Samsung patents granted on 31 January 2012

139 US patents granted on 31 January 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D653,412 Vacuum cleaner
2 D653,230 Mobile phone
3 D653,228 Mobile phone
4 8,108,921 Single-sign-on method based on markup language and system using the method
5 8,108,755 Method and apparatus of correcting error data caused by charge loss within non-volatile memory device
6 8,108,741 Semiconductor memory device having mount test circuits and mount test method thereof
7 8,108,690 Password-protected data writing and reproducing device and method
8 8,108,661 Data processing apparatus and method of controlling the data processing apparatus
9 8,108,626 Apparatus and method of time keeping for non-real-time operating system
10 8,108,592 Memory system and wear leveling method thereof
11 8,108,568 Universal plug and play based network system and method of controlling the same
12 8,108,565 Host apparatus connected to image forming apparatus, remote configuration system including the same and remote configuration method using host apparatus
13 8,108,532 Service distribution apparatus and method
14 8,108,519 Secure inter-process communication for safer computing environments and systems
15 8,108,449 Information storage medium for storing metadata supporting multiple languages, and systems and methods of processing metadata
16 8,108,217 Noise adaptive mobile communication device, and call sound synthesizing method using the same
17 8,108,210 Apparatus and method to eliminate noise from an audio signal in a portable recorder by manipulating frequency bands
18 8,108,159 Method of detecting degradation of semiconductor devices and method of detecting degradation of integrated circuits
19 8,108,137 Map scrolling method and navigation terminal
20 8,107,986 Method and apparatus for controlling power in a communication system
21 8,107,972 Method for providing triggered location information of a target terminal
22 8,107,966 Cognitive radio communication method using dynamically allocated common control channel information
23 8,107,904 Apparatus and method for power transmitter in wireless communication system
24 8,107,874 Printing medium guide device including rollers
25 8,107,865 Image forming apparatus and fixing device
26 8,107,854 Image forming apparatus
27 8,107,846 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
28 8,107,825 Apparatus and method for support of dimming in visible light communication
29 8,107,793 Apparatus and method for controlling dispersion record and play of moving picture
30 8,107,765 Block-based image restoration system and method
31 8,107,759 Method of detecting low luminance noise and image compression apparatus using the same
32 8,107,749 Apparatus, method, and medium for encoding/decoding of color image and video using inter-color-component prediction according to coding modes
33 8,107,726 System and method for class-specific object segmentation of image data
34 8,107,669 Video watermarking apparatus in compression domain and method using the same
35 8,107,643 Apparatus and method of automatically compensating an audio volume in response to channel change
36 8,107,630 Apparatus and method for managing stations associated with WPA-PSK wireless network
37 8,107,586 Shift register and display device including the same
38 8,107,568 Coupling channel noise canceling circuit
39 8,107,552 System and method of wireless communication of uncompressed video having a fast fourier transform-based channel interleaver
40 8,107,548 Digital broadcast transmitting/receiving system having an improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
41 8,107,545 Method and system for phase tracking in wireless communication systems
42 8,107,530 Apparatus and method for switching between single description and multiple descriptions
43 8,107,514 Decoding method for space-time encoding transmission scheme in with multiple input multiple output system and receiving apparatus for using the method
44 8,107,493 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving legacy format data in high throughput wireless network
45 8,107,434 Connection control system and method for mobile communication system
46 8,107,432 Dual-mode mobile terminal and method for handover of packet service call between different communication networks
47 8,107,426 Method and apparatus for allocating and signaling ACK/NACK resources in a wireless communication system
48 8,107,417 Method and mobile terminal for allocating IP address in wireless network
49 8,107,416 Method and apparatus for radio connection setup in a mobile communication system
50 8,107,392 Method and apparatus for packet aggregation in power line communication network
51 8,107,371 Apparatus and method for providing QoS of AV streams
52 8,107,356 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving a signal in an FFH-OFDM communication system
53 8,107,354 Electric field read/write head, method of manufacturing the same, and information storage device comprising electric field read/write head
54 8,107,312 Memory chip array
55 8,107,308 Semiconductor memory device
56 8,107,295 Nonvolatile memory device and read method thereof
57 8,107,289 Nonvolatile memory device
58 8,107,284 Nonvolatile memory device using a variable resistive element
59 8,107,275 Nonvolatile memory device using variable resistive element
60 8,107,271 Termination circuits and semiconductor memory devices having the same
61 8,107,262 Variable switching frequency type power supply
62 8,107,248 Flexible device, flexible pressure sensor
63 8,107,230 Display device and case for the same
64 8,107,222 Supercapacitor and manufacturing method thereof
65 8,107,199 Ramp to park read/write head and hard disk drive including the same
66 8,107,191 Perpendicular magnetic recording head having a coil enclosing a sub-yoke
67 8,107,172 Single-lens optical system
