Samsung patents granted on 30 November 2010

139 US patents granted on 30 November 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D628,220 Digital camera
2 D628,195 Net book
3 D628,184 Mobile phone
4 D628,183 Mobile phone
5 7,844,989 Method and broadcasting receiver for displaying the receiving status of broadcasting program information
6 7,844,988 Real time channel grouping method and the apparatus thereof
7 7,844,940 Mask set for microarray, method of fabricating mask set, and method of fabricating microarray using mask set
8 7,844,884 Apparatus and method for processing bursts in a wireless communication system
9 7,844,847 System and method for tuning power consumption and group delay in wireless RFICs
10 7,844,818 Authentication apparatus and method for home network devices
11 7,844,773 Refresh circuit and refresh method in semiconductor memory device
12 7,844,772 Device driver including a flash memory file system and method thereof and a flash memory device and method thereof
13 7,844,748 Method and apparatus for presenting entity not supporting UPnP as UPnP device or content
14 7,844,682 IMS network-based multimedia briefcase
15 7,844,651 Equalizer, group delay compensation circuit for the equalizer and method of compensating for group delay in the equalizer
16 7,844,644 Method and apparatus for managing data written in markup language and computer-readable recording medium for recording a program
17 7,844,293 System for establishing and managing multimedia PoC session for performing multimedia call service, method thereof, and user equipment therefor
18 7,844,291 Method for transferring and applying floor control scheme in PoC session and system for implementing the same
19 7,844,290 Method for establishing call connection in wireless terminal
20 7,844,272 Method and apparatus for preventing excessive handovers in mobile communication system
21 7,844,268 Method and apparatus for notifying changed service information according to terminal state in a wireless communication system
22 7,844,260 Method and system for previewing a multimedia conference
23 7,844,231 Apparatus and method for transmit/receive antenna switch in a TDD wireless communication system
24 7,844,216 Wireless repeater using a single RF chain for use in a TDD wireless network
25 7,844,185 Method and apparatus for suppressing optical surge in optical burst switching network
26 7,844,175 Photographing apparatus and method
27 7,844,164 Method of setting recording end reservation time for instant recording in digital video recorder
28 7,844,050 Biaxial hinge device for mobile terminal and mounting mechanism thereof
29 7,844,012 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system having improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
30 7,844,004 Method for estimating and compensating carrier frequency offset
31 7,843,993 Moving picture encoding apparatus having increased encoding speed and method thereof
32 7,843,889 Apparatus and method for power allocation in a space division multiple access system
33 7,843,885 Apparatus and method for managing dormant state in a wireless packet data system
34 7,843,798 Optical information storage medium having a transition area
35 7,843,797 Optical information storage medium having write protection information
36 7,843,790 Apparatus and method for playing optical disc
37 7,843,780 Write-once recording medium preserving data-recording status, method of preserving data recording status of a write-once recording medium, medium including computer readable code for the same, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus therefor
38 7,843,775 Optical disc apparatus and focusing method for the same
39 7,843,758 Multi-chip package flash memory device and method for reading status data therefrom
40 7,843,752 Circuit and method for controlling refresh periods in semiconductor memory devices
41 7,843,750 Semiconductor memory device comprising transistor having vertical channel structure
42 7,843,741 Memory devices with selective pre-write verification and methods of operation thereof
43 7,843,736 Nonvolatile memory device and read method thereof
44 7,843,733 Flash memory devices having three dimensional stack structures and methods of driving same
45 7,843,732 Methods of operating multi-bit flash memory devices and related systems
46 7,843,731 Memory array architecture for a memory device and method of operating the memory array architecture
47 7,843,727 Memory device and data reading method
48 7,843,722 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and programming method thereof
49 7,843,720 Phase change memory and method discharging bitline
50 7,843,718 Non-volatile memory devices including stacked NAND-type resistive memory cell strings and methods of fabricating the same
51 7,843,716 Nonvolatile memory device having memory and reference cells
52 7,843,715 Memory cell of a resistive semiconductor memory device, a resistive semiconductor memory device having a three-dimensional stack structure, and related methods
53 7,843,710 Apparatus and method for controlling power converter
54 7,843,702 Printed circuit board having embedded RF module power stage circuit
55 7,843,677 Electronic device and method for removing static electricity
56 7,843,622 Active optical filter controlled by magnetic field
57 7,843,619 Scanner motor
58 7,843,583 Electronic album image forming apparatus
59 7,843,543 Liquid crystal display device
60 7,843,542 Liquid crystal display including a spacer element and method for fabricating the same
61 7,843,539 Thin film transistor substrate and liquid crystal display having the same
62 7,843,538 Display panel
63 7,843,528 Backlight unit and flat panel display having the same
64 7,843,526 Liquid crystal display module and an assembly method therefor
65 7,843,524 Mold frame and liquid crystal display having the same
66 7,843,522 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
67 7,843,520 Display apparatus with transistors connected to sub-pixel electrodes
68 7,843,518 LCD aperture ratios
69 7,843,481 Light scanning device capable of producing non-coplanar scanning lines
70 7,843,447 Liquid crystal display with feedback circuit part
