Samsung patents granted on 30 January 2007

78 US patents granted on 30 January 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 D536,145 Washing machine
2 D535,981 Receiver for remote control
3 D535,968 Mobile phone
4 D535,966 Portable phone
5 D535,965 Portable phone
6 D535,964 Portable phone
7 D535,963 Portable phone
8 D535,962 Portable phone
9 D535,960 Portable telephone
10 D535,959 Portable telephone
11 D535,848 Microwave oven
12 7,171,502 USB system having card-type USB interface connector
13 7,171,240 Mobile communication apparatus with multiple transmission and reception antennas and mobile communication method therefor
14 7,171,236 Call service method for a cellular phone
15 7,171,212 Method for setting up signaling connection in a mobile communication system
16 7,171,137 Developing apparatus and image forming equipment and method thereof
17 7,171,118 Optical cross-connect used in an optical network and method performed by the same
18 7,171,060 Method of perceptual 3D shape description and method and apparatus for searching 3D graphics model database using the description method
19 7,171,052 Apparatus and method for correcting motion of image
20 7,171,050 System on chip processor for multimedia devices
21 7,171,023 Illumination-invariant object tracking method and image editing system using the same
22 7,170,923 Apparatus and method for detecting discontinuous transmission period in a CDMA mobile communication system
23 7,170,843 High-density data storage medium, method of manufacturing the data storage medium, data storage apparatus, and methods of writing data on, and reading and erasing data from the data storage medium by using the data storage apparatus
24 7,170,836 Error signal detection apparatus and method for optical recording/reproducing system
25 7,170,834 Method and circuit for detecting playback signal which is compensated for time delay
26 7,170,818 Semiconductor memory device and module for high frequency operation
27 7,170,805 Memory devices having bit line precharge circuits with off current precharge control and associated bit line precharge methods
28 7,170,801 Method for replacing defects in a memory and apparatus thereof
29 7,170,795 Electrically erasable charge trap nonvolatile memory cells having erase threshold voltage that is higher than an initial threshold voltage
30 7,170,794 Programming method of a non-volatile memory device having a charge storage layer between a gate electrode and a semiconductor substrate
31 7,170,777 Phase change memory device and method of operating the same
32 7,170,668 Hybrid light modulator
33 7,170,645 Method and apparatus for enhancing digital image quality
34 7,170,570 Liquid crystal display
35 7,170,565 Automatic brightness stabilization apparatus and method of image display device
36 7,170,503 Layer editing method and apparatus in a pen computing system
37 7,170,494 Optical navigation sensor device and image processing method using 2-dimensional sequential image process
38 7,170,474 Plasma display panel driver, driving method thereof, and plasma display device
39 7,170,473 PDP driving device and method
40 7,170,452 Portable computer
41 7,170,384 Printed circuit board having three-dimensional spiral inductor and method of fabricating same
42 7,170,318 Impedance controller and impedance control method
43 7,170,257 Card type device serving as supplementary battery and host using the same
44 7,170,246 Motor control apparatus
45 7,170,245 Motor power supply control apparatus
46 7,170,227 Plasma display panel having electrodes with specific thicknesses
47 7,170,225 Flat panel display for displaying screens at both sides
48 7,170,222 Green phosphor for plasma display panel
49 7,170,205 Internal weight type vertical vibrator
50 7,170,158 Double-sided circuit board and multi-chip package including such a circuit board and method for manufacture
51 7,170,157 Semiconductor package having multiple embedded chips
52 7,170,133 Transistor and method of fabricating the same
53 7,170,088 Organic thin film transistor and flat panel display comprising the same
54 7,170,086 Organic electroluminescent device, electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
55 7,170,070 Ion implanters having an arc chamber that affects ion current density
56 7,169,707 Method of manufacturing package substrate with fine circuit pattern using anodic oxidation
57 7,169,704 Method of cleaning a surface of a water in connection with forming a barrier layer of a semiconductor device
58 7,169,684 Device having inductors and capacitors and a fabrication method thereof
59 7,169,681 Method of forming dual gate dielectric layer
60 7,169,539 Monolithic ink-jet printhead having a tapered nozzle and method for manufacturing the same
61 7,169,521 Hydrazone-based charge transport materials
62 7,169,520 Organophotoreceptor with charge transport material with a hydrazone group linked to a heterocyclic group
63 7,169,519 Double-layered positively-charged organic photoreceptor
64 7,169,505 Battery unit, lithium polymer battery using the same, and method for manufacturing lithium polymer battery
65 7,169,500 Membrane-electrode assembly of fuel cell, production method of the same, and fuel cell employing the same
66 7,169,477 Composition for preparing porous dielectric thin films
67 7,169,201 Cyclone separating apparatus and a vacuum cleaner having the same
68 7,169,110 Apparatus and method for diagnosing sleep apnea
69 7,168,860 Assembly of passive socket and plug for optical home network
70 7,168,801 Ink cartridge
71 7,168,787 Monolithic bubble-ink jet print head having anti-curing-deformation part and fabrication method thereof
72 7,168,665 Display apparatus
73 7,168,479 Heat transfer apparatus
74 7,168,425 Cooking apparatus
75 7,168,362 Bread maker and control method thereof
76 7,168,259 Air conditioner
77 7,168,177 Method and apparatus for determining a geomagnetic field by using a compass and method and apparatus for determining an azimuth angle of a moving object using the same
78 7,168,176 Geomagnetic sensor for informing users whether detected azimuth angle is acceptable, and a method thereof