68 8,107,146 Three-dimensional space scanner
69 8,107,134 Read device, image forming apparatus and method of controlling the image forming apparatus
70 8,107,132 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
71 8,107,091 Image forming apparatus and image forming method thereof
72 8,107,090 Image forming apparatus management server, service continuity score (SCS) calculating method of management server, and image forming apparatus management system
73 8,107,059 Non-invasive probe for measuring body components and a non-invasive body component measurement system including the non-invasive probe
74 8,107,047 Liquid crystal display apparatus
75 8,107,044 Liquid crystal display apparatus
76 8,107,039 Thin film transistor substrate and a fabricating method thereof
77 8,107,027 Liquid crystal display
78 8,107,018 Apparatus and method for providing image-correction function in projector
79 8,107,016 Display apparatus and driving method thereof
80 8,107,005 Method of manufacturing an image sensor module
81 8,106,981 Image photographing apparatus and method using different intensity sensors
82 8,106,980 Image sensor having high speed operation
83 8,106,971 Apparatus and method for estimating signal-dependent noise in a camera module
84 8,106,933 Image forming apparatus
85 8,106,928 Method of displaying image in image display device using sequential driving method
86 8,106,889 Touch-screen display device and method thereof
87 8,106,884 Pointing input device, method, and system using image pattern
88 8,106,855 Energy recovery circuit and driving apparatus of display panel
89 8,106,750 Method for recognizing control command and control device using the same
90 8,106,716 Oscillator, oscillator implementations and method of generating an oscillating signal
91 8,106,714 Adjustable capacitor, digitally controlled oscillator, and all-digital phase locked loop
92 8,106,712 Systems and methods for self-mixing adaptive bias circuit for power amplifier
93 8,106,698 Pulse-based flip-flop having scan input signal
94 8,106,675 Test system
95 8,106,602 Backlight assembly, display apparatus having the backlight assembly and method of preventing a current controller of the backlight assembly from being shut down
96 8,106,595 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display including the same
97 8,106,587 External light-shielding layer and display apparatus having the same for improving contrast ratio of the display apparatus
98 8,106,583 Organic light emitting display apparatus
99 8,106,552 Vibration motor
100 8,106,464 Semiconductor device having bar type active pattern
101 8,106,435 Method of forming a semiconductor device having an etch stop layer and related device
102 8,106,425 Interconnection substrate, semiconductor chip package including the same, and display system including the same
103 8,106,409 Thin film transistor array panel
104 8,106,402 Flat panel display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
105 8,106,397 Thin film transistor formed on flexible substrate and method of manufacturing the same
106 8,106,394 Multi-layer storage node, resistive random access memory device including a multi-layer storage node and methods of manufacturing the same
107 8,106,364 X-ray detecting panel, X-ray detector and method of driving the X-ray detector
108 8,106,345 Photo sensor and flat panel display using the same
109 8,106,309 Flexible printed circuit, display device including the same, and manufacturing method thereof
110 8,106,308 Printed circuit board for package and manufacturing method thereof
111 8,106,306 Ceramic multi-layer circuit substrate and manufacturing method thereof
112 8,105,934 Bump structure for a semiconductor device and method of manufacture
113 8,105,930 Method of forming dielectric including dysprosium and scandium by atomic layer deposition and integrated circuit device including the dielectric layer
114 8,105,904 Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
115 8,105,884 Cross point memory arrays, methods of manufacturing the same, masters for imprint processes, and methods of manufacturing masters
116 8,105,854 LED package
117 8,105,737 Method of correcting patterns for semiconductor device
118 8,105,729 Electrode cartridge, hydrogen generating apparatus and fuel cell power generation system having the same
119 8,105,716 Active material for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including same
120 8,105,713 Electrode assembly with separated support tapes in secondary battery
121 8,105,697 Polymer memory device and method of forming the same
122 8,105,663 Composition for forming substrate, and prepreg and substrate using the same
123 8,105,551 Microfluidic device and method of fabricating the same
124 8,105,507 Nanocrystal-metal oxide-polymer composites and preparation method thereof
125 8,105,158 Game service method for providing online game using UCC and game server therefor
126 8,105,047 Electric home appliance having drain function and method of controlling the same
127 8,104,952 Micro heat flux sensor array
128 8,104,946 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
129 8,104,945 Backlight unit implementing local dimming for liquid crystal display device
130 8,104,899 Beam projection apparatus and method with automatic image adjustment
131 8,104,897 Projection optical system having an angled opitcal part and an offset optical part
132 8,104,886 Image forming apparatus to print according to a plurality of image forming types
133 8,104,872 Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
134 8,104,853 Refrigerator and method of manufacturing door thereof
135 8,104,690 Smart card system and operating method thereof
136 8,104,689 Smart card and anti-skimming system including the same
137 8,104,685 Multi-function machine and method of controlling the same
138 8,104,684 Bar code made of electronic paper
139 8,104,305 Refrigerator