Samsung patents granted on 30 July 2013

93 US patents granted on 30 July 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D687,067 Display screen portion with icon
2 D687,066 Display screen portion with icon
3 D687,065 Display screen portion with icon
4 D687,064 Display screen portion with icon
5 D687,063 Display screen portion with icon
6 D687,036 Monitor
7 D687,029 Notebook computer
8 D687,009 Bluetooth dongle
9 D687,007 Mobile terminal
10 D687,002 Mobile terminal
11 D687,001 Mobile terminal
12 8,499,360 Atomic force microscopes and methods of measuring specimens using the same
13 8,499,319 Apparatus and method for processing image
14 8,499,314 Disc loading device to load different size discs
15 8,499,217 Memory device and error control codes decoding method
16 8,499,215 Multi-level cell memory devices and methods of storing data in and reading data from the memory devices
17 8,499,210 Flash memory device, flash memory system, and method of programming flash memory device
18 8,499,206 Memory system and method for preventing system hang
19 8,498,861 Apparatus and method for concealing frame erasure and voice decoding apparatus and method using the same
20 8,498,764 Electric vehicle and method of controlling the same
21 8,498,743 Robot and method of controlling balance thereof
22 8,498,742 Robot and method of controlling balance thereof
23 8,498,731 Method of using process-parameter prognostic system for predicting shape of semiconductor structure
24 8,498,662 Method to generate power control information and method of power control for uplink
25 8,498,655 Apparatus and method using radio signals
26 8,498,580 Estimating link qualities in multi-carrier systems
27 8,498,498 Apparatus and method of obtaining high resolution image
28 8,498,494 Method and apparatus for processing a digital image signal, and a recording medium having recorded thereon a program for executing the method
29 8,498,488 Method and apparatus to determine robot location using omni-directional image
30 8,498,472 Image-based localization feature point registration apparatus, method and computer-readable medium
31 8,498,367 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception devices capable of improving a receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
32 8,498,364 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception devices capable of improving a receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
33 8,498,358 Multiple antenna communication system including adaptive updating and changing of codebooks
34 8,498,357 Transmitting/receiving apparatus and method for interleaver division multiple access system
35 8,498,356 Apparatus and method of generating codebook for multiple input multiple output communication system
36 8,498,353 Apparatus and method for cyclic delay diversity in multiple-antenna wireless communication system
37 8,498,271 Method of and apparatus for adjusting QoS in data transmission over SCTP session
38 8,498,264 Handoff method in a high-rate packet data mobile communication system
39 8,498,261 Apparatus and method for dynamic resource allocation in broadband wireless communication system
40 8,498,255 Method for updating location information of user equipment
41 8,498,228 Method for signal transmission/reception based on HARQ scheme in wireless mobile communication system
42 8,498,160 Nonvolatile memory device and related programming method using selective bit line precharging
43 8,498,130 Solid state drive, structure for supporting solid state drives and scalable information processing system including a plurality of solid state drives
44 8,498,063 Telephoto lens system
45 8,498,058 Zoom lens and image pickup device including the same
46 8,498,040 Color electronic paper display device and method for manufacturing the same
47 8,498,038 Electrochromic device
48 8,498,027 Automatic document feeder and image forming apparatus having the same
49 8,498,019 Image forming apparatus that emphasizes a boundary between two objects using a halftoning process
50 8,497,968 Liquid crystal display having capacitance-coupled floating electrode
51 8,497,965 Array substrate of liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the array substrate
52 8,497,963 Liquid crystal display with protruding sub-pixel electrode
53 8,497,961 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
54 8,497,958 Reflective display devices
55 8,497,956 Flat panel display including a glass window
56 8,497,950 Thin film transistor array panel and a method for manufacturing the same
57 8,497,936 Display apparatus including receiving container receiving a camera module and a display panel
58 8,497,932 Photographing apparatus and method having at least two photographing devices and exposure synchronization
59 8,497,923 Method of processing image signals using interpolation to address bad pixel data and related method of image capture
60 8,497,886 Illumination apparatus and method of driving the same
61 8,497,881 Image processors, electronic device including the same, and image processing methods
62 8,497,858 Graphic image processing method and apparatus
63 8,497,855 Scan driving apparatus and driving method for the same
64 8,497,833 Display device
65 8,497,827 Organic light emitting display and method for driving the same
66 8,497,824 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
67 8,497,820 Display device and driving method thereof
68 8,497,818 Plasma display and apparatus and method of driving the plasma display
69 8,497,742 Multi-layer waveguide structure having spaced apart first and second signal units of different widths and heights
70 8,497,718 Data transfer circuit and method with compensated clock jitter
71 8,497,703 Reconfigurable logic devices
72 8,497,700 Systems and methods for propagating digital data across an isolation barrier
73 8,497,668 Power control system and power amplification system using the same
74 8,497,627 Display device and organic light emitting diode display
75 8,497,570 Wafer, fabricating method of the same, and semiconductor substrate
76 8,497,569 Package substrates and semiconductor packages having the same
77 8,497,555 Vertical memory devices including indium and/or gallium channel doping
78 8,497,545 Method of forming nonvolatile memory device having floating gate and related device
79 8,497,535 Multilayered photodiode and method of manufacturing the same
80 8,497,533 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory device
81 8,497,505 Thin film charged body sensor
82 8,497,461 Light sensor circuit and driving method thereof
83 8,497,434 Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
84 8,497,207 Methods of forming semiconductor devices including landing pads formed by electroless plating
85 8,497,175 Method of fabricating FinFET devices
86 8,497,174 Method of fabricating semiconductor device including vertical channel transistor
87 8,497,157 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor package including the same
88 8,497,142 Methods of forming conductive layer patterns using gas phase cleaning process and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
89 8,497,033 Battery and battery housing
90 8,496,873 Alloy nanoparticles of SN-CU-AG, preparation method thereof and ink or paste using the alloy nanoparticles
91 8,496,855 Cathode active material, cathode including cathode active material, and lithium battery including cathode
92 8,496,150 Flat display panel cutting apparatus
93 8,495,778 Washing machine and washing control method of the same