Samsung patents granted on 31 January 2017

181 US patents granted on 31 January 2017 and assigned to Samsung

1 D778,018 Brush for vacuum cleaner
2 D778,017 Intake for robot cleaner
3 D778,014 Washing machine
4 D778,012 Cleaner
5 D778,010 Dryer
6 D777,892 Air conditioner
7 D777,833 Multi-function printer
8 D777,807 Holder for refrigerator storage container
9 D777,786 Display screen or portion thereof with an icon
10 D777,785 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
11 D777,783 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
12 D777,779 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
13 D777,778 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
14 D777,777 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
15 D777,774 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
16 D777,762 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
17 D777,761 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
18 D777,738 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
19 D777,735 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
20 D777,718 Cover for an electronic communications device
21 D777,698 Portable electronic device
22 D777,697 Television receiver
23 D777,672 Power plug
24 D777,503 Induction range
25 9,560,783 Electronic device and protective cover therefor
26 9,560,775 Curved display apparatus
27 9,560,767 Wiring boards and semiconductor modules including the same
28 9,560,750 Display device
29 9,560,696 Thermal treatment device for display apparatus and thermal treatment method using the same
30 9,560,678 Method and apparatus for adaptive peer to peer communication selection in wireless communication system
31 9,560,647 Method for allocating resource in LTE system
32 9,560,612 Data synchronization method and system
33 9,560,561 Method and apparatus for short handover latency in wireless communication system using beam forming
34 9,560,526 Method and apparatus for single sign-on in a mobile communication system
35 9,560,516 Method to use existing NAS signaling connection for pending uplink signaling/data after TAU accept
36 9,560,514 Method for establishing connection by HNB
37 9,560,507 Method to improve emergency call continuity by allowing inbound mobility towards non-member CSG cells
38 9,560,504 Secondary mobile device
39 9,560,472 Apparatus and method for sharing data with an electronic device
40 9,560,421 Broadcast and broadband hybrid service with MMT and DASH
41 9,560,411 Method and apparatus for generating meta data of content
42 9,560,377 Hierarchical motion estimation method and apparatus based on adaptive sampling
43 9,560,370 Image coding method and device for buffer management of decoder, and image decoding method and device
44 9,560,343 Apparatus and method for calibrating multi-layer three-dimensional (3D) display
45 9,560,342 Autostereoscopic multi-view image display apparatus
46 9,560,272 Electronic device and method for image data processing
47 9,560,271 Removing unwanted objects from photographed image
48 9,560,262 Image photographing method, image photographing apparatus, and non-transitory recording medium
49 9,560,188 Electronic device and method for displaying phone call content
50 9,560,171 Method and apparatus for transmitting a multimedia data packet
51 9,560,013 Firewall based prevention of the malicious information flows in smart home
52 9,559,933 Method and apparatus for performing capability discovery of rich communication suite in a portable terminal
53 9,559,927 Terminal, system and method for measuring network state using the same
54 9,559,823 Method and apparatus for allocating a control channel resource of a relay node in a backhaul subframe
55 9,559,821 Transmitter, receiver and controlling method thereof
56 9,559,765 Apparatus and method for relieving interference in wireless communication system
57 9,559,758 Transmission/reception apparatus and method for supporting MIMO technology in a forward link of a high rate packet data system
58 9,559,723 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and controls method thereof
59 9,559,646 Apparatus and method for dynamically biased baseband current amplifier
60 9,559,599 Electronic apparatus for generating a pulse width modulation and power controlling method thereof
61 9,559,548 Cover member, electronic device, and method for wireless charging
62 9,559,527 Discharging circuit, image forming apparatus having the discharging circuit, and power supply unit
63 9,559,396 Solid ion conductor, solid electrolyte including the same, lithium battery including the solid electrolyte, and method of manufacturing the solid ion conductor
64 9,559,343 Rechargeable battery
65 9,559,341 Rechargeable battery having a vent unit at a joint in a cap plate
66 9,559,340 Battery and motor vehicle comprising said battery
67 9,559,339 Secondary battery
68 9,559,332 Organic electroluminescence display panel structured to reduce or prevent outgassing from an organic material, and display device including the same
69 9,559,330 Organic light emitting diode display
70 9,559,329 Method for fabricating display device including uneven electrode and display device thereof
71 9,559,328 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
72 9,559,322 Quantum dots, methods of manufacturing quantum dots and methods of manufacturing organic light emitting display devices using the same
73 9,559,310 Compound with electron injection and/or electron transport capabilities and organic light-emitting device including the same
74 9,559,296 Method for providing a perpendicular magnetic anisotropy magnetic junction usable in spin transfer torque magnetic devices using a sacrificial insertion layer
75 9,559,271 Oxynitride-based phosphor and white light emitting device including the same
76 9,559,260 Semiconductor light emitting device, method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device, and method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device package
77 9,559,227 Nanostructure and optical device including the nanostructure
78 9,559,210 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
79 9,559,192 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
80 9,559,185 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
81 9,559,169 Thin film transistor array substrate and organic light-emitting diode display employing the same
82 9,559,157 Display device
83 9,559,147 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
84 9,559,143 Method and system for providing magnetic junctions including free layers that are cobalt-free
85 9,559,140 Image sensor and method of fabricating the same
86 9,559,138 Image sensor and methods of manufacturing the same
87 9,559,133 Photodetector and image sensor including the same
88 9,559,127 Thin film transistor array panel
89 9,559,124 Display panel
90 9,559,116 Semiconductor device
91 9,559,115 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices including a vertical channel
92 9,559,112 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
