Samsung patents granted on 30 March 2010

123 US patents granted on 30 March 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D612,870 Blu-ray disk player
2 D612,869 Blu-ray disk player
3 D612,831 Mobile phone
4 D612,830 Mobile phone
5 D612,827 Mobile phone
6 D612,825 Portable phone
7 D612,824 Portable phone
8 D612,677 Handle for oven
9 7,689,895 On-the fly error checking and correction CODEC system and method for supporting non-volatile memory
10 7,689,876 Real-time optimized testing of semiconductor device
11 7,689,841 USB circuit device for preventing reverse current from external device
12 7,689,761 Data storage system with complex memory and method of operating the same
13 7,689,753 Method of operating wireless USB apparatus by receiving operation state information and wireless USB apparatus using the same
14 7,689,741 Dual buffer memory system for reducing data transmission time and control method thereof
15 7,689,315 Semiconductor equipment control system and method
16 7,689,215 Method of compressing control information in a wireless communication system
17 7,689,185 Apparatus and method for estimating initial frequency offset in an asynchronous mobile communication system
18 7,689,177 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving feedback information and system supporting the same in a multi-user multi-antenna system
19 7,689,170 RF receiving apparatus and method for removing leakage component of received signal using local signal
20 7,689,169 Bluetooth device and method for providing service determined according to Bluetooth PIN
21 7,689,116 Thinner mobile camera optical lens system and image forming method using the same
22 7,689,113 Photographing apparatus and method
23 7,689,058 Conversion of a sub-pixel format data to another sub-pixel data format
24 7,689,047 Reduced buffer size for JPEG encoding
25 7,689,027 Reticle discerning device, exposure equipment comprising the same and exposure method
26 7,688,926 Frequency overlay communication system and control method thereof
27 7,688,908 System and method for processing wireless high definition video data using a shortened last codeword
28 7,688,879 Method and apparatus for forming a beam
29 7,688,873 Laser chips and vertical external cavity surface emitting lasers using the same
30 7,688,857 Data transmission method using packet aggregation
31 7,688,856 Data transmission method using packet aggregation
32 7,688,831 Wireless communication system for allocating transmission period
33 7,688,800 Digital broadcast receiver and directed channel change method thereof
34 7,688,773 Method of transmitting and receiving a signal in an MC-CDMA system
35 7,688,771 Method for transmitting messages related to a broadcast or multicast service in a cellular communications system
36 7,688,770 Method for allocating transmission period in a wireless communication system
37 7,688,769 Method for allocating transmission period in a wireless communication system
38 7,688,768 Apparatus for allocating transmission period in a wireless communication system
39 7,688,767 Apparatus for allocating transmission period in a wireless communication system
40 7,688,765 TDD switch of TDD wireless communication system
41 7,688,752 Scheduling method and system for guaranteeing real-time service quality of WiBro CPE
42 7,688,713 Changing mode in digital broadcast receiver
43 7,688,706 Method of transferring data with respect to an optical information medium having a lead-in area
44 7,688,693 Method of reproducing write protection information from an optical information storage medium
45 7,688,684 Heat-assisted magnetic recording head and recording apparatus including the same
46 7,688,666 Memory system for controlling power and method thereof
47 7,688,651 Methods and devices for regulating the timing of control signals in integrated circuit memory devices
48 7,688,640 Flash memory device and method for driving the same
49 7,688,631 Flash memory device for variably controlling program voltage and method of programming the same
50 7,688,621 Memory system, memory device and apparatus including writing driver circuit for a variable resistive memory
51 7,688,620 Nonvolatile memory device and related methods of operation
52 7,688,568 Multilayer chip capacitor
53 7,688,561 Ultra-low power limiter
54 7,688,554 Digital magnetoresistance sensor
55 7,688,543 Device to regenerate a desiccant in a hard disk drive
56 7,688,542 Method to identify short spirals
57 7,688,475 Scanning apparatus and method of identifying group of papers constituting single scan job and apparatus and method of detecting dog-ears of papers
58 7,688,417 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
59 7,688,415 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
60 7,688,410 Substrate for a display apparatus
61 7,688,405 Reflective-transmissive type liquid crystal display device
62 7,688,398 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
63 7,688,357 Method and apparatus for color temperature correction in a built-in camera of a portable terminal
64 7,688,335 Conversion of a sub-pixel format data to another sub-pixel data format
65 7,688,331 Method and system for color correction of image signals
