Samsung patents granted on 30 June 2015

189 US patents granted on 30 June 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE45,596 High power light emitting diode package
2 RE45,592 Photographing lens
3 D733,375 Washing machine
4 D733,323 Display booth
5 D733,273 Air conditioner
6 D733,209 Digital camera
7 D733,206 Digital camera
8 D733,184 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
9 D733,183 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
10 D733,182 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D733,179 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
12 D733,175 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
13 D733,169 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
14 D733,166 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
15 D733,164 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
16 D733,163 Graphical images for a portable electronic device
17 D733,160 Stand for monitor
18 D733,159 Monitor
19 D733,157 Stand for tablet PC
20 D733,156 Stand for tablet PC
21 D733,143 Docking station for electronic device
22 D733,139 Keyboard
23 D733,133 Electronic device
24 D733,132 Electronic device
25 D733,131 Electronic device
26 D733,130 Electronic device
27 D733,128 All-in-one computer
28 D733,127 Tablet computer
29 D733,126 Tablet computer
30 D733,125 Tablet computer
31 D733,124 Tablet computer
32 D733,123 Portable electronic device
33 D733,122 Notebook computer
34 D733,120 Portable computer
35 D733,111 Case for electronic device
36 D733,110 Back plate of an electronic device
37 D733,094 Speaker for mobile communication terminal
38 D733,084 TV receiver
39 D732,951 Package
40 D732,875 Microwave oven
41 D732,852 Table for electronic device
42 9,072,188 Package substrate, method of manufacturing the package substrate and semiconductor package including the package substrate
43 9,072,178 Stacked-type multilayer ceramic electronic component, stacked-type multilayer ceramic electronic component module, and method of manufacturing the same
44 9,072,124 Apparatus for and method of controlling dimming of street lamp
45 9,072,112 Medium access control for wireless networks
46 9,072,103 Cognitive inter-cell interference control method and apparatus
47 9,072,096 Apparatus and method for allocating resources in a single carrier-frequency division multiple access system
48 9,072,095 Apparatus and method for allocating resources in a single carrier-frequency division multiple access system
49 9,072,091 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving control channel in wireless communication system
50 9,072,086 HARQ-ACK signal transmission in response to detection of control channel type in case of multiple control channel types
51 9,072,085 Method for enhancing SACCH performance
52 9,072,069 Method and apparatus for user equipment interaction with a network using interaction information
53 9,072,054 Downlink power control method and apparatus of OFDM system
54 9,072,031 Method and apparatus for supporting multiple frequency assignment in wireless communication system
55 9,072,020 Methods and apparatus to support coordinated interference mitigation in multi-tier networks
56 9,072,008 Method and apparatus for controlling the power of terminal in a mobile communication system comprising a femtocell and a macro base station
57 9,071,991 Method and apparatus of requiring uplink resources for transmitting ranging request message in communication system
58 9,071,983 Communication system with repeat-response processing mechanism and method of operation thereof
59 9,071,960 Remote management method and system for wireless communication terminal
60 9,071,944 Method and system for providing media stored in a PoC box in a PoC system
61 9,071,920 Binaural decoder to output spatial stereo sound and a decoding method thereof
62 9,071,919 Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding spatial parameter
63 9,071,893 Multi-array ultrasonic probe apparatus and method for manufacturing multi-array probe apparatus
64 9,071,884 Storage file format for multimedia streaming file, and storage method and client apparatus using the same
65 9,071,869 Broadcasting receiving apparatus and method for providing broadcasting signal relation information
66 9,071,852 Method for providing media-content related information, device, server, and computer-readable storage medium for executing the method
67 9,071,849 Method and apparatus for generating video packets, method and apparatus for restoring video
68 9,071,839 Method and apparatus for encoding video, and method and apparatus for decoding video
69 9,071,838 Image data compressing and decompressing methods and display driving device using the same
70 9,071,835 Method and apparatus for generating multiview image with hole filling
71 9,071,802 Display apparatus and control method thereof
