Samsung patents granted on 30 May 2006

74 US patents granted on 30 May 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 D522,034 Digital camera
2 D521,997 LCD monitor
3 D521,996 Monitor
4 D521,972 Portable telephone
5 D521,971 Portable telephone
6 D521,970 Portable telephone
7 D521,969 Portable telephone
8 D521,968 Portable telephone
9 D521,967 DVD recorder
10 D521,966 Complex image player
11 D521,965 Complex image player
12 D521,951 Light-emitting diode
13 7,055,161 Optical pickup unit feeding apparatus and optical disc drive using the same
14 7,055,157 Loading motor control device of optical disc player
15 7,055,087 Memory device for use in high-speed block pipelined Reed-Solomon decoder, method of accessing the memory device, and Reed-Solomon decoder having the memory device
16 7,055,078 Microprocessor with trace module
17 7,054,982 Fieldbus interface board
18 7,054,976 Computer system having improved interface
19 7,054,970 Bus arbiter for integrated circuit systems
20 7,054,947 Auto-negotiation method for high speed link in gigabit Ethernet using 1000 Base-T standard and apparatus thereof
21 7,054,633 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving uplink power offset information in a mobile communication system supporting HSDPA
22 7,054,598 High speed digital received signal strength indicator circuit
23 7,054,578 System to replace a photosensitive unit and a transfer unit and a printer having the system
24 7,054,569 Wet electrophotographic image forming machine and method for recognizing a use life of a development cartridge used therein
25 7,054,565 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and method of controlling development using information concerning replacement of consumables
26 7,054,371 System for real time transmission of variable bit rate MPEG video traffic with consistent quality
27 7,054,298 Device and method for transmitting preamble of access channel in mobile communication system
28 7,054,275 Method and apparatus for determining reverse data rate in mobile communication system
29 7,054,259 Near-field optical storage medium and optical data storage system therefor
30 7,054,204 Semiconductor device and method for controlling the same
31 7,054,202 High burst rate write data paths for integrated circuit memory devices and methods of operating same
32 7,054,199 Multi level flash memory device and program method
33 7,054,193 Non-uniform programming pulse width for writing of multi-bit-per-cell memories
34 7,054,160 Apparatus for attaching and detaching circuit boards
35 7,054,112 Head drum assembly for tape recorder and method of making same
36 7,054,046 Optical scanning frequency doubling method and apparatus adopting the same
37 7,053,966 Adjusting convergence apparatus and method
38 7,053,947 Methods for improving sensitivity of CMOS active pixel sensors
39 7,053,889 Circuit for detecting active video area for display device, method for detecting active video area for display device and coordinate mapping method using detected active video area
40 7,053,864 Hot-plugging method of display apparatus
41 7,053,730 Fabricating methods for air-gap type FBARs and duplexers including securing a resonating part substrate to a cavity forming substrate
42 7,053,656 Level shifter utilizing input controlled zero threshold blocking transistors
43 7,053,482 Ceramic package with radiating lid
44 7,053,448 SONOS type memory device
45 7,053,443 Cell structure of EPROM device and method for fabricating the same
46 7,053,435 Electronic devices including electrodes with insulating spacers thereon
47 7,053,418 Nitride based semiconductor device
48 7,053,417 Semiconductor led device and producing method
49 7,053,407 Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
50 7,053,372 Standard sample for transmission electron microscope (TEM) elemental mapping and TEM elemetal mapping method using the same
51 7,053,349 Microwave oven
52 7,053,347 Microwave oven and control method thereof
53 7,053,342 Electric cooking apparatus and method of controlling heaters thereof
54 7,053,030 Silicone hyper-branched polymer surfactant, method of preparing the same and method of rinsing using a rinsing solution comprising the same
55 7,053,006 Methods of fabricating oxide layers by plasma nitridation and oxidation
56 7,053,005 Method of forming a silicon oxide layer in a semiconductor manufacturing process
57 7,052,983 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having selective epitaxial silicon layer on contact pads
58 7,052,967 Method for fabricating capacitor array preventing crosstalk between adjacent capacitors in semiconductor device
59 7,052,965 Methods of fabricating MOS field effect transistors with pocket regions using implant blocking patterns
60 7,052,952 Method for forming wire line by damascene process using hard mask formed from contacts
61 7,052,951 Ferroelectric memory devices with enhanced ferroelectric properties and methods for fabricating such memory devices
62 7,052,931 Flat panel display device with first electrode having concentration gradient and fabrication method thereof
63 7,052,918 Multi-layer film for thin film structure, capacitor using the same and fabrication method thereof
64 7,052,816 Organosol liquid toner including amphipathic copolymeric binder having crosslinkable functionality
65 7,052,801 Anode thin film for lithium secondary battery and preparation method thereof
66 7,052,784 Organic electroluminescent device using a mixture of high and low molecular light-emitting substance as a light-emitting substance
67 7,052,583 Magnetron cathode and magnetron sputtering apparatus comprising the same
68 7,052,576 Pressure control apparatus and method of establishing a desired level of pressure within at least one processing chamber
69 7,052,368 Polishing pad for chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
70 7,052,247 Suction muffler for compressors, compressor with the suction muffler, and apparatus having refrigerant circulation circuit including the compressor
71 7,052,007 Method and apparatus for controlling paper pickup in image forming system
72 7,051,934 Methods of forming metal layers in integrated circuit devices using selective deposition on edges of recesses
73 7,051,595 Monolithic multi-functional integrated sensor and method for fabricating the same
74 7,051,428 In line system used in a semiconductor package assembling