66 7,688,330 Color profile generation method and apparatus
67 7,688,326 Apparatus, medium, and method for correcting color of an image
68 7,688,304 Liquid crystal display device and method of modifying image signals for the same
69 7,688,299 Interpolation device for use in a display apparatus and interpolation method
70 7,688,292 Organic light emitting diode display device and driving method thereof
71 7,688,176 Wireless communication system for allocating transmission period
72 7,688,149 Phase locked loop, phase detecting method for the phase locked loop, and receiver using the same
73 7,688,102 Majority voter circuits and semiconductor devices including the same
74 7,688,055 Reference voltage generator with less dependence on temperature
75 7,687,995 Display apparatus
76 7,687,994 Plasma display panel (PDP)
77 7,687,984 Organic light emitting display device and method for fabricating the same
78 7,687,983 Organic light emitting display and method of fabricating the same
79 7,687,982 Electron emission device, electron emission display device including the electron emission device, and method of driving the electron emission device
80 7,687,915 Semiconductor device having crack stop structure
81 7,687,908 Thin film electrode for high-quality GaN optical devices
82 7,687,875 Image sensors including photoelectric converting units having multiple impurity regions
83 7,687,860 Semiconductor device including impurity regions having different cross-sectional shapes
84 7,687,846 Nonvolatile memory device
85 7,687,838 Resistive memory device having array of probes and method of manufacturing the resistive memory device
86 7,687,837 Image sensor and fabrication method thereof
87 7,687,821 Gallium nitride based light emitting diode
88 7,687,820 Nitride-based white light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
89 7,687,818 Semiconductor light emitting device
90 7,687,815 Side-view light emitting diode having improved side-wall reflection structure
91 7,687,814 Group III-nitride semiconductor thin film, method for fabricating the same, and group III-nitride semiconductor light emitting device
92 7,687,805 Metal wiring, method of forming the metal wiring, display substrate having the metal wiring and method of manufacturing the display substrate
93 7,687,802 Organic thin film transistor and organic light emitting display device including the same
94 7,687,781 External light shielding film and optical filter for display apparatus having the same
95 7,687,755 CMOS image sensor and operating method thereof
96 7,687,626 Organometallic complex and organic electroluminescent device using the same
97 7,687,559 Roller rubber forming composition, rubber roller including the same, and imaging apparatus including the rubber roller
98 7,687,448 Composition for removing a photoresist, method of preparing the composition, method of removing a photoresist and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the composition
99 7,687,381 Method of forming electrical interconnects within insulating layers that form consecutive sidewalls including forming a reaction layer on the inner sidewall
100 7,687,376 Method of manufacturing vertical gallium nitride-based light emitting diode
101 7,687,374 Method of isolating semiconductor laser diodes
102 7,687,369 Method of forming fine metal patterns for a semiconductor device using a damascene process
103 7,687,331 Stacked semiconductor device and method of fabrication
104 7,687,328 Method of making a polycrystalline thin film, a mask pattern used in the same and a method of making a flat panel display device using the same
105 7,687,294 Nitride semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
106 7,687,292 Light emitting diode package with metal reflective layer and method of manufacturing the same
107 7,687,259 Method for noncovalently immobilizing a biomolecule on a solid substrate and microarray produced according to the method
108 7,687,204 Non-aqueous electrolyte and a lithium secondary battery comprising the same
109 7,687,199 Secondary battery
110 7,687,194 Battery unit, lithium polymer battery using the same, and method for manufacturing lithium polymer battery
111 7,687,153 Donor substrate for laser transfer and organic electroluminescence display device manufactured using the same
112 7,687,042 Reformer of fuel cell system
113 7,686,861 Dust collecting apparatus for vacuum cleaner
114 7,686,858 Cyclone dust collection apparatus
115 7,686,666 Flat panel display device capable of reducing or preventing a voltage drop and method of fabricating the same
116 7,686,635 Terminal connected to lamp for liquid crystal display device and backlight assembly having the same
117 7,686,432 Inkjet printer head and fabricating method thereof
118 7,686,418 Inkjet image forming apparatus having a capping unit
119 7,686,410 Printing alignment layers on LCD substrates with ink jet printing apparatus
120 7,686,052 Lamination apparatus and laser-induced thermal imaging method using the same
121 7,686,009 Oven with cooling door
122 7,685,963 Method of and apparatus for dispensing photoresist in manufacturing semiconductor devices or the like
123 7,685,847 Drum washing machine