Samsung patents granted on 30 June 2009

108 US patents granted on 30 June 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D595,464 Drawer for drum-type washing machine
2 D595,302 Video image display for portable phone
3 D595,273 Earset
4 D595,272 Earset
5 D595,271 Earset
6 D595,247 Light-emitting diode
7 D595,246 Light-emitting diode
8 D595,245 Light-emitting diode
9 D595,243 Light-emitting diode
10 7,555,717 Method for displaying screen image on mobile terminal
11 7,555,694 Channel interleaving/de-interleaving apparatus in a communication system using a low density parity check code and control method thereof
12 7,555,686 Semiconductor device, test board for testing the same, and test system and method for testing the same
13 7,555,629 Memory card providing hardware acceleration for read operations
14 7,555,625 Multi-memory chip and data transfer method capable of directly transferring data between internal memory devices
15 7,555,583 Control system having main controller and peripheral controllers, and bus connection method
16 7,555,578 Device for controlling endpoints of USB device and method of controlling endpoints of USB device
17 7,555,308 Device and method for processing call-related events in mobile terminal
18 7,555,289 Subway broadcast method and apparatus
19 7,555,240 Cover members for an image forming apparatus
20 7,555,211 Nonadjustable focusing type camera module
21 7,555,207 Storage medium storing text-based subtitle data including style information, and apparatus and method of playing back the storage medium
22 7,555,166 Pattern analysis-based motion vector compensation apparatus and method
23 7,555,094 Counter capable of holding and outputting a count value and phase locked loop having the counter
24 7,555,083 Synchronizing circuit for stably generating an output signal
25 7,555,072 Method and circuit for detecting guard intervals in OFDM communication systems
26 7,555,069 Apparatus and method for receiving a forward packet data control channel in a mobile communication system supporting packet data service
27 7,555,047 Apparatus, method and computer program for detecting echo in the frequency domain
28 7,555,042 Method and apparatus for reverse play
29 7,554,951 Method, apparatus and system for controlling ARQ-related timers in broadband wireless access communication system
30 7,554,945 Apparatus and method for receiving data in a mobile communication system
31 7,554,902 Preamble design for frequency offset estimation and channel equalization in burst OFDM transmission system
32 7,554,899 Information storage medium having compatibility information
33 7,554,888 Recording medium for storing defect management information for recording real time data, defect managing method therefor, and real time data recording method
34 7,554,887 Recording medium for storing defect management information for recording real time data, defect managing method therefor, and real time data recording method
35 7,554,879 Apparatus for testing a nonvolatile memory and a method thereof
36 7,554,878 Synchronous memory device
37 7,554,874 Method and apparatus for mapping memory
38 7,554,869 Semiconductor memory device having internal circuits responsive to temperature data and method thereof
39 7,554,866 Circuit and method of controlling input/output sense amplifier of a semiconductor memory device
40 7,554,859 Nonvolatile memory system and associated programming methods
41 7,554,850 Nonvolatile memory device with load-supplying wired-or structure and an associated driving method
42 7,554,847 Flash memory device employing disturbance monitoring scheme
43 7,554,788 Capacitor for a semiconductor device
44 7,554,774 Magnetic resistance device and method of manufacturing the same
45 7,554,690 Array type inkjet printer system including print head, resolution adjusting unit, rendering unit and scaler
46 7,554,688 Method and apparatus for printing image using memory card
47 7,554,646 Method of fabricating liquid crystal display device
48 7,554,637 Liquid crystal display panel and display apparatus having the same
49 7,554,620 Electro-static discharge structure for terminal with LCD module
50 7,554,617 Liquid crystal display with wide viewing angle with overlapping coupling electrodes forming capacitor interconnecting sub-pixel electrodes
51 7,554,611 Method and apparatus of bidirectional temporal noise reduction
52 7,554,601 Digital video camera with automatic white balance and a method thereof
53 7,554,584 Method and circuit for performing correlated double sub-sampling (CDSS) of pixels in an active pixel sensor (APS) array
