Samsung patents granted on 31 August 2010

108 US patents granted on 31 August 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE41,600 Video signal converting apparatus and a display device having the same
2 D622,918 Door for drum-type washing machine
3 D622,917 Drum-type washing machine
4 D622,916 Drum-type washing machine
5 D622,761 Laser printer
6 D622,712 Home gateway
7 D622,690 Mobile phone
8 D622,688 Mobile phone
9 D622,687 Mobile phone
10 D622,621 Transmitter-receiver for air conditioner
11 D622,537 Gas oven range
12 7,788,728 Method and apparatus for limiting number of times contents can be accessed using hash chain
13 7,788,689 Method of recording broadcasting program based on ratings
14 7,788,619 Memories, memory compiling systems and methods for the same
15 7,788,441 Method for initializing and operating flash memory file system and computer-readable medium storing related program
16 7,788,405 Method for automatic configuration of prefixes at maps in HMIPv6
17 7,788,374 Method and apparatus for displaying browser in portable terminal
18 7,788,298 Method and mobile terminal for efficient file list creation
19 7,788,236 Systems and methods for storing video data
20 7,787,991 Robot cleaner system and control method thereof
21 7,787,910 Mobile terminal having display unit separable from main unit and method thereof
22 7,787,893 Hard handover method and apparatus for user equipment (UE) using frequency layer convergence (FLC) in a multimedia broadcast/multicast system (MBMS) system
23 7,787,868 Terminal apparatus and method for providing media transmission time information in a PoC system and PoC system for the same
24 7,787,866 Apparatus and method for managing messages in mobile communication terminal
25 7,787,832 Apparatus for TX/RX antenna switch in TDD wireless communication system
26 7,787,817 Method for providing heterogeneous services in terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting system using picture-in-picture function
27 7,787,803 Image forming apparatus having controller to selectively control plurality of driving sources
28 7,787,702 Multiprimary color subpixel rendering with metameric filtering
29 7,787,557 Apparatus for equalizing clipping noise signals of receiver systems and method thereof
30 7,787,546 Apparatus and method for FT pre-coding of data to reduce PAPR in a multi-carrier wireless network
31 7,787,538 Signal compressing system
32 7,787,532 Apparatus and method for multiuser detection in CDMA communication system
33 7,787,516 Wireless communication system for reducing ranging time
34 7,787,435 Method and system for polling mobile stations in a wireless network
35 7,787,429 Method and apparatus for establishing path in wireless network
36 7,787,424 System and method of routing in a router in a communication system
37 7,787,422 Fast handover method for IPv6 over 802.16 network
38 7,787,385 Apparatus and method for architecturally redundant ethernet
39 7,787,356 Method and apparatus for indexing physical channels in an OFDMA system
40 7,787,351 Bit recording process on ferroelectric medium using probe or small conductive structure and recording medium thereof
41 7,787,341 Optical disk device and method for determining disk type
42 7,787,338 Write once disc allowing management of data area, method of managing the data area, and apparatus and method for reproducing data from write once disc
43 7,787,336 Apparatus and method of processing signals of an optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus
44 7,787,315 Semiconductor device and method for detecting abnormal operation
45 7,787,308 Flash memory device and program method thereof
46 7,787,306 Nonvolatile semiconductor memories for preventing read disturbance and reading methods thereof
47 7,787,305 Flash memory devices and programming methods that vary programming conditions in response to a selected step increment
48 7,787,302 Flash memory device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of operating the same
49 7,787,301 Flash memory device using double patterning technology and method of manufacturing the same
50 7,787,300 Memory devices with page buffer having dual registers and method of using the same
51 7,787,297 Flash memory device and flash memory system
52 7,787,283 Devices and methods for controlling active termination resistors in a memory system
53 7,787,278 Resistance variable memory device and operating method thereof
54 7,787,211 Back electromotive force (BEMF) calibration method, method of controlling unloading of disk drive apparatus using BEMF calibration method, and disk drive apparatus using the same
