Samsung patents granted on 30 September 2014

186 US patents granted on 30 September 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE45,168 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data via media access control protocol in mobile communication system
2 D714,499 Washing machine
3 D714,451 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
4 D714,450 Scanner for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
5 D714,449 Scanner for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
6 D714,448 Operation panel for medical device
7 D714,447 X-ray device
8 D714,446 Operation panel for medical device
9 D714,445 Operation panel for medical device
10 D714,377 Recording assist device for camera
11 D714,373 Digital camera
12 D714,367 Refrigerator
13 D714,366 Refrigerator handle
14 D714,365 Refrigerator
15 D714,364 Refrigerator
16 D714,363 Refrigerator
17 D714,332 Digital camera with image display
18 D714,288 Electronic device
19 D714,286 Tablet PC
20 D714,285 Notebook computer
21 D714,271 Mobile phone
22 D714,270 Mobile phone
23 D714,269 Mobile phone
24 D714,239 TV receiver
25 D714,238 TV receiver
26 D714,179 Smart band
27 D714,096 Control panel
28 D714,095 Home appliance control panel
29 8,850,602 Method for protecting application and method for executing application using the same
30 8,850,513 System for data flow protection and use control of applications and portable devices configured by location
31 8,850,510 Digital broadcast receiver and upgrading method thereof
32 8,850,466 Method and system for the determination of a present viewer in a smart TV
33 8,850,389 Apparatus and method for generating applications automatically
34 8,850,294 Decoding apparatus for digital communications and method for using the same
35 8,850,292 Flash memory system and read method in flash memory system
36 8,850,246 Display apparatus and control method thereof
37 8,850,236 Power gating of cores by an SoC
38 8,850,192 Apparatus and method for using contents information in digital rights management
39 8,850,170 Apparatus and method for dynamically determining execution mode of reconfigurable array
40 8,850,111 Information storage medium, and recording/reproducing method and apparatus
41 8,850,084 Data processing systems for audio signals and methods of operating same
42 8,849,986 System and method for presence notification based on presence attribute
43 8,849,962 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
44 8,849,954 Apparatus and method for managing multimedia playback
45 8,849,678 Method, medium, and apparatus encoding and/or decoding multichannel audio signals
46 8,849,668 Speech recognition apparatus and method
47 8,849,662 Method and system for segmenting phonemes from voice signals
48 8,849,657 Apparatus and method for isolating multi-channel sound source
49 8,849,559 Apparatus and method for generating and using a grid map path
50 8,849,349 Method and apparatus for selecting identity module of mobile terminal supporting plural identity modules
51 8,849,345 Apparatus and method for super high-speed wireless communications
52 8,849,327 Apparatus and method for controlling power to mitigate interference in wireless communication system
53 8,849,320 Method and apparatus for constructing database in mobile communication terminal
54 8,849,300 Method, system and device for positioning mobile terminal
55 8,849,289 Method and apparatus for band transfer in multiband communication system
56 8,849,277 Cooperative scanning-based cell reselection method and system in wireless communication system
57 8,849,260 Apparatus and method for providing shortcut service in portable terminal
58 8,849,252 Mobile device having messenger function and related supporting method
59 8,849,240 System and method for performing emergency call in wireless communication network, and base station
60 8,849,174 Image forming apparatus
61 8,849,089 Motion picture creation method in portable device and related transmission method
62 8,849,054 Digital image stabilization
63 8,849,048 Apparatus for decoding image data based on availability of reference data and method thereof
64 8,849,025 Color conversion apparatus and method thereof
65 8,849,023 Apparatus and method of compensating chromatic aberration of image
66 8,849,022 Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding image based on segments
67 8,849,009 Image processing method and apparatus, image reproducing method and apparatus, and recording medium
68 8,848,994 Fetus modeling method and image processing apparatus therefor
69 8,848,915 Method for automatic WLAN connection between digital devices and digital device therefor