72 9,071,784 Image forming apparatus, printing control terminal apparatus, and image forming method thereof
73 9,071,749 Camera apparatus and method of recognizing an object by using a camera
74 9,071,724 Method and apparatus for providing a video call service
75 9,071,699 Apparatus and method for automatic call receiving and sending depending on user posture in portable terminal
76 9,071,673 Portable communication device having flexible display unit
77 9,071,660 System and method for PoC session substitution
78 9,071,621 Security management system and method for location-based mobile device
79 9,071,617 Method and apparatus for disclosing personal network information in converged personal network service environment
80 9,071,590 Apparatus and method for registering personal network
81 9,071,466 Apparatus and method for call handover between packet network system and circuit network system
82 9,071,462 Method and apparatus for displaying message in mobile communication terminal
83 9,071,434 Asynchronous hybrid ARQ process indication in a MIMO wireless communication system
84 9,071,411 Control channel element detection method using CQI in a wireless communication system
85 9,071,406 Apparatus and method using matrix network coding
86 9,071,395 Method and apparatus for changing frequency band used for communication between devices supporting multiple frequency bands
87 9,071,340 Method and apparatus for generating orthogonal codes with wide range of spreading factor
88 9,071,332 Base station and clock synchronization method thereof
89 9,071,296 Communication system and method using space division multi-user multiple input multiple output (SD-MIMO) communication method
90 9,071,237 Digital duty cycle correction circuit
91 9,071,230 Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
92 9,071,213 Bias circuit and amplifier with current limit function
93 9,071,176 Apparatus and method for controlling motor
94 9,071,121 Linear vibrator
95 9,071,085 System for wireless power transmission and reception using in-band communication
96 9,071,056 Apparatus and method for managing battery cell, and energy storage system
97 9,070,981 Multi-layered electromagnetic wave absorber and manufacturing method thereof
98 9,070,943 Anode active material including a multilayer metal nanotube, anode including the anode active material, lithium battery including the anode, and method of preparing the anode active material
99 9,070,939 Battery module
100 9,070,931 Cathode, method of preparing the same, and lithium battery including the cathode
101 9,070,909 Stack for fuel cell system
102 9,070,908 Battery system, controlling method of the same, and energy storage system including the battery system
103 9,070,904 Method of manufacturing organic light emitting diode display
104 9,070,903 Inorganic oxide thin film and method for preparing the same
105 9,070,896 Organic light emitting diode display
106 9,070,893 Organic light-emitting device
107 9,070,890 Pixel and organic light emitting display device having the same
108 9,070,889 OLED display having organic and inorganic encapsulation layers, and manufacturing method thereof
109 9,070,888 Photoelectronic device and image sensor
110 9,070,881 Method of manufacturing an organic semiconductor thin film
111 9,070,852 Light emitting device package and manufacturing method thereof
112 9,070,838 Optoelectronic device and stacking structure
113 9,070,835 Semiconductor light emitting device
114 9,070,834 Semiconductor light emitting device
115 9,070,824 Heterogeneous laminate including graphene, and thermoelectric material, thermoelectric module, and thermoelectric apparatus including the heterogeneous laminate
116 9,070,815 Photonic device
117 9,070,777 Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
118 9,070,752 Electroplating methods for fabricating integrated circuit devices and devices fabricated thereby
119 9,070,748 Semiconductor devices having through-vias and methods for fabricating the same
120 9,070,729 Wafer processing method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device by using the same
121 9,070,718 Thin film transistor having semiconductor with different crystallinities and manufacturing method thereof
122 9,070,717 Method of fabricating polysilicon layer, thin film transistor, organic light emitting diode display device including the same, and method of fabricating the same
123 9,070,716 Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
124 9,070,715 Method for fabricating array substrate and fabrication apparatus used therefor
125 9,070,706 Semiconductor device including a gate electrode on a protruding group III-V material layer and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
126 9,070,701 Semiconductor device
127 9,070,693 Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof
