Samsung patents granted on 30 October 2007

100 US patents granted on 30 October 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,290,082 Flash memory system and data writing method thereof
2 7,290,060 Network-connecting apparatus and method for providing direct connections between network devices in different private networks
3 7,289,912 Method and apparatus for estimating component concentration of a mixture
4 7,289,898 Apparatus and method for measuring speed of a moving object
5 7,289,838 Apparatus and method for measuring blood components
6 7,289,833 Apparatus and method for controlling opening and closing of sub-body in an automatically and manually foldable mobile communication terminal
7 7,289,821 Wireless communication system and method
8 7,289,818 Short message service between private wireless network systems in multi-zone arrangement
9 7,289,804 Method for controlling sleep interval in broadband wireless access communication system
10 7,289,768 Portable terminal capable of guiding user to invoke a function and method thereof
11 7,289,758 Fixing device and an image forming apparatus using the same
12 7,289,749 Electrophotographic printer
13 7,289,732 Broadcast/communication unified passive optical network system
14 7,289,661 Apparatus and method for inspecting a substrate
15 7,289,618 Method for performing external call forwarding between internet and telephone network in web-phone system
16 7,289,588 Apparatus and method for generating a preamble sequence in an OFDM communication system
17 7,289,521 Intelligent IP relay
18 7,289,487 Apparatus for redundancy of voice processing unit in media gateway system, and method thereof
19 7,289,486 Method for call processing and link test in a VoIP gateway and system thereof
20 7,289,483 Cell search apparatus and method in CDMA mobile communication system
21 7,289,439 Method for implementing various functions in gigabit ethernet-passive optical network system and structure of ethernet frame employed in the same
22 7,289,417 Lens correcting wavefront error caused by tilt and optical pickup using same
23 7,289,413 Data slicer and data slicing method for optical disc system
24 7,289,412 Adaptive recording control method and apparatus for high density optical recording
25 7,289,406 Writable area detection device for optical recording/reproducing apparatus and method thereof
26 7,289,405 Apparatus and method for detecting optical disc type and/or adjusting track balance
27 7,289,403 Information storage medium
28 7,289,398 Optical disk apparatus and method for tracking thereof
29 7,289,387 Wordline decoder of non-volatile memory device using HPMOS
30 7,289,385 Bank selection signal control circuit for use in semiconductor memory device, and bank selection control method
31 7,289,380 Semiconductor memory devices incorporating voltage level shifters for controlling a VPP voltage level independently and methods of operating the same
32 7,289,379 Memory devices and methods of operation thereof using interdependent sense amplifier control
33 7,289,301 Voice coil motor coupling structure of hard disk drive
34 7,289,294 Particle remover for data storage device and ramp having the particle remover
35 7,289,290 Method of controlling track seek servo in disk drive and apparatus therefor
36 7,289,278 Subminiature optical system
37 7,289,258 Light modulator having variable blaze diffraction grating
38 7,289,241 Printing method with selectable fast printing mode and apparatus for same
39 7,289,240 Method and apparatus to correct the length of an image in a flatten scanner
40 7,289,179 Liquid crystal display
41 7,289,171 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display having pixel electrode
42 7,289,163 Method and apparatus for adjusting color edge center in color transient improvement
43 7,289,136 Laser scanning unit and tandem image forming apparatus having the same
44 7,289,098 Display apparatus with adjustable backlight unit and control method thereof
45 7,289,096 Shift register and a display device using the same
46 7,289,095 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
47 7,289,091 Method of stably driving liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus using the method
48 7,289,086 Image data correction method and apparatus for plasma display panel, and plasma display panel device having the apparatus
49 7,289,076 Small planar antenna with enhanced bandwidth and small strip radiator
50 7,289,051 Digital-to-analog converters including charge pumps and related automatic laser power control devices and methods
51 7,289,048 Duo-binary encoder and optical duo-binary transmission apparatus using the same
52 7,289,002 Complementary metal oxide semiconductor voltage controlled oscillator
53 7,288,967 Differential output driver and semiconductor device having the same
54 7,288,966 Programmable impedance controller and method for operating
55 7,288,955 Panel and test method for display device
56 7,288,926 Internal power voltage generator for reducing current consumption
57 7,288,903 Driving device of light source for display device
58 7,288,891 Display panel electrode structure
59 7,288,890 Plasma display panel including ungrounded floating electrode in barrier walls
60 7,288,888 Organic electroluminescent display device including a dummy pattern for preventing short circuiting
61 7,288,886 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
62 7,288,884 Field emission backlight unit having emitters disposed on edges of electrodes
63 7,288,883 Flat panel display device with reduced alignment error
64 7,288,848 Overlay mark for measuring and correcting alignment errors
65 7,288,823 Double gate field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
66 7,288,818 Organic thin film transistor with low gate overlap capacitance and flat panel display including the same
67 7,288,810 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having double floating gate structure and method of manufacturing the same
68 7,288,790 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
69 7,288,747 Cooking apparatus
70 7,288,477 Electro-luminescence device including a thin film transistor and method of fabricating an electro-luminescence device
71 7,288,468 Luminescent efficiency of semiconductor nanocrystals by surface treatment
72 7,288,454 Methods of forming capacitors for semiconductor memory devices and resulting semiconductor memory devices
73 7,288,453 Method of fabricating analog capacitor using post-treatment technique
74 7,288,444 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
75 7,288,442 Method for manufacturing contact structures of wirings
76 7,288,436 Semiconductor chip package manufacturing method including screen printing process
77 7,288,422 Photonic integrated device using reverse-mesa structure and method for fabricating the same
78 7,288,339 Lithium secondary battery with suppressed decomposition of electrolytic solution and preparation method thereof
79 7,288,337 Battery pack for portable electronic equipment
80 7,288,294 Method of crystallizing amorphous silicon using nanoparticles
81 7,288,212 Additive composition, slurry composition including the same, and method of polishing an object using the slurry composition
82 7,288,129 Cyclone dust collector and handle assembly for vacuum cleaner having the same
83 7,287,921 Key array of keyboard
84 7,287,891 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
85 7,287,858 Color separating unit and projection type image display apparatus employing the same
86 7,287,729 Display apparatus
87 7,287,703 Removable memory cards including USB and other controllers, connectors, and methods of operating same
88 7,287,577 Heat exchanger
89 7,287,421 Semiconductor probe with high resolution resistive tip and method of fabricating the same
90 7,287,302 Swing hinge device of portable terminal
91 D554,308 Vacuum cleaner
92 D554,307 Washing machine
93 D554,306 Washing machine
94 D554,160 Shelf for refrigerator
95 D554,149 MP3 player
96 D554,139 Time display on electronic device screen
97 D554,100 Portable phone
98 D554,098 Mobile phone
99 D554,097 Mobile phone
100 D554,092 Portable phone