54 7,554,581 Method of controlling a camera for users having impaired vision
55 7,554,563 Video display control apparatus and video display control method
56 7,554,518 Liquid crystal display
57 7,554,507 UWB antenna with unidirectional radiation pattern
58 7,554,501 Loop antenna having matching circuit integrally formed
59 7,554,494 Built-in antenna module in portable wireless terminal
60 7,554,479 Pseudo-multiple sampling methods, systems and devices for analog-to-digital conversion
61 7,554,478 Single slope analog to digital converter using hysteresis property and analog to digital converting method
62 7,554,470 Self-calibrating pipeline analog-to-digital converter and method of calibrating a pipeline analog-to-digital converter
63 7,554,426 Resonator, apparatus having the same and fabrication method of resonator
64 7,554,413 Voltage controlled oscillator with compensation for power supply variation in phase-locked loop
65 7,554,405 Adaptive biasing input stage and amplifiers including the same
66 7,554,396 Power amplifier circuit for peak envelope modulation of high frequency signal
67 7,554,386 High voltage generation circuit and method for reducing peak current and power noise for a semiconductor memory device
68 7,554,371 Delay locked loop
69 7,554,361 Level shifter and method thereof
70 7,554,353 Method of controlling on-die termination of memory devices sharing signal lines
71 7,554,349 Handlers for testing semiconductor devices that are capable of maintaining stable temperature in test environments
72 7,554,269 Plasma display panel having specific structure of bus electrodes
73 7,554,268 Plasma display panel with sustain electrode structure
74 7,554,267 Plasma display panel
75 7,554,264 Flat panel display including at least one substrate having a groove
76 7,554,252 Plasma display module including electrically conductive member
77 7,554,201 Tin-bismuth (Sn-Bi) family alloy solder and semiconductor device using the same
78 7,554,174 Bipolar transistor having semiconductor patterns filling contact windows of an insulating layer
79 7,554,150 Non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
80 7,554,149 Flash memory devices comprising pillar patterns and methods of fabricating the same
81 7,554,146 Metal-insulator-metal capacitor and method of fabricating the same
82 7,554,140 Nand-type non-volatile memory device
83 7,554,125 Multi-layer electrode and compound semiconductor light emitting device comprising the same
84 7,554,118 Thin film transistor, flat panel display having the same and a method of fabricating each
85 7,554,062 Retractable display unit
86 7,553,761 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
87 7,553,758 Method of fabricating interconnections of microelectronic device using dual damascene process
88 7,553,751 Method of forming solder bump with reduced surface defects
89 7,553,748 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
90 7,553,742 Method(s) of forming a thin layer
91 7,553,726 Method of fabricating nonvolatile memory device
92 7,553,725 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
93 7,553,720 Non-volatile memory device and fabrication method thereof
94 7,553,714 Method of manufacturing thin film transistor having polycrystalline silicon layer, thin film transistor manufactured using the method and flat panel display comprising the thin film transistor
95 7,553,710 Composition for stripping photoresist and method for manufacturing thin transistor array panel using the same
96 7,553,682 Method of manufacturing vertical nitride light emitting device
97 7,553,626 Primer set capable of specifically amplifying a target sequence found in 10 bacterial species and probe oligonucleotide specifically hybridizable with each target sequence of the 10 bacterial species
98 7,553,606 Methods of forming patterns in semiconductor devices using photo resist patterns
99 7,553,588 Non-aqueous electrolyte and a lithium secondary battery comprising the same
100 7,553,580 Electrode substrate for a fuel cell, a method for preparing the same, and a membrane-electrode assembly comprising the same
101 7,553,428 Method of fabricating spacers and method of installing spacers in flat panel device
102 7,553,207 Organic light-emitting diode and method of manufacturing the same
103 7,553,135 Diaphragm air pump
104 7,553,050 Optical sheet, backlight assembly and display device having the same
105 7,553,047 Lighting device
106 7,553,046 LCD device with direct backlight unit having light emitting clusters
107 7,553,002 Ink-jet printhead
108 7,552,990 Method and apparatus of dot counting in an image forming apparatus