71 7,843,446 Direct current to direct current converting circuit, display apparatus having the same and method of driving the direct current to direct current converting circuit
72 7,843,442 Pixel and organic light emitting display using the pixel
73 7,843,436 Portable information processing apparatus
74 7,843,415 Liquid crystal display device and method of driving same
75 7,843,288 Apparatus and system for transmitting power wirelessly
76 7,843,280 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for high power complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) antenna switches using body switching and substrate junction diode controlling in multistacking structure
77 7,843,266 Amplifier for improving electrostatic discharge characteristic
78 7,843,245 Reference voltage generating circuit and offset-compensated current-voltage converting circuit using the same
79 7,843,243 Flip-flop circuit, pipeline circuit including a flip-flop circuit, and method of operating a flip-flop circuit
80 7,843,239 Dividing circuit and phase locked loop using the same
81 7,843,208 Display substrate and apparatus and method for testing display panel having the same
82 7,843,143 Apparatus for driving lamps and liquid crystal display having the same
83 7,843,135 Organic light-emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
84 7,843,132 Display device having light emitting element
85 7,843,129 White organic light emitting device and display apparatus and lighting apparatus comprising the same
86 7,843,126 Color filter panel, organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
87 7,843,053 Stack package made of chip scale packages
88 7,843,051 Semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
89 7,842,997 Nonvolatile memory device having cell and peripheral regions and method of making the same
90 7,842,995 Multi-bit non-volatile memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
91 7,842,994 Nonvolatile memory transistor having poly-silicon fin, stacked nonvolatile memory device having the transistor, method of fabricating the transistor, and method of fabricating the device
92 7,842,991 Nonvolatile memory devices including oxygen-deficient metal oxide layers and methods of manufacturing the same
93 7,842,981 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
94 7,842,980 Image sensor microlens structures and methods of forming the same
95 7,842,951 Transistor and display device having the same
96 7,842,950 Display device with field generating electrodes
97 7,842,944 Organic light emitting diode display
98 7,842,943 Organic thin film transistor and flat panel display device using the same
99 7,842,916 Method of and apparatus for analyzing ions adsorbed on surface of mask
100 7,842,645 Desulfurization adsorbent for fuel cell and desulfurizing method using the same
101 7,842,623 Composition for removing an insulation material and related methods
102 7,842,601 Method of forming small pitch pattern using double spacers
103 7,842,600 Methods of forming interlayer dielectrics having air gaps
104 7,842,581 Methods of forming metal layers using oxygen gas as a reaction source and methods of fabricating capacitors using such metal layers
105 7,842,572 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices with local recess channel transistors
106 7,842,571 Method for forming semiconductor device
107 7,842,570 Semiconductor memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
108 7,842,569 Flash memory device and method of fabricating the same
109 7,842,566 FinFET and method of manufacturing the same
110 7,842,563 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same, and flat panel display using thin film transistor
111 7,842,538 Organic thin film transistor array and manufacturing method thereof
112 7,842,451 Method of forming pattern
113 7,842,450 Method of forming a semiconductor device
114 7,842,449 Method of preparing toner and toner prepared using the method
115 7,842,441 Norbornene polymer for photoresist and photoresist composition comprising the same
116 7,842,430 Nanocomposite, nanocomposite electrolyte membrane including the same and fuel cell including the nanocomposite electrolyte membrane
117 7,842,422 Membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell and fuel cell comprising the same
118 7,842,417 Electrolyte for lithium ion rechargeable battery and lithium rechargeable battery including the same
119 7,842,416 Rechargeable battery having a cap assembly
120 7,842,414 Lithium secondary battery
121 7,842,411 Separator and fuel cell stack using the same
122 7,842,410 Polymer electrolyte membrane and fuel cell including the polymer electrolyte membrane
123 7,842,385 Coated nano particle and electronic device using the same
124 7,842,350 Method and apparatus for coating a photosensitive material
125 7,842,345 Inkjet method and apparatus for printing an alignment layer
126 7,842,337 Method of nano-patterning block copolymers and method of manufacturing polarizer and color filter using the same
127 7,842,336 Method of forming overcoat layer, method of producing color filter substrate, and color filter substrate and liquid crystal display produced using same
128 7,842,333 Method of forming phosphor film and method of manufacturing light emitting diode package incorporating the same
129 7,842,260 Reaction vessel and reaction device
130 7,842,199 Proton conducting titanate, polymer nano-composite membrane including the same, and fuel cell adopting the polymer nano-composite membrane
131 7,842,109 Reformer for fuel cell system having increased heat transfer efficiency
132 7,841,919 Method of sealing an organic light emitting display using closed loop pattern of frit paste composition
133 7,841,867 Hard disk drive apparatus
134 7,841,843 Valveless micro air delivery device
135 7,841,760 Backlight unit and display apparatus
136 7,841,749 Optical member, backlight assembly having the same and liquid crystal display device having the same
137 7,841,698 Nozzle plate, inkjet head, and manufacturing method of the same
138 7,841,505 Wire clamp and wire bonding apparatus having the same
139 7,841,074 Method of fabricating paste bump for printed circuit board