70 8,848,832 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system having improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
71 8,848,820 Apparatus and method for interference alignment and cancellation in wireless communication system
72 8,848,786 Method, medium, and apparatus for encoding and/or decoding video of generating a scalable bitstream supporting two bit-depths
73 8,848,761 Application of sequence hopping and orthogonal covering codes to uplink reference signals
74 8,848,756 Surface plasmon laser
75 8,848,749 Light radiating device and method of fabricating organic light emitting diode display device using the same
76 8,848,736 Method and apparatus for transmitting data
77 8,848,677 Method and apparatus for peer-to-peer connection using wireless local area network (LAN) in mobile communication terminal
78 8,848,652 Method and multimode terminal for minimizing mute interval
79 8,848,630 Apparatus and method for supporting hybrid automatic repeat request for anonymously allocated bandwidth in broadband wireless communication system
80 8,848,628 User equipment scheduling method in cellular uplink communication system and base station apparatus therefor
81 8,848,615 Network-adaptive function control method for dual-mode mobile terminal
82 8,848,557 Multiplexing of control and data in UL MIMO system based on SC-FDM
83 8,848,546 Channel allocation method in wireless mesh network and communication device using the method
84 8,848,506 OFDM transmission/reception device for transmitting and receiving OFDM symbols having a variable data transmission rate and method thereof
85 8,848,502 Recording/reproducing apparatus having an optical pickup device to read from and record information to disks of different thicknesses
86 8,848,475 Fuse circuit, fuse array, semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
87 8,848,472 Fabrication and testing method for nonvolatile memory devices
88 8,848,465 Memory devices including selective RWW and RMW decoding
89 8,848,456 Nonvolatile memory device, erasing method thereof, and memory system including the same
90 8,848,451 3D semiconductor memory device
91 8,848,450 Method and apparatus for adjusting maximum verify time in nonvolatile memory device
92 8,848,432 Magnetoresistive elements and memory devices including the same
93 8,848,350 Support structure of touch panel
94 8,848,334 Electrostatic chuck
95 8,848,312 Disk drive device with hub with thinness and suppressed torque decrease
96 8,848,279 Electrophoretic display device
97 8,848,254 Halftone screen producing apparatus, print controlling apparatus, image forming apparatus, method of producing halftone screen, method of controlling printing, method of forming image, and computer-readable recording medium
98 8,848,228 Image forming apparatus supporting peer to peer connection and method of performing image forming operation thereof
99 8,848,152 Display substrate
100 8,848,147 Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display having high response speed
101 8,848,141 Display panel and display apparatus having the same
102 8,848,128 Liquid crystal display with housing exposed flexible printed circuit
103 8,848,122 Display apparatus
104 8,848,117 Display apparatus
105 8,848,112 Fast channel switching method and apparatus for digital broadcast receiver
106 8,848,086 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same
107 8,848,085 Photographing apparatus capable of communication with external apparatus and method of controlling the same
108 8,848,083 Photographing apparatus and file transfer method used in the photographing apparatus
109 8,848,057 Home security applications for television with digital video cameras
110 8,848,051 Method of scanning biochip and apparatus for performing the same
111 8,848,041 Method and apparatus for displaying stereoscopic image
112 8,848,017 Method and apparatus for supporting data service for quality of service in portable terminal using two different operating systems
113 8,848,014 Polygon mirror assembly, light scanning unit employing polygon mirror assembly, and image forming apparatus
114 8,848,002 Display device and driving method thereof
115 8,847,997 Organic light emitting display, method for driving the same, and driver therefor
116 8,847,987 System and method for controlling device
117 8,847,981 Method and apparatus for accumulative vector drawing using buffering
118 8,847,943 Organic light emitting display
119 8,847,940 Display apparatus and method of operating the same
120 8,847,932 Organic light emitting diode display
121 8,847,931 Driving apparatus and driving method of liquid crystal display