128 9,070,677 Semiconductor packages including graphene layers
129 9,070,650 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of inspecting patterns of the organic light emitting display apparatus
130 9,070,645 Organic light emitting diode display
131 9,070,640 Method of forming fine patterns of semiconductor device
132 9,070,605 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the display apparatus
133 9,070,598 Thin film transistor array panel and organic light emitting diode display including the same, method for cutting wire in thin film transistor array panel
134 9,070,597 Thin film transistor, display substrate and method of manufacturing a thin film transistor
135 9,070,594 Display device
136 9,070,587 Vertical structure non-volatile memory device having insulating regions that are formed as air gaps between selection transistors of adjacent memory cell strings
137 9,070,581 Vertical-type semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
138 9,070,572 Memory module and memory system
139 9,070,569 Semiconductor memory devices and semiconductor packages
140 9,070,528 X-ray generator and X-ray photographing apparatus
141 9,070,513 Method of manufacturing chip-type electric double layer capacitor
142 9,070,467 Memory system including nonvolatile memory device and control method thereof
143 9,070,465 Anti-fuse circuit using MTJ breakdown and semiconductor device including same
144 9,070,448 Methods of forming fine patterns in semiconductor devices
145 9,070,443 Embedded solid state disk as a controller of a solid state disk
146 9,070,424 Sense amplifier circuitry for resistive type memory
147 9,070,343 Method of driving display panel that prevents TFT characteristic degradation and display apparatus for performing the same
148 9,070,332 Display device with a power saving mode in which operation of either the odd-line gate driver or the even-line gate driver is halted
149 9,070,320 Display device and driving method for the same
150 9,070,318 Display apparatus and a method of driving the same
151 9,070,196 Apparatus and method for estimating disparity using visibility energy model
152 9,070,185 Noise filtering method and apparatus considering noise variance and motion detection
153 9,069,883 Document management method and document management apparatus using the same
154 9,069,789 Apparatus and method for managing metadata in portable terminal
155 9,069,719 Method and system for providing a smart memory architecture
156 9,069,714 Device including an external memory connection unit capable of adopting an external memory
157 9,069,694 Memory device and method of operating the same
158 9,069,673 Memory system configured to perform segment cleaning and related method of operation
159 9,069,584 Multi-platform application player
160 9,069,521 Foldable display device
161 9,069,493 Image forming apparatus
162 9,069,402 Display apparatus
163 9,069,391 Method and medium for inputting Korean characters using a touch screen
164 9,069,383 Haptic feedback device and portable electronic device
165 9,069,336 Ultra-precision position control device and method for determining position and attitude information associated with a 6-degree-of-freedom stage thereof
166 9,069,321 Waste container and electrophotographic image forming apparatus including the same
167 9,069,258 Mask having assist pattern
168 9,069,235 Digital photographing apparatus and method for controlling thereof
169 9,069,228 Acousto-optic device having wide diffraction angle, optical scanner, light modulator, and display apparatus using the acousto-optic device
170 9,069,217 Display panel and method for manufacturing the same
171 9,069,211 Method and apparatus of aligning alignment layer, and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display using the same
172 9,069,210 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
173 9,069,196 Liquid crystal display
174 9,069,113 Display device
175 9,069,062 Surface rendering for volume data in an ultrasound system
176 9,069,044 Battery management system and method of controlling the same
177 9,069,036 Circuit board having bypass pad
178 9,068,914 Nanogap sensor and method of manufacturing the same
179 9,068,692 Stand device
180 9,068,589 Rotating device
181 9,068,188 Promoter of Corynebacteria
182 9,067,885 Organic light-emitting device
183 9,067,783 Graphene-based photodetector including complex transparent electrode, method of manufacturing the same, and device including the same
184 9,067,735 Paper feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
185 9,067,343 Aging apparatus and method
186 9,067,318 Method for estimating connection orders of modules of modular robot
187 9,067,230 Coating apparatus and method for coating using the same
188 9,067,229 Active material coating apparatus and coating method using the same
189 9,067,022 Injection amount measuring apparatus