reporting by device management client
24 8,924,417 Content reproduction method and apparatus in IPTV terminal
25 8,924,020 Apparatus for controlling robot and control method thereof
26 8,924,016 Apparatus for planning path of robot and method thereof
27 8,923,936 Mobile terminal and image display method for the same
28 8,923,934 Dual display folder type terminal
29 8,923,914 Re-configurable built-in antenna for portable terminal
30 8,923,884 Method for measuring home cell in mobile communication system
31 8,923,862 Method and appratus for avoiding inteference in terminal with plural heterogeneous communication modules in wireless communication system
32 8,923,828 Method and system for searching for object in network
33 8,923,816 Apparatus and method for providing seamless service between a cellular network and wireless local area network for a mobile user
34 8,923,800 Method and apparatus for receiving and providing disaster information
35 8,923,772 Method and apparatus for controlling transmission power in wireless network
36 8,923,736 Developing unit and image forming apparatus employing the same
37 8,923,722 Switching mode power supply of image forming apparatus and method of supplying power according to state of image forming apparatus by using the same
38 8,923,689 Image processing apparatus and method
39 8,923,644 Image processing apparatus and systems using estimated point spread function
40 8,923,641 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using large transform unit
41 8,923,620 Broadcast receiving apparatus and method for providing multilateral video communication including user image
42 8,923,604 Apparatus and method for adjusting depth of a three-dimensional image
43 8,923,536 Method and apparatus for localizing sound image of input signal in spatial position
44 8,923,494 Network connection method and apparatus of a mobile station
45 8,923,430 Method and apparatus for estimating offset value, receiving apparatus, and method of processing signal in receiving apparatus
46 8,923,376 Apparatus and method for estimating noise and interference power in communication system
47 8,923,368 Radio frequency transceiver
48 8,923,345 Method and apparatus for transmitting multimedia broadcast data in wireless communication system
49 8,923,329 Apparatus and method for supporting various system bandwidths in a broadband wireless communication system
50 8,923,280 Method and apparatus for selecting domain for voice call continuity in mobile communication system
51 8,923,268 Method and system for bulk activation/deactivation of component carriers in a wireless network environment
52 8,923,248 Mobile terminal and handoff method therefor
53 8,923,243 Bridge-based cellular ethernet system and handover processing method therefor
54 8,923,201 Extension of physical downlink control signaling in a communication system
55 8,923,197 Methods and apparatus to transmit and receive synchronization signal and system information in a wireless communication system
56 8,923,193 Low power radio device and radio resource sharing method for low power radio device
57 8,923,184 Apparatus and method for reliably and dynamically transmitting group information via a wireless multicast or broadcast channel
58 8,923,150 Frame structure of a wireless communication system, and method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a plurality of data streams through the frame structure
59 8,923,145 Method and system for validating service information (SI) and program specific information (PSI) in broadcast technologies
60 8,923,144 Method and system for device communication in a wireless video area network
61 8,923,067 Memory system and method of operating memory system using soft read voltages
62 8,923,063 Memory controller equipped with a compensation circuit for supplying an additional power to a memory device and user system including the same
63 8,923,060 Nonvolatile memory devices and operating methods thereof
64 8,923,058 Nonvolatile memory device
65 8,923,057 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory device with active patterns and electrodes arranged above a substrate
66 8,923,053 Nonvolatile memory device, operating method thereof, and memory system including the same
67 8,923,043 Memory device using flag cells and system using the memory device
68 8,922,975 Multilayer ceramic capacitor
69 8,922,944 Rotating device
70 8,922,809 Host apparatus connected to image forming apparatus and compatible function information providing method
71 8,922,732 Liquid crystal display with light emitting diode backlight assembly and liquid crystal display thereof
72 8,922,730 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
73 8,922,721 Display apparatus and control method thereof
74 8,922,715 Display apparatus and control method for controlling the display apparsatus using a manipulation panel
75 8,922,705 Method and apparatus for focusing on subject in digital image processing device
76 8,922,643 Apparatus for inspecting light emitting diode and inspecting method using said apparatus
77 8,922,621 Method of recording three-dimensional image data
78 8,922,620 Digital photographing apparatus, methods of controlling the same, and computer-readable storage medium to increase success rates in panoramic photography
79 8,922,619 Unmanned monitoring system and monitoring method using omni-directional camera
80 8,922,614 Light scanning unit and image forming apparatus including the same
81 8,922,606 Rotational polygon mirror having convex reflection surfaces and light scanning unit employing the same
82 8,922,602 Method of driving display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
83 8,922,601 Liquid crystal display apparatus and method of driving the same
84 8,922,600 Display panel test apparatus and method thereof
85 8,922,595 Degradation compensation unit, light-emitting apparatus including the same, and method of compensating for degradation of light-emitting apparatus
86 8,922,581 Data processing device, display system including the same and method of processing data
87 8,922,577 Texture information provider and frame syntheszier for image processing apparatus and method
88 8,922,574 Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display device
89 8,922,542 Chip-on-film package and display device having the same
90 8,922,539 Display device and clock embedding method