55 7,787,208 Bit patterned medium having super-track, method of tracking track of bit patterned medium, head appropriate for bit patterned medium, and information recording/reproducing apparatus including bit patterned medium head
56 7,787,168 Display device and method for fabricating the same
57 7,787,146 Method of setting driver program of image processing device and image processing system with transparent function
58 7,787,140 Printing system and method of printing data on a designated paper
59 7,787,100 Liquid crystal display with wide viewing angle with overlapping coupling electrodes forming capacitor interconnecting sub-pixel electrodes
60 7,787,095 Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
61 7,787,087 Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
62 7,787,086 Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
63 7,787,070 Liquid crystal display device having a wire securing member
64 7,787,067 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
65 7,787,066 Display panel, display apparatus having the same, and method of manufacturing the same
66 7,787,059 Digital television receiver
67 7,787,052 Broadcasting receiver having freeze function and a method thereof
68 7,786,972 Shift register and organic light emitting display using the same
69 7,786,947 Broadband antenna
70 7,786,934 Apparatus and method for removing interference in transmitting end of multi-antenna system
71 7,786,815 Apparatus and method for generation of noise signal
72 7,786,801 Operational amplifier having high slew rate and stability, and operating method thereof
73 7,786,752 Memory systems, on-die termination (ODT) circuits, and method of ODT control
74 7,786,721 Multilayer type test board assembly for high-precision inspection
75 7,786,696 Battery pack charged by external power generator and supplying discharge power to external load in parallel to external power generator
76 7,786,601 Semiconductor chip and multi-chip package
77 7,786,594 Wafer level stack structure for system-in-package and method thereof
78 7,786,581 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having an even coating thickness using electro-less plating, and related device
79 7,786,573 Packaging chip having interconnection electrodes directly connected to plural wafers
80 7,786,520 Embedded semiconductor device including planarization resistance patterns and method of manufacturing the same
81 7,786,517 Semiconductor device including a selectively formed ETCH stopping layer and methods thereof
82 7,786,498 Light emitting device and package having the same
83 7,786,494 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, organic light emitting display apparatus comprising the thin film transistor, and method of manufacturing the same
84 7,786,369 System for playing music and method thereof
85 7,786,010 Method for forming a thin layer on semiconductor substrates
86 7,785,996 Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
87 7,785,990 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
88 7,785,985 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
89 7,785,964 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
90 7,785,951 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having tensile and compressive stress layers therein and devices formed thereby
91 7,785,950 Dual stress memory technique method and related structure
92 7,785,911 Semiconductor laser diode with current restricting layer and fabrication method thereof
93 7,785,910 Light emitting device having protrusion and recess structure and method of manufacturing the same
94 7,785,864 Bio-molecules detecting apparatus using electromagnetic induction and detecting method using the same
95 7,785,787 Methods of isolating and amplifying nucleic acids using silanized solid support
96 7,785,754 Defect repair method for photomask and defect-free photomask
97 7,785,736 Jelly-roll type electrode assembly and secondary battery including the same
98 7,785,732 Lithium rechargeable battery having functional center pin
99 7,785,392 Method for manufacturing metal nanoparticles
100 7,785,383 Multi-cyclone dust separating apparatus and cleaner having the same
101 7,785,381 Dust collecting apparatus with combined compacting and filter cleaning for a vacuum cleaner
102 7,784,991 Backlight assembly and cover for a compact display apparatus
103 7,784,990 Light source unit, light emitting device, and display device having same
104 7,784,989 LED backlight unit including light guide plate with fixing means
105 7,784,911 Apparatus and method for printing biomolecular droplet on substrate
106 7,784,298 Refrigerator and cooling control method thereof
107 7,784,177 Method of manufacturing an image drum
108 7,784,133 Washing machine and water level control method thereof