93 9,559,111 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory device
94 9,559,103 Memory device including selectively disposed landing pads expanded over signal line
95 9,559,102 Semiconductor device
96 9,559,101 Semiconductor device with impurity-doped region and method of fabricating the same
97 9,559,002 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices with blocking layer patterns
98 9,558,994 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
99 9,558,993 Pattern structures in semiconductor devices and methods of forming pattern structures in semiconductor devices
100 9,558,979 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
101 9,558,956 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
102 9,558,921 Magnetron sputtering apparatus
103 9,558,883 Power transmitter and method for controlling power transmission
104 9,558,860 Graphene-enhanced anode particulates for lithium ion batteries
105 9,558,834 Nonvolatile memory device and an erasing method thereof
106 9,558,822 Resistive memory device and method of operating the resistive memory device
107 9,558,821 Resistive memory device and method of operating the same
108 9,558,805 Memory modules and memory systems
109 9,558,750 Method and apparatus for concealing frame error and method and apparatus for audio decoding
110 9,558,711 Display apparatus, mobile apparatus, system and setting controlling method for connection thereof
111 9,558,705 Flat panel display device controlling initialization of data lines supplied to a pixel unit
112 9,558,703 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
113 9,558,694 Organic light emitting display device
114 9,558,693 Display devices and electronic devices having the same
115 9,558,692 Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof
116 9,558,691 Display method and apparatus having a display panel with a backlight unit utilizing white and blue light sources
117 9,558,690 Electronic device and display method thereof
118 9,558,591 Method of providing augmented reality and terminal supporting the same
119 9,558,587 Method and apparatus for creating model of patient specified target organ
120 9,558,579 Apparatus and method for synthesizing additional information while rendering object in 3D graphic-based terminal
121 9,558,539 Method of processing image data and display system for display power reduction
122 9,558,396 Apparatuses and methods for face tracking based on calculated occlusion probabilities
123 9,558,247 Storage device and stream filtering method thereof
124 9,558,166 Device and method for image search using one or more selected words
125 9,558,109 Method and apparatus for flash memory arithmetic encoding and decoding
126 9,558,003 Reconfigurable processor for parallel processing and operation method of the reconfigurable processor
127 9,557,980 Seamless application integration apparatus and method
128 9,557,972 System and method for code recommendation and share
129 9,557,959 Analog/digital audio converter and a method thereof
130 9,557,935 Computing system including storage system and method of writing data thereof
131 9,557,910 Apparatus and method for turning E-book pages in portable terminal
132 9,557,865 Touch location sensing panel having image
133 9,557,861 User interface apparatus and method in user terminal with a capacitive touch input scheme
134 9,557,849 Touch panel and input recognition device using the touch panel
135 9,557,839 Display device and driving method thereof
136 9,557,838 Touch pad and electronic device having the same
137 9,557,808 Display apparatus and method for motion recognition thereof
138 9,557,771 Electronic device including flexible display
139 9,557,759 Reference voltage generator
140 9,557,696 Image forming apparatus with replacement component management memory
141 9,557,655 Photomask including focus metrology mark, substrate target including focus monitor pattern, metrology method for lithography process, and method of manufacturing integrated circuit device
142 9,557,639 Method of patterning block copolymer layer and patterned structure
143 9,557,637 Method of designing patterns of semiconductor devices in consideration of pattern density
144 9,557,616 Source driver, an image display assembly and an image display apparatus
145 9,557,613 Liquid crystal display having reduced image quality deterioration and an improved viewing angle, and a method of driving the same
146 9,557,612 Liquid crystal display
147 9,557,611 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
148 9,557,610 Display device
149 9,557,604 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
150 9,557,603 Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display panel
151 9,557,599 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
152 9,557,591 Electronic device without front case frame
153 9,557,590 Display apparatus
154 9,557,588 Front lighting for rollable or wrappable display devices
155 9,557,572 Three dimensional (3D) image display device and liquid crystal lens panel therefor
156 9,557,570 Display device and liquid crystal lens panel for the same
157 9,557,562 Laser scanning unit and color image forming apparatus including the same
158 9,557,475 Display device
159 9,557,446 Black photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive resin layer, and display device comprising the same
160 9,557,366 Tester to simultaneously test different types of semiconductor devices and test system including the same
161 9,557,324 Conjugate of a metal nanoparticle and a light emitting material
162 9,557,316 Sample analysis methods and apparatuses and dynamic valve operation methods
163 9,557,190 Calibration apparatus and method for 3D position/direction estimation system
164 9,557,096 Refrigerator
165 9,557,070 Air conditioner and method for controlling the same
166 9,557,003 Apparatus for supporting electronic device
167 9,556,881 Propeller fan
168 9,556,868 Compressor and air conditioner including the same
169 9,556,552 Door hinge apparatus and drum type washing machine having the same
170 9,556,520 Method of depositing an atomic layer
171 9,556,443 Yeast cell with inactivated NADH dehydrogenase and method of producing lactate using the yeast cell
172 9,556,334 Flame-retardant thermoplastic resin composition and a molded product thereof
173 9,556,311 Polyimide precursor composition, article prepared by using same, and display device including the article
174 9,556,275 Combination therapy using anti-C-met antibody and anti-ang-2 antibody
175 9,555,561 Method of manufacturing a polyimide substrate and method of manufacturing a display device using the same
176 9,555,449 Flux cleaning method
177 9,555,240 System and method for skeletal muscle stimulation
178 9,554,768 Mobile X-ray imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same
179 9,554,762 Method and apparatus for obtaining x-ray image of region of interest of object
180 9,554,753 Electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor and method of operating the same
181 9,554,724 Self-aligning sensor array