122 8,847,917 Liquid crystal display having a built-in touch screen using capacitance and sense lines for detecting a touch position
123 8,847,895 Touch panel and electronic device including the same
124 8,847,893 Touch screen panel and method of fabricating the same
125 8,847,871 Timing control apparatus and display device having the same
126 8,847,848 Display apparatus and control method thereof
127 8,847,757 Mobile device having proximity sensor and data output method using the same
128 8,847,731 System and method for communicating with a vehicle
129 8,847,724 Laminated inductor
130 8,847,692 Oscillators and method of operating the same
131 8,847,669 Method for controlling temperature of terminal and terminal supporting the same
132 8,847,653 Dither control circuit and devices having the same
133 8,847,552 Battery pack and method of controlling the same
134 8,847,547 Wireless charging system and method
135 8,847,485 Display device, manufacturing method of the display device, organic light emitting diode display
136 8,847,484 Mother substrate for flat panel display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
137 8,847,399 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
138 8,847,378 Semiconductor package
139 8,847,355 Capacitor structures for including high capacitance per unit area
140 8,847,342 Magnetic device and method of manufacturing the same
141 8,847,341 Magnetic memory device
142 8,847,297 Image sensor having moisture absorption barrier layer, fabricating method thereof, and device comprising the image sensor
143 8,847,273 Light emitting diode
144 8,847,270 LED package with recess and protrusions
145 8,847,266 Semiconductor light emitting device
146 8,847,265 Light-emitting device having dielectric reflector and method of manufacturing the same
147 8,847,246 Organic light emitting diode display
148 8,847,240 Optoelectronic devices
149 8,847,231 Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing method for the same
150 8,847,228 Thin film transistor array panel
151 8,847,223 Method of forming a photosensitive pattern, method of manufacturing a display substrate, and display substrate
152 8,847,213 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
153 8,847,210 Organic light emitting diode display
154 8,847,206 Surface modifying agent, laminated structure and transistor including the same, and method of manufacturing the laminated structure
155 8,847,199 Nanorod light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
156 8,847,168 Large-scale X-ray detectors and methods of manufacturing the same
157 8,847,129 Convection heating unit and heating cooker having the same
158 8,846,547 Thin film deposition apparatus, method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the thin film deposition apparatus, and organic light-emitting display device manufactured by using the method
159 8,846,541 Methods of forming fine patterns in semiconductor devices
160 8,846,514 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
161 8,846,446 Semiconductor package having buried post in encapsulant and method of manufacturing the same
162 8,846,429 Method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device allowing for recycling of semiconductor growth substrate
163 8,846,418 Method of manufacturing quantum dot layer and quantum dot optoelectronic device including the quantum dot layer
164 8,846,322 Method and kit for isolating target cell
165 8,846,305 Photolithography method including dual development process
166 8,846,304 Method of forming a pattern in a semiconductor device and method of forming a gate using the same
167 8,846,272 Anode for fuel cell, membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell including same, and fuel cell system including same
168 8,846,242 Rechargeable battery
169 8,846,241 Rechargeable battery
170 8,846,239 Battery module
171 8,846,238 Battery module
172 8,846,237 Electrode assembly and secondary battery having the same
173 8,846,223 Battery pack
174 8,846,222 Battery pack
175 8,846,221 Battery pack
176 8,846,213 Organic light-emitting device
177 8,846,159 Mold for fabricating barrier rib and method of fabricating two-layered barrier rib using same
178 8,845,950 Method for manufacturing polyimide-based carbon nanofiber electrode
179 8,845,807 Linear evaporation source and deposition apparatus having the same
180 8,845,378 Display apparatus and method of repairing the same
181 8,845,307 Micro-ejector and method for manufacturing the same
182 8,845,194 Rotary device
183 8,845,170 Light guide plate and backlight unit having same
184 8,845,168 Backlight assembly, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
185 8,845,139 Backlight assembly
186 8,845,041 Washing machine