Samsung patents granted on 30 September 2008

56 US patents granted on 30 September 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,430,751 Data recording/reproducing apparatus with an improved structure for securely supporting a front panel
2 7,430,750 Optical disc drive using noise reducing unit
3 7,430,632 Data management apparatus and method for determining a response time in flash memory devices
4 7,430,541 Method of and apparatus for updating a database using a recordable optical disc
5 7,430,435 Apparatus and method for optimizing transmission power of network
6 7,430,434 Apparatus and method for optimizing transmission power of network
7 7,430,433 Apparatus and method for optimizing transmission power of network
8 7,430,421 Method for controlling sleep mode in wireless access communication system
9 7,430,418 System and method for selecting a serving base station according to a drop of a mobile subscriber station in a broadband wireless access communication system
10 7,430,387 Developing unit and electrophotographic image forming apparatus with the same
11 7,430,379 Image forming apparatus having a discrimination function about refilled toner and method thereof
12 7,430,256 Method and apparatus for providing channel state information
13 7,430,244 Constellation-rotating orthogonal space-time block coding technique
14 7,430,218 Apparatus and method for providing users with road traffic information using ad-hoc network
15 7,430,194 Method and apparatus for communication between coordinator-based wireless networks connected through backbone network
16 7,430,182 System and method for controlling data traffic in a wireless communication system
17 7,430,160 Optical recording medium with different wobble characteristics between the user data area and the lead-out area
18 7,430,093 Seek control method of hard disk drive, recording medium storing method and hard disk drive adopting method
19 7,430,088 Retracting method of hard disk drive, hard disk drive adopting the method, and recording medium storing program for executing the method
20 7,430,019 Apparatus to improve image sharpness adaptively according to multi-video formats and method thereof
21 7,430,017 Device for automatically detecting broadcasting signal and method of the same
22 7,429,989 Mobile communication terminal capable of editing avatar motions and method for editing avatar motions
23 7,429,972 High slew-rate amplifier circuit for TFT-LCD system
24 7,429,971 Liquid crystal display and a driving method thereof
25 7,429,956 Antenna
26 7,429,872 Logic circuit combining exclusive OR gate and exclusive NOR gate
27 7,429,839 Linear compressor and control method thereof
28 7,429,824 Plasma display panel electrode system
29 7,429,794 Multi-chip packaged integrated circuit device for transmitting signals from one chip to another chip
30 7,429,766 Split gate type nonvolatile memory device
31 7,429,741 Faraday system and ion implantation apparatus comprising the faraday system
32 7,429,637 Compositions including perhydro-polysilazane used in a semiconductor manufacturing process and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices using the same
33 7,429,511 Method of forming a tunneling insulating layer in nonvolatile memory device
34 7,429,505 Method of fabricating fin field effect transistor using isotropic etching technique
35 7,429,504 Heterogeneous group IV semiconductor substrates, integrated circuits formed on such substrates, and related methods
36 7,429,470 Method for purification of nucleic acids by phase separation using laser and beads
37 7,429,406 Method of forming thin ruthenium-containing layer
38 7,429,367 Method for producing improved cerium oxide abrasive particles and compositions including such particles
39 7,429,340 Phosphor paste composition and method of manufacturing flat display device using the same
40 7,429,306 Plasma processing system
41 7,429,284 Cyclone dust collecting apparatus
42 7,429,184 Lamp holder, lamp assembly having the same, backlight assembly having the same, and display device having the same
43 D577,740 Image display for mobile phone
44 D577,739 Video image display for mobile phone
45 D577,738 Video image display for mobile phone
46 D577,737 Display panel with a user interface
47 D577,736 Pop-up window and user interface for display on a television receiver
48 D577,735 Display for a personal communication device
49 D577,734 Display panel with a pop-up window for a user interface
50 D577,733 Video display for telephone
51 D577,713 Remote control for a cellular phone
52 D577,707 Portable translation machine
53 D577,704 Mobile phone
54 D577,703 Portable communication terminal
55 D577,665 Holder for charging mobile phone
56 D577,538 Knob for oven range