91 8,922,532 Display apparatus having a frame rate converter to convert a frame rate of input image data and method of driving display panel
92 8,922,518 Mobile terminal having touch screen and function controlling method of the same
93 8,922,515 System and method for real-time adaptation of a GUI application for left-hand users
94 8,922,505 Touch screen panel and fabrication method thereof
95 8,922,501 Capacitive sensing device comprising cross-shaped sensing elements
96 8,922,482 Method for controlling a display apparatus using a camera based device and mobile device, display apparatus, and system thereof
97 8,922,471 Driver and display device using the same
98 8,922,469 Display panel with alternating sub-pixel electrodes
99 8,922,465 Organic electro luminescence display
100 8,922,463 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
101 8,922,439 Electronic device case, method and mold for manufacturing the same, and mobile communications terminal
102 8,922,437 Exterior antenna structure of mobile terminal
103 8,922,277 Switching power amplifier and method of controlling the same
104 8,922,233 Apparatus for testing a semiconductor device and method of testing a semiconductor device
105 8,922,162 Portable terminal having a wireless charger coil and an antenna element on the same plane
106 8,922,161 Three-dimensional glasses and system for wireless power transmission
107 8,922,117 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
108 8,922,115 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
109 8,922,114 White light-emitting device, white light-emitting panel including the same, method of manufacturing white light-emitting panel, and display apparatus including white light-emitting device
110 8,922,071 Switched reluctance motor
111 8,922,024 Semiconductor packages including molding layers
112 8,922,012 Integrated circuit chip and flip chip package having the integrated circuit chip
113 8,922,008 Bump structure, having concave lateral sides, semiconductor package having the bump structure, and method of forming the bump structure
114 8,922,007 Semiconductor package
115 8,921,993 Semiconductor package having EMI shielding function and heat dissipation function
116 8,921,990 Semiconductor package
117 8,921,940 Semiconductor device and a method for fabricating the same
118 8,921,935 Semiconductor device
119 8,921,918 Three-dimensional semiconductor devices
120 8,921,890 Substrate structure, semiconductor device fabricated from the same, and method of fabricating the semiconductor device
121 8,921,883 Light emitting device assembly and headlamp including the same
122 8,921,871 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the organic light emitting display device
123 8,921,863 Thin film transistor having oxide semiconductor layer as ohmic contact layer
124 8,921,852 Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
125 8,921,843 Organic light emitting device
126 8,921,841 Porous glass substrate for displays and method of manufacturing the same
127 8,921,840 Organic light emitting diode display
128 8,921,835 Organic light emitting diode display
129 8,921,831 Thin film deposition apparatus, method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the apparatus, and organic light-emitting display device manufactured by using the method
130 8,921,824 3-dimensional graphene structure and process for preparing and transferring the same
131 8,921,816 Semiconductor device having a diode
132 8,921,453 Nonaqueous ink composition for ink jet and method of manufacturing ink comprising the same
133 8,921,280 Integrated bio-chip and method of fabricating the integrated bio-chip
134 8,921,233 Microelectronic fabrication methods using composite layers for double patterning
135 8,921,230 Etchant composition, and method of manufacturing a display substrate using the same
136 8,921,220 Selective low-temperature ohmic contact formation method for group III-nitride heterojunction structured device
137 8,921,192 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
138 8,921,163 Semiconductor packages and methods of fabricating the same
139 8,921,153 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
140 8,921,146 Method for manufacturing optical image stabilizer employing scratch drive actuator
141 8,921,139 Manufacturing method of organic light emitting diode display
142 8,921,129 Donor substrate and method of forming transfer pattern using the same
143 8,921,083 Modified microorganism for high efficient production of 1,4-butanediol
144 8,921,004 Ion exchange membrane filling composition, method of preparing ion exchange membrane, ion exchange membrane, and redox flow battery
145 8,920,989 Fuel reforming apparatus, and fuel cell system including same
146 8,920,972 Secondary battery including waveform boundary section
147 8,920,965 Rechargeable battery
148 8,920,964 Rechargeable battery
149 8,920,962 Secondary battery
150 8,920,961 Lithium ion battery separator with shutdown property
151 8,920,954 Battery storage tray
152 8,920,952 Battery pack assembly
153 8,920,946 Organic light-emitting compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
154 8,920,753 Valve unit and apparatus having the same
155 8,920,685 Nanoparticle-resin composition, nanoparticle-resin composite, and method of making nanoparticle-resin composite
156 8,920,678 Dispersions and films comprising conducting polymer for optoelectronic devices
157 8,920,672 Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing same and rechargeable lithium battery including same
158 8,920,563 Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same
159 8,920,557 Additive for skim coat mortar and skim coat mortar composition containing the same
160 8,920,549 Wet-type dust collector for a vacuum cleaner
161 8,920,014 Backlight unit and display apparatus having the same
162 8,920,001 Light emitting device
163 8,919,998 White light emitting diode and liquid crystal display including the same
164 8,919,997 White light emitting diode and liquid crystal display including the same
165 8,919,924 Inkjet print head and method of manufacturing the same
166 8,919,901 Substrate printing device and substrate printing method
167 8,919,198 Angular velocity sensor
168 8,918,950 Mobile robot system having a plurality of exchangeable work modules and method of controlling the same